Amazon Fine Food Reviews

213060213060B001E560PYAT1I7H44WVWDDS. Yager1151235606400I hate raisins but these are SPECIALThey are truly JUMBO--no joke, here. As soon as you open a re-sealable bag, you will know that you've purchased "the big kahunas" of raisins. These are sweet, juicy, consistently high quality, and not easily found in stores even in smaller quantities.
213031213031B001BOC8IQA23W55M32D2ACStephen Ashley "Author of Walt Disney World w...7751276992000Absolutely Scrumptious!From my wife Sarah: These are so delicious! They taste like you're dissolving pure honey straight from the honeycomb in your mouth.

I use them when I'm dieting to satisfy a craving for something sweet. They're only 15 calories a piece and 2.5 grams of sugar a piece. They're low enough in calories so they don't sabatoge my diet, but they satisfy my sweet tooth effectively calmed. They're low enough in sugar so they don't negatively impact my blood sugar that I can discern. They're gluten free and they're fabulous!
213033213033B001BOC8IQA29OUHH1UU9UIUHoney BB1151286236800Excellent ProductWe were hooked the minute we tried these candies. We were unable to find them again in retail store, so we checked on-line supplier. Thanks for carrying these. They satisfy the sweet tooth with a healthy product, also excellent to use for a cough or scratchy throat.
213034213034B001BOC8IQA19PNUEGSL1UBYNancy A. Monette1151269734400Honey CandiesOriginally found these in a candy store in Tarrytown,NY,
then was delighted to find them on Amazon.
They are gluten free and soothe my often-irritated throat.
I love them and love purchasing them at Amazon with the Special Savings Prog.
213035213035B001BOC8IQA1P7M0329XGKFSMarcia Fox1151258934400DELICIOUS!These taste just like delicious honey. I love them!! I also like the ones with ginger.
213036213036B001BOC8IQA9412UZX7PKMHWill Hocksteader1151258156800Great candyThese are great. It's weird, but if I'm hungry in the afternoon and not near any food, I suck on one of these and my hunger pains are gone for a couple of hours, plus they taste great. I may have even lost a few pounds.
213037213037B001BOC8IQA363FWL7D0FDZURose Mary "Rose Mary"1151255910400Delicious, pure honey, delightful sweet treat!Best honey candy I have ever enjoyed, delightfully sweet, but not too sweet! Handy to carry in pocket or purse and enjoy on the go!
213038213038B001BOC8IQA1IMS0X1FGFZYVSara H0051348531200SO GOOD!I was looking for actual "hunks" of honey to satisfy sweet craving- didn't want any artificial sweeteners and such. Well, these came up on my search and I immediately liked that there are only 3 ingredients, all of which are organic. Then I read the reviews and everyone seemed to like them- Ive been basing a lot of purchases lately on reviews and its working quite well... Anywhoooo, they arrived on my doorstep literally 5 minutes ago and I could not be any more impressed!! They really do taste like fresh honeycomb (without the hassle of wax). They are also only 15 calories a piece, made in America and their little round size is just perfect! When is the last time you tried to talk with a jolly rancher or lifesaver in your mouth? Way to big! I feel good giving them to my kids as a sweet, too. The only problem I have now is I'm gonna hate to run out!!
213039213039B001BOC8IQAN1TOMB19IRV2Snake0051331769600GreatThese Pure honey candies are not only very tasty but they helped with a very sore throat .
I would suggest every body should have them on hand.Honey is one of the best things for healing.
213040213040B001BOC8IQA1Y9LS9TWQLTUIsusgra "gator85"0041331510400Smooth, sweet honey helps throat/mouth irritationThe only lozenges I've found without burning menthol- ackkk! These soothing drops won't irritate your mouth, just tastes like pure honey. I have nerve damage that makes my throat and tongue dry and painful, and sucking on these drops really helps. I order from Amazon as I haven't found them anywhere local. Great for sore throats, too.
213041213041B001BOC8IQA17ZG6P4TTXKXEJoseph0041326499200It's candy.This candy tastes like you have a dollop of honey in your mouth. That would be very strange if it were not honey flavored, but since it is, it's perfect.
213042213042B001BOC8IQA3LZNKQSVHAL4SLenore F. Bumstead "blondie"0051307664000HONEY HARD CANDYI enjoy these hard candies because they are so good: not too sweet and they do not crumble in your mouth.
213043213043B001BOC8IQA3LZRVK59R7F54Momof5_50051307232000Addicting!!I got this candy as a gift! And after I ran out i bought more they are so GOOD! My husband loves them to!
213044213044B001BOC8IQA1B7T6ICP4OB5tigger0051301702400Organic Honey candyI first was introduced to this candy, when it showed up at Marshall's store.
However only found it once. Called the company which told me they only
sold to stores. suggest that I go on line, so I did. This candy
is great. Compared it against jar honey, the organic honey seems better.
It has the pure honey tast, it is light and good.
I would highly recomand it.
213045213045B001BOC8IQA3T5O7K025OBHCJulie0041295568000Great value, taste is OKYou get a very good amount of candies for the money. Packaged very nicely with each candy individually wrapped. The taste is like you are sucking on pure honey, but maybe a little more dullness. I was expecting a different taste when I first tried one, but now it has grown on me.
213046213046B001BOC8IQA3W3BW8TQWTNQHFair_weather_fan0131318809600Very mild ginger flavor, does NOT help with nauseaThe only candies I really like are hard candies, and I've been addicted to them since I quit smoking a few decades ago (back then the selection in my local bricks-and-mortar stores was mostly Life Savers - bah!). These GoNaturally candies are pleasant enough, but they would not satisfy a true ginger fan. As other reviewers have mentioned, the flavor is very, very mild. I do not suffer from motion sickness, but I AM one of those people who gets nauseated very easily. These candies do NOTHING for nausea. I would definitely recommend the Ting Ting Jahe ginger candies (also sold by amazon). They are labeled as "chews," but you can suck on them like hard candies - and they are about the closest thing to chunks of candied ginger that I have found in a "hard" candy. I don't want to buy the actual candied ginger (unless I'm using it in a recipe) because I could go through it really quickly, and the calories add up fast! That's one of the reasons I like hard candy - it lasts quite a while, and gives you that sugar high without accumulating a lot of calories (my weight is in the normal BMI range, and no one in my family has ever had diabetes - so I don't worry about that aspect). My dentist is not too happy, though - he had to prescribe a germicidal rinse for me to use three nights a week because I was STILL getting new cavities; I also started using a fluoride rinse (my own idea) on the other four days. No cavities now for about two years, and I'm still consuming hard candies during at least half of my waking hours.
213047213047B0081U0O4IA1GB0KYIAHJ0M2cjbowden0051336521600Best Nuts Ever!I love these nuts! They're healthy and they satisfy my sweet tooth. The mix of pecans, almonds and cashews is perfect. Now I'm completely addicted!! Yum.
213048213048B000ZRW29AA25O0JYUP9C6AFmbhr3331292457600Filled strawberry candyI ordered these as a surprise for my husband (his favorite candy in the "mix" bags), and didn't open the box until his birthday. Unfortunately we discovered a totally different candy (raspberry filled, not individually wrapped) when he opened the package. He liked them anyhow, however, not what was ordered and too late to send back. We also prefer the wrapped candies as they go into a candy bowl...
213049213049B001E560PYA2HVVI47A7V6QVMurty Korada "simple pleasures"8951209600000yummy!!!My local grocery store carries 2 types of sunmaid jumbo raisins - 1. mixed and 2. only red jumbo raisins. After studying the ingredients, I bought the mixed one since the only red one has some oil added. Recently my local grocery shop ran out of the mixed jumbo raisin and I am glad to find them on Amazon.

I like these raisins so much I plan to send them as a gift to my folks in India.
213050213050B001E560PYA2V7Y8679RBKH9SN in CT4431288569600Mixed sizes, not just colorsThe pack is not all jumbo raisins, but has quite a proportion of small raisins too. The "mixed" in the title is misleading. I thought it was all jumbo raisins, simply of mixed colors.
213051213051B001E560PYA26CH9FTO94Q7FOptimizer4451255996800Big, moist and delicious!Oh, I'm getting hungry thinking about these raisins. They're delicious. I eat them every morning on my cereal, combined with peanut butter, a great pairing. After I was hooked, my local grocery store stopped carrying them, so I went online and found them here. Now, I order a box every couple months. If you're looking for big, moist raisins, these would be hard to beat.
213052213052B001E560PYAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"3351247270400SUN-MAID JUMBO RAISINSthe ones i received from were absolutely delicious. i will be buying alot more of these in the near future.
213053213053B001E560PYA39LME6EWHNI7ORunningDeere2211231027200Embarassing giftSent to a relative based on positive experience with the product. The recipient found the raisins stale, dry and sugar crystalizing on raisin surfaces. This is not a good gift. We recently ordered these raisins from Amazon for our own use. Unfortunately they were the same. Did Amazon get the dregs from a many-year-old stock? Sorry to be negative, but something is missing in quality control of this item.
213054213054B001E560PYA2G3017RR3DN3DNow and Zen Girl "Zen"1111337904000Deceptive description"Contains large grapes ripened by the sun, dried and then carefully moisturized."

Only the "moisturized" was true! These raisins are sticky, almost gooey. Probably fine for baking or cooking, but not for snacking.

More serious problem, description also says "Fancy combination of California Golden and Red Flame raisins." the first package I opened contained mostly brown and red small raisins, almost no yellow ones, and certainly nothing like the picture on the package.

The zipper seal had separated from the pouch, requiring repackaging.

All in all, not worth the extra cost - Trader Joe's has jumbo raisins that are much better quality and that come in a clear package so that you can see what you are getting.
213055213055B001E560PYA1FXB70VUHQ1UNJohn Skull1151325462400Best RaisinsBlows away all other raisins! These are fat and juicy, with very few stems. Not the dried-up crud you get from a box in the grocery store. The 3 types mixed in these packages are all great!
213056213056B001E560PYA2YKQFYO400BJXLoren G. Martin "llama man"1151323129600Wonderful!!I couldn't find this mix of jumbo raisins locally, and they are absolutely wonderful for making cinnamon raisin bread, as well as very tasty for snacking. I highly recommend them!
213057213057B001E560PYA164VKKRMM1IY8Karl Beiser1151320624000Excellent Jumbo RaisinsSun-Main Mixed Jumbo Raisins are delightful. Unfortunately, they are no longer carried by our local grocery chain. The 3 varieties are much more flavorful than regular raisins. My order was fresh and delivery was timely.
213058213058B001E560PYAIZOBW64QLRJDT. Onderdonk1141248220800Sun-Maid Jumbo RaisinsThey are not as moist as I thought they would be but are still edible.
213059213059B001E560PYA18TST0YO1NN2M. Copeland "puddykat"1131244246400WHY THE PRICE INCREASE?I use to buy these from Amazon regularly. Just lately the price went up $4. I don't understand why the huge increase. I'll get them from the grocery until their prices come back down.

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