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213961213961B000EPMP40A3AIREMVSBMRZSMD0051239926400Another Heavenly Gluten-Free Product!Delicious? Check!
Gluten free? Check!
Good price? Check!

Thank you, amazon, for making these great cookies available! It is difficult finding things to eat when you have a gluten intolerance and it is even HARDER finding things to eat that TASTE GOOD!

All of the celiacs in my family enjoy these animal crackers! Five stars!
213962213962B000EPMP40AA7S590A4K4Z2Miriam R. Babcock "Miriam DuBois Babcock"0051231286400Yummy Ginger CookiesMi-Del Ginger Snaps are far better in texture and flavor than any I have ever purchased. I have eaten many varieties of ginger snaps in my 85 years of life, and appreciate this as an exceptionally good product. The only problem I have is that I can't stop eating them!
213963213963B000EPMP40A1IITR42COHUA3Grandma Lasley "Mysticminder"0051231027200Great cookies!My grandson's gluten allergy led me to these cookies because animal cookies are a tradtional Christmas gift for children in our family. Our entire family loves them, but the real test is on unsuspecting gluten consuming individuals and they past the test. Recently the contractor came by in the afternoon with his son's 8 and 10 years old. They looked hungry and so I offered cookies, with Dad's permission. They almost wiped out the bag. Good Cookies!
213964213964B000EPMP40A2K4ZBXN90KTKJCarol A. Kryder "GranCarol"0051223683200Animal CrackersThese animal cracker cookies taste the most like the "other" kind that I have tried so far. So much fun to eat with the grandchildren.
213965213965B000EPMP40A2MI8PH4RZPLYFLaura0051222128000Great Gluten Free OptionMy son loves these cookies! They're tasty and reasonable-2 traits which often don't describe gluten free baked goods! Enjoy!
213966213966B000EPMP40A11V6WFPYUV73FE. Esposito0051221523200AwesomeThese are great cookies. I have two girls with celiac disease, one is a toddler. Finding foods that are like the "real" thing is tough these are a great treat and we love them!
213967213967B000EPMP40A12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"0051220313600Animal Crackers Sure To Please.These cookies are a wonderful replacement for any kid ( or grown up ) wanting to eat a long time favorite. There is about 80 cookies per bag, so it makes it well worth the money spent. They are light, buttery and crispy making them great for milk. These pack well in bags for lunch ( don't break up easily ) so they would do great in a kid's lunch for school or daycare. I actually give these cookies to people to show them gluten free doesn't mean cardboard.
213968213968B000EPMP40A12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"0041220313600You can eat ginger snaps again!These ginger snaps aren't too overpowering on the ginger and go great with some milk. Really enjoyed having these in the house and they are a great buy - so affordable compared to most alternative diet foods. They'll last for at least a week or so and store well.
213969213969B000EPMP40AMBGS4Z455KAOTia Lola0051219276800Yummy!I love these cookies. I can't eat gluten and they are a healthy treat. Family members who can eat gluten enjoy them also.
213970213970B000EPMP40A3CJWSZHGOMRO2Chocolaholic "Choco"0041218758400Ginger Lover's DesertGinger Snaps are delicious. Not too sweet and loaded with flavor. Wonderful texture, great with a nice cup of tea.
213971213971B000EPMP40A1EP37VTH32J7CMrs. Johanna Carrion "jomama"0051218499200My son loves this.Very good gluten free animal cookies... We use them as re-inforcers for my son. Very good product.
213972213972B000EPMP40A2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0051217116800I Loved the Cinnamon Snaps!!!!I picked the Cinnamon Snaps up at my Grandma's local health food store the last time I visited and loved them. I have yet to try the ginger snaps but I'm sure they are just as good. Hopefully Amazon will start carrying the Cinnamon Snaps.
213973213973B000EPMP40A3BER3FS0CWCEIChocolate Lover0041213574400Gluten-Free Animal Cookies - YEAH!These are one of the two best gluten free animal cookies on the market. The other being: EnviroKidz Organic Gluten-Free Animal Cookies, Vanilla, 9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) I prefer Mi-Del because they are more economical than EnviroKidz and my daughter loves these cookies.
213974213974B000EPMP40A3I564JKKFD14COld Choirboy0051210464000Addictively good!Even if you're able to eat regular cookies (not Gluten free) you'll love these. Really sweet, and incredibly tasty. Since I can't have Gluten in my diet, these have become my staple desert. I buy them two cases at a time so I'll never run out.
213975213975B000EPMP40A30B6M0IRL5753Find Health0051207353600Both my 5 yr old son and I love them.Hard to find products that my son's diet allows him to eat. This is a great treat. He loves them. I have a hard time keeping out of the opened bag of cookies myself. They are crunchy but we love them.
213976213976B000EPMP40A1S0469IH24OJXLinda Wilkinson0041205884800Yummy Gluten-Free CookiesThese ginger cookies are great if you are on a gluten-free diet. They are spicy, not too sweet and are great for dunking!
213977213977B000EPMP40A1EB0P87A48B3RValerie S. Crider "Glutenfree4me"0021205107200Not pleased with these att all!This cookie is too hard to bite into and the center is like eating crispy sugar. I did not care for these at all and now I have a whole case of them. Guess they will end up as a pie crust or something.
213978213978B000EPMP40A23X9QV9XPU9MGBekahKnits0051204848000True spicy, crisp ginger snapThese are spicy, and my kids love them too. They are crispy and I am SO glad I found these after being diagnosed with Celiac.
213979213979B000EPMP40A3633ZQTHA4LRDJulie Mccallum0051204156800Great Little CookiesThanks to hubby's recent diagnosis of gluten allergy, I've begun to explore the world of gluten free foods. While some are quite bland, these little cookies pack a flavorful punch! Nothing "depriving" here.
213980213980B000EPMP40A2SSACA95M0B9PWilliam E. Cohn0051203811200Ginger SnapsThese Ginger Snaps were very good but I ordered the gluten free ginger snaps and they were shipped in error and all my complaints to Amazon were ignored.
213981213981B000EPMP40A3CGRPO7S8OQCAAllison Abbe0011203292800Not goodI ordered these for my son (age 11). He doesn't like them at all. I thought they would be similar to the Kinnikinnick cookies we get at our local health food store, but they're not. These are rock hard and although sugary, otherwise have no flavor. We'll stick with the Kinnikinnicks. I'm just hoping maybe I can use these for making a cookie crumb crust.
213982213982B000EPMP40A1EB0P87A48B3RValerie S. Crider "Glutenfree4me"0051198368000Can't eat just one!I love these and it is the best treat. I love cookies and couldn't find one that was very good until I found these. I can eat a whole bag in one day! Matter of fact, I need to order another case.
213983213983B000EPMP40AI7GYTB9EL0LJB. E. Parker0051197072000Delicious Cookies I Can Eat!!!These cookies are so good - you'd never know that they were wheat free! The bags are not filled anywhere near full (my only compliant - too much packaging) so a package of 8 is not really too much. 2 bags of cookies will fit in a medium clamp-top glass jar (which is how I store them in my kitchen) Looking forward to trying the Chocolate cookies next...
213984213984B000EPMP40A1S4EWBDZGIZURLisa Gray0051196208000Great GF StapleI have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old that can't eat gluten and this is an awesome products for them. We always have some with us where ever we go and they absolute love them. They are moderately sweet and crunchy.
They also make a wonderful pie crust. 1 1/2 cup cookie crumbs, 5 TBS margerine, 1 TBS surgar. Mix and pat into pie plate. Bake 10 min at 350 degrees.
We couldn't live without them. Thanks Mi-Del!!!
213985213985B000EPMP40A3PPO8PP6YZNCEAlyssa0041195344000A Comparison to Nature's Path EnviroKidz Animal CrackersMi-Del: Slightly cheaper per ounce, crackers are actually animal shaped, butter cookie taste (like those that come in a tin around the holiday season)

Envirkidz: Square cookie/cracker, vanilla flavor
Nature's Path EnviroKidz Organic Gluten-Free Animal Cookies, Vanilla, 9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

Both have similar nutrition profiles (calories, fat, grams of carbohydrate) and are GF.

My shipment was not stale, unlike the other reviewer's complaint. Both taste fine and I find I can't put the box down sometimes, but I am not a big sugar/butter cookie fan, so I think I prefer the Envirokidz. Definitely a better deal than the local health food store and, trust me, you WILL be able to eat the whole box before they expire.
213986213986B000EPMP40A42FL8U5N8GFLA. Peterson0051195171200Daughter loves themGreat replacement for traditional animal cookies. My daughter, like me, cannot have gluten but loves these cookies. I even serve them as a snack for the nursery at church. The kids love them.... and here at Amazon, they are the right price for sharing.
213987213987B000EPMP40AXXF23I3GZ4F0R. Pyle-mccrackyn "Vashon Raven"0051194998400A favorite of my autistic sonAlthough made with butter (my son is GF/CF), my son has no digestive or behavior problems after eating these. He's thrilled to be able to have animal crackers again. They are perfect for school snack or in the car. The cookies are tasty enough that Mom and Dad (who do eat wheat) will snack on them as well. They are quite pricey in the store, but Amazon's subscription price makes them fairly affordable - and much easier than always making homemade.
213988213988B000EPMP40A2WNWOK8MMZG15D. Marshall0051179619200Great for everyone in the family.Both my kids (8 and 4) love these cookies. They have always been really crunchy. We've never had them mushy like in another review. They are not too sweet and have fun shapes. Great for anyone gluten sensitive, and everyone else in the family.
213989213989B000EPMP40A2IFQP2AT9NQY3Paulina Warren0011161993600stale cookiesSadly, the cookies in this shipment were soft (they should be crunchy). I now only buy them from the store self where they are fresh.
213990213990B000EPMP40ACZ4D2FWYBPLXsan0031155772800Strong ginger flavorRecently diagnosed with celiac disease. Bought these at a grocery store, but the ginger flavor is very strong. The tecture is good, though.

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