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213991213991B000EPMP40ALKDXZQC2PAMLFrangelica1211157932800too strong...If you are looking for mild ginger flavored snaps...these are not it. If you however, enjoy a very strong ginger taste, give these a try.
213992213992B000EPMP40A3H07Y4ETX67WNrustafari8120111290556800Don't ever buy this productThese cookies were AWFUL! Really bad. My co-worker and I each bit into one and we couldn't finish it. I tried one a week or so later when I was really hungry and it was still terrible. Not only do they not taste good, but instead of being bland, they actually taste BAD and leave a horrible aftertaste. I buy a lot of Gluten Free products and almost everything is really good but this was far from it.
213993213993B000EPMP40A20HJEA1HZGJ39bookmage0431158624000wellI love me the regular Mi-Del Ginger Snaps... but out of a fluke I picked me up a gluten free bag once and thought it tasted not so yummy. like ginger flavored sweetend hard dirt. so unless you have to have the gluten free for some reason go get you the normal ginger snaps which as of Sep 2006, Amazon offers
213994213994B000EPMP40A3PC3MU9CQCGSFR. Elliott0911179187200R. ElliottTook FOREVER to arrive and the case is way too many cookies to consume! Will stick to my local organic grocery next time. Once again, ordering food from Amazon has fallen far below expectations.
213995213995B0043H36IYA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"0041326412800Mixed reviews on this flavor from my familyThis is my least-favorite flavor of Clif bars, one of my husband's lesser favorites, and my twenty-something daughter's favorite flavor. Clif has a lot of different flavors, however, so there is something for everyone. I switched over from Zone-type meal bars to only this brand a while back because it has much healthier ingredients.

This cannot be considered a high-protein bar, because they tend to have 18-20 grams of protein, and this brand has only 9-10 grams of protein per bar.

Like all meal bars, this is very condensed food, containing about the same calories as a candy bar of the same size.
213996213996B0043H36IYATXLZP4EGYNUJCollege student0051320192000Much Cheaper Than In a StoreIf you like Cliff bars, you should absolutely buy it on amazon. Each bar can be $2-$3 in a store, so it is better to buy a box here and just use it gradually. You will save money as long as you have the self-control not to snack on them throughout the day.
213997213997B0043H36IYA2TTEU2Z2QXF5XJanet L. Blaha0051293667200My son's favorite flavor of Clif barsWe regularly buy Clif bars, but have been unable to find this oatmeal flavor in a 12-pack anywhere else. Thank you for carrying this favorite one of our son's, He is a backpacker and camper, and carries these bars constantly.
213999213999B000JZDXV4AANHR0DB9SZ80OGO "ogo"1151306281600Favorite chocolate barI have a big sweet tooth & love all kinds of candy & chocolate (though I shouldn't eat them & try not to indulge very often).

Cadbury's Fruit & Nut is my favorite since my mom bought these when I was a little kid. The mixture of creamy smooth milk chocolate, sweet chewy raisins, & crunchy almonds is just delightful. It's been a lifelong favorite.
214000214000B000JZDXV4A3ND8XH2QUK14RNavy Seal0051331856000Cadbury Milk ChocolateExcellent Product. This is the chocolate bar actually made in England, not Canada or the USA. Delivery was quick and the price was reasonable.
214001214001B001EPQ8MYAQRN2I355LZ3FRENAISSANCE MAN2241252627200It's pretty good...These large pouches of tuna contain about 43 ounces of tuna with no excess broth at all to drain's all fish. The tuna is in large, meaty chunks and tastes good...especially in salad or patties, etc.. Straight from the pouch it is good, but their is a slight bitter aftertaste which I ascribe to the vegetable broth used in processing and may contain some MSG, as many broths do...but MSG is not a listed ingredient.It was a great deal for under 14 dollars for the two pouches.
214002214002B005DEWWUOA1WMKCQESOTQ1PStitches0051347753600Cheaper at ShopRiteMy sister in law served this with a Caprese salad and I loved it so much I took a pic of the bottle with my cell phone. Once I got home I combed the gourmet kitchen stores to no avail. I needed it for an upcoming party, so I broke down and got it at Amazon. Hate paying for shipping, but not covered by Amazon Prime. So I ordered it and it arrived within a week or so. Fast forward to the night before the party and I'm at my local Shoprite. You guessed it. There it was amongst the other humble balsamic brands. And it was on sale. Sigh. OK that was a long intro to my review: It's delicious and I highly recommend it. It's like balsamic vinegar, but thicker. Almost as thick as pancake syrup.I like it on salad greens and on the side for steak. Highly recommend.
214003214003B004VLVQSOA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick0051347753600Does what I needPlease note, this goes to the dogs! Got the heads up from vets years ago that what otc products use to curb dogs who eat poop is MSG (some products add cayenne). This ajino moto is MSG, and when sprinkled like salt on a dog's food, it makes the poop taste bitter. Wonderful for multiple dog households. It works! And according to vets, dogs don't get MSG headaches or any side effects -- I certainly have never noticed any. After all, what's worse then eating poop (and think about them coming in and licking you after that!).

This 5-lb bag is great way to get MSG cheap. It keeps forever. And, of course, you can use it to season food if you wanted to.
214004214004B0037M33T8A3VEYLW2KPZNGKG. Simmons3351297814400Delicious teaI have been drinking this tea for a long time now. I used to have to purchase it at a doctor's office because it wasn't available elsewhere. I'm so glad that I can buy it now from I drink this tea throughout the day like other folks drink coffee. Wonderful taste.
214005214005B0037M33T8A2F65U0UDY7TAWAldo2251337990400My every day green teaI have been drinking Royal King 100% Natural Organic Green Tea (100 tea bags x 2g each) as my every day tea for several years now. I buy 12 boxes at a time to save on shipping. For many years I used to drink coffee from morning till night. But finally I realized that drinking so much coffee was not healthy for me. I finally resolved to improve my health and stopped drinking coffee all together. I tried many alternative drinks to replace my coffee habit. I found that green tea was not only good tasting it also has health benefits. Green tea is one of the few drinks that actually makes you healthier (coffe and other drinks do not) - the only healthier drink is quality cold water. In my opinion, for the price, Royal King 100% Natural Organic Green Tea is one of the best tasting teas. This green tea has a beautiful golden color, the taste is bright and fresh. I recommend adding a tiny amount of Y.S. Organic Bee Farms RAW HONEY to the tea to add sweetness and health benefits too. I also give myself a treat once in a while by having a much more expense tea (Tribute Xi Hu Long Jing) but this fantastic tea is not practical for me to drink as my every day tea (although I would if I could afford it).

Cons: On my latest shipment the package shown on the Amazon page is different than the one shipped. The one shipped displays "NATURALLY HIGH IN POLYPHENOL CATECHINS" (a key contributive element to the possible health effects of tea), whereas the Amazon package displays "CAFFENE FREE". So I am not sure if this green tea is Caffene free or not. The other con is that sometimes the tea bag rips open when I unwrap the string from around the tea bag. So if the string seems stuck to the tea bag I put the bag in the hot water to unstick it.
214006214006B0037M33T8AWNANZ5VUO7IBJohn D. Zuccarino1151308960000the best tea ever... freah bright cleanthis has to be one of the best teas I have ever tasted... it's clean, bright, fresh...

great delivery...again quality... just try it...
214007214007B0037M33T8A1Q4PJXI5HS5WTceecee0051333065600Tea reviewI love, love this green tea. It is very hard to find in our area and some places on the internet charge a big price and I usually don't get as many boxes as I did with this merchant. I will definitely order from this seller again!! Thanks!! I depend on my green tea fix everyday!
214008214008B0037M33T8A2IX1B76ONTXELCinderella0051326585600Wonderful TeaI love this tea. It helps curb my eating during the day. My Mom and I have given it all friends to try.
214009214009B0001YYONOA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"4451304121600I make banana nut muffins with this instead of flourI mash up a banana with this, add some walnuts, olive oil and cinnamon and a dash of cloves to make muffins. As a diabetic, I can't deal with processed flour or even whole wheat flours. As this is 100% beans, it has nutritional profile of beans not flour, so I have no problems at all. I don't use any salt. If you wanted you could use salt, but you don't need to use any. I haven't used it for anything else yet.
214010214010B003D8G63QAQ3V8VWBE1NLRGeorgiaRockin'Roller0051326153600Not Espresso, ... but VERY good instant styled coffee!'Great tasting coffee.. 'Very strong with a smooth, lite whang of vanilla. It's a bit more expensive, but consider that it is from Eastern Europe. I certainly, recommend it to anyone wanting strong coffee that tastes great and you're constantly on the go.
214011214011B001FVNM62A22IG0MGKBN9W1Bruce J. Bowron "page-runner"0031303430400Not the UsualThis garlic powder lacks the hoped-for bite of the usual garlic powder. It seems to have been made from roasted garlic, not the usual raw, is more brown in color from roasting, but is good for soups and sauces. If you're looking for an intense garlic powder (as I was), this is not it.
214012214012B005GWTTR2AX4T1P39QRJR5daniel testa001133479360040 packet's 80, or what?144 80 count boxes at normal street price would be only $900-1000 tops anyway and not the claimed $1,300 this so called sale of $1,149 is a scam.
214013214013B005GWTTR2A1KOKJZKWWGHBZDale T. Brose "nascardog"0011326240000What's In The Package???Can not determine the amount included in the variety of options because no weights are listed for the packages. It would be helpful to have this information before placing an order.
214014214014B0000D94PAA1F8OS2GSUKFEAR. Montuoro "Miss Information"2251284854400Very TastyI had this cake for my birthday. It was delicious. It was nice and moist and fluffy, and tasted like pumpkin pie without the crust. (I like the filling for pumpkin pie). No bad aftertaste or anything at all. We put a dollop of Cool Whip on top instead of frosting.

We have had other Sweet n Low cakes in the past, and they have unfortunately tasted lousy. This was a pleasant surprise.
214015214015B0000D94PAA90CO572BWE62College Kid3411267574400Truly AwfulWow.
This gingerbread is terrible. Truly terrible. Inedible, even. It's not just because it is sugar-free. Of course sugar-free cake is going to be a little different and less rich. But this is way, way worse than other sugar-free baked goods. I have had sugar-free chocolate cake and loved it. THIS mix is terrible. There are many reasons:

- The batter is like a mousse, that just gets hard when it bakes. So it looks like crap because it doesn't smooth out as it bakes. Every spoon-mark is still there when you pull it out of the oven. It looks really weird. You could not serve it to company.
- The cooking time on the box (for the loaf pan) is ten minutes too long.
- There is no ginger taste, or cinnamon, nutmeg, or spice flavour in this "ginger" bread. It is flat and tasteless.
- The lack of other flavours allows the nasty aftertaste from the Sweet & Low(tm) to bloom with full force.
- The gingerbread is lacking in body, because it is as light and fluffy as a mousse. It is not helpful for dieters because it is not satisfying to eat because when you eat it, you feel like you haven't eaten anything. Strangely, this gingerbread mousse is also rubbery. Rubbery stiff mousse that dissolves in your mouth.

The overall experience is like biting into a vaguely sweet sponge. Then it dissolves. And then the bitter chemical aftertaste kicks in.

I have NO IDEA how a slice of this gingerbread could be 160 calories. There's nothing in it, it tastes nasty, and it is gross to chew on! You can have a gingerbread Pop Tart(tm) for 200 calories, or a bakery gingerbread cookie for 120 calories, and they are full of fat and sugar. How can this sugar-free, taste-free, light and fluffy rubber crap be 160 calories?
214016214016B0000D94PAACVLKX3D17HOJL. SMITH3451221436800Nice, moist cakeTHIS CAKE IS GOOD TASTING, GOOD TEXTURE.
214017214017B0000D94PAA37LNXZ3U8Z0PWparanormal junkie2311297036800~sugar free yes, low carb no~I did a search for low carb foods and this was one of the items that popped up! Hooray! The carb content isn't listed but I figured that Amazon wouldn't lead me in the wrong direction. WRONG! I got my order and this is chalk full of carbs. I didn't even bother to try it so I don't know if it's any good but if you're looking for a low carb goodie.... keep looking. This isn't it.
214018214018B0000D94PAA2QNKO1ELTFP81D. Borror2311265760000In a word...YUCK!Okay, I know it sugar free, but does that mean it also has to be flavor free? A gingerbread cake is the perfect place to load it up on great spices so it has lots of flavor. Needless to say, they didn't and this ended up being a rubbery flavor-free cake.
214019214019B0000D94PAA2AP040QO3RGYNR. K. Smith2351262131200Mmm, GingerbreadI love gingerbread. I also am on a weight loss program. When one just does not have time to make it from scratch, this mix is the perfect guiltless dessert, satisfying both my sweet cravings and the need to keep losing weight. Pair it with the Da Vinci Gourmet Sugar Free Caramel Sauce with Splenda, Half Gallon (64 Oz) or, if you want a smaller bottle, the Da Vinci SUGAR FREE Caramel Syrup 750mL, and you'll be in dessert heaven.
214020214020B00469S76AA1CX8K51I8J4VRoger Dodger1151332547200Tastes GreatI add this to the sugarfree cappuccino just to give it a flavor. It tastes great, and does taste like York Peppermint Pattie Flavor.

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