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214261214261B004B3WWC6A1HWG7KQIB30LTCVebe6751323907200Pooch Is HappySo far, our Cairn is happy with the purchase. He absolutely loves bully sticks, and we like the teeth cleaning factors they offer. Our dog is what we call a "Super Chewer". Once he gets a bully stick, he can't leave it alone until it's finished. With the Downtown Pet Supply bullies, it takes about one hour for our dog to chew it down to a 1-1/2" piece. Considering how much our dog loves to chew, I don't feel like the bully wears down too quick. We typically give our pup a break at the 30-minute mark so the bully lasts several days. We try to steer clear of giving him too much protein all at once.

What we do like with the DPS bullies is the size. DPS claims they are 6" sticks and they don't disappoint. Out of the entire 18 pack, we didn't find one under 6 inches so they aren't skimping on product.

In the past, we've bought the expensive bullies from Petco, but we feel these are by far the best value. For the most part, they don't stink too bad. We can't speak to the claim they are free range, but the good news is they don't reek like a barn full of bulls! What really matters is we will buy these again and couldn't find a reason to give them less than 5 stars!
214262214262B004B3WWC6A3RSB9UM5SGCZ5Jack Mowreader "Jack"5611329264000Made my dog sickMy dog likes bully sticks, but these made her really sick. After eating them, she threw up and had diarrehea. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but when she did it a second time, I knew the bully sticks were the cause. I dont' recommend these.
214263214263B004B3WWC6AILAHGJ0LY6ROPapillon Mama2251296777600Low odor, still tasty!I ordered the smaller pack of these to check out the quality and at first thought they were a little too thin for me, however, they have proven to be perfect for my little papillon! So I decided to buy the 30 pack! Not big enough for my golden retrievers, but my papillon LOVES these sticks! They don't smell as bad as others I've bought which iswonderful! They also arrived very quickly which was great because I had run out and he wanted more very soon. This is a great value for the money.
214264214264B004B3WWC6A12LH2100CKQOKris Vonderahe "God is a refuge for us"4551319932800one of my dogs really likes themI have 2 Chihuahuas (4 pounds, and 6 pounds). The small dog is finicky; he likes Nylabone Nutri Dent Edible Dental Chew, 36 Count Extra Value Pack The larger dog likes the bully sticks. So, I give the nylabone to the small dog, and he is happy; and I give the bully stick to the larger dog, and he is happy. The bully stick lasts for an hour or longer. It is something natural for him to chew-on, and it helps to keep tartar and plaque down. I give it to him every 3 days or so.

There is an odor to them when I open the bag to take one out. When they are sealed in the bag, you can't smell them. When the dog is chewing on it, you can't smell it. And they don't leave residue on the carpet or furniture.

They come in different sizes and quantities. Here is a larger size: 12" BULLY STICKS - Large Select Thick - Dog Chew Treats, 12 inch (4 Pack), by Downtown Pet Supply

You can also buy these directly from DogStuff4u (which I did); just Google that name; they have free shipping too. After going to their website, just click the "bully sticks" link.

For further dental care, I also use the following item in my dogs' water: Pet Dental Liquid Tartar Remover Liquid 16 Fl OZ
214265214265B004B3WWC6A1IKBMADFY2NFHGreg4521302652800"Thick" is a relative term.Much as another reviewer indicates, these bully sticks were anything but "thick". My dog goes through bully sticks on a regular basis and to even call them standard sized was an overstatement. My dog likes them so I have no complaint about the quality. The problem is he can go through these at a rate of one a minute.

If you are looking for small bullysticks these will suffice, but you can find them for far less elsewhere. If you are looking for sticks bigger than a pencil, keep look elsewhere.
214266214266B004B3WWC6A33HGEED1MY62KGregWoods1131349568000Good Bullys, but priceyI bought the 48 count bag for $75. Upon receiving, I weighed the bag, and it was only 2 lbs. That's $38 / lb, which is ridiculously expensive. I will be searching amazon for a little better value on my next bully stick purchase.
214267214267B004B3WWC6ARJC0UOV9X7T0Reads&Runs1141325203200Stinkier than Cadet Bully SticksOur dog loooooves bully sticks, and they are great for keeping him occupied when we need to get work done around the house. These bully sticks seem to be high quality and last as long as other brands. All bully sticks are pretty stinky, however we thought these sticks were stinkier than our usual brand Cadet. The Cadet brand sticks all smell the same stinky way - however, some of these sticks smelled like regular bully sticks and some smelled like poop. YES POOP. More than once I had to do a shoe-check to see if I stepped in some doo, but nope - no doo, just these sticks. I guess we would purchase these again if they were considerably less expensive than Cadet, but otherwise, we probably wouldn't.... not because they aren't decent sticks... but because they are extra stinky.
214268214268B004B3WWC6A1DYQU3SKN4YA2Sonia C. Stewart1121323734400Not the bestI've purchased other brands but my dog wasn't interested in these at all. Sorry I got so many. They don't smell funny and don't seem rancid. I'll throw they away instead of giving away to be safe.
214269214269B004B3WWC6A1N9G5G9FXA8O4B. Flynn-Spencer1151305244800Dog loved themMy dog just loves these and they are useful to help lure him into his kennel or pay attention on his walk
214270214270B004B3WWC6AAKGEF7DTNJ23debbsie1151303689600Puppy Loves These ChewsBillie, my PB Havanese puppy loves these bully sticks. I'd recommend them. My vet recommends bully sticks as the best chewy for puppies.
214271214271B004B3WWC6A19ENMX3BK38A7bltxnj1151297296000Bully sticksBully sticks were recommended by a dog trainer for our Golden Retriever puppy because they are much safer than rawhide. He loves them! I recommend them and plan to buy more!
214272214272B004B3WWC6A1DMQDSS963RJJFwen1151296950400Bully SticksLoved the bully sticks, my dogs chew them for hours. and there were so many in the package very well worth the money
214273214273B004B3WWC6AZG9EDI19F7UOStacie Gottlieb1151296777600Excellent item!I bought these for my four month old puppy, who is teething. She loves them! They keep her busy chewing for hours on end! I highly recommend them.
214274214274B004B3WWC6AILAHGJ0LY6ROPapillon Mama1151296777600My dog loves these!These bully sticks are great, much less stinky compared to the ones I've bought locally. I have a little Papillon and these are the perfect size for him but too small for my big golden retrievers. These are reasonably priced and I'll definately be buying more in the future!
214275214275B004B3WWC6A2LH3AJ2XGE2LOcindy3411331164800What a joke.I'm not sure what is considered Thick Select...sounds like an industry term, but I received 10 bully sticks and most of them were barely thicker than a pencil. I don't associated pencils with being thick and these bully sticks are better suited to a Pomeranian then my German Shepherds. I seldom complain about products but when its completely misrepresented, I have no choice but to warn others. If there is a way to leave a picture, someone leave me a comment on how too and I will.
214276214276B004B3WWC6A3HXA0CUQISEBAZL "ZL"0011350432000Smelliest bully stick ever!Although our dog loved the taste of these bully sticks, they smelled to high heaven. I know that bully sticks aren't supposed to smell like roses, but these things were the worst! It smelled like the worst case of foot funk ever. I thought that maybe if I aired them out it would be better, but that did not help. Our dog was so excited to have this treat, but in the end, we threw them all away because we couldn't handle the odor any longer.
214277214277B004B3WWC6A3BFZPO95RAUS7tabatha19760051348185600Bully Sticks R A Must!Bully sticks are awesome. This is a go to treat for my dog. They are also great for keeping his attention on the walk so he stays focused. Just wave this little bad boy in the air and when my dog gets a whiff he stays right on track and doesn't pull, try to walk ahead or anything. Walks like an angel because he knows he loves the reward! Bully Sticks R A Must!
214278214278B004B3WWC6A2MIXAIEBZ6G59Random Stuff0031337126400Shipped on time!I wish the bully sticks were thicker, but over all it is a great way for me to get the little guy out of my hair for a few hours!
214279214279B004B3WWC6A3DFVXHPF8D6ROPeter "PKHype"0051335398400My dog loves them - and they are thicker than a pencilMy dog loves these bully sticks. I read some reviews saying they're "pencil thin," which I don't think is accurate. The sizes vary and some are thicker/thinner than others, but even the thinnest of the batches I've purchased so far have not been as thin as your typical #2 pencil. I'd say a thin one would be about the size of two pencils taped together, or maybe the thickness of two Twizzlers.

I recommend storing them in an airtight container or Ziplock bag or something like that, because they are smelly...and probably smell scrumptious to dogs.
214280214280B004B3WWC6A2JRF01EV4GGTTgleepchan "gleepchan"0051334620800Happy dogs (but rather horrid smell)We have two twenty pound dogs, and they love these. Other reviews complained about the thickness, but these were much thicker than the ones we've purchased from the local pet store and the grocery. Maybe two or three of those combined to make one of these. One keeps our girls busy for an hour or more.

The only down side is that they really do smell terrible -- at least to humans! Good ventilation in the area is crucial.
214281214281B004B3WWC6A2HD6G443MGH2Arc0051334534400Excellent!I recently got a miniature Australian Shepherd puppy, and he's been teething a lot due to his baby teeth coming in.

I'd read that rawhide is generally not recommended, as it can upset a dog's stomach. I read statements by Cesar Milan and others that bully sticks were preferable to rawhide.

These bully sticks are great! My puppy seems to prefer them to his chew toys as his number one chewing item... He will chew on one for an hour, and it seems to help his teething and some anxiety. They do have a slight smell, but nothing overpowering, and his strong preference for them makes it well worth it. They also seem to last a very long time (after a week or so, we are still on the first stick, and it looks to last at least another week or two).

I did notice today that on rare occasions, the dog can pull at thr side of the strip and get a stringy bit that's probably more than he should swallow... This very rarely happens (ive only seen it once in a week), but it goes without saying, if possible keep an eye on the dog while he's chewing on these, just in case.
214282214282B004B3WWC6APYFIZLBYY2Hbrandeeno0051330473600German Shepherd puppy likes theseThese are great. They don't smell. Our 3 month old puppy probably can get about 6-10 hours of chewing time per stick, which equates to about 2 weeks.
214283214283B004B3WWC6A2NMDSBVNTTQORD Sal "doglover"0041329868800Smelly But Dogs Love ThemMy dogs love them, but boy do they smell. I give them to enjoy outside. Came very fast. Will reorder
214284214284B004B3WWC6A4QYTX9MCC4JXA-Morrison0051328918400The best distraction for our lab puppy!Our 10-week old lab puppy spends hours on these bully sticks. He loves them and it distracts him from chewing on other things! We are very pleased with this purchase. Each stick lasts about a week.
214285214285B004B3WWC6A1DGPL7XG6KX22Jennifer0051328313600My Dogs Love It!My two little doggies love these bully sticks. My peke-a-poo is a ravenous chewer so usually he finishes first whereas my bischon frise likes to take his time with it, not to mention the time he takes to find someplace to bury it before actually chewing it. Most of the time it'll take my peek-a-poo maybe an hour to an hour and a half to finish his off while my bischon frise takes maybe three hours to do so, unless my peek-a-poo steals it from him.

The bully sticks tend to differ in smell as far as I can tell. I bought these on two separate occassions, the first bag had a mild fishy smell which I didn't mind, while the second bag had a more pronounced fishy smell. Although, the smell became milder after about a week to the point that I could only smell it if I was directly holding it under my nose. Then again, my sense of smell is a bit nulled. My mom has a very sensitive nose and she can't really stand the bully sticks.

I sure am gonna get more of these treats in the future. My dogs enjoy chewing on them and they also do a good job distracting my dogs as well.
214286214286B004B3WWC6A10FOOYQTJZ2KANicholas DiMucci "Neeko"0051325894400Dog loves themThese make great treats as they are 100% bull penis and nothing else. High in protein and provide great chewing action. They do smell horrible though, but a small price to pay.
214287214287B004B3WWC6A1001H5ESPYUFHAAA BBB0051325894400Good stuff, helped in crate trainingStarted giving those sticks to my English Bulldog puppy when he was 3 months old plus a lot of toys to rotate. So far (6 month old) he has not chewed up any boots or sneakers. When my puppy was 3-4 months old one stick lasted for about 3 days. Now it is less than 1 hour. However if the puppy has a choice he prefers boiled pork or beef sugar bones. Those sticks probably too small for large breeds, but my friend's Samoyed and Doberman liked them (lasted for about an hour).
214288214288B004B3WWC6A2J7FXZ30X7P6GNancy0051322956800Very happyOur Mini Schnauzer puppy loves these. The size is good. It lasts several days. He does have other chew toys and sticks but seems to like these best. Although they are a little pricey I think they are better than plain rawhide.
214289214289B004B3WWC6AILON4HFJESVAStacy0051322179200Will Keep your Dog busy! They love them!These are great chew sticks for the dog that chews treats fast. Keeps my 50lb dog busy for hours. She loves these things. My friend's have all purchased them for their dogs too. Every dog loves them.
214290214290B004B3WWC6ANR9IOMS24JD5Allan Au Yeung0041314748800NiceUnlike many other bully sticks, these are less oily and have no much odor. Kept my dog occupies for at least a whole day.

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