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213151213151B001E5DRBOA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"3351307750400Fresh Oat BranThis item was back-ordered and arrived delightfully fresh. Like oatmeal it's bland and can handle spices like cinnamon and nutmeg very well. It's nuttier in flavor and grittier in texture than oatmeal. I grew up with this as a hot cereal, in muffins, cakes, breads and pancakes; you know back in the day when people really cooked from scratch :). Doing more cooking at home, not all from scratch, has me replicating Mom's influence in the kitchen. The goal is to eat more healthily with known ingredients. Some people sprinkle it on vegetables, salads and yogurt for texture. It's difficult to find just Oat Bran, it's usually blended with wheat or flavored for kids.

I recently found oat bran is essential for all phases of the DUKAN DIET The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever ranging from 2 - 4 Tablespoons daily.

As you add oat bran and oat bran items to your menu increase the water intake, your tummy will appreciate it :)
213152213152B001E5DRBOA1GNG3THJGO1O1J. REID3351307318400Reasonably priced, perfect item for the Dukan diet.!This is the bran recommended for the Dukan diet, is no more expensive than oatmeal and ideal for the pancakes and other recommendations.Bland taste, as expected, but easy to zip up with a few spices.
213153213153B001E5DRBOATP83CPCIC2VHSurly Joe3351270080000Oat Bran ForeverWe use oat bran in muffins, pancakes, bread and a few other home made treats. It's great to get 12 pounds of the stuff delivered all at once and a lot cheaper than buying it in one pound boxes in the grocery store. How do they do it?
213154213154B001E5DRBOA2OFXLM2PDT42LDorsey2251314403200Oat Bran at its bestI went on the Dr Dukan diet(which by the way is really a good fast acting diet if followed)and the diet includes eating two tablespoons of oat bran every single day. So I ordered the Bergin Nut Oat Bran as recommended by Amazon and I would rate it with 5 stars. I only have two recipes to date from Dr Dukan, one being a pancake and one hot cereal, but they are both delicious and I am sure it is because of the freshness and quality of the Bergin Nut Company Oat Bran.
My only complaint is the quantity I ordered and cannot blame anyone but myself for not reading the ad better. Six 32 ounce bags would last me an eternity at 2 tablespoons a day, so I have been giving bags to my friends and hope they will share some new recipes with me. Try it, you will LOVE it!!!
213155213155B001E5DRBOA1WMAWR24B7GWVKathy Godsall2251311724800Amazing Oat Bran, Necessary Ingredient for Success in Dukan DietThis is a wonderful product my husband and I are using in conjunction with the Dukan Diet. My husband has lost 27 lbs and I have lost 12lbs since 23 May 20011 when we started the diet. We simply put the required amount of oat bran in 0% fat vanilla yogurt and eat it as at treat. Reminds us of tapioca, and is a necessary part of success in this diet plan. We've just opened our second box of oat bran and are starting our 9th week. We will continue to purchase and use this product.
213156213156B001E5DRBOA1UCT23Z93936Oteacher tammy "teacher tammy"2251311638400Bergin Nut Company Oat BranI bought this product along with the Dukan Diet Book as a gift.(Oat bran is a central ingredient for this particular diet.) The recipient was thrilled with the oat bran...she reported the taste is far superior to the bran she purchased at the grocery store!
213157213157B001E5DRBOA203QWUDWXFCZSshopgurl "shopgurl"2251306886400Very fresh!This is a good quality oat bran in my opinion. It is very fresh and has a great texture. You get a whole lot of product for your money. I put it on my yogurt in the morning. I have to find other recipes for this because it's too large of a quantity to use just a couple tablespoons per day.
213158213158B001E5DRBOA178F2DM1CN65DJim "Local Man"2241269388800Bran reasonably pricedI mix oat bran with my morning cereal. Up until a year ago I bought the Giant store brand. Then it disappeared, so I forced to "upgrade" to Quaker Oats bran at at a premium price. Then in January the contents of the Quacker box was reduced by 50%, but the price stayed the same. Enough is enough. Switched to buying from Bergin Nut Company via amazon. The quantity is huge but the price per pound is very reasonable - and it shipped via Amazon Prime. The bran is coarser than the Quaker label. (That's a good thing?) All in all, I am very pleased.
213159213159B001E5DRBOAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"2251258502400Bergin Nut Company Oat BranReally delicious. I put 1 cup of oat bran into 3 cups of water in the microwave and cooked it until it was done. It tastes much better to me than any other type of regular oats I've had before. It is very affordable and delivered right to my house. I will be eating this product alot more in the future. It is a great quality product and it is packaged well for the trip in the box. I am very happy with this product and will order more.
213160213160B001E5DRBOAZFF8I49YNZ5UHelen1151330905600Tastes great!The taste is very good! Oat bran is much more creamy than one-minute quick oat (it just doesn't tastes like oat...). A perfect food for somebody on diet. Just one single tablespoon of oat bran would make you feel very full.
213161213161B001E5DRBOA2OURC9NA4PL0HS. Schrudder "mystery madam"1151322697600Great product,great priceWe looked all over for this product from our local retail stores. They either didn't carry it or it was very expensive. We found these on line from the Bergin Nut Company and were very pleased with the price and quality of the product. We eat this every morning and have found it to be a great way to start a busy day. We Have re-ordered several times and will continue to do so. We order our oats through Amazon and have been completely satisfied with there service.
213162213162B001E5DRBOA2NPZ0FGAD9500Richard P. Silverman "Dick"1141322179200Good quality and freshBergin Nut Company Oat Bran Packages, 32-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6) Very good quality product. Packing needs some improvement. Some bags burst in shipment.
213163213163B001E5DRBOAY5ZT4T00JXIOM. Rosen1151316649600Delicious - great textureThis is great. Very high quality. I take the bag and run it through the cuisinart first to get a finer texture, then cook it into 'gallettes' with some yogurt, cottage cheese and an egg - yumm! Highly recommended.
213164213164B001E5DRBOA1U9YNKKIH57SYT. Martin1151313193600Great tasting, healthy, and inexpensive.I don't believe in fad diets, but I do believe in healthy eating. This is a cheap, healthy alternative to boxed cereals and high-carb/fat breakfasts.

My first choice is always steel-cut oats, but they take a while to cook. This only takes 3 minutes in the microwave and tastes delicious. I like to add a scoop of protein powder & a bit of agave syrup and I'm full for hours. My cholesterol is the best it's been in my life and I even lost a few pounds since I started having oats for breakfast. You can eat it plain or add fruit to it to have some variety without negating its health benefits.

Keep these in your pantry and you won't have any excuse for not eating healthy.

Update: My wife "hates oats", but after looking for an alternative to her cereal to lose weight she tried my oat bran (I've also started adding a little Bergin wheat bran to it) and she loves it. I think she now eats more than I do and I've had to increase my ordering frequency.

Plain anything can get boring quickly, but oats can be spiced up with nuts, jellies, yogurt, raisins, etc. There's almost no end to the variety. If you think oats are bland, you may have to look around for ideas, but there's no reason to resort to Fruit Loops :)
213165213165B001E5DRBOA18WDN7KUL005Kalone too soon "DannaD"1151308614400Great price. Great bran!I bought this Oat bran to be heart smart!! I have read so much about all the benefits of using this daily. It's not only good for your cholesterol but much more!! I just eat it dry, It has a great flavor. It is great for putting in recipes & cooking as cereal too.
213166213166B001E5DRBOA3FI4OAOQYQWHHP. Woodland "Broken Teepee"1141261785600Good BranMy husband eats this every day in his morning cereal. He is very pleased with it. It tastes good and he is happy with the price.
213167213167B001E5DRBOAQJLDWDO958BYMary S. Schaeffer "Sheltie Lady"0051349395200A Good FIber SourceWe put two Tablespoons of this on our cereal each day to add fiber to our diets.It's also very tastey.
213168213168B001E5DRBOA88O44XCO2O9TBria A.0051349222400Very Delicious!Being on the Dukan diet, I am required to eat 2 Tablespoons every day. Other brands I have tried are very gritty and hard.
This brand is delicious! I mix 2 TBS of Oat Bran with 4 TBS of water in a microwavable bowl for 1 minute. Then add 2 Splenda
packets and some Fat free milk and you have yummy oatmeal! I look forward to this everday! 10 stars if I could!
213169213169B001E5DRBOA2FYYBZ272BAI5Debbie0051347321600Great oat bran for a great price!!!This is the second time I have ordered this and I love it. I mix it with yogurt and it's really good. Much more reasonably priced, too. Hope they keep having it at the fair price they do now.
213170213170B001E5DRBOA34BZM6S9L7QI4Mandy "mandy"0051344556800Love thisThis is a high quality, tasty oat bran. And this six-pack of it is enough to last for months! The price is very reasonable. I usually by Bob's oat bran, but I literally can't tell the difference. I will definitely purchase again.
213171213171B001E5DRBOA1MC5LNDC1AFSQJH in Houston0051341705600Great Oat bran!The best oat bran I have ever had so far! It makes my oat bran muffins taste great. All the people who tried them said so. First I thought the bran was too coarse, but the muffins came out just right. I bought two packages, so it will last me a while . I will definitely buy again.
213172213172B001E5DRBOA13VQ31GCI2UJJCol. French0051340323200Oatbran ReviewThank you for your prompt shipment of my order. I will let you know how my meal worms like it. I will defitately re-order if things go well with my venture. Have a great day and God bless.
213173213173B001E5DRBOA2YX3XU3RZQWNSFarmerbec0051337385600Fantastic for Breakfast (or Dinner)I bought this three weeks ago and have eaten it for breakfast ( and a dinner or two) ever since! I just ordered it again to be safe and ensure I always had it on hand. Hot, creamy, wholesome and delicious. I add a dollop of protein powder and away I go.
213174213174B001E5DRBOA167HMYNHQK9VVLuv My Amazon Prime0051337040000Great oat bran flavorI purchased this oat bran because of the other product reviews that said it had the best flavor. I was looking for a bulk oat bran to make my home made granola recipe. I can now confirm packaging complaints have been resolved. I purchased this via my Amazon Prime and it arrived sealed in a second plastic bag inside a cardboard box. None of the oat bran bags were damaged in shipping so packaging complaints have been fixed.

As for flavor it appears to have great oat bran flavor because the batch of granola I made was my best ever. I added this to my Wish List for shopping of repeatable grocery products so I will be back again to purchase this item. Excellent value, fast shipping, and great taste. Bergin Nut Co has a new customer.
213175213175B001E5DRBOATXEOBROYM3KVBrenda G0051337040000Amazing product and outstanding serviceThis is the 4th or 5th time I have ordered this product through the Amazon site. I have shared the Bergin Nut Co. Oat Bran with friends and now they order it for themselves. It's a great product. I make hot cereal with it and use it as a binder for meatballs. And I can't say enough about how quickly I receive the oat bran. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.
213176213176B001E5DRBOA80V51HM3EJ8YAndrea D. Schoenbeck0041330732800As promisedProduct arrived as promised/described. The oat bran is ground a little finer than previous packages I have tried which makes it easier to mix in with yogurt or other food.
213177213177B001E5DRBOA2ZSZRVGGF0YS0Cat0051329177600Great product!I was a little hesitant about ordering this product as I had seen a few of the reviews mention flimsy packaging and older/dated versions of the product. But, my food co-op stopped carrying oat bran in their bulk section and the stuff at the grocery store is prohibitively expensive, so online shopping it is! When it arrived, I found the packaging to be just fine--no spilling or ripping, and I have been able to use the original packaging as the default storage container with no problems.

As far as taste, it tastes like any other oat bran I've tried. Which is to say, it's pretty bland, and a good vehicle for other tastes. I like to add nuts, chopped apples, and a bit of cinnamon to mine. I haven't noticed any bad taste or aftertaste.

Will probably buy again when this supply runs out!
213178213178B001E5DRBOA2INPE8ZWY5G2Feanar0021328486400disappointedThis is the 3rd time I've ordered this product. This lot was very powdery and lacked nutty flavor. Very disappointed!!
213179213179B001E5DRBOALA14T9EPLZ7Xmamabear.hume0051321920000it's greatWe started using this product on the advice of a fellow dieter. I love using this to make a high fiber "pancake". Tastes great and provides the fiber I need on my low carb diet.
213180213180B001E5DRBOA36B7TZNERS5IWKrykie0051319760000Good Value, Healthy & SimpleThis is basic, simple, Oat Bran. There isn't a lot of packaging hype; what you see in the picture is what you get. Better than oatmeal, the oat bran cooks up in about three minutes. Ratio is 1 part oat bran to 4 parts water. The cereal is ready as soon as it is warm; no need to simmer. Easier still to microwave. The consistency is very creamy, similar to "cream of wheat," but healthier. Add dried fruit, nuts, honey, its a quick and healthy way to start the day.

The package came quickly; the bags have a re-closeable seal, but recommend putting the bran in a new zip loc baggie or other container.


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