Amazon Fine Food Reviews

213421213421B000G7V3HGAGWAA2G57TQ1Ubamabob2251273363200Simply the best pretzelThese are without a doubt the best pretzel out there. They have a unique crunchy fresh flavor that no other pretzel has, without the artificial aftertaste and stale texture found in the golden pretzels. People I share them with ask me why they are so dark in color. I don't know, maybe double malted or baked, but they always want to know where they can get them. When I lived in Cincinnati, they were pretty easy to find. Now that I live in Southern Alabama, Amazon is my supplier. Low in fat and sugars, these are a perfect example of a pure pretzel.
213422213422B000G7V3HGA3V0HE0T6TGQXIS. Fernandez2251242864000Our favorite Pretzels!These delicious pretzels are our absolute all time favorites. We could not find them to purchase locally so we ordered a carton of 12, 9 ounce packages, which we are now enjoying.
213423213423B000G7V3HGA7LC6T15CKUT4Joann1151299801600DeliciousI have looked for these pretzels since I moved to Texas and could not find
them any where. They are the best, and the packaging was done very well, in
two boxes, you received them just like you would if you bought them in a store.
213424213424B000G7V3HGA65Q8CKFEGDV9Lynn Russell "Lynnie"0051342742400Best PretzelsHave trouble finding in stores lately the whole family loves these. Had a problem receiving them but that was out Post Office fault.
213425213425B000G7V3HGABPDJIPH4IY2Ktom0051336348800The Best!!1I'm a fussy pretzel eater, I'll admit it. When offered a Homestyle pretzel by my mother, I refused, but she convinced me to try one. That was about 10 years ago! Since moving to South Carolina, I've had to convince the Publix store manager to request the Snyder's salesman to stock more Homestyle pretzels!! Why he doesn't put more on the shelf is beyond me. These things are additive!!!
213426213426B000G7V3HGAQ1YAS6NUHLS4Sandra W. Lamond "Sock-it-to-me"0051336089600PretzlesCan't get these Pretzles locally, so being able to obtain them through Amazon is great. We can get other types of Snyders pretzles, just not the Homestyles. Yummy.
213427213427B000G7V3HGA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051329609600Wonderful!Got these in Warehouse deals and I must say they are awesome...very light and crispy with a distinct taste...some of the best pretzels around..get em on'll love em!
213428213428B000G7V3HGAILDTTHK5YWG8Darla Rucker0031315785600DifferentThese pretzels are different than any I have had before. They are very thick and hard and have a taste that reminds me of a "whole wheat" product. They also are light on the salt. I realize they are "Homestyle" but I wasn't expecting what I got. they aren't bad, just different. They don't taste like the thin pretzels you see most often in bags. They aren't like the big pretzels you get at the Pretzel shops or carts. They have a unique taste, not like any I have tasted on a pretzel before. My family has mixed opinions about whether they like them or not, but they went quickly at the football game watching party they were bought for - so they seem to go good with beer. My suggestion would be that you definitely try a bag before buying a case.
213429213429B000G7V3HGAM152G7C8JOGNDebbie K. Garnier "traveler"0041279584000pretzelsThere is absolutely nothing wrong with the pretzels. Very fast delivery. It was my mistake, but I ordered the wrong thing, and there is no return on this item.
213430213430B000IXSNBMA3J1LOCGTSOR5NMark Douglas1111310515200Not special at allThis dark chocolate is virtually inedible. It's much too sweet and barely tastes of chocolate at all. In fact, it hardly has any flavor whatsoever. Save your money.
213431213431B000IXSNBMA32YYYVKP59DGVT. Grubbs "CW Junkie"0051273881600Hard To Find LocallyCan't find any local stores selling DARK chocalate bars so ordered them online and they are wonderful in one small piece a little larger than a quarter (for daily health).
213432213432B000IXSNBMA9Q28YTLYREO7A customer "mistermaxxx"0051263081600a favorite of minedark chocolate is the way to go for me. this is a good deal and this is a very good brand of dark chocolate.
213433213433B000IXSNBMA31N6KB160O508Fran W.1251202256000Yummy and richly decadent!!These are just as good in taste to me as the high priced 73% organic chocolate bar I had sent to me as a gift recently from Berkeley, California. They are very satisfying to eat just a little of. I like the slightly sweetened taste also.
213434213434B0000E5M9QA3D9CAXDQI93QTThomas6621207699200good product, fast shipping, dishonest customer serviceAll customer service is signed by Ron Manz, President, but it's not him. Any number of customer service agents are 'round the clock claiming their solutions are his. The product was fine, and arrived quickly. However, it was frozen when it was claimed fresh, and customer service was to give me a refund, again by Ron Manz. None arrived. After inquiring, "Ron Manz" said he "forgot," and sent me a credit receipt via email. That's not a refund, even though "Ron" asked me for my Credit Card # once again. My bank account still shows no refund. Avoid this company like the plague, folks. They're misrepresenting themselves and their products.
213435213435B006ACAK7KAIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm0041335916800An Early Review: Biting In A Good WayI haven't had the chance to test this salt on a variety of foods: this review is based on nibbling on little crystals right out of the bag. I have just bought seven different salts and this salt (at first taste) seems to be the saltiest to me: it bites my tongue as I bite into it: I consider this a good thing. I don't know if this is a mineral thing, a texture thing or even a 'my mind is playing tricks on me' thing. 4.25 Stars.

I will update later with a more complete review (if I don't get lazy!).
213436213436B000W7T4ZIA1WNGKUT3O644DBonnie S. Seybert "Bonnie"3351206144000Not SourBlack walnuts are even better than regular walnuts especially in breads and candy. I love them. The other reviewer said they were sour but he was making Black Walnut BUTTERMILK Bread and I know for a fact that buttermilk is sour. They don't taste sour to me.
213437213437B000W7T4ZIA3TJ0D5P0461VWHarold S. Ritzer "hal621"1411203638400PLANTER'S BLACK WALNUTSCannot give this product even 1 star. Sour tasting....ruined efforts at making Black Walnut-Buttermilk Bread. A wasted order.
213438213438B0049J2LI2AYT22BPAHLWTNOreadia1111326672000Noodles fine, broth inedible.As the previous reviewer has noted, the noodles themselves are fine. The seasoning, however, results in a very disgusting broth that tastes terrible when it's hot, and even worse when it's cooled down a little. If you are planning to purchase this product, be prepared to throw away all of the seasoning packets and make your own broth from scratch.
213439213439B0049J2LI2AE5A9R6ZJSOOAJ. Cobb1121326412800Not so great.Udon noodles are one of my favorite Japanese staples. The noodles themselves aren't bad, but the seasoning packet is awful. Tastes like there's too much Cumin in it.
213440213440B0049J2LI2A1KRYUIJSFUJ4IR. B. Andrews "Brad"0041336608000Odd but Reasonable TasteI have no idea what the traditional taste of these would be, but I find it bearable. I would pick a more "American" beef taste, but I suspect the spices are intentionally more Oriental.

I have been buying these at a local oriental market and find I can tolerate them for a period. I don't think they deserve a 1 or 2 star rating because of that, though you should keep it in mind if you are really picky.

I keep enjoying them in moderation and getting these shipped at this price is not bad at all.
213441213441B001SAQUR8A1EJ95I5W5S8FKThat Chatty Gal2251292630400Best Yeast - Bar None - That I've Ever Used.I discovered Hodgson Mill's yeast several years ago. Finding this great yeast transformed me from a perplexed wanna-be-bread-baker with lousy results - to having total confidence to trying almost any bread recipe and getting very good to great results.

I don't know if these packets contain a larger quantity of yeast than other yeast packets - I've never measured to compare. However, I do know my breads raise better, for longer periods of time without the yeast quitting on me, and my breads have excellent oven spring (the extra burst of height your bread gets in the first five minutes in a hot oven) with this yeast.

My specialty has been my recipe for oatmeal bread - each loaf has a full cup of oatmeal, plus 2-1/3 cups of bread flour. With the oatmeal portion being so large, it needs the extra oomph of a good strong yeast like this. It says on the packet that it is good for whole grain breads - and they're right.

When I try Redstar or Fleischmann's (sp) yeasts, my bread never reaches the same height, nor has as good of flavor, as when I use Hodgson' Mills yeast.

Not only for whole grain type breads! I use it for white sandwich loafs, and english muffin breads, too - and they raise beautifully and bake out perfectly.

I've used it for hand made breads that I knead myself; for no knead batter breads; and for breads made in my friend's automatic bread machine.

If you struggle with yeast baking, try this yeast. It made a huge difference for me. (If you still have trouble, then do some research on bread making techniques and consider whether the flour you're using is up to the task - or if your tap water has additives that hinder the yeast development - every piece in the puzzle makes a difference.)

Happy Baking!
213442213442B001SAQUR8A3FEW4CFNRVROGVane "Vane"1151322438400Great yeast!I have been using this yeast every week for the past 2 years and it is perfect! the individual packs keep the yeast at the perfect condition to use whenever. I use it mainly for bread baking in a bread machine. Highly recommended!
213443213443B001SAQUR8A39FJHYQJXG051Diana Jo Rossano "Jo"3411340323200This is GARBAGE!I received yeast and "Sorbitan Monostearate" I did NOT order "sorbitan Monostearate" I ordered just "YEAST"

I waited ten days for chemicals? A person who bakes their own bread wants the best! This is garbage.

To return this item I must pay out of my own pocket to ship it back for their mistake. What a rip off. This same yeast at my grocery store does not have the extra ingredient. I am very disappointed and feel they have stolen from me.
213444213444B001SAQUR8A29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala0051346803200Be prepared for a VERY high loaf!I love this yeast. It raises the loaf so much higher than any of the other brands I've tried. Wasn't prepared for it so when the dough rose it lifted the plastic wrap off of the bread pan AND ran down the sides... lololol... what a mess! But now I know to use the next size up for the pan next time. The texture and crust of the bread came out great.... nice light,moist texture and the crust was perfect. And this is a gluten free recipe so it is particularly amazing. Definitely a keeper!
213445213445B006JGHMGEA2IZ5KI21DE21KJessica L. Martin "JMart"0051332374400Easy snackPerfect healthy low carb snack. Just like a fig newton without the cookie and has almonds. Simple ingredients, 60% figs 40% almonds. Great price too!
213446213446B003B966VYAW8WTEWW0WPIJB. Garrett0051283990400excellent!i am very 'picky' about my pepper........this is a unique taste.i like the berries 'whole' on salad or steak.
213447213447B000F3YEPOA3HQMVWUNCPVJ7Timothy G. Roufs "treeplanter1"8851174089600The best tea for your teapotOn the Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold tea box it reads, "The Best Tea for Your Teapot." It is. And furthermore, since 1990 Taylors have planted over two million trees around the world, winning the Queen's coveted Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development." But most of all, their tea, blended for three generations for their family Bettys Tea Rooms in Yorkshire, England, does ensure that you can "always be sure of getting the best cup of tea no matter where you live." It's all on the package, and it's all true. Be careful to note that Yorkshire Gold and Yokshire are two different blends.
213448213448B000F3YEPOA2EE5EG5SWO2TKElle Hunt8851167868800Excellent Black Tea - Best I've Found!Yorkshire Gold Tea is flavorful and rich - never, ever bitter, no matter how long you steep the tea. It's great with milk and sweetener if you drink it English style. Each tea bag is large and makes 16 ounces of tea with no reduction in flavor. I was very grateful that Amazon carries this product - especially in a pack of 5 - because sometimes it's hard to find in the grocery stores.
213449213449B000F3YEPOA2GZNIOMON4TD8Christine M. Carpenter6651173398400best damn teai have been drinking this tea for 8 years. and the store i was buying it at stopped carring it, then the location on the net i found, stopped carring it. AND now I found it on [...], less expensive and fast delevery. Thank you [...]
Pete C.
213450213450B000F3YEPOAPFLJTZR07X3PJed T. Williams5551171756800Best English Tea I've found in the USAI first tried quality English tea when we spent a month in Oxford visiting a friend and I've been trying to find good tea ever since. This is VERY much better than any other tea that I've tried. If you really like a STRONG cup of tea that isn't totally bitter then this is the one for you. FYI: I like this better than PG Tips, another popular English tea.

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