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213811213811B0039LVLS2A1ZYP3R0DNWL5BLaurenC1151335398400Win WinThese are delicious, low calorie, you can read all the ingredients, they're cheap compared to similar products and they show up on time. What more can be said?
213812213812B0039LVLS2A3EJAYSKFNMAY9Rachel1141335052800Delicious low calorie snack!I discovered these on a whim at a discount store and they were surprisingly delicious. They have an awesome crunch and great potato flavor. The best part was the nutrition stats: only 110 calories, 1.5 fat, and 2 fiber per ounce (which is a much larger portion than expected and very satisfying). The original flavor is very good, but could use a touch more salt. The jalapeno is also really tasty: a little sweet, a little smoky, and just a little spicy.
213813213813B0039LVLS2A38NO7J1TK4R1WAmez "Amez"1141333324800These are great but the mix of flavors is not the bestI love Smart fries so they get 5 stars. However this pack is not the best mix of the flavors. It good if you don't know what you like and want to try 1-2 bags of each different flavor. However, if you know you like certain flavors and are looking for a bunch of them you should just buy the seperate flavor packs.

The flavor of the smart fries themselves are amazing. I have been using these as a subsitute for eating other salty or sweet snacks. The whoel bag is only a little over 100 calories and if you swap them out for the right cravings they are going to save you a junk load of calories.

The price here is alot better then local stores that I have seen. At my work cafe they have these for about 2 dollars a bag. So anything under 1.50 would have been great but under a dollar a bag that's just awesome. I am planning on stocking up on some of the 1 flavor packs for a long road trip since these are an excellent "snacking food" when your not starving but want to munch :).
213814213814B0039LVLS2A2EF7WM25HEXDVC. L. Swearingen1151331164800Great alternative snack!Had my first package of these today - the Cheddar. I was surprised at how many are in the bag. I was expecting maybe a dozen and it was easily 3-4x that. If you're looking for an alternative to potato chips and greasy stuff that's bad for you, these will do the trick. I'm trying to cut all saturated fat from my diet so having something like this to snack on or to throw a bag in my lunch is going to be great. Great flavor and texture. Sure they aren't as filling as regular chips but that's kind of the point, right? A full bag should do the trick - it certainly did for me.
213815213815B0039LVLS2A3E6ALKMHGOSCVPinotNoirLand1151330992000Deeeeeeeee-Licious!!After you've had these, I guarantee, you will NOT want or crave real french fries--honestly!! I just finished off my first bag (from a case) of the "jalapeno trio." They were absolutely Deeeeee-licious and sooooo satisfying as far as crunchy-nous, salty-nous, and were very flavorful. Loved them! And, so low in calories. A full-bag with only 2 grams of fat and only 110 calories!
213816213816B0039LVLS2A24EDLRX54TE36Gretchen Fehling "tawonda"1151328572800great snack for dieters!@these are just great for dieters, they are only 100 calories per pack, great to throw in lucnch sack, and are nice and crunchy too, very flavorable too!
213817213817B0039LVLS2A7728E6F0QH6Ymarc saadia1151321833600I love smart fries!I bought this snack at a local supermarket and my whole family finshed the bags in 2 minutes. So I ordered a box of the 6 flavor mix and ever since then everyone has been hooked. They take a bag with them to school everyday. It is such a great, healthy snack. They are not fried and only have 110 calories for a huge serving. These are way better then pop chips! We are all huge smart frie fans!!!!
213818213818B0039LVLS2APT3TC7X7P0NZSnacker221141313625600Pleasantly surprisedI purchased the 24 - 1 ounce 6 flavor variety pack. These are so light and tasty, well all are tasty except for the vintage cheese. I found that flavor to have one awful after-taste to it (and I absolutely LOVE cheese) so the next time I order these I'll choose the 3 flavor pack instead of the 6. It's too bad that Amazon doesn't give an option to customers to mix and match varieties.
213819213819B0039LVLS2A2BN4MQDZIN4KTgnasmile1121308268800Potato Styrofoam Tubes...These are nothing like french fries. When you open the bag, a bunch of little tube-shaped flavorless "potato sticks" are staring back at you. They are literally the consistency of styrofoam. Ever had cheese curls? They're the texture of that, but the exterior is smooth. It is extremely odd. Due to the smooth exterior, the "sea salt" (which I find to be remarkably similar to table salt) doesn't stick. So the entire bag is covered in salt, but very little ends up being on the actual "fry"

I'm sitting here eating a bag as I type this, and honestly, it's really hard for me to finish. They don't even taste like potato. They taste like paper. Salty paper. I mean if you're into bland and tasteless food, this will be right up your ally. But there are many other healthy alternatives that taste SO much better.
213820213820B0039LVLS2A22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go1141303516800Sweet and spicy, tangy BBQ tasteThese came in the variety pack Gourmet Basics Smart Fries 6-Flavor Variety Pak, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24), and were among my favorite. I must say that all the varieties are enjoyable. However, the BBQ, honey mustard, and plain potato chips or fries stood out in front of the assortment. This brand's packages are much fuller than others. The chips or fries have a sweet and spicy, tangy BBQ flavor. I say they have more of a Memphis than Carolina style BBQ taste. I would say they will pair with almost any kind of hearty sandwich or make a filling snack. Yummy!
213821213821B0039LVLS2AO4VO7QH9HS8KTeri "T.T"1151286755200Excellent!These fries are delicious. A little sweet, a little salty...satifies my need for something crunchy. And they're guilt-free!
213822213822B0039LVLS2A3VNQY1Q3T4XIDC. Mann1151278979200WonderfulI was leary to order since I've been disappointed with similar types like these in the past, but to my surprise, these were GREAT!!! Just the right amount of flavor, not too little and not too overpowering...JUST RIGHT! Service was excellent. I had a slight problem with some of the bags that came in damaged, but I received another complete order free of charge with their appologies...very professional and pleasant to deal with
213823213823B0039LVLS2A2UWKAND2I40B5Teresa Sprague1151275350400very goodthese are very good, and easy to take on the go. They are light and not too salty.
213824213824B0039LVLS2A2WUHCUJYN2Q6TSherri F. Stone3451298851200Super Yum!These were better than I could have ever hoped. As far as the Weight Watcher plus points goes they are 3 pp. There are a lot in a package and they are so worth the calories and/or the points.
213825213825B0039LVLS2A1SB05TM5WJINBAsha_X3451294272000Awesome snack!This is my second order of the 24 pack and I'll definitely order more when I'm done with these! All of the flavors are great, but my favorites are Honey Mustard & Onion and Jalapeno Trio. Thanks for such a wonderful snack; I'm a fan for life!!!
213826213826B0039LVLS2AEN4D5U2E34PBR. Winch3451294272000So glad I took the plunge and ordered!I ordered the Variety pack of 24. The only flavor I didn't care for is the Salt and Vinegar but that's only because I don't like that flavor in anything. I gave them to my grandkids and they LOVED them!!
I was VERY surprised when I opened a bag and saw how many were in a 1 oz serving! WOW!!! Not like your typical lo-cal/lo-fat snack chip where you get about 10 chips and you're done. I love the texture and everything about these fries. I'm already trying to decide what flavor/flavors to reorder. This is definitely on the top of my snack list.
My only suggestion is if a little bit more salt could be added to the Classic Sea Salt flavor. They didn't have quite the flavor punch I was expecting but they were still very good. I think a bit more salt would make them PERFECT!!
I'm so glad I came across these fries and I'll definitely spread the word to friends and family.
213827213827B0039LVLS2A3NPVQRTLQSZM9Brenda Davidson "Jeffrey's Mom"3451288656000GREAT SNACKSI'm always looking for good tasting, low calorie snacks. This definately fits the bill. Thanks!!
213828213828B000EA72FMA2K3KMEQURK9HCA. Viola "wildcat"0051176076800Very pretty and Good quality towelsI love the patterns, texture and the design. It brightens up my kitchen I am Very Pleased and happy with the quality.

Armani International, Romance in Cucian, Luxury European Dish/tea Towels in Jacquard Semi Linen, a Set of 2 Pcs, One of Each Color, Add a Charming Touch to Your Kitchen and Dinning Table, an Exquisite Gift!
213829213829B0001L3HLMA3H6ZU2C7IXW48Sarah Kirkconnell "Author of Freezer Bag Cook...5551159833600A really neat itemI orginally found the quick wild rice in a gourmet grocery store, about a year ago. If you backpack or do other outdoorsy pursuits, this is a great item to pick up.

In most of my recipes using it, I use 1/4 wild rice to instant white or instant brown rice. A nice change of texture, flavor and color.
213830213830B0001L3HLMA201ORWJWO4XCIEnthusiast2251318118400WONDERFUL product - RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED !!! Available elsewhere for $1.75This is an INCREDIBLY GREAT AND HEALTHY PRODUCT, however. . .
THE PRICE IS 5x THE PRICE ELSEWHERE - See for yourself - you can get this for $1.75 per box from many other online sources.
Amazon - please help!! Sell it direct from Amazon for a competitive price!!
213831213831B0001L3HLMA2RNHNPTT7BVS4Peter Rosenblum "peetee"1151242864000GREAT FOODGreat stuff--easy to cook--Healthy-- mix with chopped lettuce and chopped onions-cook in chicken broth- add any else you like and lose lots of weight.I mix it with chicken breast(cooked) and fill up and lose weight!
213832213832B001EQ4S9IAT82HS406PDK2K2211320364800Bad for You and Bad TasteI bought the newer 2% after enjoying the original velveeta shells since a child. The taste was horrible and after adding chili to it, only edible. Add the fact that one serving is 50% of your daily salt and I will never buy this again. Definitely not worth the price. Disliked it enought that I even tried to find a customer service number on their website with no luck.
213833213833B001EQ4S9IA26EJDJ3E9FQTXK. Richardson1151291507200My family loves thisI honestly can't tell the difference between this and the regular higher fat original. I usually doctor it up with some Rotel chili tomatoes, and I add lean hamburger or chicken breasts if I want to make it a main dish. Never a complaint or any leftovers when I serve this.
213834213834B001EQ4S9IA31FPOY737N7A1Mario A. Magana3411291248000Half fat = half edibleI really don't know how this can be considered food. I love the original Velveeta Shells & Cheese and bought the 2% at the store by accident, so when I saw them in my pantry, I figured the accidental purchase would allow me to try this "healthier" option. My exact reaction when putting this stuff in my mouth: 1) Umm, okay not THAT bad, 2) WHAT IS THIS?! 3) Worst, most artificial/bitter after-taste ever. In this case, half the fat is simply not worth the pain when trying to swallow this stuff.
213835213835B001EQ4S9IA2U60JZ2SWDNWVRtarara5751203897600EXCELLENTThis is a very tasty product. It tastes almost the same as the regular. Most people couldn't even tell the difference. It's a lot less fat than regular and all the flavor. Give it a try.
213836213836B001EQ4S9IA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou4611275177600The WORST tasting Mac and Cheese EVER!I won't take up too much of your time. This is the singular worst tasting Shells and Cheese (Mac and Cheese) product I've ever had. The cheese has the most bitter aftertaste and is so unappealing even my cats would not eat it! I rarely, if ever, review food products but this one is so bad that I felt I must just to do my public duty!

So, for our house, its 6 thumbs and 8 paws down! Awful!
213837213837B001EQ4S9IA2DAI8CEW40QHGChristina0041341878400Tastes great and is easy to makeI like both this version and the original with no preference for which one tastes better. I think they're pretty much identical in terms of taste.

It's super quick and easy to make, which is awesome. You can easily add things to dress it up but it tastes great on its own as well.
213838213838B001EQ4S9IAAX6FRNBEU9PKSusan Clinton "gammer"2451247011200great food!This Mac and cheese is the best and the shells are just enough different that the kids love them!
213839213839B001EQ4S9IA336DYOBSWGUQBKS1111301443200Inedible x2I grew up eating Velveeta shells and cheese. It was always something my mom had in the panty and now I frequently buy because it tastes great and is a quick side dish. I accidentally purchased this 2% milk 1/2 fat variety and was immediately repulsed. I wholeheartedly disagree with the other reviewers who claim you "can't taste the difference." Well, I certainly could. If fact, I threw it in the garbage because I couldn't stomach it. It has such a strange chalky flavor. I don't think there is anything "cheesy" about it! I will make sure NEVER to buy this variety again. Blech!
213840213840B001EQ4S9IA3RAZ16FFW39MEMark0221272326400Terribly salty1000mg sodium per serving makes this extremely salty tasting, cheese has a slight off, bitter taste. Definatley wont be buying this again.

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