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213690213690B0039LVLS2A6TX8AUM426X6C. Hill0031338681600Good butTge first bag I had was good and a nice change from chips but as I had these every day for lunch for a month I quickly tired of them. The jalepeno one is the best. They all leave a residue on your fingers.
213661213661B005JZYPUCA27S49C5G02RJVSuez2 "Suez2"0051317081600We Love Dognutz!We have been avid Dognutz consumers for a few years and are very happy they are now offered all across the country by Amazon. We just received our first order through Amazon and have to say that the purchase was easy, the shipping was free and the packages arrived quickly and in great shape. Our Yellow Lab and Springer Spaniel love these treats the best and they always smell so good...who could blame them? Our family is happy to buy these all natural healthy dog treats made by 4Legz, a small company who started out of the love of their dog with food allergies! These treats make great gifts for all dog lovers, we always give them to friends, family and business associates throughout the year and especially at Christmastime. Who doesn't want their dogs to have the best?!
213662213662B005JZYPUCACCB42YXYBRFIMitch Dietz0051315699200Great Dog TreatsI'm glad that Amazon is now carrying the 4legz dog treats. I have a cavalier king charles spaniel named Marcus. We have a ritual every morning. He follows me around until I finally give him a 4legz dog treat. I give him one every day and he loves them. These treats are healthy and your dog will love them.
213663213663B000MP53G4A278SFEP73RI8QM. Joiner121251230595200excellent teaI love this tea. I suffer from fatigue, mild depresssion and fairly severe social anxiety. I have found that this tea gives me a little pep without being overly stimulating. It helps with motivation. It brightens my mood significantly. It also takes the edge off in social situations to some degree for me. It has a pleasant taste and aroma. It seems to help settle a slightly queasy stomach also. Once it helped a pretty persistent (but not severe) headache quite nicely as well. I am very pleased with this product. For me it is the best tea I've found thus far.
213664213664B000MP53G4AFYWVMGJKI6T3scribble "vurt seeker"101051208822400coca de mate tea, delicious!i, probably like most people reading this page about this product, thought there was no way it would provide the benefits the package says. relief from headaches, appetite suppressant, wakefulness, feeling of wellbeing are all said to come about by drinking the tea.
i brewed up tea in near boiling water with 2 teabags, and let it steep for over and hour to cool down. i then poured the tea in a glass with ice, so in effect it was ice tea.
a pleasant taste not unlike green tea, and i'll be darned if my mouth felt numb! i was thirsty so i drank it rather quick, and pretty soon, my daily afternoon caffeine crash was lifted with my headache and just felt like it was a very nice day. went to my cubicle and got to work and time seemed to fly. it was like a very strong espresso but without the jittery effects of the caffiene.
my friend made some with 4 teabags, with a larger amount of water so he could make 2 cups. he wound up drining it himself over the course of the afternoon and he was, in his words 'feeling great, able to concentrate, focus, and it made normally bad parts of work just fly by'...

i hear you can chew the leaves too for a stronger effect but you have to use baking soda to release the alkaloids. however, there is very little, to such a small amount of cocaine (less than .08%). not sure were the energy seems to come from.
but i would take this over a 64oz MT.dew, or a double/triple espresso anyday. no sugar crash, no headaches, and it doesn't make you stay up all nite, or kill your apatite.

this is a great tasting tea that is definitely something people should try if they are allergic or otherwise avoid caffeine.
213665213665B000MP53G4AHD08LOYSF4ZCG. Brick6641176163200Performs as expectedWe bought this to help my wife head off migraines and it does so admirably. However, the tasted, as with other Coca teas we've had, leaves a little something to be desired - very grassy in my opinion. However, since it was purchased more for its medicinal value than its flavor, we're quite happy with it.
213666213666B000MP53G4AHYQRV6JRKKNFTerrence Zroy5551273276800No problems with either supplier or product...My main concern with ordering this from Australia was that it might be stopped at customs by someone who couldn't distinguish that there is a difference between coca and cocaine. I've heard stories about these products not making it to some customers in the UK, which is about as ridiculous as seizing a bread roll because of the poppyseeds on top. But I digress...

Anyway, the tea arrived quicker than any of the other random stuff I ordered, in the same package as is pictured, and even included a sample of Anise tea, and Clove and Cinnamon. The taste? Well, it's not unpleasant. The aroma is like grass clippings, but don't let that put you off. And I can't vouch for migraine recovery or any of the other wonders this product is supposed to achieve (probably because I don't suffer migraines). But all in all, a positive experience ordering from Andina store.
213667213667B000MP53G4A3GB47ES8M69NNPearlie Mae "contrarian"4451270771200InterestingCoca tea does the opposite of what I imagined it would do; it relaxed me. It does improve mental clarity, though. I hear it's good for various ailments, and I'm sure it is, but I can't comment on that. I enjoy Yerba Matte', and Coca tea, like matte' is better brewed strong. 2 tea bags make a better cup than one.
213668213668B000MP53G4AK50KT7OUGI02Brian K. Lamberson "BKL"4551213747200One of the only teas worth drinkingI am not a fan of green tea or any tea for that matter, but I grew to love this.
213669213669B000MP53G4A1MHMYLXQD7ZRUmac1141310169600coca teahaving horses, my first feeling when I opened the bag, it smells like hay..was not happy to see it doesn't come as presented in picture. I had gotten one as a gift & the actual bag is just a plain bag with no brewing suggestions on it at all..the visual of the gold bag as a gift was much nicer, & I feel the real deal should be displayed..the tea itself is ok..much like a green tea, so adding honey is a must, at least for my taste or agave again? only if it really grows on me!
213670213670B000MP53G4A2KEW7JLSPIKWFJeremy A. Spekman2321209081600Not what I ordered, but good anywayI received a different box on Mate De Coca, not from Delisse.
I wanted specifically Delisse which I bought in Peru. However the box I received was Mate de Coca and good nonetheless.
213671213671B000MP53G4A34PAZQ73SL163Bernard Chapin "Ora Et Labora!"1251230249600Great FlavorBut frankly I don't get much of a "buzz" from any of the coca products. They're quite expensive as compared to regular tea and make for a great change-up, but caffeine offers the user a far superior pick-me-up than what you can get from the coca leaf teas in my opinion. As I said, the taste is very original and one you'll appreciate. I think the only issue is how much one cares to pay for its novelty.
213672213672B000MP53G4A1DJN3OLCO68ZMJohn D. Riggs1241215993600Herbal teaThe herbal mate tea Bolivia stores sells is a health benefit from high blood pressure to a cure for the gastro-intestinal ailment I have been plauged with all my life.
213673213673B000MP53G4A23TUWCR6XESNGel fox2411299369600what a disappointment!!yes it is tea of some sort, who know what sort of tea, but numbness??? where??? I made a pot with 8 teabags, very strong, thinking to approach with caution, well after the whole pot of tea, nothing stimulating, nothing numbing in the least,(if you want numbing try kava kava tincture) no nothing!!! I am very sensitive to stimulants and this does not have any of that sort of effect, really a drag, don't know what they sold me, but not the real thing, I have been to Peru, I know what the effects are suppose to be, what a let down....
213674213674B0000D9MXUA2SRF0YH75MM9ASG Fantod5551164758400Simply the bestDubliner is my all-time favorite cheese. Cheddar used to be my favorite, but Dubliner beats it hands down. In fact, if I were forced to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I'd probably choose this cheese! Try it, you'll love it.
213675213675B0000D9MXUA36FH72SUJ2H52Johnathon P. Nelson "xkcbex"4451108339200second favoriteDubliner is my second favorite cheese. When I do not desire blue (Danish blue or Stilton), I reach for Dubliner. Dubliner has a strong enough flavour to please the palette, not simply pass over without making an impression, but not an irrepairable dent.
213676213676B0000D9MXUA3MXE8CDJX12V2L. M. Schulz "domestic engineer"3351067644800A Cheese the Whole Family Likes...The description of a cross between cheddar and parmesan is completely accurate. It's good grated on top of hot foods, in sandwiches, or just sliced for snacking. YUM!
213677213677B0000D9MXUASS47H9JSKLIVFlorida Living is EZ "BeDubYa"2251189555200Dubliner Has Many AttributesDubliner is fast becoming our HH cheese and it covers so many apsects of the cheese experience. It is usable like a great cheddar or grated onto pasta or melted into mashed potatoes, sandwiches, salads and with fruit.

So many uses and tastes, so little time.

I am trying the Blarney version and Ivernia next.
213678213678B0000D9MXUA3NSIDBJZO0CQCC. Adams "American Citizen"1151240876800Yum!!I just love this cheese. An interesting (but not TOO interesting) flavor, a nice texture with little bits of hardness to chew on..My old favorite used to be a soft cheese-Pierre Robert-melted on some crusty bread, but Dubliner is great without all the melting...just slice some off and eat with a pint or a glass of wine. So good!
213679213679B0039LVLS2A1O3ONM1MJM7EMC. Marsteller "Cafreen"2321311292800OK for an alternative snackPurchased this variety pack and although I was VERY impressed with Amazon Prime shipping (I literally received it in less than 24 hours!), the snack itself is average tasting. Mostly like flavorless cardboard. The best flavor is the jalapeno one, pretty spicy. It satisfies the crunch and salt factor, but no way is this a replacement for real chips. I recommend PopChips original flavor which reminds me of Munchos, or PopChips BBQ flavor; both are satisfying and taste very good. I would NOT purchase these Gourmet Basics Smart Fries again. I even joked with my co-workers when they asked me what I was eating.."They're Smart Fries, but they're not so smart since they don't taste that good!" They tasted for themselves and they all pretty much agreed with me.
213680213680B0039LVLS2A1VMXFDGEWSOA9kelly2351304294400SO GOODI love the bbq ones!!!! glad I ordered the variety pack, but I think bbq won over all of them. but they ALL are good
213681213681B0039LVLS2A3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"2311302566400Too Salty for Me!I'm really disappointed in these, unless for some reason I got a bad box of them! I've been buying the plain Pop Chips for over a year now, very happy with them but was looking for something new. Well, these are too salty for me,,,,,I can't eat them. So I'm giving the entire box away tomorrow to get them out of here. What a bummer! That's the problem when you try something new with Amazon in the food category, you have to buy a boatload,,,and if it doesn't work out, you've wasted $20.00. I don't see what the point is in air popping something so it's low in fat but then making it way too salty,,,,sure defeats the purpose in my viewpoint. Not good,,,,I'm really not pleased.
213682213682B0039LVLS2A3QA69HL44MMT4BigSilverHotdog2341301529600Healthy and delicious, wish they were cheap.For the cost this is not a good snack but if you don't mind how expensive they are then these can't be beat for calorie counters. A single bag offers tremendous taste and fulfillment for such low levels of calories and fat. My wife loves Popchips and I don't count calories but we both love these fries (mostly). Brief flavour rundown:

Jalapeno is very hot. Tastes good. If you like jalapeno, you'll love these.

Honey Mustard is the best flavour. Rich, bold, strong taste, very flavourful and high quality.

Sea Salt is good but bare and basic.

Honey BBQ is great. Weak BBQ flavour compared to most potato chips but still quality.

Vinegar is decent, pretty good vinegar taste, again weak compared to most potato chips.

Vintage Cheddar is the poorest of the lot, with a dry and musty white cheddar taste, which though real, tastes fake.
213683213683B0039LVLS2A2PGXQ4JKSPT11Ster "Ster"2351298851200Fabulous FriesGreat...Loved that the bag is fairly big for 1 110 cal serving. Great for a crunchy mid-afternoon snack...Favorite flavors were not what I expected: 1) honey BBQ 2) Jalepeno and 3) salt and vinegar
213684213684B0039LVLS2A294154CGM7J9Tindy462542331288656000Just okayThis product was not as flavorful as I had expected. The only flavors of the variety pack that I really liked were the jalepeno and the honey mustard and onion. Two flavors I would not ordinarily enjoy. For the cost, I would not purchase again.
213685213685B0039LVLS2A35WYW1ZSUVKYGWest Side Jeff0051350691200A great low calorie snack!These smart fries are a great alternative to the usual chips, pretzels, and tortilla chips. You get a heap of pieces for 110 cals (I think about 60), and it definitely does satisfy that salty snack craving I get from time to time. As for the flavors, we got the 6 variety mix. Some were definitely good (the BBQ and japapeno ones were best in my opinion) but others were a bit rough to get through (like the vinegar/salt). Regardless, I definitely plan to get some more in the future.
213686213686B0039LVLS2A2TD53W6CWAXV5threecsonsmom0041350432000Smart Fries/Great alternative to chipsSmart Fries are a great option when you want a crunchy/salty snack. The plain are rather bland but my family really enjoy the flavored varieties. The salt & vinegar and three cheese jalapeno are our favorite. Barbeque and cheese flavors would be a last choice.
213687213687B0039LVLS2A1FWMW42ZN7TXLori Ann Chretien0041339718400Yummy chip alternativeMy family enjoys this snack very much. It is a lighter alternative to chips. The Vinegar is light and does not overpower the flavor of the fries.
213688213688B0039LVLS2A2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom490051338681600Breakfast and Dessert Fries!This was kind of a weird concept - until I got them and tried them. They are wonderfully light with just the right blend of cinnamon and sugar! Who cares if they look like fries? They taste like a breakfast treat or a dessert! I could see dipping them in something creamy - like a dip you would use for fruit. Lots of satisfying sweetness and crunch - for very few calories!
213689213689B0039LVLS2A2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom490051338681600Perfect!I have looked and looked to find any kind of potato chip type product that is seasoned with JUST salt and pepper and it's not at all easy to find! For some reason they over seasoned with garlic, sugar, onion and all kinds of other flavors so you barely notice the black pepper. These are just right - just sea salt and black pepper - very satisfying and the very few calories are a wonderful bonus!

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