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213391213391B001ELL3U0A281X1JBJMB2GSTanya2411189382400Describe the taste in one word......Yuck!

I have used the stevita stevia supreme packets in the past and they were great! So I assumed the liquid would be good too. There is a "motor oil" aftertaste with the liquid! Do NOT buy this as a sugar substitute.
213392213392B001M23WY6A1N3UHCXU2YCXRLawrence Schoolmeester "Dragon Rider"0051344729600A Real Treat!White asparagus is a difficult fresh veggie to work with. These canned asparagus are a great, tasty alternative. Highly recommend them. They're a real treat!!
213393213393B001M23WY6A2VVASHDH74CXYlesnik "Les"0051307145600deliciousI have this in both large and small cans and it goes wonderfully with beef, chicken, fish or bison. It's peeled so not chewy at all. Just make sure that you open the can upside down and rinse with water to get the salt rinsed off.
213394213394B0029A8Y3YA2GKXDB8OF8ITZAunt Toyce1151268956800For the love of OlivesI LOVE this olive oil. It is green, fruity, and everything I want in an olive oil.
Do yourself a favor, try a Chilean olive oil and compare to any others. This is the BEST.
213395213395B0029A8Y3YAXVX0TMQBDPCHLelaJose0051323475200Olave Olive OilThis is a very fine olive oil with a pleasent green, young, fresh smell. Olave has been chosen as one of the best olive oils in the world but few people know about it so it is possible to get it at a good price.
213396213396B001GZYCDYA1GHQQH6TILS2Gkathie ann stevenson "harmoniousseller"0051242691200some of the dreamiest chocolate everdon't not buy this because its a bit pricy! The first sliver you lay on your tongue will convince you that purchasing this ambrosia is worth it.
213397213397B000I028DYAD6WAQWOG5S42Nightshade1151269993600DE LI CIOUS!!!MMMMM, MMMMM, GOOD! These have been an old favorite of mine for years. You'll love them too. Face it, they're better than candy. Next best thing to chocolate.
213398213398B001AYDBH4A1GUUDOA3KFXW7D. Murphy1131256860800Good tasting, but flavor wasn't what was markedThe package is marked as wonton flavored, but the flavor package inside is marked as prawn flavored. The flavor has a strong fish smell, but as I only use about half the flavoring, it tasted ok.
213399213399B001AYDBH4A1G74MVYE0QTP6U. Pradipasena0051315958400Close to Hong Kong.This is the closest to Hong Kong Wonton Min in an instant package. There are prawns in wontons.
Excellent if you make it correctly. I have purchased 2 boxes of these and I haven't had complaints yet!
My friends parents just came in from HK recently and we had prepared two bowls of this for them.
They said it was the best they have had from instant noodles! I boil water, pour it over the noodles, microwave for 1:30, stir the noodles to break them up, and add the powder and sesame oil. It comes out perfect every time!!!
213400213400B000LRIL3UAFLPWZ266H0A4James J. Pyke "Pajkossy"6651179273600It's the truth!"The World's Best" is usually just an empty marketing slogan, but it this case it's the truth. I've seasoned chicken in countless ways in about 25 years of cooking. Chicken has long been my favorite food and this is my favorite way of seasoning it. My favorite ways to use it are 1) rinse and pat dry a roaster and coat lightly but thoroughly with Szeged rub then cook as you usually would, and 2) Use a coffee grinder (one that's used only for grinding spices!) or a mortar and pestle to powder a tablespoon of Szeged rub. Then mix the powder with 2-3 tablespoons of flour and coat a pound or so of white meat chicken strips with the seasoned flour. Dip them in egg wash and then coat with crumbs (panko are my favorite crumbs). Pan fry them on medium heat in enough oil to brown the breading on both sides.

My mouth is watering just sitting at the keyboard.
213401213401B000LRIL3UA3D2WN6VXTR4G1Stephanie3351297555200Absolutely the best!This is a fabulous rub! I'm a trained chef, and this rub is put together perfectly--so perfect that I don't need to add or alter it.
I don't typcially use the lemon juice as suggested on the tin, but have and its great that way too.
I can't say enough about this blend!
213402213402B000LRIL3UA1CA2EVLPX0EAHrashomon2251262649600a little advance prep goes a long wayThis rub is absolutely fantastic. Follow the directions on the tin, using olive oil and lemon juice, but make the mixture a day in advance, and let it sit in the refrigerator in a sealed container overnight. This allows the spices, particularly the garlic, to rehydrate. Instead of a thin liquid, which tends to run off the chicken, you'll have a thick paste which will stay put, filled with big savory chunks of garlic. It's not even necessary to rub it under the skin. I don't know of any easier way to prepare great roast chicken. Believe me, people will want your recipe.
213403213403B000LRIL3UA3HG9XCAISDDF7Michael Bellomo "mbellomo"1151228521600Savory sure-fire chicken spice mix!I'm an avid cook and enjoy trying commercial and homemade spice mixes. Like most people, I'm familiar with the 'Pride of Szeged' brand from their bright red tins of zingy-tasting Hungarian Paprika.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Szeged also makes lines of Chicken, Fish, Beef, Rib et al spices! For some reason they are rather hard to find but they are worth the search.

The predominant notes in the spice are garlic and basil, with a pepper finish. (Salt is only the third ingredient here, a rarity in many spice mixes.) This gives your bird a wonderfully herbal scent and taste that is heavenly when roasted or baked.

I agree with the other reviewers here in that:

a) Due to the large size of the basil flakes, it's best to spoon out some of the spice and crush it a little (you can use a dish and the back of a spoon, though a mortar and pestel are best).

b) While excellent shaken on, it's best mixed with lemon juice, a little butter or olive oil, and then left to sit on the meat for a couple hours. However, even straight-on, it's very good.

This spice is in my top three chicken spice mixes, and probably at the top if you're roasting a whole bird. The other two excellent choices are:

1) Prudhomme's Chicken Spice from: Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Magic 4-Pack, Qty. 4 2-Ounce Bottles

2) The Chicken Spice from Seattle's Rub with Love: Rub with Love Chicken Rub
213404213404B000LRIL3UA2TH4DYMF8FF5Dkai's mom1151184371200Amazing rotisserie chciken!!!I first purchased this at Big Lots, skeptical that it would be any good but it was cheap so I thought why not. I used the easy recipe printed on the container (lemon juice, seasoning and butter) and cooked the chicken on our rotisserie. It was AWESOME! I quickly used up the rub and was saddened that I couldn't buy more of it anywhwere. So happy that I can get it on-line. You've got to try it - you will not be disappointed!
213405213405B000LRIL3UA32YQ9ONXMYSJUbutterflyfish0051322524800Love this chicken rub!My husband picked this up one year when we were away for Thanksgiving and I needed poultry rub for the turkey and had left it at home. I have no clue where he bought it, but it is the BEST chicken rub I have ever used. I have used it on my turkeys and in my stuffing and it adds a great flavor! I am thrilled that it is carried on even though as of now I don't see it as a "prime" item. If you are trying to decide on the perfect chicken rub, this one is definitely worth it and one tin lasts a long time. I think I will try the steak rub next.
213406213406B000LRIL3UA2RX1YTOX39WPMumbley0051285718400SZEGED IS THE BEST CHICKEN RUB IN THE WORLDSzeged Chicken Rub will make you feel like a chef, hat and all. Have been using it for years. Has a piquant, savory flavor with staying power. Discovered it while in Austria. I have to send 2 containers a year to my mother. I've been a kitchen/grill chicken cooking fool and this product works. Great for a seduction dinner.
213407213407B0046H31IQA2ZSAFWSI7MIXCMarsha L.0051340841600Amazing pasta!Once you try Di Martino Spaghettini and Lumanconi (shells), nothing else is the same. It may cost just a bit more, but it is wonderful. We are thrilled we can buy it from Amazon as it is very difficult to find domestically.
213408213408B0029JHWI8A3PZ4AXTY9J1DZJason Ralsky1141319673600A Tasty Snack That Leaves You Satisfied...Combos come in a variety of flavors, cheddar, pizza, Jalapeno, etc. They also can come as a cracker or as a pretzel. The Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL blend is a tasty snack that leaves you satisfied. I am no stranger to combos, my favorite happens to be the Nacho flavor.

When it comes to flavor the Cheddar Cheese Pretzel combos are flavorful, and don't have an over salted-aftertaste you sometimes find with salty snack foods. They do come off rather plain however, and the pretzel is a little overpowering. Compared to the Cheddar Cheese CRACKER version, the Pretzel combination is the weaker of the two. The cheddar cheese blend also lacks that a slight sharpness and has more of a Cheese-Wiz taste. Nothing terribly wrong with that but it just feels like the weaker of the bunch. The pretzel portion was crispy and fresh, having that pretzel-nugget taste to it. Just the right amount of thickness and saltiness.

OVERALL I'd say the Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL combo is 4 stars. The product makes for a very tasty snack, and will satisfy your cravings for both pretzels and cheese, but falls short of some of their other combinations. I personally feel the Cheddar/Cracker version is the better of the two when it comes to "Cheddar Cheese" flavor(The pretzel portion overpowers the cheddar). Still, if you got a craving for pretzels and cheese this snack will certainly hit the spot.
213409213409B0029JHWI8A2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"3451256601600I Have Been Looking For This For AwhileI love this as a snack between meals as well as at work. The individual bags makes it easy to take anywhere I go. This has a great flavor . Love the pretzel and the crunch. This came in to large boxes
213410213410B0029JHWI8A1UBYT0SXDGAL3J. Penrose "Elvanion"2351255132800Dangerously good snack foodThese things probably should be illegal. I find them both hard to find and hard to resist. if you like salty snacks, get a case of these and hoard them. :)
213411213411B0029JHWI8A3KFVUU4C6GI3WRuss Clayton "Long-time gamer"0051340668800Great taste at a great priceI love combos and it seems that using Amazon Subscribe and Save gives about the best price I can find around my area.
213412213412B0029JHWI8A2REMAWGATL67XLaura Wooters0051327104000Combos cheddar pretzelThese are so perfect for lunch bags or constant snackers. Just the right size. These arrived fresh at my door. So much easier than buying a big bag and putting them in little baggies, they never seem to taste as fresh that way.
213413213413B0029JHWI8A2UT7Y18H32YWOMr. Frugal0051326585600Cheddar Cheese Pretzels Are Good !I find this snack to be delicious and filling. It has the right amount of salt I am looking for. I bring a bag to work and it lasts two+ weeks to fill the gap between a small breakfast sandwich and lunch. If you like pretzels and cheese this is a no brainer. I found the cheddar cheese/cracker to be blah. Of all the Combo combinations I have tried, this is my absolute favorite. Other flavors like pizza overpowered the snack in my opinion. Stick with this one unless you love the other flavors. In any case, try them all in small portions and I'll bet you come back to this cc/pretzel combo. It's good!
213414213414B0029JHWI8A28CAC7AAFWAXFmoonglow0031311897600Not BadThese cheese-stuffed pretzels aren't bad...they are crunchy and salty and filling. But I prefer the zestiness of the Combos Pizzeria Pretzel, 18-Count Single-Serve (Pack of 2) far better.
213415213415B0029JHWI8A18LN2FR7EHDYMJoseph P. Best0051253664000Habit FormingGo real fast around the house, Have to hide them back till I get my next order.
213416213416B0029JHWI8AXPFR9WXB1DPELawrence Bourke0151267660800great snackI love Combos. This is a great "energy good" for when I'm on the road. Packs easily and is very filling. If you're looking for a good like this and are tired of energy bars, try some Combos.
213417213417B005DYPJ2CAOE902B2KKGW5Edward J. Weiss "MrEdim"0011342828800Dog foodMy first ever negative review:
I was excited to get this Jerky expecting it to be like the Jerky I used to buy at the corner store when I was a kid. I gave two bags to each of my sons and took the rest to work with me that night.
When The first thing I noticed when I opened a bag was a greasy smell and when I reached inside it felt like the jerky and bag were covered in a layer of Crisco. I could have guessed the taste
213418213418B000G7V3HGA1L5PXOV0H2M51Matthew D. Nicholas "Matt"4451257984000Great pretzels!These are my favorite pretzels! I used to live in Pennsylvania and could buy them at grocery stores but now I reside in Mississippi and through amazon is the only way to obtain them. The only negative is during shipping some of the salt falls of the pretzels.
213419213419B000G7V3HGA6QZ4W0FRLQJGmike2251283644800snyders of hanover homestyle pretzelsthese pretzels are the best you ever tasted!Why they are not stocked all over is a mystery to me.
213420213420B000G7V3HGA1FTXTG37JUYUFsatisfied2251283212800very satisfiedWhen it comes to pretzels, these are the best. I believe the secret to pretzel flavor is well done. There is a dark, well baked, full bodied taste that is addictive. I don't mind breakage in transit, but I agree with another reviewer that the more salt that sticks to the product, the better. These are a must in your snacking lineup.

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