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213841213841B000LRIGQCA2M4U5L2AW8PKFE. Hacibeyoglu3351189900800Best of its kind!Tahsildaroglu Traditional White Cheese is inarguably the best pre-packaged white cheese not only among imported Turkish cheese, but also in Turkey. The fat-salt consistency is perfect, the taste is wonderful, and it has the right texture. Go for the sheep's milk, since it is a better representation of the 'Traditional White Turkish Cheese' (not feta, big difference), better tasting than cow's or goat's. It does not smell like sheep, so don't be turned off by the title.
213842213842B0009XPD46ATHUN0PJ0MG0PR. Cross "LVWolfman"7751306368000Wonderful Dog FoodA recently deceased friend told me about this food, Canadae Platinum. He fed his "boys" both the dry and the canned. His boys are a German Spitz and a Bichon Frise, 4/14 years old respectively. Doug said that after less than two weeks, the 14 year old was like a "new dog".

I now have his dogs, fullfilling a promise, added to our Doxy and Shiba Inu ( 5/7 years respectively), three cats and 7 birds. All the dogs are now on this Canadae Platinum dry food and love it. While they used to pick at their old food, they dive into this. They also seem to get satiated faster, so they actually leave a little in the bowls.

The Glucosamine/Chondroitin is the key for the older dog. A vet once recommended it for an older dog we used to have years ago. When I started taking it for my arthritic ankles, I was soon able to stop taking anti-inflamatories like Daypro. I've since found out that the medical establishment considers GC to be useless. All I can say is that it works for me, and within a few weeks of re-starting Little Boy ( the 14 year old) on this food with GC, he runs, plays and jumps with the rest of the dogs like a puppy.

There are a few places in Las Vegas selling this food, all "high-end" pet food stores and all slightly more expensive. The convenience of one-click and having the food on my doorstep in a day or two is even better than the savings.

We've also moved our cats over to Felidae (the feline version of Canadae) with similar results.
213843213843B0009XPD46A3S9D91WF35BX7Helen Pope3351317772800High-quality dog food, no stinky side effectsMy dogs are really happy with this food and I'm extremely pleased with the ingredients list. Fortunately, it does not give them the stinky gas that several other high quality dog foods have caused.
213844213844B0009XPD46A1MXY7O9JA31Oanz2251302912000premium dog food-moderate priceThis product is premium dog food at a moderate price & amazon delivers to my door-no lugging cases around,same price as my local feed store without the tax. My Vet recommended this dog food along w/2 others ,all my dogs are seniors so i use this & all 3 doing well on it.Highly recommend,use the dry food with this.
213845213845B0009XPD46AO1UC5KH69EHBzenseeker4551305331200Great serviceWe actually received the product in just a couple of days, BEFORE the anticipated arrival date. It came in perfect condition, and was priced about the same as when we buy this product in the store. It's very convenient to have it delivered to your door, especially when you live in a rural area and have to make a special trip to purchase the product.

My vet recommended this dog food for our dog. Our dog seems to like it as well as any other dog food out there. He needs a good quality dog food because of his health and weight issues (he just had an amputation, due to cancer).

I'm satisfied with the product and service.
213846213846B0009XPD46A26ZQUATEV1CQISharon "sharon"1151329264000great foodWe were researching for a good, reasonably priced food to feed our dogs.
Our senior dog developed diabetes last year and very quickly went blind.
We needed to switch them off Nutro, which they had been on for many years.
We were looking for something both our dogs would eat, with good ingredients. (Doberman and Doberman mix)
Our diabetic dog loves it and her levels stay within range while on this food.
It's great having this delivered directly to our door!
213847213847B0009XPD46A1M2IIGXF67BM8Robert1151327622400Great Product!This really wholesome dry dog food has been great for my slightly chunky Mini American Eskimo. She absolutely LOVES this food more than anything else I've ever fed her. She even likes a couple pieces of kibble as a treat. Check out the ingredients and you'll see there are no Corn products which, while being rich in protein and carbs, is also pretty fatty and is much cheaper to use. I think you'll be pleased with your results with this food.
213848213848B0009XPD46A1BLLJN0ECW9PZSweet Merry Mayhem "Narcissistic Drama Queen"1151310083200Long live longevity!I've been feeding my dogs Canidae foods for over 10 years. I partially attribute their longevity to a great diet and regular exercise. I had some problems in the past when it appeared that Canidae reformulated this particular food and I ended up switching to another brand. I was never happy with the other brand, and after about a year off from Canidae, I gave them another try. The food was back to the former formula and my dogs loved it (and still do). I'm happy that this senior formula has Glucosamine as a supplement. Overall, aside from the reformulation issue, I'm a happy Canidae customer and my dogs are happy Canidae dogs!
213849213849B0009XPD46A24PB3TBHZI7HONicole Milazzo "Nicole M"1151308182400Great So far!I have a 8 year old overweight Bichon Frise... he's a full 28 lbs! I just started him on this food about 2 weeks ago, and I already see a difference. People have commented that he has lost weight and I notice increased energy. I also notice that he is not as hungry as he normally is. So far, so good with this food. And, super convienent that it is dropped off at your front door!
213850213850B0009XPD46A1O4F43PKACRVYSherlock1151300838400SandieWe have multiple age dogs in our home. This food feeds a multiple age range and body types of dogs. It has no by products and it is wheat and corn free. The dogs do not get gas anymore!
213851213851B0009XPD46AM7KIYVLNXY2DShelley Headlee "captshelley"5751326067200Pug hates this food therefore the pug is FINALLY on a successful diet! :)My overweight pug would rather eat the fuzz off the carpet then eat this food. I think this is the best diet plan for her. She drinks more water now, uses a ton of energy searching for different food and the dog food supply lasts longer. We all win!!
213852213852B0009XPD46AUTPCV32FREEHScoob0051349308800My dog looks amazing!Because of the price, I decided to only feed this to my oldest (and only overweight) dog (out of 3 dogs). She looks so good and still has a lot of youth and energy. I adopted all of them, but I believe she is about 11. I haven't weighed her, but she has visibly lost weight after 2/3 of the bag! I'm guessing she has gone from 90 to 85 pounds in about 3 weeks, which is incredible. I read a lot of good things online about the ingredients of this and a few other premium foods. We will certainly continue with this if we can afford it; it's actually a great value if you have Prime; which is worth it if you're going to be ordering heavy items such as this.
213853213853B0009XPD46AFTUV7DC2RHQWduke0051344988800Very pleased!This is great dog food! It's been four weeks and my dog's coat is shinier. He's also slimmed down. It's pricey but worth it!!
213854213854B0009XPD46AMZZYTY16Q3Z0Nobody's wife0051342828800LadyBug Likes itOk, to be fair LadyBug likes anything edible. :) Which was part of the problem.... Lady is a older (11-14 yr.) std. American Eskimo who loves to eat that I inherited from my Grandmother. She got up to 42 lbs on her previous diet dog food and the vet wants her to be 35. That means she was overweight by 20% <cringe>. So I discovered this food and after <6 months, she is 36 lbs. She likes the food and once she adjusted to the smaller quantity of food, found it to be quite filling. Our Bear (6 yr. Great Pyrenees / Border Collie mix) sometimes steals Lady's food instead of eating her own. I'll probably move Bear over to this dog food next year. I should probably note that as old as Lady is, she acts like a young dog... even though she is losing her sight slowly.
213855213855B002RGUW1WA2PUAM5XFVLIG8JBasss3351273449600Tempts even my finicky catMy cat's vet recommended these for his teeth as an alternative to brushing them. (He never would've held still for that). I was still doubtful that he would like the treats as he doesn't have a great track record with anything aside from his cat food.

I bought a single bag/pouch as a trial from the pet store... He LOVED them! He now comes running anytime I pick up the bag. Realizing that he would in fact eat them, I now order the 6-pack.
213856213856B002RGUW1WA3HFPOR83YWHF8Lake Merced11113445568003 bad bags out of 63 of the bags in the order are old and stale. The expiration date is a year away, they are not selling old product. Perhaps it is how they store the treats in the store or wharehouse. I have been buying Greenies for a decade. I have never encountered a bad bag of treats. 3 of the 6 bags in my order are obviously bad. My cat will not even mouth them. She eats the treats up like they are candy EXCEPT for the 3 bad bags. It is as if she knows there is something wrong with them. Just a quick sniff and she moves on. I will be going back to Petco. They are a few dollars more, but I have NEVER had a problem. 3 good bags she eats, three bad bags she won't touch... NOT a good deal... at all.
213857213857B002RGUW1WA1K6NOK2AWYGDOC. Weiss0051309651200yummy yummy for my cats tummyMy cat loves this treat. She meows for it every morning and at night too. She gets her treats in the morning with her food every day. She is addicted to this treat and meows and says give me more give me more.
213858213858B002RGUW1WA19NGYCQ1NCF3WS. Haney0051295568000Good Price on Treats He LovesMy Maine Coon goes nuts for these. He'll come running from the other story of the house. The only downside is he knows where I hide them and works tirelessly to get access! So far, my defenses have held out.

As a bonus - if you want to get all Maslow on your animal - these work great as positive reinforcement for training. (Yes, I attempt to train my cat)
213859213859B0000DCXCMAV3DL45I35YYFamicosempre "Napoli"1151215561600Sun-Dried Olives and Almonds (Olive Essicate con Mandorle)For some you will have to aquire a taste for the way these olives are cured. If you are willing to try it and hang in there it is well worth it though. These have already been prepared for you but you can still add your own olive oil and any other spices you may like to them. The flesh of these olives after being cured is meaty with a slight bitter to them. They play off the almonds very well. The almonds in this mixture are soft, smooth (almost creamy) and offset the slight bitter in the olive. I prefer to eat one or two olives and then follow up with an almond. You can even eat both simultaneously. The olives do have pits so be careful. Don't just bite down into one or you may damage a tooth. Eat the flesh of the olive off of the pit. I prefer to add some of my own extra virgin olive oil but it is up to your individual taste. This would go great on an antipasta tray or served with some cheeses and maybe some wine. Buon Appetito!
213860213860B0000DCXCMA1NCFPKB690L3GAnna R. Brown1211267920000Too saltyThe almonds in this mix were great - crunchy with a bit of lemon flavor
213861213861B003YIZ3DEA3ESS9YI72A0F6mreisi0041343692800dog signIt came on time. What I had not realised from the product description was that it is plastic. Also it was a bit bended but I "fixed" it with a heavy book!
213862213862B001IZ7TOGA2LBJ7OVVHDRPOCalijill2211331769600YUCK!!!DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT AN AUTHENTIC WASABI TASTE! The ingredients on the amazon site lists: Horseradish and mustard. For those of you who care about preservatives and anything artificial this definitely is not your product. Here is a list of the ingredients: Horseradish, Corn flour, mustard, Vit. C, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (FD&C Yellow #5 + Blue #1). After receiving the product #1 the picture on Amazon's website was not what I received. I got the plastic container but not the nice red label, just a white label that looked as if it was printed from a home printer. #2 I can not return this product so I am out $16. #3 This fake wasabi tastes like crap, lack of flavor, and has no spice to it. I highly recommend to all, pay the extra for real wasabi, it is sooooo worth it!
213863213863B001IZ7TOGA7234POI1FEEScjhsa "cj"1131327104000Did Anyone Prepare the Stuff?Wasabi powder has to bloom in water for five minutes before use. Did anyone do that? You can eat wasabi powder of any variety dry, it won't taste like much.
213864213864B001IZ7TOGABWXVKU9HBMQQMelee1111300665600Opened containersThe seals were broken on both containers of wasabi powder. I found out that I cannot return them because they are labeled as a "food item". If I had purchased them locally, I would have taken them back to the store for a refund or exchange. However, ordering them through the internet, I'm out $17.00.
213865213865B001IZ7TOGA2E5C8TTAED4CQS. Linkletter1141268006400Interesting But Not Very HotI thought this was supposed to be an Oriental horseradish. It tastes more like ordinary radish, but does have a little bite to it. I am enjoying cooking with it even though it is not actually very hot. If you put it into a chicken soup, it turns the broth pale green which is a novel effect.
213866213866B001IZ7TOGA32Z800P8C7NSKbradintexas0041326326400Not Wasabi, Main Ingredient Horse radishThere is a difference between horse radish and wasabi. They taste and smell different
213867213867B001IZ7TOGA3ITIVYOPU4D7Lcolemanguys1311300752000This stuff tastes like flourI bought this with another guy at work and we both came to the same conclusion, there is more wasabi flavor in flour than in this worthless trash. If I could give it less than 1 star, I would, but that is the lowest that the ratings go. I actually tasted a spoonful and had to search for even a hint of wasabi flavor. Now, I have a lifetime supply of this and it is awful and I can think of absolutely no use for it, may try to make a roux with it since it is basically flour. Maybe my daughter can finger paint with it. This is the biggest waste of 20 bucks since my ex wife's wedding ring.
213868213868B000SAPXNQA2EGZB84NFWPD2LadyHoozer5551296172800Happiness in a mugDo you know that feeling you get when something makes you really, really happy, so happy you can't stop smiling? I get this happiness overload when I smell honeysuckle, run through the grass barefoot or eat juicy peaches or chill crunchy apples - and while drinking Davidson's Herbal Christmas tea. The smell of this tea is lovely, but it does have a slightly overpowering cinnamon smell. When brewed, the mint in the tea balances out the cinnamon to create a hot/icy sensation in one's mouth. I brewed 1.5 tsp in a little over a cup of not-quite boiling water, and the flavor is beautifully subtle, not overpowering. This tea is surprisingly sweet, perfect by itself. I'm used to buying tea of this quality for about $12 for 2 oz, not 1lb. The double-layer bag was bigger than I expected, with a ziplock like closure at the top to keep the tea fresh. Over all, I think this was one of the best purchases I've ever made.
213869213869B000SAPXNQA1O6HYAEAHOLK2Dan1151337731200Wish i could give it more stars!I was surprised when i've opened the bag, such a powerful aroma. And its taste is even better...Be sure you like cinnamon and cloves, because the aroma is quite powerful. But it's balanced by the mint and the orange peels and this is what makes this tea so good. It doesn't even needs sugar, because it's kind of sweet by itself.

The price is very good, considering the quality and how much you get for the price. Even the bag is quality made, aluminium inside and air tight sealed; it also has a plastic zipper, so you can reseal the bag every time (though i don't think it will be completely air tight, as it's when you first open the bag).
213870213870B000SAPXNQA2EWL17TI5NQQ8tr1141301529600Must like cinnamon!You must like cinnamon to drink this tea! Not necessarily overpowering, but pretty strong. I personally like the mix of citrus, cinnamon, and roobios, also the clove adds a bit of a spicy note to this mix. I'm having to eliminate caffeine and this tea has definitely made my life easier, sometimes I add some chamomile, but most of the time I brew it strong. It can get bitter if left to steep too long due to the citrus peels, but with a little practice you can get it just right for your taste.

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