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213511213511B0088Q7UI8A2C7MG0YA9P3GBPatricia Heredia0051347321600Smells and TASTES delicious!I didn't buy this from Amazon, but I have bought this before. I use it for Cake Pops. It tastes better than the colored candy melts they sell at the stores and it hardens better too. The candy melts are hard to melt and stay chunky and clumpy making it necessary to add shortening. The shortening makes it harder for the candy to quickly dry and harden. It's also difficult to use edible markers on the candy melts because of the shortening (makes it oily).
With this almond bark, it melts down to a silky smooth consistency and you can write perfectly with edible markers. Also, the candy dries to a nice crunchy candy shell (the way it should be).
213512213512B0027Z7KN6A2LDWYH3UYKAE9Jo "Codehead"8831294617600good but too oily for super automaticsThe flavor was good but the beans were surprisingly oily for a medium roast. I make my espresso with a Jura Capresso super automatic machine- the warranty and instructions indicate you should not use oily beans. I won't buy this again as its bad for my machine. If you aren't concerned about the oily beans- the flavor and price were very good and I'd recommend giving it a try.
213513213513B0027Z7KN6A25FEZ2MK0LRCYM. Malouf3351262044800Kicking Horse Coffee - Cliff Hanger EspressoFirst picked some of this up on a whim on the way back from a trip to Toronto. So glad to see Amazon is carrying this as I wasn't sure when I'd have a chance to get some next. I've found these beans require a less fine grind (using a KitchenAid Pro burr grinder and my Gaggia Baby) than my go-to espresso beans from my local roaster, and they seem to be especially forgiving if I'm rushing in the morning. Overall, a really solid espresso blend leaning towards the milder side in terms of flavor. Hope the bulk pouches are back in stock soon!
213514213514B0027Z7KN6A25A5GLNPB42BHBA2231319673600ok, probably darker roast than stated, oily beandecent flavor, however, I don't think this is a medium roast, the beans are extremely oily as well...keep that in mind if you have a super-automatic and it has problems with really oily beans

so far I've only used a chemex but I will update after pulling some shots with it (only have manual espresso machine)
213515213515B0027Z7KN6A3BWDX0UW78AXHjayMac1151347926400So delicious, what are you waiting for!I love Kicking Horse's coffee beans.

Out of the half dozen Kilo's and several roast varieties I've used, never a single bad bean.

The roast is always spot on. Always rich and oily.

I wouldn't say I'm a coffee snob, but this stuff might turn me into one. It's hard to drink anything else.
213516213516B0027Z7KN6A3BSPFPWA7MQI4HSS "HS"1151334534400Kick-start my dayI have been receiving 2 of these bags every month for months now. It is definitely different from your Lavazza / Illy coffee but is excellent. No complaints
213517213517B0027Z7KN6A2G95XU4Z814XGKRT1151332720000Best Value Espresso Hands downOh my! After years of Lavazza, to which I have been devoted, flirtations with Illy, roasters in NYC, North Carolina, and beans shipped straight from the source, I've found a sane, balanced, bold, not bitter, full espresso coffee that is affordable and made by a smaller company. Amazing. It works in a stovetop coffee maker (Bialetti) and it is particularly gorgeous in my Delonghi 702, producing a rich crema, dense flavor, smooth. Wow. Oily beans? Well, I guess they are a little oily, but no more than a Lavazza, Gaggia, or Illy bean... I've had NO trouble grinding (and I don't have a fancy burr grinder) to a mid-espresso grind, tamps's running through the machine just fine...don't over grind or over tamp especially with an entry level 15BAR machine.

Seriously, I just don't think it gets much better.
213518213518B0027Z7KN6A3MUO47CT6EQF8A. Whalen "Car Buff, Gamer, Reader, Music Fan...1121328572800Not medium, that's for sureI'm assuming the "Medium" in the product label was supposed to indicate a medium roast. That, it certainly is not. This is a very-dark roast, very much like Starbucks. Now, this is nothing more than a personal preference but worthy reference point for others who have my coffee preferences: I hate super-dark coffee. Espresso or brewed. Starbucks has perfected that most disturbing ultra-dark-roast that tastes a bit less like coffee than it does, oh, the stuff that's left in a fire pit at the camp site after the fire has burnt itself out. Really, any kind of bean, seed, pine cone, or pulpy wood roasted to an appropriately unrecognizable state would produce a similar charcoal flavor (with a touch of lighter fluid?).

Now that I've perhaps indicated how well-disposed I am towards super-dark-roast coffee, I have to say, this stuff is going for that reprehensible Starbucks recipe. "Carefully roast it until it's pitch black and the flavor is essentially unrecognizable as coffee, but still holds the coffee bean shape."

I prefer mediums for espresso and medium or light for brewed coffee. I like the smell and flavor of the beans. The way the coffee actually smells when you're roasting it (I do roast my own from time to time). I like the COFFEE FLAVOR. Treat yourself and try it sometime. Very nutty and rich and warm... not acrid and bitter like this type. Try Illy medium-roast espresso as a point of reference for what great coffee should taste like.

So there's my tuppence worth of product review. This is an ultra-dark espresso that's indistinguishable from Starbucks or any other roast that takes the same approach to roasting espresso beans. They all taste the same. Some might be cheaper, some might be more expensive, but this one is... that. Extremely dark and burnt-tasting when brewed. That fact could be good or bad, depending on your own preference for coffee!
213519213519B0027Z7KN6A374C6S6XI4VSGJan1151308960000Kicking Horse Coffee really kicks A!!The BEST coffee I've tried yet! Cliff Hanger Espresso Medium is bold, but smooth and velvety and excellent crema. The 454 Horse Power has been rated by my -- I hate this term, but -- BFF as the best drip machine coffee he's EVER had. Sorry Lavazza, but I've switched brands!
213520213520B0027Z7KN6A2B4Y7MXRE2B28Web Monkey1151299196800Awesomely Good!After our local Italian espresso bean store burnt down we were hard pressed to find beans we liked let alone loved. We saw Kicking Horse on Amazon, looked up other reviews online and decided to give them a try. THANK GOD!!! The taste is great and the price is good. Unless our old place rebuilds, we've found our favorite!
213521213521B0027Z7KN6AW8I32KIU8SG1Michelle Mathiot "Life is an Art"3451299542400Just the right Kick alright!Yummy. If it was any better, they'd have to make it illegal. I use a cuisinart home espresso machine with the average 15 bar pump. Nothing semi-pro or fancy about it. This espresso gives a decent layer of crema on top of my double shot. The beans are medium dark, and oily, but not overly so. The flavor is excellent, clean, acidic, bright. There is a nice tart bite at the back of the tongue.I make a tall capuccino (sort of a very short latte) with whole organic milk and microfoam. I haven't had a plain shot of the espresso because I don't usually drink it that way. Still, I am comparing the same style of drink that I always make with other brands of espresso beans. I'm very pleased! (I am a vine reviewer, but I bought this coffee and didn't receive it free for review).
213522213522B0027Z7KN6ACX64FICK4HBDA. Gift For You "Thank you."0011346371200Very disappointed. Tasted very stale compared to when purchasing directly from company.The roasting date was very old resulting in stale tasting coffee. I love Kicking Horse Coffee but this was a bad batch.
213523213523B0027Z7KN6A2XMJYHXTV8704jw520051341532800exceptional daily brewThis is my favorite KickingHorse coffee for daily brewing. Some have complained that it isn't a medium roast. Compared to other KH coffees, I would say it is a good medium+ roast. I love their 454 the best, and it is a oily, dark roast. I get good results with the Espresso grinding medium+ (not fine) and brewing with a modified inverted Aeropress method. Very smooth and very drinkable on a daily basis.
213524213524B0027Z7KN6A2CZ2DY377RWZ4Christopher J. Hamilton0041331424000Good reasonably priced javaThis was not the best nor the worst coffee that I have had. As others have noted it has a bit of a smoky flavor to it. I make a latte every morning with it and it produces a decent crema. I use whole milk for frothing and the whole milk gives this a pretty good overall flavor.

For the price it is hard to beat. But for my next batch of beans I will spend a bit more for something that is a bit smoother that plays down the smokiness of the final product.
213525213525B0027Z7KN6A2DFJ8ODTN9FVBnikki "nikki"0011325808000the worst espresso beans I've ever hadas soon as I opened the bag, I immediately knew the beans were already oxidized and there was a pretty strong sour smell in a bad way
and beans were ridiculously oily like other reviewer said but I still tried pulling some espresso shots, but it tasted nothing but bitter with no flavors
and then I had to clean up my rancilio rocky grinder thoroughly after that...yuck!
I trusted reviews this time..but I wasn't lucky...I would never buy this product again
213526213526B004BPX6G0A2JMM43S8HAA9YJ. Edwards "W"2441314921600Great Stuff, but expensive priceThis taste just like out of the can, however the for the price to make a quart, you can buy a six pack of beer. Find another place to purchase it.
213527213527B002CZJYGWA1ZAEEWTHOX5ORHaider3351301356800Perfect Holistic fish product.This is very good dog food. I have a little background story, but the bottom line is that Lelu doesn't get sick of this stuff. Period.

I try not to feed my dog pig products, but somehow there has been pig in all of the past foods ive bought only to find out later to my own dismay.

But this time, I took Lelu to the pet store and let her sniff out the kibbles and after 2 rounds of sniffage, she preferred spots stew salmon, so i got it. I was amazed to also find out that she'd selected one without pig in the ingredients after i failed to notice it four times before.

The kibble looks awesome and has these dried veggies in it. I would totally eat this stuff, but then again I am a college student--it would probably be an upgrade.

It's been about 3 weeks and Lelu still eats this stuff as it is being poured which she never used to do to the other kibbles after the first meal.
213528213528B002CZJYGWA3EYEN2QXR0UUUKitti Ford-scholz0051346976000My two dogs dance for this food.I searched for nearly two years trying to find a healthy, tasty, dry dog food. They were eating soft food and I was concerned about their teeth. There are hundreds of promises out there but Spots Wild Salmon for small breeds is even better than hoped for. If you have a finicky eater do try this brand. My dogs were used to food I made from dark-meat turkey, brown rice, mushrooms (peeled and cleaned) and celery plus Wellness vitamins and minerals for dogs (per their Vet). This was the only dry food (out of 6 we sampled) they actually beg for - every time. An added benefit, none of the other dry food I tried for them helped with the dark eye-tearing marks. After five weeks on the Spots they are both back to being totally white little dogs.
213529213529B002CZJYGWA3J5J4NG9LJ96ARosanne Cleveland-King "Book Lover"0051342396800Spot's StewI love feeding my dog organic food that isn't being recalled every few months. Great food, and it must be tasty, as my dog loves it.
She has a nice coat and great health, so we will continue on with the same food.
213530213530B002CZJYGWA2M9M2LKJBK1GVDawn0051335052800Great stuff!My dog loves this food and it doesn't bother her very sensitive tummy! It arrived on time and in tact. I would buy this food again and I would order from this seller.
213531213531B002CZJYGWA19TOTST0JUO9GDiane0051324339200Great food for my little doggieHalo is a top of the line dog food. I have been feeding my little pup this product for most of her life and she not only looks healthy, but also has the energy of a dog half her age.....she is 10.
213532213532B002CZJYGWA1F5ZAV7NTGJA1D. L "nature girl"0051314489600good brand of dog foodHalo is a good brand of dog food , my pug loves both the Salmon and the Chicken. She had looser stools with the Salmon , so I will probably put her back on the Chicken. It has really healthy ingredients and I feel good about giving my girl this brand. I feed her half homemade food and half of the Halo. Halo in the morning , and homemade in the evening. She has a beautiful coat , shining eyes and is full of energy! Highly reccomended.
213533213533B00474H17UA1QR1H16NI8C1QDom0051299974400good dealwe use a lot of old bay during the summer. We are always eating crabs, and other types of seafood, and oldbay is a must. Its the only seasoning to use with your seafood and you cant go wrong with this one.
213534213534B001L7DCKQA2PVYPNSAOM6ENEsther1151311984000Yummy & Fresh Marzipan and Dark ChocolateThis is the second time I ordered this item to mail. This time I forgot the gift card so I called the company and referenced the order and they took care of it for me. I continue to bre very happy with the product and the professionalism of the company.
213535213535B005HE1KOEA2P2C9TQF0XLJGnom-de-plume4411330905600I have tasted date sugar that is much better than Bob'sVery disappointed in the date sugar from Bob's Red Mill. Not very tasty or sweet in comparison to other date sugars. Could be the oat flower in it. I was very dissatisfied with it.
213536213536B005HE1KOEA29FX59LY2QIMJMona McLain1311338249600Red Mill Date SugarThis date sugar was terrible. It would not dissolve in liquids hot or cold. As sweet as dates are this sugar was not sweet at all. What a waste of my money.
213537213537B0055E9WT6A3PY8MVLMU0VK7rbmom0051340409600Our dog loves it!!!Our puppy enjoys chewing on these and the best part is NO MESSY RESIDUE LEFT BEHIND. I appreciate how it is chewed cleanly. It also did not upset our dogs digestive system or make him thirsty as some chews do.
213538213538B0055E9WT6A1MVSAVABMUXOQAndi0051336780800My dog loves these!These paddywacks are actually dried pieces of buffalo neck meat. Paddywack seems like a nicer name though, huh? Regardless, they last longer than most chews, and my puppy loves them! They have a slight smell, but they don't smell anywhere near as badly as bully sticks. They also don't make her sick, like some other chews. As soon as she sees me pull one of these out of the bag, she goes nuts. They are great chews to keep her occupied, and are all-natural. I highly recommend this brand!
213539213539B000YVGNFGAKLHLLLLMUPW1J. Radziwon5511274572800Heinz Peant Butter Spread 0.5 oz. cups pk of 100I use this at hotel breakfasts all the time while traveling and the quality is great. So, I ordered them for myself to use at home for portion control.

I received the shipment in a timely manner but in all the cups I have used so far, when I open the individual cup the oil is sitting on top of the peanut butter, and the peanut butter is grainy. If I stir it up it becomes very runny and not easy to spread. So then I pour the oil off and the peanut butter is very dry and hard to spread.

I was very disappointed.

Thank you.Heinz Peanut Butter Spread, 0.5-Ounce Cups (Pack of 100)
213540213540B000YVGNFGAAQLAU6G7PSOFLindaV3341276300800Peanut butter is "Peanut butter"I ordered these for the single serving convenience. While it is good tasting peanut butter, I wish I knew the calories which is not written anywhere. Some of the cups have oil on top which I preferred those that don't. That may have happened to those on outside of container in shipping. However, they are great frozen; like a peanut butter candy...with protein!

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