Amazon Fine Food Reviews

213181213181B001E5DRBOA3J8R504RZ1DJTOwner Builder0051317513600Good StuffI was worried that being such a healthy thing to eat that this stuff would taste bad. I actually like it a lot. For my microwave, I mix 1/3 cup of the stuff with 1 cup of water and heat it on high for 1 min 40 seconds to get it to just under boiling temp (hot but not boiling). Then I let it stand covered for a couple of minutes. Just have to figure out the appropriate time for your particular microwave, since some are more powerful than others. After that, I add some stevia, cinnamon, and sometimes other things, and it's a pretty good little meal to tide me over in between my bigger meals. Definitely glad I bought this, and I will definitely continue to buy more.

As a note, if you do find yourself eating a lot of cinnamon everyday, it might be of interest to buy ceylon cinnamon, instead of the less expensive cassia cinnamon routinely found in most grocery stores. From what I have read, the less expensive cassia cinnamon is high in a compound called coumarin, which can be toxic if you eat it a lot. Just figured I'd mention it, since I eat a lot of cinnamon lately.
213182213182B001E5DRBOA38RF4NHSPKFUVKathleen C. Brodbeck "tea lover"0051317168000Healthy breakfast, this and a cup of tea.The best oatmeal I have ever eaten. Creamy and fulfilling. It is just the best. This is my second order and will keep coming back for more.
213183213183B001E5DRBOA1XWUWHWD3Z468Robert K. Martin0051316304000Good Oat brand.We bought this product because my wife and I had started the Ducan Diet. It was a reasonable price, tasted good, and was delivered even earlier than expected. It's all good.
213184213184B001E5DRBOA1J6VTGF7IB7VVPatricia Pardo0051315180800Bergin NutI guess I should have read that product description a bit better. I didn't realize how many it contained. I will have enough Oat Bran to last me a year! I have shared with friends. So, Great value for the price and the Oat Bran is great. Amazon Prime is def. worth it - received it quickly.
213185213185B001E5DRBOAQJC7LNUYE937jaime nelson0051310083200Bergin Nut Company Oat BranGreat quality! Good deal!

This oat bran is awesome! Use it to make it as a breakfast cereal in the morning, with a little milk and stevia. Yum. And, very healthy!

Buying my second batch :)
213186213186B001E5DRBOA4XRDAZUAN6HFK. Wood0041310083200Yum!Great product, tasty! It would be great to be able to buy a lower quantity, I had to give a few bags away.
213187213187B001E5DRBOA1TCSC0YWT82Q0GinSing0051305936000I concurI concur. Ditto to everything everyone else has said. Good stuff. Happy happy. I make muffins regularly and this helps keep the quality along with the pricing and convenience all do-able.
Mine was backordered for about three weeks but I didn't mind as I was in no hurry for it.
First time using this and I like it very much and will use again and again and recommend. Tomorrow I will be seeing a friend and will give her a "care package" of a bag of this and a bag of the Bob's Golden flaxseed meal so it makes a nice gift packaging item also.
Thank you Bergin and Amazon!
213188213188B001E5DRBOAN7VM4DL28GXHGrandmaX90051305763200Excellent ProductWe have been using with our morning yogurt or adding a couple teaspoons to our oatmeal. Made a batch of muffins too. Fresh, well packaged and came in a timely manner. Thanks!
213189213189B001E5DRBOA1Z369PP2PVMGSjeauty "fireflies2"0051304985600Oat Bran ExtravaganzaThis is a delicious, and wonderfully affordable oat bran. I make large batches of oat bran muffins as heart-healthy snacks for my family, and would go broke buying the same quantity of bran in small boxes at the supermarket or in the bulk food section of high-priced health food stores. Bergin's oat bran is a find--delivered right to my door!
213190213190B001E5DRBOA2UU0MA2AL0079Lnzy0051290816000Love this stuffI use this to make muffins along with the wheat bran from Bergin Nut Company. I add this to other recipes as well, trying to sneak in a little extra fiber into my family's diet. You cannot beat the freshness and quality of this oat bran, along with the price!
213191213191B001E5DRBOA22Z7ENDC5GE2MKimberly Jo0051273968000Bergin Nut Oat BranTook a chance on ordering this on-line and couldn't be more pleased. Recently moved and no longer have an Apple Valley store nearby, so was happy to discover this equally-as-good oat bran at a great price. Good quantity, too, since two of us eat this on a regular basis as hot cereal & I also use it to bake with. Highly recommend!
213192213192B001E5DRBOA2F0ROXOUD8890Curly Blue0051256688000Great Price. Good QualityA 16oz box of Oat Bran cost anywhere from 2.50 to 3.50 at the local stores in my area. Also due to the popularity of Oat Bran, my stores are often out of stock. By purchasing it via Amazon, I have saved 50% off my original cost. And I don't have to go from store to store to find it in stock. I am eating it as a hot cereal as well as baking agent.
213193213193B001E5DRBOA20QZMZII5IQMXJ. Levine "from San Jose"0051255392000Outstanding Oat bran at a good priceI bake my own oat bran muffins and I hate shopping around town looking for good oat bran. Buying through Amazon is great (for lazy people like me) and the delivery is quick and accurate. Bergin Nut Company Oat Bran is outstanding. I grind it up in my food processor for my oat bran muffins and they always come out with a very nice texture. I appreciate the minimal packing also.
213194213194B001E5DRBOA7I2F4052CDLRV. Manin0051218585600Excellent taste and great valueThe product was very well packed and fresh. I am very happy with the taste and it was also an extremely nice addition to my breads. I will definitely look to buy more when this shipment is used.
213195213195B001E5DRBOA1ODU2XZD8A122Barbara1211338595200TASTE LIKE MUDD!!!It may be cheaper and you get more for the price, but the quality is poor. I am really sorry I purchased the Bergin Oat Bran, it taste like mud and I couldn't eat it! I gave it to a food bank and feel a little guilty; I guess it is better than no food. Another lesson learned "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!" Bob's Red Mill Oat Bran may cost more, but the quality is much, much better. I am going back to Bob's Red Mill - Great taste and no mud added!
213196213196B001E5DRBOA1NGF6LVC96MMMMG1311319932800old stockthe product only came with a 4 month sell by date. this plainly shows that the company use amazon to dump old stock on the market.
213197213197B001E5DRBOA2TD2FM4JL80PKBorrego Bob4911305417600Pricey!$22.10 for 12 lbs. of of oat bran?!
The company makes no special claim for their oat bran
other than to say it's different from wheat bran. Duh!
I buy oat bran in bulk at the health store for $.57 a pound.
That comes to $6.84 for 12 pounds.
213198213198B001E5DRBOAH8DO0BBKJUVQStarting now1411314835200soon to expire dateI ordered this product to compare it to the other Oat Bran in taste and freshness which I have been fairly satisfied with. Well, let me save others from making the same mistake I did. I received the 32-ounce Bags (pack of 6) with a freshness expiration date in 4 months. I was very disappointed with the fact that I cannot consume even 1/3 of the order in that expiration time frame. The quality of the Oat Bran Taste does not measure up to what I have been ordering. Also, in the same order, I also received another Brand of Oat Bran which has an expiration date of 18 months away. The taste is the best of any I have tried. I will give that product a review with 5 stars. For the money, freshness and taste, I would not recommend this product.
213199213199B001E5DRBOA2AW8LF322DC2WG. Gamby "Josie"0311320364800Disgusting!#1: If you're someone who's always had Quaker Oatmeal...and you're looking for something more healthy... DO NOT buy this!...It tastes WAY too healthy to have any flavor...
I love nuts...but this is not as I expected at all.
I had it once and I had to throw out all the 6 packs that come in the box...none of my family members or friends liked it...What a WASTE!!!!!
#2: The plastic breaks WAY too easily!...I ended up with packages already opened in the box...leaking oats everywhere!
Conclusion: cheaper is not always better!
213200213200B0002VXYKUA2PDXKJLMFGX6LMerfreak0051233014400YUM!This was a gift for my dad. He LOVED it! It was hard for me not to eat them before Christmas. I Had to go and buy some for myself!
213201213201B007B9UI1YAAEN2X0G9EACJEspecially For You "NL"0051341878400I LOVE This TeaI've ordered most of the cheaper Tea's Etc add on teas and all have been great both in terms of flavor AND value. I cold brew using disposable tea filters closed with toothpicks in Takeya Airtight Drink Maker Pitcher / Jug, Set of Two and it works wonderfully. (Those jugs are great, even better if you can still find them half price at Costco.)

This is easily one of my favorite teas and one I continually grab for to blend with others. It does have some black tea in it, so it's not completely caffeine free like mint herbal teas, but it seems to be a very small tea to mint ratio. The black tea flavor is also very light compared to the mints, and the lemon grass is a welcome note. There's also a natural sweetness to the tea that is very pleasant.
213202213202B000H136HGA3SOJ4VNO8DT1AS. Kilborn "Sllky"4441252627200Mmmm good.I look all over for Manhattan Clam chowder and every store that once carried it has stopped. I love Manhattan Clam chowder and I have always like Campbell's Manhattan Clam chower.Campbell's Manhattan Clam Chowder, 10.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
213203213203B000H136HGAWJUS0F6TS5T7David Kohn "blah blah blah"2241235433600best canned manhattan CCCampbells is the best of the canned Manhattan CC's. Bookbinders clams are dry. Progresso is so-so. When I was a kid you could always get this in the grocery stores in Chicago. I never see it out here in Tucson. One place carried it for a while and then stopped. I've asked various grocers if they could order it for me by the case, but they said no.

Add a can of chopped clams to this and some more boiled potatoes & carrots, maybe a bay leaf and some tabasco & it is as good as it gets short of all out home-made.
213204213204B000H136HGA2L8G17UO41DMCKaren Blair2251210896000Glad I could find thisMy husband absolutely loves this stuff but I couldn't find it in any stores. In fact, the local grocery told me Campbell's no longer made it. So I was thrilled to be able to order it for him on Amazon.
213205213205B000H136HGA2CGEQDYUUP2Q4John V. Konior1131315094400Where's the clams?Campbells clam chowder doesn't have many (any?) clams in it, but lot's of potatoes. Flavor is bland. It needs to be doctored up quite a bit to make it enjoyable. It's better to buy a more expensive clam chowder ... this one is not very good!
213206213206B000H136HGA2IS94IJSHNFK0c joy "book lover/Apple fangirl"1111304121600uuggghh!I remember enjoying campbells manhatten clam chowder when there were clams in it. This current soup had a few little flecks of clams and the rest was a thickened tomato base with mostly potatoes.Oh well,one more product to avoid. With the recent increase in food prices this is not worth one star!
213207213207B000H136HGA1XGMC8QNBC7WXL. Elliott1141232150400Manhattan Style Clam Chowder right here in the Midwest...My parents moved to Missouri from the East Coast and have missed this soup ever since. They were always saying how much they would love a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder so we decided to find someone or some place to get us a bunch of cans shipped here. We gave them to my parents for Christmas and they were so surprised we could even find it. We got a call a few days later saying that they loved it and are so happy to have their soup back. Thanks Amazon!!!
213208213208B000H136HGA22LRSMXBXGZR0Henry Reib0051322870400a o,k.received order in perfect shape.thank you for the mighty fine service. will order more from your company..from your friendly customer. h. reib..
213209213209B000H136HGA3QDH13D79D7LARose Red "Rosie"0021319500800Badly dented cansAll of the 12 cans had some dents. Several were minor, but fully six of the cans were dented very badly near the bottom seam, and therefore they may not be safe to use. I have noticed dents in several cans from a previous order, but not this many and not this severe. Are the Campbells soup cans that are shipped through Amazon actually retail rejects?
213210213210B000H136HGA3NZQVGB1RYMORPatrick Freeman0051273276800classic and hard to find in storesnot sure why stores stopped carrying this in western Washington, but i HAD to get me some, been a favorite since i was 10. so glad to find it online, and for a great price at amazon. my favorite way to eat this is with some chili flavored Frito's.

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