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213781213781B0039LVLS2A3BDSIHR7FGJOPErinMc7e2251348012800Delicious snackAbsolutely LOVE these! They are a realistic substitue to real fries which I absolutely love. These really help me stay on track while still being satisfied.
213782213782B0039LVLS2A2S51O1TSXRB3VMolly Moo2251347148800Another great healthy snackI love to snack and with these you truly feel that you must be "cheating" somehow! The flavors are delicious and the variety is great so that you don't get too tired of any one flavor. Have this set up for "routine delivery" every 4 months, with the Popchips I get and the Tortilla Popchips I'm set for healthy snacks and they all come at different times so I never have too many at any given time.
213783213783B0039LVLS2A2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom492251346544000One of my favorite flavors!I tried this flavor when it was part of the variety pack I ordered. I liked them so well - I ordered a whole box of just these! Yummy - and way too good for only that many calories! I think they are all pretty amazing - lots of crunch potential!
213784213784B0039LVLS2A2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom492251346544000Wonderful surprise - favorite flavor!!I only tried the Honey Mustard and Onion flavor Smart Fries because they were a part of the variety pack I ordered. I don't like mustard - and I'm not a big fan of too much onion flavor in chips. Was I ever surprised when these turned out to be my favorite flavor!! They are fantastic (and pleasantly addicting)! They also included the Vinegar Splash flavor which I was leery of - but they turned out to be very good as well!
213785213785B0039LVLS2ARHGWHT6ITI89carpine2251346544000Great tasting snack.I have purchased these fries before---both in this flavor and the other flavors available. They are great tasting and only have 110 calories per bag. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
213786213786B0039LVLS2ADVCFG2YU0B3UReally Big Dog Mom "Big Dog Mom"2251345507200Good for Low Cal SnackI am always dieting and ordered the multi flavor package of these. I admit I like some flavors more than others. At first I wasn't sure I liked them because they are so light and airy but they are filling and only 110 calories, 2grams fat, 1g fiber. A filling, crunchy snack bagb you can keep in a desk or in the car that won't wreck a diet but is emotionally satisfying if you need a saltry crunch. I didn't think I would like the vinegar ones, but I really do. The sligtly salty ones are the least flavorful in my opinion but sometimes I use dip with them. I will definitely order again. The bagsv are big and sometimes I only need to eat half to feel satisfied, honestly. (Not like the PopC**ps where I can eat a whole ig bag) Wish I could get them in stores. They grow on you and for me they were worth the money to stay on my diet.
213787213787B0039LVLS2A3STI0ZYDHJZ5AFrancyjo2241344816000love love but take out some salt please!I was so excited about receiving these and wow the crunch and flavor is great! 1 ounce for only 110 calories is awesome. At the bottom of the bags though I found a lot of salt so I re-checked the nutritional info and found one bag has 11% of daily intake of salt! That is just too much for me with my BP issues etc. The pop chips are yummy too and only have 6% daily salt.. for a little less than one ounce and the pop tortilla chips are also 6% per 1 oz. bag. With the great taste of the fries you just don't need all that salt anyhow! So to people not worried about their salt intake ( everything else is very healthy) go for it.. but for people like me just be a bit cautious. This was to be my newest best healthy snack but guess I will have to enjoy sparingly and keep on looking. My score would def. been a 5 if not for the extra, in my view, unnecessary salt. Hope this helps!
213788213788B0039LVLS2A2IUF21QRQKCP8Minneapolis Mom2241342656000Large portion for 110 calories.I purchased the 1.1 oz.-24 bag variety pack. I actually didn't care for 2 of the 6 flavors though I realize this is just personal preference. I thought the other flavors were tasty. You get a lot of snack for the calorie content. I think they are very comparable to PopChips but you get a much bigger portion(1.1 oz. of Smart Fries for 110 cal vs. popchips - 100cal for 0.8 oz.). I like PopChips but I'd rather be able to have more snack for the same calories. The Honey Mustard & BBQ flavors are delicious & were my favorite. If you're a chip addict like I am, this is a good deal. It was a big enough serving to satisfy my craving without completely blowing my daily calorie intake. I will definately purchase again.
213789213789B0039LVLS2AU7B6NHT22PV1Marco2251342569600Best Fries I Ever Had!!smart fries are the best snack my favorites are vinegar splash, honey bbq and classic sea salt its great tasting and I love that its healthy i have no guilt when i eat it
213790213790B0039LVLS2A11SXJ2H7IC8J7lucysnow "lucysnow1851"2241330732800Healthy, delicious but not cheetos!Looking at the shape of this snack you will think you are eating Cheetos. But rest easy there's no grease here. This is the perfect snack if you're trying to diet. There should be something fun if you're fighting the calories, and this was perfect! For 110 calories, you get 65 smart fries, and I actually felt full after eating a bag. They're light and crispy and very flavorful. Here's what I thought about the flavors:

Honey Mustard and Onion: My fav by far! I can taste the honey dijon and the sweet onions. Delicious!
Vinegar Splash: Lots of vinegar flavor!
Honey BBQ: More subtle in flavor, but very tasty.
Vintage Cheddar: Classic Cheese Curl flavor, light and salty.
Sea Salt: allows the potato flavor to shine through. Yum!
Jalapeno Trio: I liked this one the least, if I'm going to eat a flavor like this I would want something greasy with it, which would defeat the purpose of a healthy snack!
213791213791B0039LVLS2A33WGT05Z36X6XmorningWOOD!!!2211330041600HOW ARE OTHER PEOPLE GIVING THESE FRIES THAT TASTE LIKE AIR 5 STARS!!!!!!"Very very tasty snack" ......... HOW!!!!??? these look good on the package but actual fries look nothing like the picture and taste like air (nothing)
213792213792B0039LVLS2A2TU8EFN8YNXYZstan2251317081600Best healthy snack out there!!!when you think of fries you think of fried food and oil but now when you order smart fries!!! i ordered these and there amazing best heathy snack on the market with a great variet of flavors. i recommend "Smart Fries" to those healthy snack people out there!
213793213793B0039LVLS2A22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go2241303516800Wow! Tart and SaltyFirst off, I am not a big fan of vinegar potato chips or fries, but these came in the variety pack Gourmet Basics Smart Fries 6-Flavor Variety Pak, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24). Nonetheless, I must say that they are enjoyable. However, I still prefer BBQ and plain potato chips or fries. They are not my favorite, but would make a good from time to time. They have a strong tart vinegar flavor with a touch of salt. The acid of vinegar may pair well with the bland or complement something less intense.
213794213794B0039LVLS2ASK13URBE0LJHAmber lynn2221296172800blahThey are better than eating nothing, but they taste like lightly flavored air. My husband and I were not impressed. They were also pretty expensive. We will never purchase them again.
213795213795B0039LVLS2A3KGGURNYT4LNHrejebe2251280793600Guilt free snack!!!Smart Fries 1oz 6-Flavor Variety PakSmart Fries are going to be a staple in my household. The one ounce bag is almost more than one can eat with their lunch. I have tried the jalepeno, cheddar, honey mustard and bar b que, so far. All of the flavors were delish. The jalepeno was good, maybe just a little too much kick for me. I would and have recommended these to anyone who is looking for a 110 calorie snack with eighty percent less fat than regular chips. AWesome!!!!!
213796213796B0039LVLS2A279EP4EJ4PIE5E. Harriman "GGB"2251280707200Great product!I am very pleased with this product. Very good and the serving size is great!
213797213797B0039LVLS2A2065HBMYDXJ1SJenn B "Happy Mom"2251280361600Awesome productLove these fries (chip alternative). Much more healthier then potatoe chips. I am on Weight Watchers and you can have a bag for 2 points, which is great. They taste great, love all the flavors, and there are a lot of them, great variety. The bags are chocked full, unlike potatoe chip bags. I highly recommend. Kids even like them! Crunchy and fun to eat.
213798213798B0039LVLS2A3PVC1QPMW4GKBrooklyn2251274659200Great, healthy snack!This crunchy, delicious snack is low in fat and calories. I ordered one case, and went back and ordered another as I NEVER want to be without it.
213799213799B0039LVLS2A2Q92L8J315T1BMelanie Peguese-richards "suwanee red"4551294531200Smart Fries taste great!I purchased these for my kids. I am always purchasing alternatives for chips (that they love so much) and I stumbled upon these. I ordered the variety pack so the kids could experience different flavors and they were so happy when they ate them. I usually purchase Pop chips and Pop corners, but I thought these would be a fun change for my kids and I was right. After they each tried their own bag, they immediately told me how much they liked them and almost everyday during the Christmas break they wanted a bag for their afternoon snack. They have tried all the flavors in the variety pack and I have not heard any objections yet. I tried the sea salt, cheddar and salt and vinegar varieties and enjoyed the flavors of each. If you like Pop chips, then chances are you will like these too. Although the seasoning on the fries are not as intense as the flavoring on Pop chips, I still think these are an enjoyable snack for kids and adults.
213800213800B0039LVLS2AYYXBLWCGNANRPS00664551288396800Don't listen to those bad reviews...these are yummy!Well first I'll start by saying that those bad reviews are probably from people used to eating full-fat products like Cheese Puffs! If you're the type that's aware that you have to make small sacrafices for a healthy lifestyle, then you will love these. They satisfy my cravings when I need a cruchy, saltly snack. And when i'm craving something sweet...the honey mustard flavor does the trick. I say give em a try! Just got my second order in the mail yesterday.
213801213801B0039LVLS2A2ITY3Z0PRE2JUkkstlcop1141350432000:)This product has an interesting take on fries which I have always liked growing up. The flavors make the fries even more delightful.
213802213802B0039LVLS2A17R33UMA089OHjems1151350345600These saved me.If you're ever in the mood to just munch on something and not have it kill you in calories, this is it.
It has crunch and a little salt. Looking at other reviews, it IS a lot like eating air, but again,
for those of us who can't afford to eat a bag of chips, this is the best substitute. You're not going to
eat one and be like - WOW. This is the best snack I've ever had. BUT, it's the best when you're looking to find something crunchy that you can eat while watching a movie. It works for me so well, that when my local BJ's stopped carrying them (which is a sign I know), I had to go directly to the vendor to find where I can get them. Now I have to buy at Trader Joe's and they're much more money now. Still - they work for me like nothing else.
I must add I only like the Sea Salt. I've only tried one other flavor and didn't like it. If anyone finds out where I can buy the huge economy sized bag that BJ's used to sell, PLEASE tell me! It's a great deal! I wish they didn't stop selling it...
213803213803B0039LVLS2A3G26J0NZ2QG5UKhosaflook1141349395200Smart fries smart idea!I love smart fries and can't believe the nutritional difference between them and regular chips! I only wish there was a little more seasoning to increase the flavor slightly. The jalapeñ
213804213804B0039LVLS2A251HCIJ3DJ9EVChris1151349308800Smart FriesI tried these once and was hooked! They are really great tasting with a light and airy, crunchiness about them. I love them so much but have not been able to find them in the stores on a regular basis. They are delicious!
213805213805B0039LVLS2A2UDIT4PSR5U8OCat-Grandma1151349222400They are a yummy delightI love them. They are a guiltless pleasure in our house. Even if you eat a whole bag, the amount of calories is not that huge. My favorite is the BBQ. flavor.
213806213806B0039LVLS2AE1NELF6N9KU9Ketch Kelly1151348704000great road snackIf you drive and want a snack that fits the bill look no further . They are light with just a hint of salt , with no grease. So if you need your hands for driving they can keep a good grip. You also will not be covered in crumbs they are neat even when eaten on the go
213807213807B0039LVLS2A3G077U5TE4K9Sjennifer pascua1151348617600LOVE THEM!These are a staple of my house. Even my 10 year old begs for them. I have tried most of the flavors. All are good, jalapeno is DELICIOUS!
213808213808B0039LVLS2ABH1VCXTNC3Bmelistr1151348444800AwesomeThese are the best "junk" food items out there. They have all the taste that you are craving chips, without the guilt. My kids love them in their lunches.
213809213809B0039LVLS2AJNJI8L53U59FAddy1151337731200DeliciousI've been looking for low calorie snacks to munch on and I'm glad I found these. I've only tried the honey BBQ so far but the flavor is really great. I expected the consistency to be like that of Hot Fries but they are actually really smooth. You get a ton of them in the bag, too. I usually don't like to buy the 100 calorie Oreo packs because half the bag is air and you're still hungry afterwards but that's not the case with these. Full bag, full of flavor, full belly. I'm happy with the price too so I think I"ll stick with these.
213810213810B0039LVLS2A1IX2EV3DOHTLGNancy Czajkowski1151337126400Yummy snackVery satisfying snack for very little calories. I originally tried the larger bag, until I found this size,perfect! Just grab and go and you know you have a single serving. Really fast delivery!! Give it a try.

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