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213310213310B007RTR898A1JTTI1KH3DOCYDoggymcnuggets "doggymcnuggets"0041336694400Pretty Good StuffThis stuff actually left my hair noticeably softer than most shampoos, and I don't even notice that kind of thing most of the time. Was surprised after towel drying my hair to discover I could feel the difference. That said, haven't noticed any of the "scalp nourishment" claims to make any difference on my scalp. Scent is light and unlikely to offend, or really be noticed much (not a bad thing). All in all a pretty good shampoo.
213311213311B007RTR898A146L0JWX6KKYJTrevor J. Flannigan0041336694400Pretty Good ShampooI have never been a huge shampoo consumer. I just haven't been that picky, but I have to say there is a huge difference between this and what I had been using. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling extremely healthy. I have even had people tell me my hair smells good when they get a whiff (A little strange, but I'll take it). I have been happy with this product and will probably end up buying another bottle.
213312213312B007RTR898A3IQ12O7NEEN58T. L. Armitage "tladelamer"0031336608000over cleansThis shampoo really cleans your hair- perhaps overly. In the shower, after using this product, my hair feels stripped and straw-like. I definitely put conditioner on every time I use this shampoo. That said, afterwards (with the conditioner), my hair feels very light and clean. I do not feel like there is any build-up in my hair.

For me, I believe this shampoo is a bit strong. However, I do not use any styling products such as mousse, or hairspray. I think if I did, this would be a nice shampoo, as I am fairly confident it would strip all of that gunk from your hair. Or if you have really oily hair, this might be a good shampoo to try.
213313213313B007RTR898A3T6HX48F66512Fry Boy0041336435200Works well. Quite thick . . . and pink, too.This product is pretty good. While I won't say that my hair is suddenly superhealthy or that it has improved body because of this shampoo, I will say that the product hasn't caused any damage that I can see. The shampoo claims to be "Total Care Nourishing" with "nutrium 10" (a "moisture complex" of vitamins), but I wouldn't necessarily trust that claim, considering that a conditioner is designed to be used in conjunction with the shampoo. That notwithstanding, the product did a serviceable job at a decent price. It's very thick, with something of a pink-and-lavender color. Note that the product is not specifically geared towards women or men.

With regard to shipping, expect that the bottle might arrive with plastic wrap around it and some product leakage, sort of what you experience when you take toiletries on an airplane and find that they leaked due to air-pressure differentials. No big deal, but something that might figure into your buying decision.
213314213314B007RTR898ADB8XCKNSDY5Ztheboombody0051336262400Ready To Switch...This product works great on super-long, super-thick hair, so it should be good for anybody. Whereas Matrix shampoo requires an anti friz cream for this hair type, and Pantene leaves it greasy, this product leaves hair with a healthy look and feel. And unlike other competitors the feeling lasts for much longer than 2 days. This product makes straightening easier, and it smells good too. It exceeds all expectations. I wouldn't be surprised to see many, many others switch from their current shampoo to this one.
213315213315B007RTR898ANEEEFP4BL7ZXLynda Lippin "Lynda Lippin"0031336003200A Decent ShampooTexture is good, smell is a bit strong for me (like perfume). Cleans well, but the conditioner doesn't feel like it rinses out fully. My hair feels a bit heavy/oily after use.
213316213316B007RTR898A31DVKL8JE4XAHSuzy K.0051336003200My Hair is Soft and ManageableLathers up nicely. Rinses out easily. Cleans my hair, but doesn't strip it, so it's not as dry as with some other shampoos. Not overly scented, but I wouldn't mind an unscented version, and I could do without the red dye. My hair is 24" long. If I don't brush it several times, it's a tangled mess by the end of the day. I find that, combined with the conditioner, I don't have to brush it as often as I usually do. In addition, my hair is incredibly soft. I love the bottle! It has a very ergonomic design and is easy and comfortable to hold, and I love the flip cap! Press to open. Press to close. So easy!

7/3/2012: I just received the Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner. Amazon has addressed the problem of leakage by putting a piece of clear tape over the lid. It worked, and the tape came off with no sticky residue left behind. Thanks, Amazon!
213317213317B007RTR898A1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0041335916800i would have given it 5 stars except for.....the bottle's design. I'm lucky that I have a compartment to store it in for easy access -- it's top heavy and if it stood on its own it would fall over very easily -- and the plastic is slick enough that it could slip out of a wet/soapy hand. The flip open top also flips open too easily.

That being said -- the contents of said bottle are GREAT! The shampoo, which has some unpronounce-able chemical ingredients - DOES have some nice vitamin-fortification -- it is creamy and a little goes a long way (I have short short hair). My hair doesn't collapse toward the end of the day like it used to, so my hair still loooks purty at 4 pm instead of ratty -- it's shiny and even though it's baby-fine, it keeps its shape all day.

So this shampooe is a winner -- EXCEPT for the ergonomics and design of its container.
213318213318B007RTR898A1R1BFJCMWX0Y3KO0041335830400works well, but packing problemsI received this item after the first order was sent to the wrong state. It came in a bag in a box to big for 1 bottle of shampoo and it was leaking everywhere from the cap becoming open during delivery. The smell is divine and it left my hair feeling clean. The lather was very nice for only using a quarter size for my hair being below mid back.

I honestly got compliments about how my hair smelled. I feel like you may not need the conditioner on an everyday basis as my hair felt pretty soft just from the shampoo itself. I would like to see the price on this shampoo on amazon. Wal mart sells it for 1.97 (3 oz) Walgreens 5.99 (12.9 oz)

Amazon needs to get the shipping better also. This is not the first, or even the 5th time I've gotten something damaged through the mail. The bottle itself should have been tapped.
213319213319B007RTR898A3AWV00ZU7MSK1Succinct Reviews "Pirulina"0051335744000Cleans, softens and leaves your hair smelling greatI have dry curly hair. I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got with this shampoo. The first thing I noticed was that a small amount goes a long way which is a plus for me since I usually have to use a lot of shampoo to create a nice lather. It left my hair soft and manageable. It softened my hair so much that I was tempted not to use conditioner- which I ALWAYS use - in the end I decided not to push my luck and used my regular conditioner. After I dried my hair it felt clean and soft to the touch. My husband also commented on how great my hair smelled, so I have no complaints.
213320213320B007RTR898A350HRB16YUX9PR. Wismer "Ron W"0041335657600Clear - Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo, Total Nourishing CareNote: This review was made by Ron's girlfriend as she used the product.

This shampoo has a great scent and silky texture! I am able to use a smaller amount than my regular brand to create a nice lather that rinses easily (and I have hard water, so that is a challenge with some other shampoo brands). I haven't needed to use a conditioner after I use this shampoo, because it does a great job on its own of making my hair silky, soft and non-frizzing. I've also been able to use less product in my hair to keep my hair from being frizzy or unmanageable. My hair feels lightweight and very clean, not the heavy or unhealthy-looking buildup you can get with some shampoos. So, economy and effectiveness get scores of 5, but the only negative I experienced is that my hair is significantly less shiny than normal. Usually when I can achieve less frizz then my natural hair gloss comes out, but not so with this shampoo. Nonetheless, I will continue using this product, and will try other varieties of this company's shampoos, because of all the other positives.
213321213321B007RTR898A3GVD3O9QG6I0VJennifer L. Vido0051335571200Clean, fresh scent!I was sent the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo to review for the Amazon Vine Program. The product is designed to gently clean and nourish the scalp. I love the design of the bottle. It is easy to hold when dispensing the product for usage. The shampoo is creamy and rich. It lathers easily and rinses completely. What I love best about this product is the scent. It has a light, fresh smell that lasts all day; however, it is not an overpowering feminine scent. It is absolutely divine! As for my hair, it is very smooth, shiny, and full of bounce. I have long, fine hair so I have to be careful with products weighing it down. Not so with this shampoo. My husband and teenage sons are using the shampoo, too. We all love it!
213322213322B007RTR898A1N46G8TKM3ZQBL. Bravim0041335484800Clean, good-smelling, family sized shampooThe Clear Scalp Therapy Shampoo has an incredible scent, noticeable even before opening the bottle. Furthermore, its thick consistency requires a smaller amount to do the job relative to others brands on the market. My hair felt much cleaner after using this product. There was no tingling sensation that accompanies many other clear scalp shampoos. While it did not leave my hair or scalp overly dry, conditioner will still be required for most hair types. 4/5 stars.
213323213323B007RTR898A3MDA891A1EPT8Chris Winchester "mikeystoyz"0041335398400It is a pretty decent shampooI have to admit my hair does feel better then with the last shampoo I used. It doesnt have an overbearing smell and lathers up pretty well. Other then that, it is a shampoo. I would use it again because of how my hair feels during the day. That is one thing that I will say is pretty cool.
213324213324B007RTR898A3R5GTYQ50QVMDM. Gravel0041335398400Makes hair feel fresh and new-the thing I did not care for that much was the smell it was okay but I guess I was expecting a fresh smell and it smelled like any other old shampoo on the market today. For a new product, I was expecting more. If it was on the shelves at the store-it does not stand out that much from any other brand of shampoo including the design which reminded me of Dove shampoo.

If the price is not bad I would buy again.
213325213325B007RTR898AITY0KWECVI2CQuixote0100041335312000all in one...I got to the fitness center a lot so between the steam, the sweat and the showers my hair takes a beating.

I can't profess to be an expert on shampoo, so what I look for is simple:
a- Does it get my hair clean?
b- Is it easy to rinse out?
c- What's my hair look like the next day?

I tried this product out several times and I have to admit that it does seem to be a therapy booster. My hair felt softer and "nourished" after several uses, and I liked the way it felt after blow drying it. Because it seems to have its own conditioner in it, though, I think it would be overkill to use another conditioner with this shampoo.

Generally my hair isn't overly brittle, so this product left it with a nice feel the day I used it and the day after. I actually tried using this shampoo every other day and felt like it helped my hair more than using it every day. I like it as a supplement.
213326213326B007RTR898AXG2Z5QKFXSEDdtownjodi5811341360000Beware this shampoo made me light headed and dizzyThis shampoo and conditioner is really creepy. The first day I used it, I felt like my head was in a fog. I figured it was just the summer heat, but after four days, I figured out the connection and stopped using it. I immediately felt better. This product also made the skin around my scalp, neck, and shoulders feel really difference than normal. It maeks me wonder what the heck is in there. I recommend avoiding it.
213327213327B007RTR898AD49RIUB55A12Kelly L. Mikel5811337731200Terrible...don't waste your money.I bought this shampoo and conditioner after being lured in by the commercials. I was able to buy them at WalMart for a very cheap price($4.75 a piece). That is the ONLY positive thing I have to say about this shampoo and conditioner.
After using them I noticed that my hair looked a little funky(I color my hair, and it looked a lot lighter...and somewhat nappy). I blew it dry and almost cried. My colored hair(which is normally shiny and sleek) was at least 2 shades shine whatsoever, and was gummy:( I was so disappointed. So I would caution any one who is contemplating buying this product, and advise them to pass this one by. It does NOT do what the commercials say it will do, and actually harmed my hair.
213328213328B007RTR898A297D6MJMOH41ESashaMurphu1211346112000BadBought it at the drugstore after Heidi convinced me to on tv. I was really disappointed but I should have known better, great things rarely come with a price tag of $4...maybe it's just my hairs chemistry did not mesh well with whatever is in this shampoo but it dried it out so bad. I do have highlighted hair but pretty damn healthy thanks to joico and redeken. It made my hair elasticy and when I would come after the shower my hair was literally stretching. I used for about a week and then I put in the cabinet to use for the dogs.
213329213329B007RTR898A23PBLHUOR6GNNM. Felton "CrazyMike"1211342656000Must use conditioner for scalp benefits and SMELLS TERRIBLEI wanted to try this product because some members of our family have easily irritated scalps. We were very disappointed. First, the bottle indicates that the scalp benefits are only indicated when the conditioner is also used, so I bet the shampoo does little or nothing to help your scalp. The other thing is that the shampoo smells awful and everyone refused to use it.

Pros: It might help your scalp, but only if you use the conditioner

Have to use the condition to get scalp benefits.
Smells terrible.
213330213330B007RTR898A1ACM1CBGORBN1Sherry Berry1221340841600Left my hair feeling greasy. only pro is that it smells goodThis shampoo definitely looks good from the packaging so I was hopeful that it would also be a good shampoo. Upon opening the bottle, I can tell that it smells great. It kind of reminds me of Pantene Pro V or Pert Plus. I got compliments from my husband after that it smelled good and it did smell good for days.

However, the shampoo didn't seem like it really cleaned my hair. Afterwards, it was still a little slick and after just one day, it was filled with grease and needed another washing. I also started to notice that my hair was falling out more than usual so I stopped using this.

I really thought it might be good from the smell but I can't have a bald head.
213301213301B007RTR898A5X1B2HBQUR3PVikram Ramanathan "Live to Learn"0041338422400Good ProductI tried using this shampoo. The fragrance is good. After using it, the hair feels soft and nice. The vitamin content in it helps in bringing out the natural shine in hair. Good Product.
213302213302B007RTR898A3GWFJ48QPA2IRJ. Weiss0051338163200Love this!I have been using this shampoo for a little over 2 weeks now and have noticed a difference in my hair. I have long, straight hair and during the summer months it tends to become a little frizzy and unmanageable because of the humidity. This shampoo helps to keep my hair from smooth and silky feeling, even on the hottest days and even my husband likes its scent and the new softness of my hair. I will definitely continue to use this product in the future and am looking forward to also trying out the conditioner in this series.
213303213303B007RTR898A22KL4WOK6GTW2Mitchell H.0051337904000My new favorite shampoo!This a great would think it has conditioner integrated because of how smooth and creamy it feels.
It smells wonderful and a small amount goes a long way, it leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished everytime. But more importantly it leaves my scalp feeling rehydrated. Some other shampoos feel like they dry out your scalp but this one feels like it helps to hydrate it...almost like putting lotion on your scalp but no greasy feeling afterwards.
I will definitely be using this one again or trying the other variations.
213304213304B007RTR898A29ZNOVQFNLIJDLyric "natri"0051337817600shiny clean fresh smelling hairReally like this shampoo. The color of the product is the same as the container which I find to be quite attractive. The shampoo itself is creamy and smooth with a nice light scent. It leaves my hair shiny, manageable and moiturized. This is a product I will definitely purchase in the future.
213305213305B007RTR898A2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes0041337558400Love this stuff!I love the scent, I really like how thick it is and a little goes a long way. It really does seem to moisturize your scalp and hair. I have really dry hair and scalp and I can really feel a difference not just in my hair, but the way my scalp feels, not so tight or something. It isn't overly sudsy, which is a good thing, I don't want to strip my hair and scalp of the oils it takes so long to accrue. My hair is medium length, about an 6 inches below my shoulder and a little goes a long way with this shampoo. I really do recommend it.
213306213306B007RTR898A277GP2U2TXH51grumpydan0041337558400Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Total Care ShampooThis shampoo has a nice scent; is creamy and left our hair soft and clean. My wife loved it. The shape of the container needs to be done better. It has a flat top; I guess when it is near empty, you may turn it over, but it will leak that way. Overall though, a great product.
213307213307B007RTR898A1HWF0VV8AWJTQSweet Tea0031337212800Nice productI have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I have been happy with it. It has a nice pleasant smell and leaves my hair nice and soft. I love the fact that this shampoo is very easy to rinse from my hair and it doesn't leave my hair weighed down with soapy residue. Overall this product is a good product but probably no better or worse than most products you will find on your local box store shelves.
213308213308B007RTR898A2TXMYYGSZCSZ1annie "grannieannie"0051337126400A Nice ShampooI have fine straight hair and I usually buy amplify by Matrix Volumizing System 1 Shampoo 33.8 Ounces to add body to my hair. I used this shampoo and really couldn't notice any difference in my hair, and this shampoo costs a great deal less. Some shampoos have overpowering scents, but this shampoo has a nice mild scent that I really like. It only takes a little and this should last a long time. I would definitely purchase it again.
213309213309B007RTR898A1GXIQMIF5M000Joel Holtz0031337040000Same old same oldI did my best to give this product a good review, but alas..just can't do it.

The containter itself is almost too big, and a bit awkward as well. Flat on the top and also the bottom makes it a bit clumsy to negotiate.

The shampoo itself is nothing special. In fact, I've tried dozens like it.. nothing that would separate it from any other product. Decent, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Just another shampoo.

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