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214071214071B000JIN1H2A30B0B9XFM5MI9Amber M. Dercks "A. Dercks"0051251158400Great snack for young children...I was introduced to Pirate's Booty with the aged white cheese a few years ago when my eldest was about 1year. It's the perfect treat to give young kids when you're enjoying popcorn. No kernals which means no worry about chocking. Plus it's a healthy snack for the young and the old. My girls enjoy it so much that I actually have the 10 oz bags shipped from Arizona since I can't find them at our new station.
214072214072B000JIN1H2A1YAZ616X4U3EBJ. Ford0051240272000Healthy ChipsBeware of harmful additives and preservatives in commonly purchased chips such as lays!! Surprisingly, most chips have MSG which is known to cause cancer. Robert's Gourmet is a healthy alternative to these chips. They are delicious and my son loves them. We have tried just about ever flavor and we like them all equally.
214073214073B000JIN1H2AG9A4HYVFA03GIdei "ZanneK"0051238457600Scrumptious!This is a great snack for lunches, work, travel! Delicious taste! It quickly became one of my families favorites!
214074214074B000JIN1H2A216O05OLDJQQDTamie A. Peters0051237248000Priate's BootyMy Grandchildren absolutely love this healthy snack! It's always a big hit with my family!
214075214075B000JIN1H2A1QIXPV1XB7GL4Saltchuck0051231545600Just the right size bagThis stuff is addictive! I'm glad to find individual bags to take with my brown-bag lunches, and as others have mentioned, it's nice to have the portion control aspect of single servings. I'm sure the family-sized bags wouldn't last long at my house!
214076214076B000JIN1H2A7Q3B3F0LOCU0E. JOHNSON0051228780800My kids love this stuff!My kids love this snack. My 7 year old had a pirate theme birthday party-I gave each kiddo a bag and it was a hit with both the kids and the parents. I love it too but I like mine dipped in peanut butter (my kids think I'm wierd). We enjoyed this product so much we have it set up on auto ship every 3 months (with 3 kids it goes FAST!)
214077214077B000JIN1H2A1OD0MT3I6ZVC7K. Carroll0051228608000small bags are a good idea with this snackWe love Pirate's Booty, but only when it's fresh. Opened bags seem to lose their crunch faster than other snacks, even if you use a clothespin or chip clip to keep the bag shut. The 1 oz size is perfect for 2 kids to share, and ensures that it will taste fresh and have a good crunch.
214051214051B000JIN1H2A2SUFIIV7VBXOJw0051337385600Great on the goLove this snack for school or day trips, pirate booty can be hard to stop eating so the snack bags are great, just enough
214078214078B000JIN1H2A3ICH12R2IYZZ6Joe from RI "Joe Sly"0051218412800First time buyerRobert's American Gourmet Pirate's Booty, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

Was completely satisfied with the ease in ordering the Pirate's Booty (also price was terrific). The shipment came in shortly after ordering and in perfect condition. The product was excellent and enjoyed by all!
Will definately order from in the future.
214052214052B000JIN1H2AFNE6AFYU3ZVDA. Fink0021335571200Mildly cheese flavored packing peanutsNow my review title is a "copy cat" title. I was talking on the phone with a friend while I was eating them and asked her if she had ever eaten a packing peanut (they are edible!) as I was trying to describe the taste, and the fact that they aren't labeled as chips, or popcorn or puffs or anything, they are just "pirate's booty" (it does say that they are baked corn and rice puffs) and the taste is barely even there. They aren't even a healthy snack, so do not let that persuade you. That are not an unhealthy snack, so that's a good thing, they are primarily made of corn meal (you know that stuff that has dog lovers up in arms, about the content of their dog food) There is really no nutritional value to this "snack". I guess it's geared toward children as the bag has sponge bob all over it. I don't find these tasty at all, but at the same time they aren't "untasty" My 3 year old ate a few and gave the rest to his 1 year old baby brother, who ate a few but left most.
214053214053B000JIN1H2A14G8U64IOQIMHKarenF0051335052800So goodThis stuff is delicious. I first saw the bag at whole foods and thought the heck I'll give it a try. The bags are actually bigger than they look and are perfect snack size.
214054214054B000JIN1H2A2ZKX8D8NINZ3MP. Shah0041330300800daughter loves it.Healthier than other snacks and my 4yr old loves it. Bought some nutritional yest and planning to sprinkle some on it next time I eat some. It could be more cheesy though.
214055214055B000JIN1H2A3091RP0SPZLMNBB0041330214400Tastes Great!My kids love this white cheddar snack, but it isn't always easy to find in our shopping area. This wasn't cheap, but we are happy that we can order Pirate Booty through Amazon. The 1 oz. bags are the perfect size for their school lunches. The taste is cheesy and 'em.
214056214056B000JIN1H2A8I0IS3EQ8MV2Cheri L. Williams "Cheri"0051327622400YUMMy son and I love the white cheddar pirate booty but can never find it locally. This was a great price and quick delivery. I'm getting ready to place another order. These bags are the perfect snack size and SO good!
214057214057B000JIN1H2A3K00L9I9L92BJcyngrepen0051325894400Deliciously satisfying snack that is merciful on your waistline!The aged white cheddar Pirates Booty is hands down one of my favorite dry salty snacks. I've been eating it for 5 years not and don't know if I'll ever get sick of it.

For the volume of snackage thats in the package, it has half the calories (130) than there would be if the same volume of potato chips were in the bag. In other words, its not one of those tricky bags of chips that is only 130 calories, but upon opening the bag, you find that it was pumped full of air and there's only 5 chips! When you open a bag of pirates booty, it is chock full of delicious, flavorful white cheddar puffs. They are crunchy, and melt in your mouth at the same t

Of course, fresh fruits and veggies are still the healthiest snack. Pirate's Booty is mostly carbs, a wee bit of protein, fiber, and calcium. But compared to other snacks you find in the same aisle at the grocery store, this is a much healthier alternative. The ingredients have nothing to be skeptical about, which is another plus.

It is the perfect snack to "splurge" on if you're dieting, as the caloric content doesn't make much of a dent, there's a lot in the bag, and it's full of flavor!
214058214058B000JIN1H2A2OUN2538DD7S2Lynne Marie Jackson "LynnesKitchen"0051325203200Ditch the chips- these are better!This was a total hit at my house. It is a great alternative to greasy chips and powdery neon orange cheese curls. My kids love them as does the hubby. Great to throw in a purse or backpack for snack time.
214059214059B000JIN1H2A1J281JK9L2U77Ranndella0051325116800Best tasting healthy snack I've had in awhile!These bags are so filling yet not nutritionally harmful. They are low cal, low fat, and organic. Buying a box was perfect as we had easy on the go snacks and something that felt like the thrill of having junk food without it actually being bad for you. Whenever we run out of these I always instantly buy more!
214060214060B000JIN1H2A1N1SICJ6274RS PATE0051322956800Tasty!Pirate's Booty, Aged White Cheddar tastes very similar to Cheetos white cheddar snacks without all of the calories and fat. Even my teenage son (who hates anything healthy) loves them! They're great when you crave a salty snack and don't want a b-zillion calories.
214061214061B000JIN1H2A35QXCM88F9QR3Michael0051316908800Good snacking solutionThis snack is great, I have been eating it for years and its still one of my favorites. The cheese flavor is very unique and the popcorn texture is great. Will continue to buy from amazon
214062214062B000JIN1H2A3GOE91SGJI2NRJami Rae Bruno0051314057600YUM!I ordered these in bulk for bday party goodie bags... I wasn't sure anyone would have tried them before, but I was having a pirate-themed party. ALL the kids LOVED it, and most had eaten before which was good. They were a big hit!
214063214063B000JIN1H2AHEBMAD5SIC5BJereth0051287619200My Wife Likes Them, I'm Okay With ItPirate's Booty, at least from what I remembered, was pretty tasty. Strong, bold taste.

These 1-Ounce bags seems like a watered down version from what I'm used to.

They are a light snack, and good to pack with your lunch. I would love for it to have a stronger cheddar taste, but apparently I would be wrong. My wife, and my 1 year old son loves them. They are light and melts in your mouth, so it's a very good grab and go type of snack.

If you are like me, who like to be able to taste a strong cheddar flavor... I would not get these 1-ounce bags.

But if you are like my wife, and my son who like soft and light taste of the cheddar, you would love these.

I'm going to give it a 5 stars since my wife and son loves them.
214064214064B000JIN1H2A3HKLC9CMN2358Visa "catclan"0051285891200AWESOME and very YUMMYA little expensive, but awesome and yummy. Arrived in a just a few days when they told me they would and in great shape. It ws a case of 24 small bags and they didn't last very long in our house. My three kids love them. Very delicious and lightly salted snack. Amazon took care of the packaging. It was great and fun to get them.
214065214065B000JIN1H2AWKK503L4O8JGSweetpea0051285891200Pirate's BootyI tasted this in Florida and just had to have it. I found it on Amazon and have been ordering it every other month. I love it and it is not to high in calories or carbs.
214066214066B000JIN1H2A3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry0051282694400Sized really well for a light yet filling and tasty snackThis is one of the better snacks I have tried on Amazon. The one ounce size is nice for a filling snack. You get a lot. The aged cheedar has a nice sharpness yet smoothness to it that I really enjoy
214067214067B000JIN1H2A115P1QHLDDWYZAimee Shellnut0051279756800Awesome SnackFor this product to be baked, all natural, its very good. I like it as well as Cheetos Puffs, which were my favorite.
214068214068B000JIN1H2A2U2ESZAQG8079S. M. Little0051278633600Crunchy and delish!!I first tasted these chedder puffs when receiving home delivery meals. I looked on line to find more! It's like a cheese puff but is made with rice and corn. Very light and really tasty. I ordered a box of 24 single serving bags. Great for dieters, and makes you feel like you are cheating. Excellent product. I will buy it again!
214069214069B000JIN1H2A1L7MJ9I7VIVVYBarbara A. Langan0041271635200Satisfies a need!I have many diet restrictions, including very low sodium. Apart from some fruits, I was at a loss for a "snacky" food. Well I found it with this! Incredibly good, and there is no need for a whole portion. I get the crunch, the cheese taste (which is super hard to find on low salt diets), and I am more than satisfied. Thanks, Amazon. I found this just by browsing my favorite site.
214070214070B000JIN1H2AEYJ1RHXCOLDRJenny "Boodster"0051252713600AddictionIt is soooo good! I am addicted to them I must have 1 of them everyday if I have them in the house or I go crazy! Good price for a good food!
214079214079B000JIN1H2A2XU2N5XCIRZ0SM. Rosen "Critical"0141348531200Oh Dear!My Grandson takes a 1oz. bag of Pirates Booty each day for lunch in school.Today he came home "Grossed out" his words , because there was " a dark brown, hard as a rock, chunk of something" in his bag.
My explanation was that probably a piece of Booty got caught in a machine, overcooked and the came loose and fell in his bag.
Would appreciate it if you have another or better explanation. He is a picky eater at best. Would be a shame to lose a reasonably healthy snack.

You need another 'contact us' method. Did not want to make this a review but could not find another way. Usually he and his sister love your products.
214080214080B000JIN1H2ADJH3RUOLDJVLJames L. Massey "Reddrum101"0111343865600expiredoredered some, the ones i got were past date and stale, some packages were open. so not gonna buy food from here again

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