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213331213331B007RTR898AT2OVY7O6RIJFJodie1231340582400So FrustratedI started with the inexpensive trial sizes that came in a box at Target. From the first use, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. The shampoo and conditioner smell fantastic and they leave my hair smelling fantastic for over a day. I never blow dry and I've never colored my hair, so when I let this air dry and my slightly wavy hair turned out with perfect waves and was so smooth and silky feeling. Everything was perfect.

Then I went to wash my hair again. It seemed weird that it took longer than normal to wet my hair, but I brushed it off as a coincidence. I kept using it, but every time I washed my hair, it took longer to get it wet. So, I went to the store and switched to the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy: Moisturizing Dry Scalp formula. Yeah. When dry, my hair looks, feels, and smells FANTASTIC. But then I go to wash my hair and it's like my hair has become water resistant. It takes about ten minutes for my hair to get wet enough to put shampoo in. It's horrible.

So, if you want your hair to look, feel, and smell fantastic, but in a way that cannot be good for all, then I definitely recommend this product.
213332213332B005DL797SA20OQMLRFNZADLJazzer1131337904000Sliced Hard Chicken Hot Dogs for Cats!This product does not smell very well to me. In fact, I have to use a fork to "tenderized" the pieces for my old kitty cat.
213333213333B005DL797SA3PJV6HVFRQZ94Grandma1151330041600cat lovermy cat loves this first time I have found a cat food that he will eat and every time i go in the kitchen he thinks
its time to eat
213334213334B005DL797SA3DY4WH5HJD32WM. Johnson "Newsletters Direct"0041346198400Good Cat Food Without Smelly CansWhat self-respecting cat isn't a picky eater? I've never met any. My cat likes Whiskas Choice Cut foods mainly for the gravy, and sometimes for the meat. Omar the Magnificent and Wonderful likes both the Beef in Gravy or Tuna. Truth be told his dry crunchie is really his go-to choice, but he's that way with all prepared moist foods. If you ask him his true five-star preference is meat caught fresh in the garden. Let's skip the details, you don't want to know.... Let's just say that Omar (M&W) is on the job!

I personally prefer Whiskas foods in pouches because Omar is OK with allowing any remaining food to be left in pouch when stored in fridge, rather than having to transfer it from a can to a glass container. (Come on you all have cats that expect you to do this!) Pouches are easy to dispose of too. Just rinse and trash. You aren't messing with storing smelling cans and trips to the recycling center.
213335213335B005DL797SA2JRLR1M0XHQGAS.A.0051346112000Good Cat FoodThis Cat food is very delicious that my cat loves the product. Every time I open the pouch, my cat will come wanting to eat it. Please try this product with your cat if you have not done so yet. It is good for cats that are picky eaters.
213336213336B005DL797SA35AHT8F46781IMrs. T0051345680000Happy CatMy cat will only eat the Whiskas Choice cuts with beef. My local stores quit carrying this product and I bought any cat food similar to it, regardles of price. My cat ate only dry food for two months or more. He lost weight that he can't afford to lose. I am so happy that I found this Whiskas item on Amazon.
213337213337B005DL797SA2TKDK35DVZM7NGormet Pig0051345420800My cat's favorite flavorIt is hard to get just one falvor of this product. I was very happy to order 48 pouches. However, when they arrived the out side of the box label was turkey in gravy but they contained mixed grill instead. I could not return but Amazon gave me a total refund. If you are ordering this, wait about 10 days (after 9/1/12)so you don't receive Mixed Grill like I did. It was labeled wrong from the factory so it will take them a while to get new shippments.
213338213338B005DL797SA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400They run me over to get their Cod and Shrimp...Another popular seafood flavor that Sophie and Samson won't share. When I bend down to place their bowls in front of them, they are on their back legs trying to get to it before I can put the bowl on the floor. They act like they have not been fed in days. Nothing will disturb them - not even their favorite UPS man who brings them treats. Can't beat Amazon prices !!!
213339213339B005DL797SA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400Cats love it!!!Every day is Thanksgiving at Sophie and Sam's dinner mat when they receive their Whiskas Turkey and Giblets in gravy. They are quick to devour it and clean each other right after eating (I know they hope to pick up a piece hidden in the fur!). I only buy from Amazon because of their awesome prices!
213340213340B005DL797SA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400My cats go crazy!Both my cats love Whiskas in any flavor. My female cat, Sophie, is usually the one that takes little bits until it is gone. When she hears me tearing the Whiskas Pouches, she flys into the kitchen and waits patiently for her food. She never lifts her head up from the bowl until every piece is gone. She will then sit by her brother, Samson, to get more food if he leaves. After he gulps his food down and see's his Sissy waiting for some of his, he will tease her by taking one piece of his food out with his paw, look at her and when she trys to take it away he puts his paw on it and scoops it into his mouth. i can always count on empty bowls when I buy Whiskas. The price at Amazon is more reasonable than the grocery store.
213341213341B005DL797SATY87SSGU6ZIUKD0051333411200Cats love itCats love this stuff. One pouch doesn't go far so it is more of a treat than a meal (unless you feed according to recommendations on box).

Pouches are easy to open and a little messy, always seems to get on my fingers.

My cats come running if they see me reach for the pouch or they hear the sound of flicking it back and forth before opening.

All the yucky stuff (think fast food for cats) must be addicting because they seem to listen for the very quiet sound of the rustling pouch. We give pouches as a treat.
213342213342B005DL797SA26JYIPTHH25VCMoto0041332028800They lovbe itThey LOVE it, I give my kitties (Silki and Tuffy) half a pouch each as a mid day snack to keep thier bird terrorizing energy level up.I gave it 4 stars only because it's a little messy to tear open sometimes, and I don't use scissors because you have to clean them afterwards. Oh Well, they DO love it.
213343213343B005DL797SA131EGFQWA6B92A. Marshall "Ann S."0051329523200Tasty food for a picky catOur beloved Bengal kitty, Isabel, is 13 years old and suffering from kidney stones, which are inoperable in felines. For years she lived on dry food but began to shun it as her health declined. Our vet ultimately advised feeding her whatever she'd eat: "She might as well be as happy as possible in her declining years."

So, we offered her one soft food after another. She turned up her nose at the expensive, vet-sold brands and repeatedly rejected one national brand and flavor after another. Finally, to her gustatory delight (and our great relief), she made her choice: this particular Wiskas version is the ONLY kind she'll eat day in and day out. It MUST be Whiskas with the turkey AND GIBLETS in GRAVY. The gravy seems to add a certain flavor and texture she can't resist.

We surmise that, like humans, our pets have food preferences linked to palate-pleasing aroma and taste. This Whiskas is the one that rings the bell for our Izzy. No, it's not the best choice for managing kidney stones, but she's got to eat. (So you won't worry that we're ignoring her renal problems, she's on daily medication and is doing quite well.)

It's not an inexpensive cat food, but its packaging is very convenient and space-saving. The Amazon auto-ship program is a life saver. The cartons always arrive on time, and the per-package bulk rate is lower than the price of small quanities. Also, our local Target was the only place we could find this exact variety, and now the store no longer carries it. (Remember, our cat demands GIBLETS and GRAVY and accepts no substitutes).

Give autoship a try. The price is better, and you can easily adjust the quantity and frequency of shipment or cancel altogether.
213344213344B005DL797SA2SLZMD0UYRT5Xcat's food0051323993600They like em'....they like em'.My finicky cats are difficult to please particularly when it comes to their food.
Boy,....was I finally RELIEVED...when they chowed down on these!!!
213345213345B005DL797SAIRDXLFAP75QKNoel Butchart0051321660800My cat loves Whiskas Beef in GravyMy cat will eat NOTHING but Whiskas Beef in Gravy cat food. Being able to order and receive it through the mail has been a blessing. I get it for my mom because she cannot drive to the store because of her health issues. Its great not to have the extra burden of getting cat food. Her cat is her companion through hard times.
213346213346B005DL797SA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig0041273536000My cats come runningI have two big cats that are over 15 lbs. each. For breakfast, I give them each a packet of Whiskas Choice cuts. They inhale the food in about 2-3 minutes. This food doesn't have that catfood smell that most canned foods have. There's a lot of gravy so the price is pretty high considering the amount of liquid. Friskies Cat Food Favorites, 6-Flavor Variety Pack, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24) are more expensive and very similar.

I have these on Subscribe and Save so the price is pretty good. Based upon my cats reaction, they really like this food.
213347213347B005DL797SA3GO0TGP9IO9NMH. Pass0031248307200Poor quality ingredients, but my cat loves it.I bought this product because my older cat stopped eating the wellness dry and wet food I usually fed her. She likes this food and she begs for it every morning and evening when it is time for her meal. The ingredients are not quality ingredients but this food is keeping my kitty satisfied.
213348213348B005DL797SA1NBFLEAM99U52C. Mart0111349913600Horrible stuff but it's all the cat will eat!!I adopted a 12 yo cat from a woman who had a premature baby with a lung condition. She's skinny and will eat very little besides Wiskas. I think it's Soilent Green for cats. I would never feed this to her if she would eat anything else. I don't think she's long for this world!!
213349213349B000SSVB3OA2HF0US1B0SJF5Mary Evanov0041285372800Hit the spotNot as good as tsuya fresh from Minamoto bakery, but an adequate substitute for when I need to satisfy my red bean craving.
213350213350B000SSVB3OA3BQU963NNZOEWS.Calvin0031273968000Was a bit too sweet for me...I just ate one but it was a bit too sweet for me. Maybe I'm not used to this type of taste.
213351213351B000SSVB3OA3VQWLFCQI6AK8A. White "Simply Amazing"0051266796800TastyVery good. It's like a not too sweet snack. And the red bean paste is just a nice contrast with the soft bread.
213352213352B00264442SA2BIMQCAQBKK5SBassett0021335225600Saturated fatThe second item in the ingredients list is coconut oil, and then vegetable shortening (palm oil). One serving (4 crackers) has 3.5 grams of saturated fat. Out of 80 calories, 30 calories are saturated fat. Mostly fat, sodium and carbs, no fiber. They are not buttery as advertised; they just taste greasy with little flavor.
213353213353B005G4H940A2J1EU8MSVDHA5B. Dansby0051341014400Roasted and not too saltyIt is very hard for me to find roasted and salted organic sunflower seeds. Apparently I'm supposed to eat raw ones, but what can I say? They were fresh, toasty roasted, and lightly salted. They are great straight out of the bag or in salads. I've had some before that were greasy and soft, but these are dry and roasted properly and no rancid fat odor (I've had some real lemons). They are not as crisp or covered in a white crust of salt like some conventional bagged ones-but I never liked those anyway.

I hope I can get this reliably in the future, because they're the best organic sunflower seeds I've tried!
213354213354B001M2BM34A17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley6651241222400My favorite K-Cup by farI have been accused of going over-board on some things and my K-Cup obsession has been no different. I have tried almost every bold K-Cup on the market (really, my kitchen is full of those little boxes). Many of them are very good, and some (like Timothy's Rainforest Espresso) are excellent. Still, for day to day drinking I always go back to this blend. I find it to be smooth and satisfying. I use the second to smallest setting on my Keurig B70 (7 1/4 oz.) and I usually enjoy three to four cups in the morning (I never reuse a K-Cup, but if it works for some people, fine). If I want more or a cup later in the day I switch to the decaf version, also very good.

I miss my Newman's Own so much when I travel that I have started packing a Keurig B30 with me so I can enjoy this coffee on the road. This one is perfect for me.
213355213355B001M2BM34A3G9823T68HZRKBuys "shopper"3351238630400My favorite, but updatedThis is my favorite k-cup - it's strong yet smooth. My backup flavor is Emeril's Big Easy Bold, which is stronger. Both of these remind me of Starbucks coffee of the day. I drink my coffee with whipping cream and splenda. For these 2 coffee flavors, I brew a large and a small cup thru one k-cup. Perfect!

The next shipment I received included coffee that is not as strong - disappointed in this. Only brew large size and use less cream; is still a good coffee.
213356213356B001M2BM34A1ARIIDS0IPYLCJeremy Deats2251262563200Excellent coffee, best I've found in K-CupsI'm always in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Prior to getting a Keurig for Christmas I would make multiple visits a day to a local Starbucks or Seattle's Best for my usual Tall or Grande bold brew of the day served black so I could savor the flavor. Since getting my Keurig I've been able to consistently brew great coffee at home and have found a few I really like, but for getting that bold but not overbearing coffee house taste I believe this is the best you can get for these machines.

This is a very smooth medium-bold (don't mistake the 'extra bold' label for a dark roast.. you'll find none of the smokey/burnt taste associated with dark/French roast in this coffee). If you're looking for something close to Starbucks Medium House Blend, you'll be very happy with this coffee. As with all pre-ground coffee, make sure you buy from a high volume seller. Get a box of K-Cups that have been sitting on a store shelf for a while and there will be a noticeable difference.
213357213357B001M2BM34A1HXWVK7RKR4D2Stephen M. Guilliat "Stevelo"1141261526400Very Good Cup of CoffeeFor an extra bold blend this coffee is extremely smooth with very little to no aftertaste. It is definitely in my top 5 k-cups. Many people argue that it is not in fact an extra bold roast, however, extra bold does not mean overly strong and bitter like many expect. I myself like many extra bold roasts that are also smooth like this one and the Coffee People's Donut Shop Coffee; I also like medium roasts. If you like smooth coffee without the aftertaste this is the coffee for you -- enjoy.
213358213358B001M2BM34A1QK273U362KRIStormi Greenerbrown0051252454400exceptional!Probably the best tasting coffee of the ones we have experienced in the k-cups.
strong enough without the bitter taste of the french roast.
213359213359B001M2BM34A3CUTX88RPYJ8ONathan Wilson0051250467200ExcellantThis was a great deal cost wise so, I gave it a try. I am very glad that I did. This is truly exceptional coffee. It has a very rich layered flavor. In addition the smell is very bold and inviting.I love it and will continue to order the Newman brand of coffees.
213360213360B001M2BM34A6HZ16FFWVL8BJ. Friend "Coffee Friend"0051247616000Great tasting coffeeNewman's Own Special Blend Extra Bold is a great tasting coffee for any time of day. It's flavor stands out even with cream. I like strong bold coffee and this is my favorite every day general use coffee.

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