Amazon Fine Food Reviews

213061213061B001E560PYAUVJBPCFK2GGCBAM "BAM"1151223337600Excellent RaisinsThese raisins are are larger, plumper and moister than most other raisins. They stay fresh and moist even after they have been opened for several days. These are much better than the "usual" Sunmaid raisins and are a good value when compared to other brands of deluxe raisins. I would definitely buy again.
213062213062B001E560PYA19U1DROW6K7UAvant83451200873600VERY GOODGot these for my brother - he said they're the best raisins he's ever had.
213063213063B001E560PYAPY1UFNAT4CP2Glenn Gordon3451174780800My favorite raisinsBig and juicy and sweet! Best raisins for cold cereal and eating out of the bag.
213064213064B001E560PYA3FF0SSB8Y4IEIP. Stone3451167696000Fresh and PlumpThese raisins baked up nicely in my Christmas recipes. They were very moist and plump.
213065213065B001E560PYA30HB84QPL308EA. French "Mag Diva"0051347235200My Favorite Raisin MixtureWhen I buy grapes I get several kinds, so I really like getting raisins that are a mixture of more than one kind. That recloseable pouch Sunmaid uses keeps them moist. No worry about hard fruit if you do not use an opened package right way.
The flovors are enhanced by being mixed. This is just a great product, for cooking or just eating by itself.
213066213066B001E560PYA36AIDJS7X370MDixie Sutton0051340236800Same as the store - just cheaperI love these raisins in my oatmeal and am on auto delivery. Great to always have that go to bag in the cupboard. Good price for a pack of 5 - better than the stores in my area. Raisins are always fresh and sealing bags is great.
213067213067B001E560PYA1ORBKR2460DBTfajs0021339891200Good product, faulty bagsI am disappointed in Amazon for selling this product. The "resealable" bags that the raisins come in are defective. I've opened 4 of the 5 packages in my order now and all have faulty resealable zippers that come detached from the packaging making the bag useless once it is opened. I normally never have problems with Amazon products but I will be seeking a refund or replacement on this one. If Amazon expects its business model to survive it needs to uphold higher product standards than brick and mortar stores since customers aren't able to easily inspect items until they arrive.
213068213068B001E560PYA2F0TRXSEGSXHVrubigal0051338681600Favorite Snack!!I was a little weary about buying 5 packs of raisins at once for fear that they may be dry and hard and I would hate them. That was not the case at all!! I am so glad I went ahead and ordered and subscribed for set deliveries. These are plump and moist and sweet- everything you could want in a raisin!! They are fantastic and have become one of my favorite snacks.
213069213069B001E560PYA19E5ZM73OUVU3Judith T. Younger "voracious reader"0051241136000These are GOOD!These raisins are really good. They taste better than ordinary raisins and they look better than ordinary raisins. I love them and am sure you will too!
213070213070B001E560PYAXFZIGP191ES0Robinelise "robinelise"0051234569600Absolutely the best!Our local store doesn't carry the mixed raisins. These are wonderful
213071213071B001E560PYAJQH7EDJIP6PUDomestic Moose0051231286400Great Raisin!Couldn't find these locally. Big and juicy raisins! Great in cookies and oatmeal.
213072213072B001E560PYA37C8PLRD59IGTRed1Gem0051228953600These raisins ROCKIf you really want a treat, try them with a little pieces of sharp cheddar cheese. It's like heaven!!!
213073213073B003VIWN1MAF8XI1GPGSCH3NB121251271721600The only food I will feed my dogs!I have two senior dogs that were on a raw natural food diet for many years. I had been hard pressed to find something that would fulfill my pets nutritional requirements while being comprised of healthy ingredients. This is it! Even my vet, a fierce advocate for raw food, approves of this. My dogs love it, I no longer have to mix my own ingredients together, and I have peace of mind knowing my beloved pets are being fed high-quality food. They devour every last particle!
213074213074B003VIWN1MA134S6TOUH24QVchicagoland8851308096000my dogs love this!This is one food that when mixed with their dry food, my dogs will eat every last drop. They love this. Our older dog (just turned 2) needs to be on a grain free diet, so that is what our puppy gets too. I love that this is 95% Turkey and that the dogs really like it.
213075213075B003VIWN1MA165Q8QLQB1BEEKirby USA "Kirby"7751282867200My Yorkie Likes It, So I Like ItMy parents were having issues getting their Yorkie to eat Wellness dry and so was I with my Yorkie. They would eventually eat, but it was dragging down their routines. According to the Whole Dog Journal, Wellness Canned Dog Food Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is a great food for your dog. The article stressed how gone are the days where wet food was worse for a dog than dry. As long as it's a good, quality food, the wet is actually better for dogs than the dry. I mix the wet with the dry and our Yorkies lap it down quick. I can also hide my Yorkie's morning pill with it and she doesn't realize she's taking her medicine.
213076213076B003VIWN1MA241HDIOHZJRBRK. Gardner "Think occasionally of the sufferi...4451332806400Used This for a Starved Rescue HoundI have been involved in dog rescue for many years. I recently took in a very large hound who had been starved within an inch of his life. The vet recommended this (in addition to many other treatments and holistic measures, including yogurt!) to try to quickly get some weight on and good nutrition into the dog. You'd think a starving dog would eat anything, but often times they will not. I had to bake this hound homemade meatloaf for a month. Wellness and Nutro canned were the only "dog foods" I could get him to eat. But he did gain weight steadily, was able to wean off 'human food', and did very well. After gaining 20 lbs, he was adopted by a wonderful family. When you need the best, any of the Wellness Brands I would highly recommend.
213077213077B003VIWN1MAT0J9IP8XD95FFred4451325376000Feed my two dogs only Wellness brand. Consistently on top ten canned dog food listsHad my big noble boy dog, who had been with me for ten years, die of Cancer recently. He was a animal shelter rescue (As all my pets have been, and are.), and a great creature who never wanted to ever show weakness. By the time he did show weakness, the Cancer was far too advanced to operate on or save him and he died within a month.

That set me to feeding my two dogs (His mate who is still with me, and her new mate) ONLY quality dog food. It costs more; but after seeing what was in the average store dog food on internet posts, and confirmed on dog food cans labels, that convinced me to try something better.

I researched the net for the top ten dog foods, and this brand kept coming up in the lists consistently; including Veterinary sites. Made only with grain free quality ingredients,and otehr healthy additions for good digestion, my two dogs eat it enthusiastically, and I highly recommend it.

Both dogs are fed Wellness brand "Beef Stew" and Wellness brand "Lamb and Beef Stew", alternating for variety in their diets; they love both equally, and both canned foods are equally healthy.
213078213078B003VIWN1MA7JW9WS18LOKXKatherine A. Yoerg4451307491200This is the ONLY food my dog will eatI have had my chihuahua since he was a puppy, and he never had much of an appetite. I tried all varieties of dry and canned dog food and he would barely sniff them. He was underweight as a result and his coat looked terrible. I was so glad to discover this dog food. It is the only thing he will eat! Since I began feeding him lamb he has gained a whole pound and his coat is thicker and longer. He also eats the Wellness dry. I really cannot say enough good things about this brand of dog food. It also works for my other chihuahua who has a huge appetite but severe food allergies.

If nothing else has worked, give this a try! You may be surprised by how much your dog loves it.
213079213079B003VIWN1MA2ASW6L6IEKU5Ljohn m3351305244800Wellness dog foodMy 13 yr old min pin suddenly stopped eating her regular brand food.She went many days not eating so i switched to this brand and she went BESERK FOR IT.I now buy it from Amazon because it's a little cheaper and i don't have to hassle running back and forth to the pet store wasting my gas and paying more.This is a highly rated pet food without the BY-PRODUCTS store bought dog food has.My little girl seems to be more active since i've been feeding her this brand and I feel better knowing she is getting better nutrition.....
213080213080B003VIWN1MA25JMYLCBYKEKLGriffin Girl3351301184000Wellness is excellent!My pups LOVE this food! WELLNESS products have consistently proven to be top of the line food for dogs and cats and their Chicken Stew is no exception!
This is so well made and although the sauce is kinda slimy, it is a healthy slimy and one that nourishes my dearest of creatures! Please note that this food is not meant as a dish all unto itself, but rather, it is a food topper to go with dry food nuggets. Together the nutrition abounds!
213081213081B003VIWN1MA2DSEC962J10JOAlexandra Travis2251339632000Great for hiding medication.My dog is now older so she is not happy having to take so many pills. I switched from the more solid Wellness (which is still pretty good) to the stew line since thanks to the thick gravy I no longer have to use most of the can to hide medication. I agree with some of the reviews that my dogs stools were a little on the runny side but figuring out that it was due to whitefish and not of the food itself I just stopped buying the ones with whitefish listed and she has yet to have the same side effect. So take that into account with your pet it could be something listed that was not apart of your dog food before.
213082213082B003VIWN1MAY38A01BCGON5Buni2251338940800Wellness Canned Dog Food for Adult Dogs, 95-Percent Lamb, 12-Pack of 13.2-Ounce CansI like the fact that Wellness offers grain free all meat canned and limited ingredient allergy dry food. Unfortunately my old dog has serious skin issues that Wellness also did not seem to correct so I have decided to take him off commercial foods completely and he now eats only organic human grade freeze dried artisan dog food. Wellness dog food is probably one of the better choices if you feed your dog commercial foods so I recommend this product over other cheaper commercial brand names. Amazon prices are the best and shipping to Maui excellent.
213083213083B003VIWN1MA1TNKFJBUL0ZAVCynthia St Clair2251332806400Wellness Chicken StewThe ratings for this food are among the highest and my Labrador LOVES this stuff! I feel very good giving him this high quality food and am glad that my picky eater wants something that is so good for him. It's chunky and you can see peas, carrots, potato, and, of course, the chunks of meat. I highly recommend this product!
213084213084B003VIWN1MAMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac2221331596800Pricey Stuff and Hardens up Real Fast!I thought I would try this stuff for my finicky dog who needs moist food along with his kibble. He was not a big fan of it and it was the most expensive moist food at Petsmart. The other problem is this stuff hardens up like concrete in his bowl. If he wouldn't eat the food in about two hours the stuff turned as hard as a sidewalk and I had to literally scrape it out of his bowl.
213086213086B003VIWN1MA2LEBZB3A2OPW5Low Country Lady "DMB"2251234310400Dog loves this foolFood mixes well, ingrediants are healthy, dog loves the taste. What more could you ask for!
213087213087B003VIWN1MA7C7QG6O3ZHXDA. C. Smith "A.C.Smith"1151337644800Tasty topper my dog loves!!!!!I just got my 1yr old shihtzu the turkey and she loves it. I mix it with her dry food. It does have a gel substance around the food. I just mix the entire can up gel and all and put it in a small tupperware container. I put left overs in the fridge. My extremely picky girl had her nose in the can while I was trying to scoop the food out. She licked her bowl clean. So happy I found this stuff. Also it actually smells good. I didn't think it smelled at all. My girl is allergic to chicken so I was very happy to find wellness made several flavors without any chicken and grain free. Highly recommend this dog food.
213088213088B003VIWN1MA4D3DTLY259CKAmazon Man1151336867200Tasty Dog Food!This item came very fast! And my French Bulldog ate this stuff even faster!Great product, great price, fast shipping. I recommend this to all dog lovers for a healthy dog treat!
213089213089B003VIWN1MA3RNRXOM5J2C93Jeffrey E. Cornett1141332892800Wellnes Dog FoodIt is a good dog food. Our dogs stools have become normal since using it. My only complaint is when you open the can there is a gell similar to when you open a can of Spam, which has to be scraped off and you lose some dog food because of the space taken by the gel.
213090213090B003VIWN1MA35TIC6B8MVKWGShopper1151329091200Excellent dog food.One of my dogs is an extremely picky eater so when I find a food he will eat without a problem I can safely recommend it to everyone.

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