Amazon Fine Food Reviews

214171214171B002XVUBH6AZXMF83P31PN1K. Hernandez1151268352000They're actually Tim Tam'sI love these cookies, The packaging doesn't say Tim Tam's but these are Tim Tams and they're good. Grab a cup of coffee and have one.
214172214172B000EXA92MA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"5551156723200Easy chocolate for fondueI wanted a chocolate fountain for a recent party with 70 guests. After looking at many fountains, I splurged and got the Sephra. The Sephra, which is over twice the price of the Rival, has elegant looks and incredible quality. Why put ordinary chocolate in it? This SF chocolate was delicious. It is also easy to use. For most people, the fountain is only one of many things being prepared for a dining event, so speed and ease are extremely important. The bags heat nicely to get your fountain going quickly. Well worth it, and much easier than fussing with oil and chocolate blocks or chips.
214173214173B000EXA92MA1ES0BLUJRK3HPR. Staib "Ros"4451156809600Perfect!This chocolate was so delicious and easy to use. I was nervous when I got my fountain that I would have to spend a ton on chocolate and then have to put lots of oil in it, but this stuff is amazing. It was so easy to melt in the microwave (right in the bag)and flowed just perfectly. It was the absolute hit of the bridal shower and will make another appearance at the bachelorette party and then at out holiday party. The chocolate has a rich flavor. Delicious, easy, and FUN!
214174214174B000EXA92MA2KF5OBT25P0MXJoy Robertson3341266796800better than chocolate chips & oil, not as good as SephraMost people would probably have no objection to this product, and it was good, it just wasn't the wonderful chocolate love affair I was looking for. I was willing to try it because it cost less and had free shipping. It was better tasting than the fondue melts I've had from craft stores. And more satisfying (and a whole lot easier) than adding oil to chocolate chips. I'm still going to have to spring for the Sephra next time, though. I am a very finicky chocolate connoiseur. If you are not, then you would probably really like this product.
214175214175B000EXA92MA1WX42M589VAMQMir2251176249600A lovely, delicious, easy to use product. Can even eat it like snack!I bought this for an occasion, and it was a dream. Melted perfectly in the microwave--you do NOT need a fondue apparatus. Just nuke it.

You can nuke it in the bag, or pour some out and nuke the dish. Great either way. Lovely creaminess, nice dark chocolate flavor (not overpowering), yum.

And the small niblets are great in a candy dish, fine for snacking, too. Not as intensely dark chocolate for snacking (the fat content is high for it to melt perfectly). But when it tastes fine in the hand, you know it'll taste good on your strawberry or dried fig or bits of angel food cake or banana disc or whatever.

So, to recap: 1. ease of use 2. nice flavor 3. can be a snack when unmelted 4. comes in a big bag that makes a huge amount, or you can use some now and put some away for the next family occasion. (Since it comes in a two-pack, I gave one pack away as a gift.)

I'd use it again. No problem.

OH, and that previous poster who said that the packaging was devious? I have no idea what that was about. I got the exact package shown above in the amazon image of this fondue chocolate, and I didn't get 2 bags with big blocks. I got just what is shown. Two bags full of nice, discreet, fresh, tasty, very small circles/discs of dark chocolate. Not a big block of chocolate. Perhaps that reviewer's chocolate got overheated and melted on route? I dunno. But I got exactly what was promised and was quite, quite satisfied.
214176214176B000EXA92MA9DDYVBUY4XQ2Cocky_Balboa2241168387200Nice!I got this stuff for our Cuisinart fondue pot. This stuff is idiot-proof to make... I have no kitchen skills and I made some kick butt fondue. Melted real quick, evenly, and it tasted even better. No need to add anything to the chocolate like oil or anything.

Only bad thing is I wish the bag had a resealable zipper because 32oz. is way too big for me. Great product overall and I will by it again.
214177214177B000EXA92MA3EZ6Z0SQPKSUXR. Liddell2241168300800Works in my machineI have a Sephra Elite machine, used the SF chocolate and it was an absolute hit. Given that SF costs about half what other suppliers are asking for their chocolate I don't see how you can go wrong with this product.

My only complaint is that Amazon was out of stock when I went to reorder and I had to settle for Milk Chocolate at Christmas(OK - but I'm a dark chocolate fan.)
214178214178B000EXA92MA25RVC572O7JRJLynn A. Grainger2251156809600Dark Chocolate FountainThis is an excellent product for use in chocolate fountains. It was easy to prepare (just warm in the microwave and then knead until smooth) and worked perfectly in the fountain. It flowed smoothly for hours and tasted wonderful! The guests all raved about it! This was used for a bridal shower and worked well all afternoon and into the evening. Excellent flavor and texture! We plan to use it again at the post-wedding-reception party!
214179214179B000EXA92MA2XPGNJ8YUPHM0H. Grove "Errant Dreams Reviews"1131297728000Melts so well, but the flavor's offThe small pieces of chocolate melt incredibly smoothly---much more so than "normal" bar or chip chocolate. This makes them perfect for fondue, or for simply stirring into hot milk for a drink. The dark chocolate could be richer and darker; I thought it tasted closer to milk chocolate, and lacks the depth of flavor of really good-quality chocolate.
214180214180B000EXA92MA2JFNQ0A8AFB4Kjwbems0011331424000Very low quality chocolateWhat a waste of money!!!!!! Based on other customer's review I gave it a try. I bought 6 packs right away, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (2 packs each) The only good thing about this chocolate is that it melts easily but it taste horrible. Super sweet and very cheap quality. I'm throwing out the rest of the package.
214181214181B000EXA92MA1DGDQSUJRQ6WGSir Poofmaster0031327536000ACTUAL ingredients...I have not used this product yet, so the review is purely to inform potential consumers of the actual product ingredients. The ingredients listed on the product label (dark chocolate variety) are:

Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, Buttermilk, Soy Lecithin and Natural Vanilla Flavor.

(Packaged on machinery that also processes soy nuts and tree nuts. Contains dairy products.)
214182214182B000EXA92MA1U1ALQQMB6J22J. Beardsley0051311033600Worked Great in our Chocolate FountainUnlike chocolate chips or other fondue meltables, this fondue chocolate worked perfectly in our chocolate fondue fountain. It required almost no oil or paraffin to keep it smooth and silky, which is perfect because the oil tends to detract from the chocolate taste. It melted relatively quickly and very smoothly. Once the fountain got going, it really kept moving along nicely. I do recommend doing a pre-melt in a pan before adding to the fountain, as this tends to make it run even better. The chocolate itself tastes wonderful on whatever you are dipping. Highly recommended!
214183214183B000EXA92MA2BDFE4YO4R76XAlexandra0051271808000Great for fountainsOne bag will be enough for a good flow in a small fountain. It is very easy to melt in the microwave inside its bag, without the addition of oil or anything else.
More importantly, it tastes great, and goes very well with strawberries, bananas and marshmallows.
If you have a chocolate fountain, I highly recommend it.
214184214184B000EXA92MA2BZV6DVC1OQU3S. DeWitt0051271203200great chocolateWe have bought this chocolate before for our little chocolate fountain and we love it! It's so easy to use
214185214185B000EXA92MAUKJ1B3X4MG8QMona Lisa0211167782400Deceptive packagingFrom the picture on the package I assumed that the chocolate came in small pieces. Instead it seems to be a huge hunk. I cannot use it for the purpose it was purchased and I am not allowed to return it according to Amazon's policy. The packages have never been opened and sit on a shelf in the kitchen.
214186214186B002MG45SIA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"0051273536000Amazing CoffeeThis is seriously one of the best coffee i have ever tasted. I have worked at dunkin donuts and starbucks, tasted many different kinds on my own and this is by far one of the best i have ever tasted.
214187214187B004KN7RWMA3HSPTUZVNGQIPD. Rogers "heart2read"1151327276800great food for sensitive dogsBoth of my dogs are terriers and have skin issues. After 2 months the itching and redness has stopped and the poops are very easy to clean up!
214188214188B001EQ4I9IA2UFNR7I1LL24URichard Bienvenu5541162598400Good coffee, but seriously over-pricedI've been drinking Millstone French Roast for years and when Sam's stopped carrying (unflavored) French Roast, I tried the 2 pack from Amazon; however, $14.24 for 20oz works out to $11.39/#, which is pretty pricey, even with "prime" free shipping!
214189214189B001EQ4I9IA3P06WU48D99CRGwendolyn L. Brody0051334966400great coffee, good priceMillstone coffee is right up there with Starbucks.My complaint is that the packages are only 10 ounces. Considering the price I still feel like I got a good deal.
214190214190B001EQ4I9IA477K9DCIV77Wcathleen ar0051279152000french roast millbourne coffeecoffe is delicious, arrived quickly and I like being able to sign up for regular bi-monthly delivery
214191214191B001EQ4I9IA2AQNJO6J3PE4wiimi0051237248000Great full-bodied coffeeMillstone French Roast Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)

My husband loves this brand and type of coffee and was happy to find it at Amazon. Would only wish that they would put it back on the Subscribe and Save section so that I would automatically receive it every month.
214192214192B001EQ4I9IA1TYKEGBE25WC9Diane Solberg "dsolberg"1251260316800The best coffee I have ever had.Millstone French Roast has spoiled me for all other coffees. I used to drink Folgers or Hills Brothers and was happy with it. Then on a whim, I decided to try some Millstone French Roast. Now I wonder how I ever drank that swill before. ;) I have tried various other brands of French Roast including Seattle's Best, Carribou, Sam's Choice, and others, but keep coming back to the Millstone. It is by far the smoothest.
214193214193B001SAYPTSA1RTIPSBPL6L0DNicole151811265155200STALE!Maltesers are fantastic, but I wouldn't buy any food from Amazon ever again. I've read too many reviews about stale food, and wow, this was about as stale as they come! I tried eating them anyway, but after I got them, found them for sale in a store. Wow! What a difference! These were terribly stale from Amazon, and I would be VERY hesitant about buying ANY food from amazon ever again.
214194214194B001SAYPTSA1KEIXRN1JOHYLWhistler1151343865600Very HappyAs with some other reviewers, I had misgivings about ordering Maltesers online, fearing they'd be stale or melted. I needn't have worried. They arrived five days after I placed my order, wrapped in a thermal wrap with a cold pack inside. Trade Concepts packed and shipped wonderfully. We'll get through the entire 25 package box well before the expiration date. I'll be ordering from Amazon again.
214195214195B001SAYPTSA1368KR8PBLAEJLisa A. Roberts0051339718400Have no fear - freshness here!I was concerned before I ordered, based on the reviews that said their Maltesers were stale, out of date, etc. I ordered anyway, given the great price and the fact that I have been CRAVING maltesers forever. Thankfully, they arrived quickly, packaged well and with three plus months before they expired. I will be reordering when my "stash" gets lower.
214196214196B001SAYPTSAZJU834V85U71Ronni0011326672000Not So HappyThe Malteser's are one my favorite European candies. However, the order I received was stale so I wasn't happy at all. I won't be ordering from that company again.
214197214197B001SAYPTSA3SS1C39ZWFO9GYum "steebb"0041292198400GenuineI almost didn't buy these due to the earlier review complaining of staleness. I'm glad I ordered them, however, as they arrived in perfect condition. In fact, the expiration date (6/11) is the same as the Maltesers I bought in London last month.
214198214198B001HTIV7CA3HVML44BPPS2GS. A. Adams "I AM"0051294444800Awesome Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds - but cheaper at the local storeMy husband and I are hooked on these. They taste wonderful. The dark chocolate is just right - not too sweet, but not bitter at all either - a perfect complement to the almonds. The almonds are wonderfully crunchy with that fresh "snap" feeling between your teeth as you bite down on them.

I get these at our local Hannaford's for $1.79 each. Before the New Year they were $ 1.58 each. I was hoping to find them for less on Amazon... Oh well, I guess that strategy doesn't always work out either... sigh... But don't let that phase you, if you're a chocolate lover. These are truly great treats! Seriously addictive.
214199214199B000WYL68YA31N6KB160O508Fran W.1151273190400Excellent tasting , cute reusable tinThese are nice little white flat drops of chocolate in a beautiful resuable hinged tin. There are quite a few in each tin. I estimate about 30. Very nice to have as a little snack and would make a cute gift also.
214200214200B00469VH4YA867X78IJFE8HCG0051343088000Hard to find locally. Decent price.I love this flavor, but I can never find it locally. Used subscribe & save for good price w/free shipping.

The flavor was excellent. Fresh product. I use it as a base for my "Texas Trash" mix. Will definitely be purchasing again with S&S.

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