Amazon Fine Food Reviews

213901213901B004MNI74CA32YYYVKP59DGVT. Grubbs "CW Junkie"0051341619200Really Good OatmealMore stores now selling this oatmeal so shop around. It's great to take on a trip where you have access to a microwave oven.
213902213902B004MNI74CA2JNAKKAEICQDRenee Strauss "opera diva"0051337040000Convenient and Delicious!I found this wonderful oatmeal at my local Stop and Shop, but they stopped carrying it! So - I looked on Amazon. This is actually the best oatmeal I have ever tasted. I like the maple sugar best (even though it obviously has some added sugar, 11 grams). But, what is just great is the convenience. I like to take it with me when I travel. I can make a cup of coffee and this oatmeal in just about any hotel around the world. I take some nuts and dried berries and have a complete nutritional breakfast. I am so pleased I can get it here.
213903213903B004MNI74CA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041326585600instant oaty goodnessIf you are a fan of instant oats you'll love this brand and this flavor. Just the right level of maple tinged sweetness and good texture - not gluey or gummy. Super convenient, efficiently packaged - comes in a *really* small box. No JUNK in the ingredient list and I like that they threw a little flaxseed in there!

I agree with other reviews that it's best to compare prices on this one and for some reason the prices seem to have a very wide swing on this one.
213904213904B004MNI74CANXD42SJRWGSLS. Doremus0051312156800Better than QuakerMy children can be pretty resistant to changes in diet, especially early in the morning. This, however, they've loved. Yummy, great texture, and we talked about how much less packaging was involved than what is used for the traditional box. Also, marking the packets so that they can also be used to measure the water is a great idea. This is the only flavor we've tried so far, but we'll buy again!
213905213905B001ELLCT2AHQMTQ6JX4CKVMe1151281312000My boyfriend the Tea lover digs this bunches.My boyfriend has too much tea for just one person to drink alone in a year, and he's always looking out for new stuff or ancient recipes. He's got the right infusers, kettles and thermometers to brew everything down to the degree. Put simply, my honey takes his tea seriously. BUT, this does not mean that he doesn't want to just toss a teabag in a bottle water for the go. So I searched something new out and found this tea. He says that this is his second favorite tea to cold brew and can't see himself not buying this tea so long as it's around. He's not exactly picky, but for him to say this is in his top 2 favorites, from my personal experience and perspective, is a big deal. Enjoy this tea people! And definitely try cold brewing it at least once. I wasn't crazy about this tea in it's hot state.
213906213906B001ELLCT2A2BKC38YT35IVDLei Chen "Happy feet"1151259798400Great refreshing beverage!The taste is great and it doesn't make me feel thirsty at all. Most importantly, I love the energetic feeling it brings me. Recommend to those who want refreshing stuff without lots of caffeine.
213907213907B001ELLCT2AXQE9XPRCQ0GCMary Barnes "MB"1151252713600WonderfulI first had this tea in a restaurant in California and fell in love with it. It has a wonderful flavor that does not require sugar. It is very refreshing, not to mention the benefits. I drink less soft drinks now because it quenches my thirst and gives me energy without the caffeine, sugar and the let down. It is also full of wonderful anti oxidants.
213908213908B001ELLCT2A3UJRNI8UR4871Wulfstan "wulfstan"1151249776000Refreshing, energizing but no caffeineThis is tasty stuff. It has ginseng and vit C, but almost no caffeine (decaffeinated green tea). Tasty, especially served iced.

It is energizing too!

One drawback is the cost, easily solved by buying it here in a four-pack.
213909213909B001ELLCT2A2B7PXR0M321OVMary Kay Bauer "Myrt"1141243382400Picker UpperI love this tea. Just don't drink it too close to bedtime, because it can keep you awake. It is really refreshing. I have only used as my sun tead for ice tea.
213910213910B001ELLCT2A2N2OZL25WOIENWendy "agility addict"1141211500800great taste, hot or icedGreat taste, hot or iced, energy lift was subtle. It will be a staple in my tea collection, I like it iced for the gym.
213911213911B001ELLCT2A31PRWCEGC91LBBellyDance8080051330732800a Refreshing change that helps to EnergizeMy first box was a gift from my dance instructor/mentor Taia who recommended it highly. For an idea of personal taste, usually enjoy genmaicha/green/breakfast/chai teas and an occasional kona coffee caffè breve. SPORTea has become my preferred drink on those days where i teach an evening dance class to keep me energized \(^-^)/ Then any left over is chilled to enjoy the following day!
213912213912B001ELLCT2AJ669YBXKG9GMLinda R Kietzer0051290124800Not just for mountain climbersBut I'll take it camping, for sure. I'm in an office all day, and had fallen into a mid-afternoon energy slump. A friend recommended this to me, and it's the perfect waker-upper, without the jittery effects of coffee, without the aftertaste of other teas (and coffee). It's the best new thing ever in my food world. The flavor is mild yet distinct. My afternoon work issues are now resolved. And I will definitely take it biking and camping with me. NOM!
213913213913B001ELLCT2A14PRBXXSDBWGGKathy A Lopes0041287792000great replacement for Gatorade- no calories- no artificial sweetenersThis tea is a perfect way to stay hydrated for exercise. No sugar and no artificial sweeteners.
213914213914B001ELLCT2A2TH8PVFE0MPW6Russian Bear "Russian Bear"0051287532800Great for every occasionSPORTea is great for:
- 'wake-me-up' in a morning;
- energizing drink at mid-day - works better than coffee;
- easy to prepare drink for when you feel cold or sick, or fatigue, and there is nobody around to make you chicken soup;
- when it's cold - thirst control for whatever out-doors you like.
This tea tastes better than most of other more expensive teas and doesn't require any sweeteners. Even kids like it without sugar.
It's not a good choice of tea to drink before you go to sleep because it will keep you awake for hours.
213915213915B000EPMP40A3ADT55I2B26WGL. WEESE91111208044800Caution, I was Glutened by MI-DEL Ginger CookiesI purchased these and once home ate them and experienced a severe gluten reaction. On the bag in small print at the bottom it said they were manufactured in a facility with wheat and dairy. The label also stated that routine testing occurs only to maintain gluten free label status. Our bag tested positive for gluten which caused severe bleeding.

Please be careful when buying this brand as the statement is for CYA and labeling purposes only. That way they can charge more for the product.
213916213916B000EPMP40A3RS1ZI8KS9H4EM. Hewlett "Mama"4451189382400LOVE these cookiesMy daughter and I both have celiac and these are my favorite gluten-free cookies. I loved ginger snaps and molasses cookies before I was diagnosed with celiac and this are a lovely indulgence in a sparce market. I dip them in milk, my daughter eats them plain. Good texture too!
213917213917B000EPMP40A2K4ZBXN90KTKJCarol A. Kryder "GranCarol"4451179360000Good CookiesThis sandwich cookie is crisp, not too sweet and delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. Really satisfies the craving for something to dip into your coffee.
213918213918B000EPMP40A24PA1PWQ9ZFM6Brenda G. Drevicky "Gluten Free Texan"3331226188800Mi-Del Royal Vanilla Cookie ReviewThe Mi-Del Royal Vanilla Cookies do not have a "cream center". The center is a vanilla-flavored hard sugar disc. The outside cookie is delicious but only after removing the sugar disc. After receiving the first order, I contacted Amazon and complained that the cookies did not have the creamy center as stated in the cookie product description. Amazon immediately sent a replacement but the second order was exactly the same as the first. I contacted Mi-Del through their website email and asked if the cream center was supposed to be hard. Mi-Del did not answer my question but sent a coupon for my next purchase.
213919213919B000EPMP40A3FGBO05UR15E7Joanne K. Streightiff "Love JoJo"3351175644800Great tastingOut of all their different kinds of cookies, this is the one that rocks.

You would never know this was gluten free.
213920213920B000EPMP40A2XL6TZM34HFV3Review Man "Review Man"2241239235200Good Oreo substituteWe know a lot about GF producs in my house and my son really likes these cookies. They are good Oreo substitutes. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the cookie part is very hard and brittle.
213921213921B000EPMP40A1XOD67ZCJNS0YD. Pannell2251234224000great cookieMy 5 yr. old son (Tyler) who is Autistic and had to go on the GF diet likes them very much. I found these cookies at Liz' Healthfood in Conway, AR. They taste almost like an Oreo. Great cookie.
213922213922B000EPMP40ATIAD2WL24IPSLaura B2251233878400Great cookies, makes a nice pie crust too!I keep these in the house at all times. They are a fabulous cookie- nice taste, not hard or crumbly. I also use them as a pie crust. I put them in the blender to chop them up, then mix in a bowl with melted butter. I spray my pie dish with non-stick spray before pressing it in the plate. My family likes it as a crust for chocolate pie, but I've used them with others also and it turns out great. I've never used them for baking pies so I can't recommend that, only for no-bake pies, cheesecakes, etc.
213923213923B000EPMP40ARP6WKF20T455Mr. Russ A. Cappellino Jr.2231216598400Product shipped and arrived quicky... the cookies in each of the bags were in pieces.I order two (2) cases of cookies on the same Amazon order. A case of Ginger Snaps and case of Chocolate Cookies from another manufacture. Both cases arrived quickly from Amazon. But the ginger snaps had many bags where nearly the entire bag of cookies were broken up and in pieces. The other case of cookies (Chocolate Chip) was perfect, Hardly any of them broken.
213924213924B000EPMP40A2Y8YFXEZWW34YGluten-free Mom2251165881600They are GINGER SNAPS so they better be spicy!I like all the gluten free flavors of cookies that Mi-Del makes. These are a perfect ginger snap. Yes, they are crunchy and spicy, but that is what I expect in a ginger snap. They are wonderful to dip in milk. The milk cools the spiciness and softens the cookie. My kids like them so much I have to hide them if I want some left for later!
213925213925B000EPMP40A2DEC2O2WZ95JKG. Davis1151236211200Thanks Mi-delThese are the best gluten free cookies ever. If you have had the real thing before you won't know the difference. Even my friends that aren't allergic to gluten like these cookies.
213926213926B000EPMP40A3FNH64G4NAC8XA. Dove1111233187200Center of cookie is rock hardThe outer layer of the cookie is good but the center is far from creamy. It's rock hard and inedible IMO. I bought these and after eating a couple they sat in our pantry until they went stale and were tossed. I won't buy these again. However MI-DEL makes other cookie varieties that are delicious--my whole family loves the GF arrowroot animal cookies and the GF ginger snaps.
213927213927B000EPMP40A3OS6WQDG5B23RShareen1121212969600too sweetThese cookies are cloyingly sweet, i had to throw out the middle as it tasted like sugar! The cookies themselves are hard without much flavor. I wouldn't buy them again. I'm wondering what to do with those that are left.
213928213928B000EPMP40A25GKMOFG82BBPT. Gold1151192752000Great cookies for adultsNot only will these cookies satisfy a "sweet tooth" attack, but they're healthy and will calm nausea and/or upset stomach. Strong ginger flavor, not sugary, so although adults really like them, a lot of kids probably won't be crazy about them.
213929213929B000EPMP40A2GJ13F7WIYX2EGluten-Free Foodie3441207008000The way the cookie crumblesThese are some of the best mass-produced gluten-free cookies I have found. (Never mind the gluten-free part -- most people could never tell that these ginger snaps are not made with wheat flour.) They've got great snap and just the right amount of gingery heat. When crushed and combined with a few other choice ingredients, they make a fantastic pie or dessert crust.

So why only four stars? Well, I've bought these ginger snaps many times at the grocery store, and never have I had so many broken cookies as in the box that Amazon sent. The box itself showed no signs of damage, so I'm a bit puzzled as to what transpired in the Amazon warehouse or in transit. All in all, however, I love the cookies and am pleased with the Amazon price. I'll be ordering these again.
213930213930B000EPMP40A2BSMD0A5LB3M5Rodney Dunaway "Neurodoc"2311202428800Gluten free cookiesHard as a rock. Some companies are able to make gluten free sweets palatable, but these are really not very good. Soaked a cookie in milk for 5 minutes and it did not soften.

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