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213757213757B0039LVLS2ASTUL4NXZT1R8MJ2251350259200Taste & PointsMy granddaughter and I love these! Not only are they so good for you, but are really "GOOOOOOOD" too. I just wish the "price" was as good as the product!
213751213751B0039LVLS2A39TXQFQK9YKBCGtheriot023351288396800Better than expected!After being on a very strict diet for over two years, the same foods, day in and day out, become repetitious, and it becomes very difficult to maintain the will-power to continue. However, Smart Fries are an excellent product that offers a bit of a variety to a healthful diet. As another customer wrote, I, too, was skeptical of purchasing this product, but, at 110 calories per bag, I was very impressed and have become a loyal customer after the first try. Additionally, I find that I can not eat an entire bag. My fiancee and I shared a bag of the Smart Fries, and I had some left over for another meal. A great product for those looking for healthy alternatives, while maintaining a great taste.
213758213758B0039LVLS2A2U16FR1RQKPPPzmonkey2241350259200YUMMY & Low Cal!These are really tasty! I got the 6 type combo pack, which had plain sea salt, vinegar, cheddar, honey mustard and onion, jalepeno and honey barbeque. The honey barbeque, honey mustard and onion and cheddar are my favorites! These are similar in texture to the Andy Capp's Hot Fries. I've lost over 80 lbs and am always on a lookout for low cal, yummy snacks and these fit the bill. My kids really like these too and I don't feel bad letting them have them because they don't have a lot of fat or calories. I would like to try the cinnamon ones soon!
213752213752B0039LVLS2A37EST8OOCXRP0Best Snack Ever3351285632000Tasty Snack, Very satisfying!These Snacks are SO SO good. They do NOT taste like a healthy snack and are very satisfying. I love the Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard and Onion and cheddar. The texture reminds me of wise onion ring chips and they are yummy! This is the 3rd time I am buying it and I have a feeling I will be buying it for a long time!
213759213759B0039LVLS2A2C5I3F9PMF1PRKaren2251350259200AWESOME!I am always looking for tasty snacks that are in the 100 calorie range and these do not disappoint. The serving size is huge and I LOVE the taste. I've tried all the flavors and my favorite is the sea salt -- the honey BBQ are pretty good too. I ordered a case of these and have them everywhere as I am always on the road and love snacks. I don't think you will be disappointed.
213753213753B0039LVLS2A25GNUYDMO3E7Diane Wilson Fieldsted "daycare provider"3351282003200Great snackI run a family daycare, with kids of all ages. Everyone of the kids loved them and often ask for them. I feel good to offer the kids a healthy snack.
213754213754B0039LVLS2A2O56OZC17TUKTDiann3351280880000Delicious!After tasting a bag, I decided to send a variety case to a friend for her birthday. The whole family was delighted and couldn't stop raving about how delicious the healthy snacks were.
213755213755B0039LVLS2A2GHENYVNMXCROAngie3351280793600very very good!I like health food but salty snacks are my downfall, I'm so glad to have found these, they take care of my craving for chips and they dont taste like diet food!
213760213760B0039LVLS2A1KPCFQLG5MDMRPapa t2251350086400Great SnackMy wife is on a very special and restricted diet. We found the Smart Fries at a 9th grade Basketball game. Our Grandson bought them from a machine and offered my wife one. As always she read the label and tried one. The rest as they say is history. She is on her 3rd case now. They are great.
213761213761B0039LVLS2A3F0WUGQIS488XDaniel L2251350000000Perfect for Eating without Expanding!I love these !
I always crave salty/ crunchy snacks.. and I want to eat them without expanding. These are great.. they fix the craving without costing me a lot of calories. In the stores by me I can only get the original flavor. I can't wait to try the rest of them!
213762213762B0039LVLS2A2VI7ZC4CWDUPWVanessa Close2251350000000Absolutely Love TheseI like to try new things and when I came across the Smart Fries I just had to try. I was instantly hooked. They are a perfect snack with crunch and flavor. I have recommended them to friends and they feel the same about them
213763213763B0039LVLS2A2G2HHXIVEMHNLRaffi2241349913600Good stuffThese have a great cruch factor and are very satisfying.
Low cal and are really good in soups as garnish!
I like the Sea salt variety the best.
213764213764B0039LVLS2A2VP4LFQ3EHOAWJoseph2241349913600Just Amazing!!These were purchased for our 12 year old Granddaughter who is on weight watchers diet. About 60 fries, but only two points in value!! This is a great snack for school and home, light yet fulfilling to the last fry in the 1oz. bag. Will have to keep a good stock on hand!!
213765213765B0039LVLS2A2AOEC3T1SA60Nmarimbamike2251349913600My Favorite snackThese are definitely my favorite snack. I am always on the lookout for a healthy alternative to a potato chip and these really fit the bill. They're so much lower in fat and calories for a LARGE serving size.
213766213766B0039LVLS2A12VP2L1V9LD9TElena Diamant2251349913600Great SnackSmart Fries are a great, healthy snack that my whole family loves to eat! The snack size bags make it easy for my daughter to bring to school.
213767213767B0039LVLS2A21BLVK9HBWU8ZCD2251349913600Tasty snack!I love Smart fries. They are full of flavor and the serving size is very,very generous for just 110 calories. This variety pack has great flavors too!
213756213756B0039LVLS2A1OYX4D9AVGU4Nkaren5651298937600Folks these delicious snacks are 3 POINTS on the New Weight Watchers Points plan!!!I purchased a bag at a local gourmet deli in NYC because they had about 1/3 the calories of all the kettle fried chips. First, I was shocked that there was only 1 serving in the bag (even though the measurement says 1 once the bag is bigger than you think). After calculating the points I decided to give them a try. Boy am I glad I did! I almost felt guilty for having soo much to crunch on (there are a lot of these fries in that there bag). I must reiterate 1 bag (1 oz) is 3 points!!! This is major. The flavor is great and you will not feel hungry. I am ordering a bunch of these right away.
213768213768B0039LVLS2A3JF6PPPX5QEH5J. Bock "Bookworm"2251348358400Yum! Smart Fries, a tasty low cal snack - finally!I first found out about Smart Fries from a co-worker. The local 7/11 in Ft Worth Tx carries them in a variety of flavors. I LOVE the BBQ flavor! I was surprised by the low calories and that the whole bag was one serving, not 3 servings like so many other "low calorie" snacks. I have not found them in any stores, so buy them bulk from Amazon. My mom loves them too!Gourmet Basics Smart Fries 6-Flavor Variety Pak, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)
213769213769B0039LVLS2AT3XZRHDFQVHCApple Annie2251348272000Delicious and diet friendly. Thanks AmazonI found one lone bag of these in a TJ Maxx. They were terrific and I went back for more. No such luck and I haven't found them since. I checked on Amazon and was able to purchase the small one-serving bags on Amazon in quantity. They're pretty addictive and my husband loves them, as well.
213770213770B0039LVLS2A3T7JTXR86Q19XWatching what I eat2251348185600AddictedI am addicted to smart fries. I used to get the veggie straws which have the same type of texture. I love chips but have tried to change my eating habits to more healthy and low fat items. Smart fries give me cheese, crunchy and saltiness and they are guilt free in my book!
213771213771B0039LVLS2A2NZ61GOB5KZMGladyspark2251348099200great snackFinally! A snack that tastes like a real snack & not trying to be another fake chip! I love the cheddar & can't wait to try the new rosemary flavored smart fries!
213772213772B0039LVLS2AJB1XCR5UPWNGSiu Yuk Chiu2251348099200Good French FriesBought it twice already. Awesome and tasty fries. Very different from other brand chips. Give it a try. You might like it.
213773213773B0039LVLS2A8YCVYVK4QUVEprdfy2251348099200A great guilt-free snack. Much better than chipsThese SmartFries are so awsome! With regular chips and bagged snacks you get maybe 10 - 15 per serving, but with SmartFries you get 65 per serving and only 110 calories. I never even get close to that many though as I usually get my fix in around 20. If any of you love the Trader Joe's Skinny Fries, then you're in luck because these are the same thing and the same price if purchased in multiple bag packs. I am a frequent buyer of this product.
213774213774B0039LVLS2A3ICTZ63U7OPPZJwitman2241348099200Excellent lowfat snackThese smart fries are very tasty. All the varieties are very tasty, but my favorite flavor is the honey mustard. They are not overly salty and hit the spot when your looking for a crunchy, low fat snack.
213775213775B0039LVLS2A863JXWBSPT2JWolf1tgun2251348012800Smart healthy friesThis Product Is the only healthy Snack food that tastes good. This is so heathy I can eat the entire bag and it is only 330 cal. Even a bag of lite butter microwave popcorn has more calories.
213776213776B0039LVLS2A17LOP17HI5E8VDenise A2251348012800YummyI love to mix jalapeno and cheddar to make jalapeno poppers. It tastes so good and low calories. I shared them with my co workers and they love them too.
213777213777B0039LVLS2A3BUJVRYEHX0R7Jeff Heinemann2241348012800Great low fat snackLove these! Great low fat snack. The plain are bland but the flavored are very tasty. Barbecue is my favorite.
213778213778B0039LVLS2A191LUEH769P3Psgonzalez362251348012800Great SnackLove this crunchy snack. I first tasted them in 7-11 and I was hooked. Great snack when you want low calories and just need a crunch.
213779213779B0039LVLS2AU2VA97NQRYJHJane Johns "Jane"2251348012800Love themMy teenage daughter has dietary issues and can not eat regular chips. I buy these for her school lunches. They are a treat that she can indulge in. They taste great.
213780213780B0039LVLS2A1XVIPQSNK7964Debbie "jdbay3"2251348012800VERY SATISFIEDThese fries are the BEST!! They are low fat/calorie and great tasting. I've have lost over 20 pounds eating these as my snack. 65 pieces equal a serving and hardly any fat at all! Would recommend to all!

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