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214081214081B000JIN1H2AUGXZ6WTKYEKOSmooth 6.750151332460800Perfect snack 4me!1 oz 130 calories...tastes great...not even interested in cheetos...this tastes delish and is healthy...baked not fried...gluten free...enough to wipe out snacky cravings. A no brainer. Will order again and again...trick will be to stick to one bag. I think it can be done because there is no sugar...and that is what causes cravings in me. So any of those 100 calorie cookie things...they do me zero good, cuz I crave more...those are perfect for peeps that can stop at one bag...I cannot when there is sugar involved. (exception, vitatops...think it is because they are loaded with protein)
214082214082B000JIN1H2AEO407GROR6JBSusan C. McConnell "Avid reader"0121328659200Bland and dry!These little cheese-curl-like things have barely ANY flavor, cheddar or otherwise. And they are VERY dry. I bought a six-pack at the grocery store, but will donate most of the bags to my office's lunch room. Bleh.
214083214083B000JIN1H2A45RMUB1YIDK9aggie0151284249600What NO popcorn!!!!!I love this product. I have always been a popcorn eater, but now I have sacks in my colon, so no seeds, nuts etc.
I found Pirates Booty years ago when I was on Weight Watchers, it was a great snack and hardly any calories.

Now that I have this condition it is a great snack for me and I just love it.

The only problem is that it was very hard to find a store that carries it. I have found that I can now purchase it on line.

This is a wonderful product and I hardly recommend it.

Janet Wilder
214084214084B000JIN1H2A1E9Y25I21672Zgrapegrl0151244073600nom, nom, nom!I ordered a case of these to include in goodie bags for my nephew's pirate-themed birthday party this year. The kids (and adults!) loved them. The bags are generously sized and they are a great-tasting snack that you don't have to feel guilty about eating. I think I'll order a couple of cases to give out at Hallowe'en this year!
214085214085B000JIN1H2AZ6REMN5JER8Lalissha0151243468800Simply Delightful!This is a yummy snack, fairly low in carbs, and really tasty. I love the crispy texture. You'll find yourself wanting more of this great treat.
214086214086B000JIN1H2A2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"0251287792000Y U M M Y.... .A N D.....B E T T E R....F O R....Y O U R....T U M M Y ...!WHILST I'LL NEVER STOP CONSIDERING POTATO CHIPS, (especially barbeque potato chips, sigh!), as my favourite snack, PIRATE'S BOOTY popcorn snacks come a very, (very!) close second. Since they are made of popcorn, (and not potatos), they are better for one's over-all health -- especially one's eyes. Potatos are, (ssady : ( a STARCH, and no matter how much nutrition they contain, they still are loaded with carbohydrates, and starches..... :_(

Aha - and Avast, there! As here come the (very!) friendly "Pirates", who make "Pirate's Booty" snacks. This particular flavour, AGED WHITE CHEDDAR, is totally scrumptious, besides giving the crunchiness that potato chip lovers crave! : )(People who list potato chips as their favourite snacks -- such as Diane Sawyer, (and me!) -- are reputed to show a personality that wants to TAKE CHARGE! Yep -- potato chip lovers are the natural leaders of the world, those who crave power!
I know that both I -- and I'm sure Ms. Sawyer -- want power so that we can do GOOD things for the rest of humanity, abd why not? (Don't kid yourself -- there ARE, and HAVE BEEN such people, throughout history. THEODORA, once a slave and then wife of Emporer Justinian was one. With her power, she wanted to HELP the poor of Byzantium.
Really! Of course, the born aristocrats didn't like THAT too
much! Or, THE GREAT of Russia, who worked alongside of workers to help build his palace! And J.F.K. Jr, (and Sr?) who belonged to the 'ROBIN HOOD SOCIETY', as well as OPRAH WINFREY, (I'm not sure that potato chips were/ are the favourite snack of JFK Jr., (or Senior), or of Ms. Winfrey -- but I'd take a bet on it), well
as....well.....DIANE SAWYER, whom I saw on TV saying that potato chips WERE her favourite snack, and....and...well, and hopefully, me, if I ever can find a way to get the wealth and power which my love of potato chips so clearly indicates!)

Yet potato chip must, of course, be eaten with discretion, and not with abandon....or one's hope for a healthy life will also soon be....abandned. PIRATE'S BOOTY, who's major ingredient is not potato chips, but much more healthy popcorn, (here topped with scrumptious aged white cheddar cheese -- also a carbohyrate and starch...but which here, as a topping, is, though one can definitely taste it('s yumminess), is not nearly as much of an ingredient as
potato chips have potatos! For those who have heretofore only had
the caramel, Cracker-Jack type coated popcorn, the infinitely lighter, (though still totally scrumptious!) taste of PIRATE'S BOOTY snacks will come as a revelation. One can find oneself eating just as much of PIRATE'S BOOTY snacks, (especially THIS delightful aged cheddar least for me!), as one heretofore did with potato chips! Only -- much of the guilt is gone, because, ounce for ounce, these PIRATE'S BOOTY snacks are far, far healthier!

And -- PLEASE don't think of "nasty" pirates, such as Peter Pan's Captain Hook, or the real-life Salesian Pirates, when you eat this wonderful snack. Think of....Caotain Ballows, in the movie, "The Crimson Pirate", or Dr. Peter Blood, (played by Errol Flynn!), in the movie, "Captain Blood". These are good, and HEROIC pirate figures...pirates who fought for freedom! (And who knows, but that SOME present, real-life "pirates", may someday soon do the same thing?)

Althogh these snacks are NOT vegan, they ARE certified kosher.

At any rate -- be sure to FREE yourself of needless calories,
and carbohydrates! Have delicious PIRATE'S BOOTY Snacks, at least half the times you reach for potato chips! As the Pirate's parrot might say: "Awwwwk! They're Goooooood!"
214087214087B000JIN1H2A1Y7JCTEBJC7K1Sharon K. Haldorsen "Momzy247"0251177718400YummyThese are very good. If you haven't tried these they are worth the purchase. My grandchild love these. Sort of reminds you of popcorn.
214088214088B000JIN1H2A3RQ93FSQV5UPCGlenn Oppegard1421249603200Not deliciousI bought a 2 x 10 oz. pack from [...]. Threw the second bag out because it simply doesn't taste good. The caramel booty is recommended, but not this.
214089214089B000JIN1H2AGAJQ2K83YW7Pjpetkun0321342137600sponge bob???I bought these individual size bags of pirate's booty for my 4 year olds pirate themed birthday party. They arrived in perfect condition, perfect size, etc. However...they have a giant picture of Sponge Bob on the front of the package. This is NOT how they are pictured on Amazon. We do NOT let our kids watch Sponge Bob. Now I have all of these bags of snacks emblazoned with a character we do not endorse. I of course did not discover this until the night before the party. Thanks a lot for a lot of trouble. Send what you sell in the picture!!!
214090214090B000JIN1H2A1OMSKXEIKVEVJzaida0511335139200Aged cheddar gives me sinus infectionTastes great, addictive but I always get a sore throat and I am coughing up a lot of mucus within 24 hours of eating it. The aged cheddar flavr
214091214091B000JIN1H2ANECKENJ6Z0EWBrethums "bethofspring"42111280448000Beware of this product - NOT VEGANThis may be a fine product, but Amazon included it in a Vegan product email to me.
Cheese is not vegan.
214092214092B000TOB8QWA19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee7741295308800Not Exactly Like the Real Thing But Still GoodI mix a half a bottle of this sauce with a can of Campbell's healthy request condensed cream of chicken soup plus a little skim milk. I add diced cooked chicken, steamed broccoli or steamed cauliflower. Season to taste and heat through and serve on Ronzoni Smart Pasta or Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta. Lots of times I'll also add some low sodium chicken bouillon to the recipe.

I've even served the recipe above to company - including family who would have NO qualms telling me it was awful and even they thought it wasn't bad.

I have to admit, I'm not wild about this as it comes out of the jar. I do think it needs to be "doctored" up and you absolutely won't mistake this for the yummy chicken fettucini you can get at a nice restaurant but if you are watching calories/carbs or on a restricted diet then this is not a bad alternative.
214093214093B000TOB8QWA30LC98OQ3O03SGretchen Fisher7821202688000ok but don't expect it to taste like alfredook I guess considering there aren't any calories but it's not going to taste like alfredo. I am not going to buy this again.
214094214094B000TOB8QWA2M107FF5E9FMIJennifer Smith "~Jynn"3331287446400EhI really like Walden farms calorie free fruit dips and salad dressings, so was excited to give this a try. It was disappointing. This sauce is thin and pretty bland. It's edible with a little work (salt, pepper, spices) but I don't think I will be buying this one again. It might be good to mix 50/50 with a real sauce to REDUCE the calories, but as is I just did not care for it. I will say that ate it on shirataki fettuccine noodles, which do not have much flavor so that could have been part of the problem. This would probably be good used in a chicken bake or something (would still need to add some salt and pepper tho)
214095214095B000TOB8QWA3JZJQHY3159IQL. Martinez "-PawScore"3411333324800YUCK YUCKKK ... but MY fault :(Someone should find a way to SUE me for being stupid enough to give Walden Farm's lineup of Sauces which SHOULD be savory another shot.... EVERY savory sauce I have tried so far (Ranch, French Onion, blue cheese) has been full of disgust and disappointment...

RANCH should NOT be sweet.. it does NOT need the splenda
FRENCH ONION should NOT be sweet!!! wtf?!
BLUE CHEESE??? come on! WTF would anyone want sweet blue cheese

Alfredo sauce... when has anyone ever had SWEET Alfredo sauce?! I am sooo stupid for buying this... I have NOT been at all impressed by Walden's lineup of the savory type sauces... it is absolutely a crime... these savory sauces would be much better without the sucralose :( maybe one day I will give it another shot when they remove the stupid unnecessary sweetener... no amount of hot sauce or garlic could get rid or even mask the sweet flavor... YUCK
214096214096B000TOB8QWA3MKGLXWTM6DJLBlink12170011349654400Nope. No. your money and taste budsI've really enjoyed pretty much everything I've tried from Waldens...but this was simply disgusting. I'm on a super strict diet and pretty much grateful for ANY kind of flavor, but one taste of this and the whole jar was thrown away immediately. To me it tasted like sour cream mixed in milk that has gone past it's expiration date :(
214097214097B000TOB8QWA2O6XAR814CFB6Madi0011346284800AwfulDon't waste your money. It tasted very bad, I wasn't able to eat it at all. Other products from Walden Farms are pretty good, but this has bad flavor and consistency.
214098214098B000TOB8QWA2OFCIEJV3DZV8BigRead0011340841600Bad TasteI was hugely disappointed with this product. The Walden Farms line of 0 calorie salad dressings are great. This alfredo sauce is not. Do not waste your money on it!
214099214099B000TOB8QWA1XCM5HHAWFFFCSharon A. Carroll0011337817600Strange tasteI ordered 3 jars of this calorie free Alfredo sauce thinking it would be good like Walden Farms other products such as the chocolate sauce. I was very disappointed as the sauce has a very strange taste to it. I will give the other 2 jars to my daughter in hopes that she might like it.
214100214100B000TOB8QWA39IMKS9MXF5IIfrunao0031337472000Not too sureUpon first taste of this product it was pretty good. But, the after taste and feeling left in my stomach were not so great. I will try it one more time.
214101214101B000TOB8QWA26JCUSQE70TA8Mommy to be3551286841600Tastes amazingthis is so amazing, it taste great. I cant tell the differnce at all and alittle goes such a long way. I add tsp of parm. cheese over the top and it taste just like olive garden. hahah imagine calorie free alfredo that taste good!!!! I will buy this for life, i recoemend it to everyone and anyone :)
214102214102B0042YYBF0A26EG1PEIVE8CBR. Smith "Rsmith"2251298764800Grandma's Chili Seasoning is the best chili Seasonings in the worldwhen all the grocery stores stop selling this good chili I was happy to find it on here thank you for bringing this wonderful stuff to the world again no other chili seasoning has the great flavor that Grandma's chili brings to the table my whole family of seven shows up when this is cooked even my neighbors come over with a bowl in hand when I am cooking Grandma's Chili Seasonings I hope you never stop selling it.
214103214103B0051OQ73EA14WWT0QD2UTUMP. Long "fattie man"4551174867200if i had am illion stars it would not be enoughthese are the best cookies in the universe, and i wish i was a little less heavy so i could at least rolls over in bed and grab a fresh bag

my mom has not been home in four hours, where is she

my cookies i need my cookies
214104214104B0051OQ73EABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05210051323993600PEPPERIDGE FARM CHESAPEAKE COOKIES(PACK OF 4)Another delicious selection from the Pepperidge Farm Cookie Line-Up called Chesapeake Dark Chocolate Pecan. You get 8 large cookies per bag with 4 bags in an order. I purchased mine through Warehouse Deals fulfilled by for $8.73 per order *I got 2* 'cause it was such a good price! These normally go for $3.49/per bag in the supermarket/grocery store and usually are not 1 of the type of Pepperidge Farm Cookie that goes on sale at all, unlike their Milano Cookie Brand counterpart which do on a semi-regular basis. A great deal, highly recommended, buy them if the price is right!
214105214105B0051OQ73EA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0051323820800Good taste and quailityDelicious as usual for this cookie. Love them. Glad Amazon had them on their website, esp. on sale when I ordered them. Can't beat that.
214106214106B0051OQ73EAQY5SNQULV6BRLaytonsvillebuyer0111328486400Stale cookiesI purchased these Pepperidge Farm cookies for a family member that is sick in the hospital. The cookies had an expiration date of 5/2/2012 but they were STALE. This was very embarrassing and disappointing to say the least. This tells me that food products are not a good buy from Amazon.
214107214107B003VMW0KCA2Q3IO6IOIVX7Xidget "mellowde"0031328313600RUNNY OILY BLANDThis product doesn't stand up when spooned out of the jar like some other good mayonnaises do and has less taste. The texture of lack of texture causes salads to be runny and gooey instead of solid as a result. Hellmans and some others I've tried are very thick and tastier with no oily taste. I judged this product just satisfactory 3 stars only.
214108214108B003VMW0KCAQ3TQZLY6SIUQMichele R0051322179200Never run outGreat price, same exact size I was purchasing at the store, here it is less $$! ships fast I love it
214109214109B003VMW0KCAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051320796800no competition...its the best for mei really love this kraft mayo. i make all sorts of sandwiches with mayo. even just dipping my tomato into kraft mayo is delicious. i eat alot of this mayo and i am very happy with this purchase. the freshness date of mine was well into next year.
214110214110B001P734XCA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname1131270771200It's okayThe good thing about Pop Secret kettle corn is that when I use the popcorn button on the microwave, every single kernel pops without burning.

Pop Secret kettle corn doesn't taste all that bad; but it has texture that's a little bit leaning toward carboard and I don't think they've captured the distinctive kettle corn flavor. It's also very greasy. I don't think of kettle corn as greasy. The ones at the county fair certainly are not.

The best microwavable kettle corn is the one the Boy Scouts used to sell. If only that company would bring it back. I'm still searching for a replacement.

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