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213271213271B007RTR898A2FVD05Z2FYW1PJ. Silva0051348704000Excellent productI love this shampoo. It has a very light scent, completely unobtrusive. It cleans thoroughly, but leaves my hair both soft and manageable, with a nice sheen. It both lathers well and rinses out completely. What more could I ask?
213272213272B007RTR898A11BCJJG91KVOYtmp "snippy reviewer"0041348099200This really works!I honestly never thought in a million years that this stuff would really work well. I've been using shampoos and conditioners from everything from Lazartigue to Kiehls and always had a problem with a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. After a month or so of using this shampoo and conditioner I don't have a problem. I'm ordering more when I run out of the products I received from the Vine program.
213273213273B007RTR898A1RM8D4R7NR4E9J. Taylor "pleasantchick"0011348012800Itchy Bumps Developed On My ScalpI really liked how my hair looked at first when I tried this shampoo but by day 3 and 4 I started developing itchy bumps on my scalp. I also realized that this product was leaving a film on my hair. I had been using sulfate free shampoos for the last few years but I broke down and bought this because of all the great reviews. This shampoo is not for everyone. If you're at all sensitive to chemicals, stay away. I went back to an awesome shampoo that I stick with. Every time I try something new, nothing treats my hair and scalp the way Henna Hut shampoos do. I've tried them all and I like their Neem shampoo the best. I don't work for them. I'm just a customer who appreciates them more and more every time I try other products.
213274213274B007RTR898A1BYSGTLUVF940Dreamer7310041347753600Good moisture benefitsI first saw this shampoo at Walmart. I was a little reluctant to buy the full size bottle.So I bought the travel size bottles of the "total care" shampoo and conditioner and so far I'm loving it.
The shampoo is pale pink a has a thick creamy consistency. It lathers really well and it smells great. The smell is very reminiscent of the original herbal essences shampoo only a little softer. I have dry, curly, frizz prone hair and this shampoo helped to tame my frizz. My hair also looked and felt fuller and thicker after styling. The only draw back with this shampoo is I felt a slight tingling and cooling sensation on my scalp. Not bothersome enough to keep me from repurchasing. All in all a great shampoo. I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottles.
213275213275B007RTR898A3DFH4CKPIT0N9Suzanne Amara0031342656000Pretty basic shampoo---not a stand-outI reviewed Clear conditioner recently, and was very impressed with it. I found it made a real different in how my hair and my daughter's hair felt and was able to be managed, so I was eager to try Clear shampoo. I must say---it's a pretty basic shampoo. It worked, it cleaned my hair, it rinsed fairly well, it didn't have an offensive odor, and there isn't a lot else to say. My hair felt about like it does when I use most mid-range shampoos, but not the way it does when I splurge on expensive shampoo like Pantene. I would buy this if it were the brand on sale at the drugstore, but would not seek it out, and in a crowded shampoo brand market (I think) I am not sure how it will get noticed.
213276213276B007RTR898A3FHDBBXZFNQUKJK80041341187200Fine but nothing special about itI received the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty nourishing shampoo and have been using it as needed. I do not wash my hair every day - only 2 or 3 times per week. My hair has been color treated and tends to be very fine and limp. This shampoo only gives me one day of good looking, clean hair. After one day, my hair goes limp and flat against my scalp. I think this is due to having been moisturized too much by the shampoo. I think I'm going back to regular old anti-dandruff shampoo. This shampoo smells nice and lathers well, it just doesn't do my hair or scalp much good. If you were to have dry hair or very thick hair, this shampoo should be wonderful for you.
213277213277B007RTR898AJ48OJORP4NE4Writer Mom0051340841600soft hair, clean scalpI don't currently have dandruff so I sort of ignore my scalp but it makes sense that a healthy scalp will support healthy hair. I like this in that it leaves my scalp feeling clean without that tingly feeling you get with some dandruff shampoos. And I also like that is lacks that medicine smell of some dandruff shampoos.

Of course, it's not a dandruff shampoo but I was sort of expecting the unpleasant odor of a dandruff shampoo and was pleasantly surprised that the smell was nice.

And I like how it makes my hair feel. Very soft and very clean.
213278213278B007RTR898A3A8FMW6BDJ166janjanmom0051340496000Gee, My hair smells terrific!This shampoo is so thick and luxuriant!! The scent is very clean and my hair feels so soft after using. This shampoo is a great addition to my hair care regimen! I have curly hair and this shampoo helps me keep the frizzies at bay. Just wash, apply leave in conditioner and let it air dry. The result has been good hair days again. I am a very happy camper.
213279213279B007RTR898A39KOJG83K8F1Utemply1230041340323200Body and shineIt seems like all the shampoos out there right now are so moisturizing that they make your hair greasy right away. This one didn't do that and left my hair shiny and with lots of body. I would use a conditioner also because my ends felt a little dry.
213280213280B007RTR898A3BY5DTOT72URISrikumar S. Rao0051340323200A good shampoo, good packagingI basically belong to the school that holds that a shampoo is a shampoo and there is the end of the matter. I liked this product. It is a shampoo but I think it is superior. Part of the reason is the packaging. As befits a Unilever product it is solid, the opening and closing of the dispenser is smooth and it feels good to hold since it was probably contoured to fit the human hand. The shampoo itself is pinkish white and about the consistency of Nivea hand lotion. It does a splendid job of cleaning hair and I have less of this item to clean each month. Washes off well and leaves no residue.

Also, liked the fact that it does have an hydrolyzed animal protein. I probably would not write to persons I know endorsing it but would certainly recommend it.
213281213281B007RTR898AG6JWI77UMETSKenpo-Jujitsu Teacher "Phil"0051340323200Nice product.This product provides a light cleansing and does not leave a build-up. It smells good, and leaves a "just-right" scent afterwards.

I would recommend it to others.
213282213282B007RTR898AUDQIJOG4JI87Georgia on my mind0051340236800Awesome products......I have really long, coarse hair & it's a challenge to find products that make it soft without weighing it down or making it greasy feeling. I tried the Clear shampoo & conditioner & it's wonderful. It smells great, lathers easily (even in hard water) & the conditioner makes my hair soft & I can actually get a comb thru it. I am so glad I tried the Clear products & have since bought them at my local store. Thanks Amazon Vine for bringing Clear into my life.....
213283213283B007RTR898A14638TGYH7GD9Rebecca Haden0041340150400Soft, silky hair is yoursClear shampoo claims to nourish your scalp and thereby your hair. Your hair is not actually absorbing nutrients from your scalp, pleasant as that idea may be. Hair, once it leaves the follicle, is not alive and can't eat anything. I was not able to find out exactly what Nutrium 10, the secret ingredient in Clear shampoo, might be. The main ingredients are water and the detergent Sodium Laureth Sulfate, plus a nice variety of oils including sunflower and coconut oils.

So I don't know about the nourishment of the scalp, but I do know that it leaves hair smooth, silky, and shiny. My scalp seems fine, too. This is an economical shampoo, with good results.
213284213284B007RTR898A2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon0051340150400great body and shine no conditioner neededThis is a very nice shampoo, it leaves your hair clean and feeling moist even when wet. It doesn't leave your hair that squeaky dry feeling when wet like after using a clarifying shampoo yet it cleans very well. I can get a comb through my hair easily after using it which is unusual for my long very fine hair that easily tangles. When my hair dried it was even a little wavy, very shiny and the fragrance is quite pleasant and lasted into the next day. My scalp has a tendency to break out from many shampoos but this one didn't do that at all. I tried the conditioner but found I didn't need it, it actually made my hair to heavy and was oily looking before the day was done. I use this shampoo alone and I really like the results.
213285213285B007RTR898A1OD5F83ZA8O95Sleepless0031339977600Nice shampoo, Smooth hairI have color treated, below shoulder length hair. My normal shampoo/conditioner is Paul Mitchell
I got both the shampoo and conditioner through the Vine program to try out. I tossed them into my workout bag and have used them for the past 9 visits to my gym.

The shampoo lather is creamy and seems to clean fairly well, it sometimes felt hard to rinse out competely. It seems quite concentrated and so I started using less and less of it over the trial period, so that might be a good thing to be able to use less.
The conditioner feels thick and smooth. It does a good job of coating my hair all the way down to some of my damages places. I wouldn't call them repaired, but they were coated enough to smooth them out. It doesn't seem overly heavy or sticky, rinsed out fairly well and my hair felt silky and slippery (just the way I like it after a shower)

I prefer to just let my hair naturally air dry and curl the ends later. I never blow-dry. These products are excellent in the fact that I didn't have any puffiness or flyaway problems after it dried. My wavy areas seemed to be smoother and that is ALWAYS a good thing. My hair turned out to be very soft and smooth looking. Nice to touch and comb.
I did have a bit of a problem with my scalp being itchy and a whole lot flakey after the first few uses, but that has stopped, so there was definitely some changes going on there from this product use.... hopefully for the good.
Bottom line is that I like both these products. They smell really great, and the price is very good for what they do. I may update this review when I get to the bottom of the bottles.
213286213286B007RTR898A1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0041339632000I am quite pleased with this shampooI am not wed to any one shampoo or conditioner, and am always willing to try something new. This shampoo came out of the bottle nice and thick, and lathered well in my hair. After I was done, I found that my hair was nice and soft, and yet not without body. It was manageable, and smelled nice.

I have been using it continuously for several weeks now, and I have not experienced any burning on my scalp, or itching, or anything untoward.

As such, I am quite pleased with this shampoo and I wouldn't mind recommending it.

(Review of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Total Care Nourishing Shampoo)
213287213287B007RTR898A1FJFLAAQD5WH2Lori Caswell "dollycas"0041339459200Softer hair after just 3 applications.NEW! Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care for All Hair Types. Clinically proven to help restore scalp's natural moisture balance to create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip.

Gently cleanses & nourishes scalp and hair. Formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, almond, soybean & coconut oils & aloe vera.

Discover the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair with new Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy a range of shampoos and conditioners that feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days.
Due to my bottle being damaged in transit I was only left with a small sample. I have written to Amazon saying a bubble envelope may not be the best way to ship this product.

I was able to use the product for 3 days. The fragrance is wonderful and not overpowering. The shampoo has a very creamy feel. My hair is now more gray than brown and is getting a courser texture. This shampoo gave my hair a softer feel in just 3 applications. I will be definitely purchasing more of this product.
213288213288B007RTR898AKAZT5193KFR1L. Samuelson "L.W. Samuelson"0041339200000Worked for meThe first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is the great smell of lilacs, not too strong but very pleasing. Of the three other brands of shampoo I use, this one left my hair fuller and shinier. I thought it was milder and left my scalp as soft as a baby's bottom.
I'm not as conversant with the chemicals in this product so I defer to the opinions of the other reviewers on that score, but I personally like the results this shampoo produced.
213289213289B007RTR898A3LGT6UZL99IW1Richard C. Drew "Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod...0031339113600Like the results, hate the package, a little misleadingThis is one of the thickest shampoos I have ever seen. I can wash my hair and let it sit for several minutes without it running into my eyes. I have not experienced any of the problems others complain about, and it does a great job cleaning my hair. The labeling is misleading, as it proclaims that it will "nourish the scalp" and more. With an *. The * states that you need to use the conditioner as well. So what exactly are the benefits of the shampoo alone?

So as a shampoo, it works great. Anything else? Who knows.
213290213290B007RTR898A3SDBL8SJC2ME3Typical Consumer "AGN"0051339027200Like ItI liked this shampoo. It cleans the hair well and rinses out easily without leaving a film. It does not seem to interfere with any other hair care products.
213291213291B007RTR898A1OMXVXXP07F05D. Couse "darkman1969"0031339027200Still just shampoo.So after using this for about a week along with the conditioner, I can't really tell much. I don't really have a sensitive scalp, but I do have a scalp that likes to get a good scratch now and again. I've tried all the tingling shampoos, the liquid medicines but nothing seems to really take away that need when my scalp starts to itch.

I must say I was surprised that with a name like Clear Scalp & Hair...I was shocked to see the product is not clear. I don't know why I had my mind made up that it would be, but when it came out and wasn't, there was a sense of let down which leads me to believe that it's still just a bunch of chemicals I'm putting on my head.

Since I was fortunate enough to have both the shampoo and conditioner at the same time, I will also say that I'm not a fan of the product packaging. The shampoo stands up with the opening in the air, while the conditioners opening is down. Maybe this is so you can tell the difference in the shower? I don't know, but again, I didn't like it.

In the end, this is just shampool
213292213292B007RTR898A2YV6F6DLENNTMOlivia James0031339027200Meh, Nothing SpecialFirst of all, I got this through the Vine Voices program and was seriously miffed when I opened the manila envelope to find that it had leaked all over the inside. I was able to salvage half the bottle though after scrubbing it off. Not sure if it exploded because of a faulty cap or the bottle's curved design so I wouldn't order it through the mail if I were you.

When I did use the shampoo I thought it was okay but I wouldn't pay $5 a bottle for it surely. It has a pleasant smell and doesn't take much to lather your hair. It did help with some very mild scalp flaking I had but it also weighted my hair down. Unlike the Heidi Klum (love her!) commercials for it claim, it didn't make my hair break any less than usual or make it shinier. All it really did was clean my hair just like any other shampoo would. Verdict: Nothing special.
213293213293B007RTR898A2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041339027200I like itThis review is going to be the same for the corresponding conditioner, as I received both at the same time to try out. Since I can't (more won't) use each individually to see their own merits because it'll play havoc with my hair, the review is going to be for the both of them.

OK. First things first. This produces a lot of lather, which I discovered when I had to clean off the shampoo bottle that had leaked during travel. This is nice since I like lather, but I want to note that hair cleansing products do not need to produce bubbles in order to work. (Very few need to produce bubbles and bubbles/lather is actually from additional bits that have been added to make it look like it's working. Old trivia factoid.) If you're one of the people who dislike having a lot of lather, be prepared for this. (I know that there are people out there like this.)

The shampoo and conditioner smell pretty nice, which is a bonus. I've smelled some shampoos that either don't have much of a scent or they're so overwhelming that no amount of other bonuses can make up for the perfume stench. Clear's scent is neither under or overwhelming. You can smell it if you stick your nose into the washed hair or right after you've used it, but it's not going to be smelled across the room.

What I really liked was that this didn't weight my hair down overly much. My hair feels nice and soft, without feeling heavy or greasy. I'm pretty finicky about shampoo/conditioner products since many will either undercondition (making me look like a brown haired Little Orphan Annie) or they'll undercondition and I'll end up with hair that looks lank and greasy. (I've been pretty happy with my Garnier Nutrisse products for the most part, although lately it feels like they've changed the formula slightly.) What I also liked is that after using the combo a few times, I don't get a weird buildup feeling to my hair.

I rather like this overall. I'm still not sure if I'd overall replace my normal shampoo and conditioner, but I'm willing to give this a longer trial period. I've already purchased more of this product with my own money, so I suppose that this is as good of a recommendation as any.
213294213294B007RTR898A3R9H6OKZHHRJDLH4220041338940800Good ShampooThis shampoo cleaned my hair and left it soft. It lathered well, and it smelled good. The product is quite thick, and it doesn't take very much to do the job. The bottle opens easily, which is great in the shower, but not so great for shipping. My bottle arrived clearly having opened in transit- there was dried product all over my bottle. For those purchasing, Amazon should really consider shrink-wrapping the bottle for mailing. The easy flip open lid simply opens too easily to be safe during shipping. Otherwise quite a good product.
213295213295B007RTR898A2CUWCJHUPGL9WKiki0041338768000Nice shampoo, I still like my regular Nexxus Therappe best!This is a very nice shampoo that lathers up luxuriously and smells great! I used this a few times and my hair felt fairly smooth after blow drying (I have dry-ish, curly-ish, often frizzy hair if left to dry naturally, made worse by humidity, styling and also from my workouts, where sweat and salt coat my hair). My husband described his hair afterwards as silky. While this shampoo has Nutrium 10, which has a variety of moisturizing ingredients for hair and scalp (soybean oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, various vitamins, etc.), I think with Sodium Laureth Sulfate second on the ingredient list after water, you can pretty much expect the same results as most shampoos available today, and what shampoo work best simply becomes a matter of personal preference, although this shampoo did not strip my hair like some cheaper brands do.

My shampoo was shipped in a plastic bag and in a non-padded mailing envelope, so naturally, about 1/4 of the bottle had leaked by the time it arrived at my door. I understand this was a Vine review product, but more care should be taken when shipping this kind of item, since there is little point if most of the product is unusable! Fortunately that was not the case, but it was kind of a pain to open it and discover the bottle had easily opened in shipping. I've had much smaller itmes shipped in bubble wrap in disproportionality large boxes, so it is baffling to me that the same care was not taken with this bottle. It made the bathroom smell good, though!

This shampoo is definitely very reasonably priced, and I would use it again.
213296213296B007RTR898A1P9BVW2JB1OVLAuntie Annie0051338768000Soft, shiny hairI am delighted with this product. I wash my hair every other day, which can be drying. This shampoo leaves my hair shiny and extremely soft. I love the way it feels. The fragrance is mild when it is being used and leaves no lingering scent on my hair. While it does not claim to be hypoallergenic, it does not irritate at all (either by scent or contact) as many products I have tried do.
213297213297B007RTR898A27O5ZUFAEWT9LAmazon Fan0051338681600Good, But Nothing SpecialThis shampoo cleans well and leaves your hair soft, but I can't discern any difference between this and most other shampoos on the market. It has a light, pleasant scent -- not too perfumey -- and it lathers well. I would use it again, but it's nothing to get super-excited about.
213298213298B007RTR898AS36DT5EPWNDYLovelylauren3170041338508800So far so good!I have to say, I'm pretty impressed so far. I'm using the one for colored hair. I have grey hairs that I color frequently because I'm pretty young, (25) and I work in the beauty industry where image is everything. I also have psoriasis and a very reactive scalp so my hair routine was an endless cycle of: coloring hair -> irritated scalp. Switch off between T-gel and keratin color care shampoo. T-gel -> faded color. Color hair-> irritated scalp. It is seriously driving me crazy!

I haven't even thought about my scalp in the past 2 days that I've been using this shampoo and that's a really big deal for me. My scalp is usually irritated and sore, so it calls itself to my attention. The shampoo and conditioner felt instantly soothing when I put it on, which was nice, and my scalp feels really clean. If this product does not fade my color quickly I will write another review and give it 5 stars.
213299213299B007RTR898A384P5XYDRGBCFSherlock0031338508800Nothing specialI'm reviewing the shampoo and conditioner together here because it is likely that many people will be interested in buying both products simultaneously.

In regard to shipping, my experience was similar to what other Vine reviewers have said. I ordered both the shampoo and the conditioner and both leaked in the air bubble packaging they were shipped in. The conditioner bottle was actually broken and now can't be closed properly. The shampoo has a toggle cover that even a small child can open, and my guess is that it was inadvertently opened when packed for mailing. Along with others, I suggest that the company devise something more sturdy to prevent this type of leakage.

I have normal hair and scalp and a typical short haircut. I prefer to use natural organic soaps and shampoos and only decided to order these products because this appeared in the Vine product description:
`Formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, almond, soybean & coconut oils & aloe vera.'

The shampoo made my hair look dry and a little frizzy and also less lustrous. To me, the most noticeable thing about the conditioner is that it has a very powerful scent that lingers for a long time. I'm used to the natural scents of organic products and don't like chemical scents at all.

The old saying 'You get what you pay for' is true here. These products can become popular because they are relatively low priced and work similar to comparable items.
213300213300B007RTR898A1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0041338422400leaves hair clean without being weighed down....I have curly hair with a thinner to medium consistency. I like a shampoo that will give me a good wash without making my hair feel stripped or one that is so heavily conditioned that it weighs my hair down and makes it limp. I really liked the way this shampoo made my hair feel. Soft, but not overly conditioned. The shampoo has a pleasant scent, but may be too perfum'y' for some. My husband also used it and thought the scent was fine, not too much, but he is not overly sensitive to fragrance, as some may be. The shampoo lathers nicely and the 12.9 oz. bottle is a good size for the shower.

Overall, I thought it was a good shampoo that left my hair feeling clean,soft and manageable. I occasionally change out my shampoo and would definitely look at purchasing this one as a good alternative to my regular brand.

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