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214021214021B004TVRQ44A3AWJFBFZHIFC3jj0051343952000great for dog allergiesMy dog has so many alergies that it is difficult to find him any treats. Thank you so much for this product. The t kind my dog can eat is the salmon and rice. He loves them
214022214022B001E5E12IA1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"171751237507200i love everything form this company!this company makes the absolute best sea vegetables. and the prices when you buy in bulk can't be beat! just about half the price than in the local health food store.
i go through bags of these all year round, because i eat a lot of soup. fantastic! they add flavor and not really any fishiness. and there is a lot in each bag, so you can make many batches.
they're so good for you and you can barely taste them (i use an immersion blender so they get incorporated, for skeptical family members who wouldn't normally eat seaweed)-why not get a whole bunch?
214023214023B001E5E12IAS8ZHVA1D8SG9Literary Omnivore111151300838400New to me.I'd never tried sea vegetables before so I wasn't sure what to expect from this kelp, but several of my relatives have thyroid problems and after researching the matter I decided that adding iodine to my diet via kelp was a good idea. When I received the product and opened a packet and saw that the kelp was covered with a white dusty substance I was horrified and assumed it was moldy but after reading the instructions--always a good idea!--I was informed that it's normal and is just salt and sugar substances produced by the kelp as it is dried. This company claims that they voluntarily test for various kinds of contamination, so I was impressed by that. As for eating the kelp, I washed and inspected a piece of it, then snipped it into some chicken broth and gently simmered it for about 20 minutes. It's a little chewy--imagine a really tough cabbage leaf--and seems salty, but I found it palatable and didn't get sick or anything. In fact, I felt quite good the next day. Don't know if that was down to the kelp, but I will keep on eating it. Try it.
214024214024B001E5E12IA10I921TUK98Y6Caryn101051302393600Good product, Good priceI frequently make dashi and miso soup, so this product was a good addition to my pantry. I also read recently that I could add it to beans to reduce the "gasiness". I was somewhat skeptical, having heard that about other products in the past that did not work. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to discover that when serving a large pot of beans to extended family no one had gas the following day!

I like to use my herb scissors to quickly shred the konbu into Japanese-style soups and noodles. Delicious!
214025214025B001E5E12IA341I381Z2SAIVLynda Doyle3351303084800healthy and tastyWe love eating the kelp as a snack. Healthy alternative for hungry kids than a bag of chips. It will keep the hunger at bay.
214026214026B001E5E12IA1WSLGJJB2600Eczechchick ***silentnightranch1151322438400how do you cook without itThis is an absolute for bean and whole grain cooking. for preparing broth for soups and is THE key ingredient. Honestly I have to have it in the pantry always....especially in the winter when fresh greens are scarce.
214027214027B001E5E12IA3R0BA91PS0P7Xnewboston1151321747200Excellent productLove this stuff! Tastes great, easy to cook, very healthy. Also the bag is compostable! Will be buying this often.
214028214028B001E5E12IA29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala0051347408000Add it to soups, quinoa, brown riceI started eating this about a year ago after reading how healthy it is for you. I add it to many different dishes. I rather enjoy it in large pieces, but for those who don't care for the taste, I grind it and then add it to the dish. That way the nutrition is there without the taste. I also like this company's dulse.
214029214029B004OCAK2SA2DTANWSXAZ50RBU Bag Lady "bubaglady"0041331251200Haltex Sugar Free CaramelHaltex candies are amazing tasteful even though they are sugar free. They have a distinct taste but are a little on the expensive side.
214030214030B0036Z9DNQA9VVNJINSK96VKhaizoom0051330387200YummmyThese are little pieces of heaven. I love ulker products. They make premium chocolate products for a very reasonable price unlike the Swiss or Belgium chocolates. They charge high prices for the same chocolate.
214031214031B000JIN1H2A3S4IHF1SZ4XFSbigtex999131351178928000Great SnackI got the 1 ounce bags which are quite large actually and have around 130 calories. Texture and consistency is a cross between rice cake, popcorn, and styrofoam packing peanuts, but good flavor and an all around nice snack and good alternative to chips or other high fat / high calorie type snacks. You get a lot of snack for the calories and I would buy again.
214032214032B000JIN1H2AWNF9X2DQHOMTH. Chong "haeran_chong"8851212278400DeliciousSo delicious, and I like the individual bags. They work as portion control and make sure the booty doesn't get stale.
214033214033B000JIN1H2A18SS7AQRBSU87Dr. DR "Bronx shrink"101151177891200Healthier snackMy 2y.o. and 8y.o. children love these popcorn-like, cheesy snacks (as do I). They also don't contain MSG, making them a wiser choice than lots of other popular chips, etc. on the market.
214034214034B000JIN1H2A3IZM8ABN1LNE5P. Baumann4431286064000Have had betterI've been buying Pirate's Booty for about 7 years now. It seems to me that the 4 ounce bags taste much better than the 1 ounce. No taste of Cheddar in this shipment of 1 ounce bags. Very disappointed in it. Seems strange that they should taste so different as it is the same product.
214035214035B000JIN1H2AP8D74QD9LUULL. Steiner3351231632000Tasty snack foodPirate's booty is rice and corn puffs covered with white cheddar cheese. They have a nice cheese flavor, contain no trans fats (although it does contain 5g. of total fat, 1g. saturated), no sugar and 1g. of fiber. A one ounce bag is surprisingly filling, with 130 calories each. In addition to eating them ourselves, we keep them on hand for the grandkids, who enjoy it too.
214036214036B000JIN1H2AWJCKMNUV5S0P. Harris "write right"3351212192000Delicious - Children's favoriteThis item was sent to grandchildren, ages 3 to 7 -- and they absolutely adore it. The neighbor children tried it and begged their parents to get them some. Truly a great,nutritious snack. Wish they continued to make it in the 1/2 oz bags for the little ones.
214037214037B000JIN1H2A1SYTVKJKTV7T4AW2251255219200pirates bootymy kids love pirates booty and I can never find it in small bags for their lunch so this case of small bags is perfect
214038214038B000JIN1H2AUACQJSPYTBNJGift Card2251251849600Amazing snackSo I ordered this product yesterday at around 3 pm selected the 3-5 day shipping for 1 dollar. Today I come home and I see this box and I realize its the pirate bootys that I ordered a day ago. This product is a healthy alternative for chips and surprisingly fills me up. For 21.00 I definately reccomend it.
214039214039B000JIN1H2A2O3WZKPSP1CC0The Poet4531255651200Better BeforeI was not as pleased as I have been in the past. The product didn't taste as fresh and there were many pieces that had hard parts like popcorn that hasn't been "popped" correctly. Oddly enough, they have raised the price but lowered the quality!
214040214040B000JIN1H2A2IUWIS8F8ZSZNDaniBug1151316995200I LOVE PIRATE BOOTYMy family has always been a lover of the 'puffed corn' snack. Pirate Booty blows all of the others out of the water. The ingredient list is the first plus. The second is the taste of the real cheese used in the product. I almost never like 'cheese flavored' chips etc. But I love the taste of the Ages White Cheddar. My only complaint is that the bags never seems large enough for my appetite!!!
214041214041B000JIN1H2A3RVSS07VEXQVEJoseph Landes1141293926400Kids Love Pirate Booty!My kids like Pirate Booty a lot. It is a great snack for lunches but I find that you limit the serving to about 1 sandwich sized Ziploc bag which is about right for a school lunch. I would also point out that they don't like the consistency of it as much as Veggie Booty which is really their all-time favorite.
214042214042B000JIN1H2AAX6FRNBEU9PKSusan Clinton "gammer"1151289952000Great for lunchboxesThese snacks are great for lunchboxes.
Easy to open and not messy to eat.
They are tasty and has good size pieces.
There are just the right amount in each bag.
They are healthy snacks.

I reorder them every time Amazon has a sale!! Great prices!!
214043214043B000JIN1H2A3I47WIS3G3BPHS. D. Graham1131279065600Good...not Great...These are pretty good... better than a lot of the other snacky foods out there. My friend suggested coating them with white chocolate and making "snowman poop"...I bet that would be yummy! If your trying to cut down on how much junk you eat then these are a good alternative. Nice light flavor but honestly doesn't fill you up.
214044214044B000JIN1H2A1T31809LZY4GLNanski1151215734400Low cal snack!Me and my kids love pirate's booty. It's a cross between popcorn and cheetos. Only 130 calories for a decent size bag. Highly recommended!
214045214045B000JIN1H2AQRN2I355LZ3FRENAISSANCE MAN5721237680000mildly cheese flavored packing peanutsNot at all a "healthy" snack, though better than some. I was disappointed by the mild cheese flavor, preferring more cheddar flavor. The texture is truly much like Styrofoam packing peanuts. I just don't understand what all the fuss is about. They're just "OK".
214046214046B000JIN1H2A36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0021350172800Best Tasting Packing Peanuts Out ThereOkay: I haven't ever actually tasted packing peanuts. But I would be willing to bet that they taste and share the same texture that these grub-shaped extrusions do.

I can't believe how popular these are, actually. I'm not a particularly picky eater. I will even eat rice cakes, which are pretty Styrofoamy. But these are really unpleasant.

The "flavor" is a combination of something synthetic and inedible, with occasional hints of stale cornmeal, combined with a faint moldy cheese taste. The bizarre texture triggers an instinctive "don't eat this--it isn't food" response. The individual bits look disconcertingly similar to those large, "C" shaped June beetle grubs one occasionally digs up in the garden. I bet those taste better. This product fails on any aspect of "appeal" on every point.

If you find these tasty, I'm betting you are either (a) high; (b) drunk; or (c) 7 years old and the only other thing you eat is bologna. I kid; I kid. :)
214047214047B000JIN1H2AKOYMM5TTRIHQamandap0041349222400Easy on the go snackI love the name and the product. My daughter will eat these any time of the day. Its a great snack to throw into my purse and have on the ready. (you never know when the hungry monsters will sneak up). They are a snack that I feel good about and a treat my daughter will eat! Only down fall is the cheese dust fingers, but that really isn't a big deal.
214048214048B000JIN1H2AXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0051344124800Husband and Teen Boy Love ItWow - I found a nutritious snack that both my husband and son love. Amazing! I bought this snack after a coworker recommended it to me. Glad It did. The calories are low and it isn't messy. Winner! If you are looking for another treat, try Snyder's of Hanover Eatsmart Naturals Garden Veggie Crisps. My guys like those as well.
214049214049B000JIN1H2A1P80DQ1QCO68QHide0051341014400Awesome130 calories for the bag and it's pretty full for a small bag. It's cheaper here on the subscribe and save except when it's on sale at the local grocery store.
214050214050B000JIN1H2A23ZJO4P6T871ABeth "mom to 4"0051339718400delicious, healthy snackMy kids asked for this snack. I had never heard of it before. They are delicious....they taste similiar to cheetos, but are actually puffed rice. We eat them as a snack and as a substitute for chips.

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