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213110213110B003VIWN1MA3JQ03HF6QI7IVJennifer0051347667200Good foodMy 35 pound lab/terrier mix loves this food. I used it as a mix-in with her kibble. Everything arrived from the vendor in tip top shape. Will order again.
213111213111B003VIWN1MADUM14YVEGY8SP. TAT0051343952000Great food topper for my dogsI have been feeding this to my 1 year old maltese and 4 month old chihuahua. I mix this in with their dry food and they both enjoy it a lot. It's a great deal buying from amazon compared to buying it at a pet store.

The only down side is this food does dry up after leaving it out for 5-10 minutes.
213112213112B003VIWN1MA2AY4YUOX2N1BQDOBrien "I review stuff."0041342656000Perfect as an occasional supplement!My wife and I bought a couple cans of this food for a few days when we were away from home with our dog. It is a little pricey, but then again this is definitely not meant as a daily meal - it even plainly says on the can to feed supplementally only!

- Our dog loves it!
- 95% chicken content, no fillers
- Perfect for road/camping trips
- No gastrointestinal discomfort that we could see

- Not human grade meat

It is important to understand the difference between quality in meats for dog (and cat) food. Much research has been done on the subject (easily found on Google), but my wife and I decided some months ago to only feed our dog human-grade meat, termed in the pet food industry as "inspected for human consumption". The chicken used in the wellness food is NOT inspected for human consumption, however since we have only fed our pup this twice, we aren't too worried. If Wellness switched to human-grade meat, I would happily give this the full five stars, and this is really the only criticism I could give for this product.

I would recommend this as an occasional food for your dog, with the one reservation noted above.
213113213113B003VIWN1MA2Y70HG4JBEP1QSailaway0051336867200My dog loves this!As a newly adopter of a one year old, I tried certain foods with not much success. My dog loves this food, and I do too, as she eats well and healthy.
213114213114B003VIWN1MA1UUPDMSCX10GETofus Mom "retail therapy patient"0051334793600Healthy and SimpleI'm so happy to have found a high quality wet food for my miniature dachshund. Our family really believes that high quality food is important for a long and healthy life; we try to avoid all fillers and by-products. Our dog loves this formula, which we use one spoon of along with his dry food at each meal.

For his size and diet I find that the small cans are more convenient since they last him so long.
213115213115B003VIWN1MA1IUWHRVSWNSVBMelanie Hoffman0051334275200Wellness SalmonThis is a great product for my dogs. They love it and it is grain free for their allergy sensitivities.
213116213116B003VIWN1MA1QI8MXHW45F5JThomas Murphy0041330128000Pricey but the dogs love itMy two dogs love Wellness brand dog food. It's expensive but I just feel I'm doing the right thing for them with food I think is probably good really meaty food. They have begin to turn away from Newmans and I sure don't trust Alpo since the Chinese dogfood scare, but the various Wellness products are the best I can do for my little (and quite big) best friends.
213118213118B003VIWN1MARIGM9KNMLQNWJajinwilmington0051320883200Just what was expectedI have been buying this food locally but began to have a hard time fInding it. I searched online and it was a little more cost effective. My pups seem to love this food.
213119213119B003VIWN1MAATNK1VTOS3LDL. Dietz0051319760000all naturalthis food is great but I suggest you just buy one can first, too make sure your dog likes it. (because it is expensive, but... your dog is worth it
213120213120B003VIWN1MA1BL2TCE749NB8Brian J. Reiss "BRIAN J REISS"0051319241600CHANGE OF PACEIt seemed like our dogs were getting tired of the same old thing for dinner, so I did some research and found this Wellness brand dog food. What I liked about it was the lack of by-products and cereals. Our dogs love the taste of this food and there is never any left in their bowls. It is a well baqlanced food that good for them also and having it shipped directly to my door saves us a trip to the pet stores. I count on Amazon for the best products.
213091213091B003VIWN1MAT0J9IP8XD95FFred1151325376000Consistently in the top ten recommended canned dog foodsHad my big noble boy dog, who had been with me for ten years, die of Cancer recently. He was a animal shelter rescue (As all my pets have been, and are.), and a great creature who never wanted to ever show weakness. By the time he did show weakness, the Cancer was far too advanced to operate on or save him and he died within a month.

That set me to feeding my two dogs (His mate who is still with me, and her new mate) ONLY quality dog food. It costs more; but after seeing what was in the average store dog food on internet posts, and confirmed on dog food cans labels, that convinced me to try something better.

I researched the net for the top ten dog foods, and this brand kept coming up in the lists consistently; including Veterinary sites. Made only with grain free quality ingredients,and other healthy additions for good digestion, my two dogs eat it enthusiastically, and I highly recommend it.

Both dogs are fed Wellness brand "Beef Stew" and Wellness brand "Lamb and Beef Stew", alternating for variety in their diets; they love both equally, and both canned foods are equally healthy.
213092213092B003VIWN1MARROCMTU1772TLibrarbrian1151323734400My Chihuahua Loves this StuffI've been feeding Wellness food to my Chihuahua for nearly a year and she loves it. She dances around eager for her breakfast when I start scooping it into her dish. I would give it 5 stars, except that it is difficult to find in the 6 oz size, and it has that room-filling reek that most canned dog foods have (which my dog loves, but I hate). She has not had any digestive issues with the food, and I like that the first three ingredients on the list are all turkey, and the following three are vegetables. I can actually see the sweet potato in the food. My dog doesn't have any food allergies, but I have read that foods using alternative meats such as turkey, lamb and duck can help if your dog has poor reaction to beef based foods. As long as they keep making this, I'll keep buying it.
213093213093B003VIWN1MAGPLJLVQ47QLTStephanie1151322870400DOOMHAMMER approvedI love this brand. If you go to their website, sign up for their newsletters. They'll send you $3.00 off coupons every couple of months or so. No so helpful when purchasing through amazon but helpful if you have a local store with Amazon similar pricing like I do ;)

My dog loves this food. I use a spoonful in his dry food every night with some warm water to make it a little soupy for him. I like the ingredients, the way his coat looks, how he NEVER has bad breath or dog farts. Ever.
213094213094B003VIWN1MAWOIXHZG0DJ7VLisa M. Johnson1151319673600Love It!I mix a spoonful of the Wellness food topper/mixer with Wellness Core dry food for both of my dogs and they LOVE it! It's healthy AND grain free which makes me feel confident that they are getting everything they need in their diets. Both dogs eat every bit of their food at their scheduled feedings which has been super beneficial for potty training my new rescue dog. I would highly recommend Wellness to everyone! You can't go wrong with this stuff!
213095213095B003VIWN1MA14HQ5J8BOOBIC. Newman "RetLEO"1151316995200My Dogs Love It!With one dog who'll eat anything and another who's quite finicky it was good to find something they both liked. Not a "stand alone" food, it's meant to be mixed with kibble for a complete diet. My fussy boy loves it...and he doesn't love much!
213096213096B003VIWN1MADHB7JK4M6J7KRobert O. Tucker "robert"1151315785600Almost as good as the lambAfter reviewing the lamb product that is labeled the same way it is worth noting that this food is very good as well. Not quite as attractive as the lamb, but still rated high on her taste test scale. It provides a way to give some variety without upsetting her system. Most of the Wellness canned foods are remarkable in that respect.
213097213097B003VIWN1MA352PZ9BSFX4CVMonica S. "Mixedmedia5"1151314489600Great for small dog with tender tummyI am the companion to a small dog of unknown age and breed who has been troubled with a tender tummy for a few years. Her vet has tons of medications to give her, but I don't need any of them since I tried the Wellness brand dry dog food and the moist.

All her problems gave gone away. It is amazing. She has not been to the vet since her last yearly checkup.
213098213098B003VIWN1MA2IBUE2WR08IBHCraig Motsenbocker1151313884800My Dog loves thisMy dog is very picky but she will eat this, and it is so good for her.
I will definitely keep buying this.
213099213099B003VIWN1MADV6H18HLO6BKT. Riley1151305849600Fantastic Dog food!I have the pickiest eater in the world! He loves it.
Gilbert (cockapoo), also had stomach issues. I'm glad to report after a week on Wellness Lamb and Sweet Potato, in addition to the Core dry food, Gil's stomach problems are over.

This is Human Grade Food for dogs. He gets one 6 ounce can a day and munches on core dry all day. I also cut out all processed dog treats. We stick with fresh food treats such as: apple, sweet potato, egg, and some cheese once in awhile. Frozen string beans in an ice cube tray are also great!

Please take care to feed your dogs and cats natural foods! Read articles on rendered meats, your stomach will turn. Take care!
213100213100B003VIWN1MA2LR3H7YEVV6CNValente Riolo1151305763200So far, so good.We have been feeding our 3 year old fussy Italian Greyhound this for about 2 years now and it's one of the few canned dog foods he likes. It think it's the sweet potato. Hopefully, it's healthy for hims as well.
213101213101B003VIWN1MA2HGH80EGNOO1IThink About It1151298160000Dogs can't wait!My dogs like this so much that they bark while I'm dishing it up! They have liked all of the Wellness Stew brands that they have tried. It smells and looks good too.
213102213102B003VIWN1MA24PZR4W555WQID. Saldarriaga1151294617600My dogs love WellnessMy dogs and I love this food. They never leave a trace and I am happy that it is healthy for them. I mix it up with the Wellness Super 5 mix.
213103213103B003VIWN1MA90R5PR3BF7JWKilgore Trout2331292025600My dog says so soMy dog sometimes eats this and sometimes walks away. What can I say...looks good to me, but hes the dog.
213104213104B003VIWN1MAGH12M0P31R2justdebralee "Blessed"0051350604800Cleared my Dogs Eyes Right Up! No more RX's for Her!My dog loves this....and so do we! Miki has been having problems for over a year with the skin just outside of her tear ducts getting red, then raw...poor thing. Each time I'd take her to the vet, (2 different vets just to see), they both prescribed the same eye drop medicine ($27.00) for a tiny bottle. But, it never cleared up entirely, and the minute I'd stop with the drops, after weeks of applying 2-3 x's a day, it would come right back. Looking at her made me feel terrible.

Then, I started thinking about maybe it was something she is eating, even though I've been feeding her Ceasar for a couple years and thought it to be a "good" dog food. But after researching what was in Wellness dog food compared to the store bought stuff, I couldn't believe I was feeding her that stuff!
So, after doing the math, a 3oz tub of Ceasar vs the 12 1/2 oz can of Wellness, I could get 3 bigger servings (4.1 oz each) out of a can of Wellness...for the same, or better price, and it was way healthier for her!

Our Miki looks so pretty again (Papillon) and seems she has a whole lot more energy too! I figure it must be the change in diet that helped clear up her eyes but wasn't sure because we moved at the same time (same town) and I thought it might have been some plants/allergies she was getting into in the back yard. But....I let myself run out of Wellness (not on purpose!) and had to feed her something else, so I went with the Ceasar and ordered her some more Wellness. By the time I placed and received my order, (not much more than a week), the skin below her eyes had already broken out again! Ummmm...CONFIRMATION! And guess what? Within 2 weeks after our Wellness shipment arrived, and she was back eating her favorite dog food, Miki's tear duct area was dried up, rawness gone, and hair was growing back!

I don't even remember how I stumbled across this dog food, and who would have ever thought I'd be ordering dog food from Amazon, but with the great price, and free super saver shipping, like I said earlier, it's the same price as that store bought "stuff", but she gets more than an ounce more per serving and look at the's real chicken, and sweet potatoes! (A lot of other good for her stuff!)

I'm sold on Wellness (so is Miki~she loves it!) I had just come back online to re-order some more Wellness Chicken and Sweet Potato food, when I thought that I should take a moment to RAVE about this great stuff.
So I did!
213105213105B003VIWN1MA3JZJQHY3159IQL. Martinez "-PawScore"0041350259200Looks like Pate meh -1 starwell I gave this product 4 stars because the purpose I used it for was not intended. I saw that it had 95% meat which was perfect (in my mind) for a cat diet, and the price point was nearly half of that which is for cats.

FTR: Cats and dogs have two completely and vastly varied nutritional needs, in my research I recall reading that a cat's diet is mainly 95% meat (from which they derive their moisture/water from as well) since cats hunt and eat small rodents and birds in nature this makes sense, since the 5% veggie content is likely from eating cat grasses and the contents of their prey's tummy at the time of death.

I decided to purchase this food since it was only 2.56 a can at Unleashed and I figured I would just add in a calcium supplement, and taurine, and cat vitamin supplement to make up for the missing bones which would provide the natural calcium source for cats, and taurine since I don't believe dogs require as much taurine in their diets as cats would and vitamins to make up for the possibility that there may not be enough vitamins in just meat alone.

My cats loved it. I have one very finicky girl kitty whom refuses to eat human foods (which is a good thing) and most junky cat foods (another good thing) and one male cat that eats whatever he can get his whiskers into. They both liked this. So I would consider feeding this to them in lieu of the more expensive cat foods (after I compare the ingredients of this to that of cat foods and make up the missing vitamins and minerals) however I am not happy with the fact that this cat food has the consistency of pate..

it is all ground up meats and looks like refried beans... I'm going to search for a similar product which has shredded meat rather than this consistency :)
213106213106B003VIWN1MADL6LIYX03AQGMaria Liza DeMaio0051350172800My dog Sashie loves this supplement w/ her dry food!I have to say its a bit pricey but at the end I actually saved alot because you only need to give a couple of spoonful along with the dry food. My dog loves it! You have to make sure you give a small amount depending on the size of your pet because it's high in calories. Sashie did not experience any problems when I switched to this new dog food. It's also a great coverup for any medications your dog might need to take.
213107213107B003VIWN1MA3HOEAWRLBFCN4Leesa J. Sopjes0051349395200My fussy eater loves thisMy geriatric dog has been an extremely fussy eater ever since I brought her home at 14 weeks. I recently tried Wellness kibble and wet foods and she likes them all, but she particularly LOVES the 95-Percent canned toppers and WOLFS her kibble down with this product mixed in. Wish I had tried Wellness foods before but better late than never.
213108213108B003VIWN1MAODWFJHMNL0FGworkshopper0051349136000homemade foodI typically make my own dogfood but when I'm short on time, I cook the veggies & use this canned chicken. My dogs love it!
213109213109B003VIWN1MA2LP3HW20VLMHXMaineHiker880051348099200Good value and fast shippingThis 12-pack case is a great value and is actually about 20 cents cheaper per can than my local pet food store. It arrived very quickly at our house and only one of the cans had a small dent at the base. It still made the swoosh sound when I opened it with the can opener, so the vacuum was still good and the food was still fresh. Great deal, and now I don't have to run out to the pet food store after work every few days to pick up more cans. I can simply drive home to my baby puppy at the end of the day. I did notice that all my dogs have had softer stools with this food, but if I mix it with the dry food and feed less frequently they don't have too much of a problem.

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