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213474213474B001HWGKV8A13NSUJ2BDIFACMike P2241312070400More of a treat then something to keep your dog busy.Let me start by saying our dogs love these. As soon as they see the bag they stop whatever they're doing and run to their crates (where we typically give these to them). However, for our dogs these are definitely more of a treat then an activity. I have one dog who is an aggressive chewer who finishes these in under five minutes. He doesn't chew them as much as bite of chunks of it. My other dog isn't quite as strong of a chewer but it usually takes her just around fifteen minutes to eat the whole thing (this review is specific to the Biggest Boodas). So for my dogs this is less of a chewing experience and more of a treat. And when the eat them this quickly, they do get expensive quick.
213475213475B001HWGKV8ATU5A4CLX74ZHAleesha Burgess2231285804800Dog is not a fanMy dog loves the chicken, steak, and peanut butter booda bones, but he's not as fond of the spearmint/peppermint variety. My dog will eat it if offered, but my dad's dog who I often sit for will not even touch these. I wouldn't recommend for a dog who prefers meat.
213476213476B001HWGKV8A30D9J34037TPELindann Hamilton1151336003200My dogs have rated Booda Bones 5 Stars!I have three King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and they are picky, picky eaters even when it comes to Treats. They love the peanut flavored Booda Bones and have one every day. They insisted I write this review on Amazon so their opinions could be known. They're pushy that way...
213477213477B001HWGKV8A38GQZIJ9511I9Andrew1121331251200NOT long lastingI was very disappointed by the product. They are NOT long lasting as I was lead to believe. I was going to buy Chewlotta's which take my dog about 2 hrs to go through 1, but I thought it was too pricey at $3 a pop. My dog could eat this whole bag in less than 2 hours. He does enjoy them though.
213478213478B001HWGKV8A2XAKGRUHIE2ZAP. Stein "Bengals Fan"1141328054400Dog really likes, but they go fast.I have an 11 pound Couton De Tulear. Small sharp teeth.

Dog loves them.

These don't last long. From a value standpoint, I prefer "Checkups," when Costco has them in stock.
213479213479B001HWGKV8AUOB0CQI9YJV7luvamazon1151322179200love that these are yogurt flavor! my dog loves booda bones!I have no problem w/my dog eating these. He loves these booda bones. I had never seen the yogurt ones
213480213480B001HWGKV8A2S4PKWVONFAQNDan Hartmann1151315699200Dog TreatOur dog, a Siberian Husky, just loves Booda Bones.
We give her one for lunch most everyday and she
pesters us till we give it to her.
213451213451B000F3YEPOA26T9S2KSNLPONA. Davis4451172534400simply the best teaSimply THE best tea and now at an incredible value thanks to amazon... i hope this lasts, i have purchased yorkshire here the last year or so and will continue as long as they offer it.
213452213452B000F3YEPOA1RLZQMFZH9T8LJ. A. Conner4451172016000Absolute Best Tea for Best ValueTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea has a strong bold and clear flavor. I drink a pot of it a day and recently read about the anti oxident benefits - benefits to prevent heart disease - and help myself to it all the more. It's expensive to buy locally so I was thrilled when I found this value packaging. It's the same tea. It comes packaged in five separate boxes which are individually wrapped. If you love tea, buy it!
213453213453B000F3YEPOA23IVP4H7D6NP1M. Holleman3351237680000Best TEA by farThere isn't another tea that satisfies me like Yorkshire Gold. Compare it with any other black tea and I'm sure you will agree. Be sure it is the "gold" not their "red" box.
213454213454B000F3YEPOAYIM13QPQFR5AE. Robertson3351230076800A nice cuppaNot all teas are created equal. As a lifetime consumer of tea and a harsh critic of inferior leaves, I recommend Yorkshire Gold Tea. This blend is perfect for the water supply we receive here which is the other vital component. I would be lost in the morning without it.Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold 40 count teabags
213455213455B000F3YEPOA3N4BAQ3ZGQX4YSerenityMarie "Serenitymarie"3351223942400I Love this Tea!!!I discovered this tea on my first trip to England, about 15 years ago. I love it with raw sugar and cream. There is nothing like it. I love it strong, and these teabags are double strength. The flavor is amazing, and I hope you all enjoy it too! Shirley
213456213456B000F3YEPOA16353O450D6ECLa Ciel2251236038400An Excellent Black Tea from EnglandMakes a lovely cup of tea. Note that it is not easily found in America, especially at a decent price. So, order it in quantity - you won't be disappointed!
213457213457B000F3YEPOA2035Q46CK3NH8John R. Baker "John"2251229212800Great tea. Buy it!Yorkshire Gold is a great English tea. It is full bodied and leaves no bitter aftertaste. If you have never had a good "cuppa tea" give this a try.
213458213458B000F3YEPOA3D0KFFCRJO53NAnna2251211500800The BEST TeaThis is absolutely the BEST English tea. I can't live without it. Wonderfully smooth. Excellent with a splash of milk!
213459213459B000F3YEPOA2IJVANL06RPAAS. Reynolds "Tea Potter"1151323043200Not "just a cup of tea"As a life long tea drinker at the age of 65 I think I have tried teas from every corner of the world with every conceivable kind of water, in every conceivable type of container from which to drink. I can honestly say after discovering Yorkshire Gold two decades ago, I have no other tea in mind when I drink tea. Lovely amber color, great aroma, luscious flavor. I adore the bags without staples and strings, and because of the size of the bag (much bigger than any other tea I've encountered), I can put one bag in the pot and it does the job. I do not use the loose because I am the only tea drinker in the house, it would be a waste. Not bitter at all no matter how long you steep the tea, and I have even used what is left from the morning tea to make "iced York" for lunch, and it is still amazing. I can't suggest a better tea to try. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

After all the American sources dried up, I found Amazon to be the best buy on the net. I order in the 5 box quantity to save on shipping charges, and it is always on time and packaged well.
213460213460B000F3YEPOA23YT1KDQN3E34Brian51151306108800The best tea!I grew up in an outpost of the (former) British Empire in a family of tea lovers. This is my favorite tea in the world. Sounds weird to say that but it's true...
213461213461B000F3YEPOA2NDHTP95IRXAGJaniep1151299110400Yorkshire Gold is gold!Hands down, THE best black tea there is! once you've tried this tea you'll be spoiled for anything else.
213462213462B000F3YEPOASIRTM5M1J65WN. Norris1151257379200Yorkshire Gold black teaI have been a fan of Taylors of Harrogate teas since I first discovered the pleasures of tea drinking. I was introduced to their Yorkshire Gold on a visit to York, England by locals who praised it for its excellence, whether loose or bagged, whether plain or with milk. It became my preferred tea. It is very well-priced, and there is the added bonus that the bags have no strings or staples so they can easily be recycled.
213463213463B000F3YEPOA3LJAEITRY3SMFA. K. Johnson0051343952000Highly recommendedThis tea is from Yorkshire, UK, and is the best tea ever! One tea bag makes two perfect, delicious cups of tea. The tea I drink when I don't have Yorkshire Gold is a very poor substitute. This tea has a lovely golden colour, the flavor is incomparably better than any other tea, and has no papery taste as do so many tea bags. I'm delighted to be able to get this regularly now. The price is excellent and the free shipping an added bonus.Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire Gold Tea, 80-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 5)
213464213464B000F3YEPOA13AN5OY946NMLZoe0051342569600Yorkshire Gold TeaI moved to the US from the UK over 30 years ago and Lipton's tea was a huge let down. I've managed to find reasonable black tea at asian food stores or in the specialty aisle at big supermarkets but nothing compares with Yorkshire Gold. I grew up very close to Harrogate so it's always a nostalgic moment when I reach into the box to grab a bag and see images of the Yorkshire countryside.
213465213465B000F3YEPOA2EY1MSMXO6LQN. Madani0051339804800Simply the best tea I have foundIf you are a real tea drinker (black tea) you will absolutely love this brew! It is hard for me now to enjoy tea anywhere else!
213466213466B000F3YEPOA3SYIUQK6UZIY3RON "sirron"0051253577600LUVERLY!Best tea at the best price. two cups per tea-bag. Best with milk and sugar. Don't screw around with all of that fake scented stuff - this is the real deal.
213467213467B001HWGKV8A19Y3Z5SFLDYPKBernice Totty Brennan "shopping maven"111151230508800GreatMy dogs love these bones. I bought all sizes. My jack russel loves the big ones and the small ones. My 60 pound mutt loves the big ones. They are great. They are able to digest them and able to enjoy the bones. I bought so many of them. Petsmart for some reason discontinued them I was so upset. I was so happy to see them on Amazon for a great price. I highly recommend them.
213468213468B001HWGKV8A3NMA7RSO2HMBGBPF9941270771200Doesn't last long for agressive chewersI don't like all the controversy surrounding rawhide bones and don't want take the risk of my Lab getting a blockage so I exclusively give him Booda bones which are safe. My lab is an aggressive chewer and considering this is edible it makes him that much more excited as he LOVES food. He enjoys these bones but devours them in less than 20 minutes. I usually give it to him for a few minutes until he eats half of it and then I take it away to save for next time. This obviously would get very expensive so he has his non-edible Nylabones most of the time and these are special treats.
213469213469B001HWGKV8A2K2EUL44GUFPJJ. Conley "dog lover"8851264636800Great for dogs with stomach problemsMy dog gets sick eating a lot of dog treats (even Milkbones), but has always done well with all the Booda bones. She really loves them & they're good for getting rid of the tartar on her teeth. I highly recommend these.
213470213470B001HWGKV8A1K3OG2W3KBI54Iluvmydog3351311379200R dog luvs theseOur Siberian Husky is overweight and on a diet. She also is great at building placque and tartar on her teeth - baad breath! She has a touchy stomach on top of it all. Tried these bones in all flavors and she loves them. They help with her teeth and breath. She gets one bone for her lunch (she's a 3 meals a day gal). Her other meals are now canned green beans with either yogurt (plain) or low fat cottage cheese. She has lost about 11 lbs and is doing great! No more throwing up her food!
213471213471B001HWGKV8A15SYT7EXWTJX8ShoppaHaulic2251331078400Goodbye Rawhides! Hello Peace of Mind - & Dogs Love 'em!Love these! Well, because...we have 3 dogs (2 were unplanned children ;-) & our 60-LB German Shepherd AND our 40-LB we-have-no-clue-what-she-is dog have both choked on various shapes & sizes of rawhides. The Shepherd choked so badly that, this time, it wouldn't come up. She couldn't cough & started to literally choke to death. I actually straddled her back, attempting the only thing I knew how to do - the human Heimlich Maneuver! Like where exactly is a dog's sternum, anyway? Well, I tried anyway and thank God it finally did dislodge & we got it out! Was it the Heimlich? I don't know. Probably not. I mean, she still won't tell me... After all, I guess it was very traumatic for her.

But in all seriousness, what I do know, is that was the last time any of my dogs have had any kind of regular rawhide bones! Which, I really wanted to let everyone know of my personal experiences; I believe anybody who is at all concerned about giving their dogs rawhides and/or experiencing a similar problem is on the right track to avoid them.

Our small part Chihuawa/part something else, first 2 times in-a-row, threw up repeatedly w/rawhide pieces and w/foam. He was VERY sick the 3rd time, so we definitely stopped that! The ONLY kind I did finally take a chance with were granulated rawhide munchy sticks, & they're all fine w/these; though I'm still nervous about them choking on a piece, but neither of them have had any problems with Boodas so far, & they don't swell up in their throats like regular rawhides.

So, now... It's Booda Bones!

Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side, especially for my 2 larger aggressive chewers. I agree with some other reviewers that they are not very long-lasting. But it's all I'll give them now. But, for my half Chihuahua/half something else(20lbs), I give him the smallest ones and they are like mega-saurus bones for him(it is my hope that the manufacturer will start selling these in bulk packages, for less $). I get 3 different sizes for my 3 different whatever-they-are-dogs. They absolutely love them! This includes the assorted flavors, the bacon-flavored, and the yogurt-flavored. Whichever is cheaper at the time and shipped by Amazon.

And I owe a big thank you to Brian Amazon, all of you for all of your reviews, Booda Bones, and Amazon!

** Confession: This was originally a comment I posted to a reviewer by the name of "Brian Amazon" a long time ago. I have been buying Bones from Amazon, and, only Booda Bones, ever since. They are so great that I've been wanting to write a review, & now finally have the chance to (I have, however, resorted to copying and pasting much of my original [brief... LOL] comment, with some editing).
213472213472B001HWGKV8A1PU4RV8JOE94YLinda Eaton2251326067200Booda Bone Dog Treats, 9 PackMy dog loves Booda Bones. They are a bit pricy so I only give him a couple a week as a special treat. I'll continue buying them from Amazon for the best price.
213473213473B001HWGKV8A2CFDMS1GDTZC4D. Germain2251318377600Very Healthy!We have a dog with a liver shunt - so she can't have a lot of protein / can't digest protein. Booda Bones are the BEST treat for her (and our other dog loves them as well!). The only 'downside' whatsoever is that they're a tad expensive - but they're worth it!

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