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213211213211B000H136HGA2FYO7V2RNNF8DNancy A. Pitluga0051206489600GratefulI was grateful to see and receive this product because I could not find it in the stores where I live.
213212213212B000H136HGA2D15DQ8DTICKBC. Davis "Chuck"0121235433600No wayI was very disappointed in the taste of this product. I have had some great tasting Manhattan Chowder in restaurants. Hard to find in cans. Thought I would try this. I wish I could have bought just one can to try. I did not like it at all..
213213213213B005GXG15OA2HREBPP2OYKVMA. E. Burtlebe0021348272000Salt's great Packaging is horrible
213214213214B001E5DRBEAJ1P59G0KJN9YStephanie1141253404800Good, but a touch too sweet (what?! yes!)Shame on me for thinking all "Yogurt Raisins" were made alike! These are really, really sweet. Even this sweet tooth can't eat more than a small handful at a time. They are tasty, though! Four stars instead of five for the overwhelming sweetness.
213215213215B000SAVJVGA1G8BC99793QKBM. Goldstein3341243987200Black licorice tasting gum, sugar free!This gum is good if you like the black licorice taste.
It is also sugar free, so will not cause cavities like the other licorice gums that usually contain sugar.
I had to take away 1 star as the gum is not as long lasting as I'd like.
But I also like that it is mentioned where the gum is made-in Turkey....not in China at least!

The price is also great!
I am also confused with the amount listed as when I bought it I called and was told you received 36 3 boxes with 12 packages of gum in each.
Yes that is not a type-o it really was/is THIRTY SIX packages.

But maybe call first just to c onfirm in any case if they do change the listing.
Another thing, before I forget the gum has absolutely no mint in it. It is only black licorice flavour.
-I've seen licorice and mint together in gum before though...
213216213216B000SAVJVGA14RCQ0QQY1NLSThomas F. Welch2211294444800bad product and misrepresntedThey describe this product as 'Black Licorice Chewing Gum'. In fact it is a flavorless gum pellet with a bitter slightly licorice flavored candy coating. Two of these equals a single stick of ordinary gum. VERY dissapointing!!
213217213217B000SAVJVGA114FPRE1GKA22Emily Hebert2221280620800y so minty?When I read the reviews for this gum, I chose to believe the people who said the gum doesn't have a mint flavor. Perhaps that was a bad idea. Chewing the gum, I have found the flavor to be a bit inconsistent from piece to piece. Some will taste pretty good with barely a hint of mint, others will full on assault my taste buds with a horrific menthol sneak attack. The licorice flavor itself isn't very strong and doesn't last very long. It's pretty much through after about 10-20 minutes, leaving only the atrocious menthol flavor. If you can't tell, I'm not a fan of menthol. I know the name Extreme Ice should have given it away, but can't help being rather disappointed by the whole thing.
213218213218B000SAVJVGARLXJHRHMVOKBA. Davis2251252281600Wonderful black licorice gumThis black licorice gum is so good! As you chew it, it completely tastes of licorice, as if you are bitting into candy. Then, there is a cool icy mint flavor as well that gives your mouth full refreshment as you continue chewing the gum. It holds its flavor and elastisity and doesn't go bad after 10 minutes like some gum does. This gum gets five stars!
213219213219B000SAVJVGA35CVM8T0LLUVZjeanette1151268438400best-tasting, long-lasting gum - black licoricequick grabbed this at a gas station mini-mart on a road trip. instantly became my favorite gum. could not then find it for some time. found it here on amazon.

tastes like the old-fashioned rich callard & bowser licorice candies that were wrapped in silver & black striped foil. is somehow simultaneously rich & refreshing, & the flavor lasts & lasts. the texture is wonderful once you have integrated the outer part with the inner by dent of chewing.

i note some of the reviewers are speaking of a mint flavor being present or absent when expected or not. i believe this can be explained by the confusing fact that this product is available in two similarly named licorice flavor choices: the one reviewed here called "black licorice" (black box, black colored gum) & one called "licorice menthol" (red box, white colored gum) which i have not tried Gerrit's Extreme Ice Sugar Free Licorice Menthol Chewing Gum, 12-Count Packages (Pack of 36). this confusion may also explain the reviewer who said the flavor didn't last very long - which may refer to the "licorice menthol" flavor? they both have "extreme ice" in their names, so i think both are supposed to strike a refreshing note.

my next favorite gum is orbit's wintermint.
213220213220B000SAVJVGA1P855NXPUV7WLForosnai0031330819200The flavor should be listed as menthol licoriceCadbury Adams Blackjack and Xylichew Licorice are examples of what good licorice gum should be, this brand is not. The "Extreme Ice" moniker here means menthol. The flavor starts out ok, but any licorice flavor quickly disappears leaving you with unsweet mint gum rather quick. The texture is very nice, not too hard, and it never turns into a slimy mess like some gums can. If menthol licorice is your thing then this gum won't let you down.
213221213221B0032IGJ8EA27I38IZHO16NJD1151333497600Favorite flavorThis is my favorite flavor for the Keurig. Very dark, rich flavor(but not a burnt flavor). Just smelling it would put me in a better mood. Highly recommend.
213222213222B0032IGJ8EA3QFJ4CENS60POJanet M. Searcy0051283644800Sumatra Reserve coffee for Keurig Brewing SystemExcellent product and I appreciate getting the quanity as I am supplying the coffee maker at goes fast and allows our section to not leave the department to get coffee. Sumatra reserve is an excellent bold flavor for a hard core coffee drinker, plus the Keurig brewing system preserves the favor.

As long as it is offered I will continue to purchase it this way.
213223213223B0032IGJ8EA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051282262400Very Bold Coffee - Highly Recommended!Green Mountain "Sumatran Reserve (Extra Bold)" K-Cups makes a very good cup of coffee in my Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System. This is a very strong tasting brew that has much more flavor and kick than the Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] I generally drink in the morning.

While I really enjoy this coffee, my wife finds it too strong and bitter for her liking. She prefers Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2) made on the machine's "large" cup setting for her "Bold" coffee.

Highly Recommended!

213224213224B001GVK55WA36MS27KAA5S26Katherine Berry "of "Housewife How To's""101121245196800Times have changedI loved Fralinger's as a kid, but this just doesn't taste the same. It's gooier (sp?) for one thing, and the flavors seem terribly artificial now. So gooey, in fact, that when left at room temperature it's almost impossible to separate the taffy from the wax paper wrapper. I wind up keeping mine in the freezer and taking them out a few minutes before I want a taffy. Of course, that's probably good for the waistline, but it's a bit of a disappointment overall.

On another note, I can't help noticing the over-abundance of licorice flavored taffies in my bag. Ick.
213225213225B000SARIIOAS0SPE5TEM74ZElizabeth Kingsley0031327968000Not worth the price.No pear flavor, nor spice flavor, in fact no flavor except for black tea. I bought them on sale for $5.62 and thought they were overpriced. Each tea bag is indiviually wrapped.
213226213226B002MG4Y9SA2AWDAJOV50842Mendicant Pigeon "Mendicant Pigeon"0011264896000This is not English Breakfast tea, in fact it is hardly tea.This is NOT English Breakfast tea. In fact, it is closer to Chinese tea than it is to western style black tea. It tastes like the stuff that used (perhaps still is) to be served on the trains in Taiwan, ROC, or in restaurants...yes, that's right, it tastes just like cheap grade commercial Chinese tea (not Chinese/Japanese Green tea, but commercial grade drinking tea such as that given out for free in restaurants like we do iced water here in USA).
As such it is insipid, with just a hint of flavor. It may be decaffeinated, but who knows, its flavor is so weak and flacid that one hardly cares.
I feel ripped off after buying this and you will too. Do yourself a favor and avoid it. If you want good, strong, loose leaf decaf tea buy the stuff from Taylor's of Harrogate when it is available here on Amazon.
213227213227B002MG4Y9SAZMFETRB7BS27S. Wright0141255478400Decaf Loose TeaIt's actually very hard to find decaf loose tea, so I was quite happy when I found this product. They mention in their description on their own web-page that this tea has "fruity" characteristics. Unfortunately, that did not make it into the Amazon product description. I still enjoy the tea, but it's just not quite the English Breakfast tea that I was expecting. That being said, I have served it to others having told them that it was an English breakfast tea with fruit undertones, and they loved it. The product probably would have received a 5, if not for description.
213228213228B007RTR898A2OWEF77CABFUERe-G "Re-G"1211339977600Don't waste your moneyI was so taken with the commercial for this product that when I found I had a coupon for it I just had to buy it. Now I'm sorry I did. The shampoo totally stripped my hair. I could have just used dish soap. Yes, Clear does lather nicely. But so does Dawn dish detergent! Don't waste your money on this junk.
213229213229B007RTR898A3U1WPDQLP9CQLemon1221339200000Cheap ShampooI did not care for the texture of this shampoo, or the way it felt during use or after. As others have noted it is harsh and left mey hair feeling coated and unnatural. I prefer a more gentle and natural product.
213230213230B007RTR898A3AYF9CD4PXDJRE. Orchard "I love lamp"1241335744000Clean, soft hair, but too fragrant for meI've been using this shampoo a week now. Combined with the conditioner, you are left with very silky smooth hair. The shampoo washes out cleanly and the scent is nice. However, I'm sensitive to scents and though this one doesn't give me a headache (some do), you can smell it ALL DAY. It *is* a nice clean smell, but I was surprised that the scent stayed with me all day. And all night. All the way until the next morning.

The shampoo lathers well and rinses clean. I would almost argue that you wouldn't need conditioner.

I was surprised that this item came in a a bubble mailer. It was crushed a little and some of the product had leaked out. Hopefully this won't be the case for future shipments of this item. I also kinda wish they both opened at the same end; the shampoo opens on the top, the conditioner on the bottom.
213231213231B007RTR898A3FQZH8PJB535ASZAA "Lover of All Things Written"2421340064000Won't be buying this shampooI received this through the Vine Voices program and was really excited about the prospect of a shampoo that would possibly take care of my scalp too. I have super fine hair, an oily scalp at the top and a dry scalp at the base of my head...quite the combination! I was hoping the shampoo would help to take care of the dry and itchy part of my head. I don't have dandruff and don't use dandruff shampoo, though I would like something that nourishes that area.

The product arrived in a padded envelope and a plastic bag and had leaked all over the bag. Not a good first impression. I hope that's not the method of shipment for paying customers. I'd say a good 1/4 of the bottle was lost.

I've used the shampoo for almost a month now and I'm very disappointed. After washing and rinsing I feel like I still have a film on my hair. Again, I have really fine hair, so I definitely don't need a product meant to wash, leave a greasy film behind. It weighed down my hair and took away any shine, leaving it looking dirty. I am just not impressed.

I noticed no difference on my scalp, so overall, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone concerned with lack of hair volume or who wants to have shiny, soft hair!
213232213232B007RTR898AJXDBMJBVUGSRS. H. Wells2431335312000Clean Hair, Poor ContainerI was able to try the Total Care shampoo through the Vine Voice promotion. I only mention this because the method of shipping for Vine Voice promotional products is sometimes different than when the item is ordered normally, and because my only problem with the product involves the container.

The shampoo had been slightly crushed in the mail and had opened and leaked in the bag. Normally I would tell customers to ask for a box from customer support. However, after I cleaned up the bottle there was still a problem. The shampoo bottle is flat on the top and on the bottom. I stored the bottle upside down in my shower caddy. The flip top lid doesn't seem to hold a seal when upside down, and small amounts of shampoo seep through the edges of the top. Stored right side up this is not a problem. And I am not sure if this bottle defect is a result of the crush in the mail.

So I am a little cautious about recommending the bottle. I can, however, recommend the shampoo itself without hesitation.

The shampoo has a light fragrance. It smells fresh and clean without too much perfume. It rinses clean.

The essential oils in the shampoo also leave your hair shiney and sleek. The shampoo contains Sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, and aloe extract.

I am very happy with the shampoo, but I would be a little wary of the shipping method and the bottle.
213233213233B007RTR898A36NUDST4Y5JBAD. S. HARDEN "a movie fan"0141340582400CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce...A good shampoo that cleans and protects your hair at the same time.

I recommend this shampoo (and it's companion conditioner)!

Good products for hair care!

I rate "CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce"...4 stars!
213234213234B007RTR898A24GQGZAYUJCFDMike0151339286400Another good product in this family of hair care items(Note: This review is mostly the same as the one for its sister product, Volumizing Root Boost.)

We've always bought the cheapest shampoos in the store, judging that they were all pretty much the same. Well, in this case at least, there is a difference.

Both my wife and I tested this shampoo as well as its sister product, Total Care Volumizing Root Boost. We saw very little difference between these two products, but they both stand well above the typical shampoo. Coming out of the bottle they are both thick and creamy, and very little is needed to get a good lather going. When it comes time to rinse out, they wash off easily, leaving no residue. I was suspicious at first because my hair did not feel "squeaky clean" after rinsing, but once my hair was dry I could see that it was both clean and soft, not oily, and stayed that way all day, even wearing a hat. Both shampoos also give some weight to the hair which, with my thinning hair, I really appreciate. My wife also reported that with this shampoo, she felt no need to use conditioner. The reader will see essentially the same review on both of the Clear Scalp products we tested, the only difference between them being that other one (Volumizing Root Boost) probably leaves the hair with a little more weight. But we expect to give up our practice of buying the cheapest shampoos and will purchase one of these in the future.
213235213235B007RTR898A2W6PI842K56NVJohn Hebert IV0151338422400What I seek in a shampooWhat I seek in a shampoo: 1. A product that will clean my hair; and, 2. Clean and reinvigorate my scalp setting up the basis for future hair growth and management. That is what this shampoo offers.
213236213236B007RTR898AE2MKYLMTYF21M. T. Pope0151337212800Lovvvvve it!What can i say? It was a very good smelling and great cleansing shampoo. It didn't dry my hair out and it left a pleasent scent afterwards. gonna look on here for the condition to go with it. Go get this!
213237213237B007RTR898A1RFZGWX46N8H7FlamingoNut "Tracey"0131337212800It's okayNothing spectacular, new or different in regards to this shampoo. It lathered up nicely, rinsed cleanly, but I wasn't particularly crazy about the smell of it.
213238213238B007RTR898A2WFZWRYWLC20SSusan G. Good "obsessed knitter"0141336780800Great Clarifying ShampooI tried the Clear Scalp&Hair Beauty Total Care Nourishing Shampoo through the Amazon Vine program, and I am pleased that I did. I usually use a brand of thickening shampoo for color treated hair, and the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Shampoo was quite different. My hair and scalp felt really clean after one shampoo. Because my hair has thinned a lot over the years, I use a lot of products on my hair and I mean a lot! On a daily basis I use root lifter, keratin fiber powder and spray, as well, as hair spray. Every time I shampoo I also use a conditioner and a volume booster, and I use a hair masque weekly. With all this "gunk" on my hair and scalp, sometimes my regular shampoo has trouble getting my hair clean and I have to shampoo twice. I was pleased to discover that the Clear Scalp&Hair Beauty did a great job of cleaning my hair and scalp, and I only had to apply the shampoo once. I gave this shampoo 4 stars, because I don't think I will use it on a regular basis as I'm afraid it might be a little too much for the little hair I have left. I will continue to use this shampoo on a "weekly-ish" basis to clear my hair and scalp of all the products that I use, and let it "breathe." For anyone who occasionally uses a clarifying shampoo in place of her/his regular shampoo the Clear Scalp&Hair Beauty shampoo is definitely one to try.
213239213239B007RTR898A2VX9MWJ8LEIN1TPX4000141336608000Good shampooThe shampoo does a fairly good job cleaning your hair, a small amount generates a lot of lather which is quite nice. The only thing is that it contains a heavy fragrance which could bother some people.
213240213240B007RTR898AIIZTJHZLV158JJJlock1311339027200BURNED MY SCALPThis burned the heck out of my scalp. I couldnt rinse this out fast enough and it was STILL burning after rinsing. What the heck is in here. It doesn't lather as well either it's wayyyy to thick. It's LOADED with fragrances its one of the first ingrediants as is SLS and silicones which are bad for your hair. I'd totally skip this one. Also this has Zinc Pyrithione which is for dandruff and I think this might have helped cause the burning if you have NO dandruff then use this it has nothing to burn through so to speak. Anyway I'd def. skip this.

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