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214321214321B00113J9C0A33YZNZIRA3H97l25821213228800very weak teaThe new Good Earth original caffeine free tea is half the strength of the old version. This organic caffeine free tea is half again the strength of the new non-organic version. If you really like organic stuff, you can buy this and use twice as many tea bags. I'm buying the non-organic version in the future. Taste is pretty much the same.
214322214322B00260030OALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"2251252281600American pasta made with American wheat!This is excellent "curly edged" lasagne pasta that really has good flavor and holds its shape, making a firm, easy to slice lasagne. Pasta keeps for two years or more, if kept cool and dry, so the quantity here is not a problem. And what a bargain! The price is $17.85 on Subscribe and Save - an excellent value, at $1.49 per box! (Compare to DeCecco: DeCecco Specialty Pasta, Lasagna Larga, 16-Ounce Unit (Pack of 10) at $28.00 for only 10 boxes.
214324214324B0032JKXFIA2Q9KBP6NZJ811Judy Webster "Judy"0041281657600good valueNot as good as nutrigrain bars but still good. Kids love them. Concerned about the quantity ordered but discovered they freeze well.
214325214325B000M2PSDUAAGEP9MCQMDR5Christopher Gibson6651198540800One of the Best HipposHappy hippos are one of the best cookie/candies I have ever had. They are a tad expensive but they are well worth the price. With a nice crunchy outside and a soft and a hazelnut chocolate inside you will be in heaven of tasty food. If your looking for something for a friend or just some kind of new snack food I highly recommend Happy Hippos.
214326214326B000M2PSDUAGX82QGR1C0S6Nadine in Austin8951181260800Extremely delicious.Each box has 5 sticks. Each stick is covered with chocolate sprinkles, and there's about 3 chambers which is filled with chocolate filling on the top and some sort of white filling on the bottom. This chocolate is extremely delicious.

The crunchiness and the softness combine in a creamy paradise in your mouth.

If you like this, you'll probably like Kinder Bueno as well.
214327214327B000M2PSDUAAUHWLF6JQ3AUD. Townsend5551196640000Addictive and totally cuteI tried these little gems while on vacation in Italy. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find them in the U.S. so I bought 15 of them at the Rome airport. Now that I can order them here I won't be so stingy with my remaining stash of Hippos!

What's so great about them? Well, first they are really cute and who doesn't like cute food? Second, the flavor is nice--sweet, but not too sweet. Third, the combo of crunchy shell and creamy filling is brilliant. Finally, the portion size is perfect--about four bites and I'm done.
214328214328B000M2PSDUA1G4DRVBTI58NNCiel1151324944000Top of my Kinder ListI've always been a fan of everything Kinder, especially when I discovered the local Shop n' save carried several kinds. Throughout everything, the bueno bars were always a lasting favorite, but these hippos have become a new favorite. They're little things, about as long as a finger and they come in a box of five, so I was wary of the price. I was proven completely wrong. These are excellent! Super cute and then a nice wafery outer shell filled with creamy chocolate goodness. Don't hesitate on buying these, and when in doubt go for the big case!
214329214329B000M2PSDUA1V9ENDEBMLYL6CJ1151285891200So cuteThey arrived in a nicely packaged box, so unbelievably cute and yummy. Will definitely buy from again.
214330214330B000M2PSDUA17BKEIJENKRLFSwikster0051340323200Great Product...but a little high on shippingI am currently living in Europe and wanted to send a sampling of some candy back home to the states for family and friends to try. Initially I purchased some downtown and mailed it home (cost for each individual happy hippo was 0.45. It seemed like it took FOREVER for USPS to get my package to its destination. Then I found through searching on the internet that Amazon sells the candies! Great! I tried it and shipping was fairly quick. The only issue I have for this is the shipping cost. Cost for the candy for me is ~$2.50 so that means shipping cost like $5-6. I know shipping can't be expected to be FREE but when it cost more than the product then maybe it's not worth it (I guess it depends on your needs).
214331214331B000M2PSDUA1HOXKR7OKJ1X1L. R. Dana-kirby "Leslie Dana Kirby"0051338940800Tasty treat!I fell in love with these delightful candies when a friend brought them back from a trip to Germany. A perfect combination of hazelnut chocolate, cream, and crispy wafer. They are adorably cute as they resemble little hippos. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but this is a wonderful flavor combination and a tasty little treat.
214332214332B000M2PSDUA19PP1JMLFD5F2littlemsleaf0051332374400OMGI've never eaten AMAZING chocolate like this before in my whole entire life....
just have to buy and try it!:)
214333214333B000M2PSDUA3I98KLP9YC8VGKaylaMM900051330992000Amazing!My co-worker ordered these for a company retreat and we fell in love with them! I asked her where she got them, and that day I came on here and bought some. My boyfriend loves these Happy Hippo candies! I will be ordering a bunch more of these!
214334214334B000M2PSDUA3QTX68PYO11F8Theresa0051327017600YummyBest. Cookie. Ever. My sister first brought these home from Germany. I was hooked after only one bite. When the cookies are at room temperature the filling in the middle is a perfect consistency. However, beware of the high calorie count. They are very rich, one is all you need.
214335214335B000M2PSDUA3IUPYTXF7C6BJWV Terry0051323302400I couldn't believe it!When my daughter brought these back from Germany, I thought "what's the big deal?" Then I bit the head off the first hippo and I was hooked! It's may favorite candy, hands down. I live in a rural area and begged the international shop 20 miles away to order these. Now I know I can get them on Amazon. Look out!!!
214336214336B000M2PSDUA1Z12KVKS3U7IWendifer0051316390400DeliciousThese are so very tasty, really different than any other kind of chocolate candy you can normally buy at the store. The filling is to die for. Highly recommend!
214337214337B000M2PSDUA2DT41ROF8EZOZLinda Bass "alethios"0051311897600fabulous!Be careful - these cookies are addicting. Everyone I've given them to has loved them. A friend's children will almost fight her for them. They're not too sweet, but still very rich. One of my friends say they go wonderfully with tea. I highly recommend them, but it will be hard to stop eating them.
214338214338B000M2PSDUAK01105P26HKWsuzy-b0051295222400Cute and delicious!My coworker brought some of these back from a trip to Europe. I immediately looked on Amazon to see if they carried them. They do and I ordered them as stocking stuffers for my family. Almost too cute to eat, but they are are so yummy. Crisp on the outside and rich and creamy on the inside. Yum!
214339214339B000M2PSDUA1Q9VLJIR49F3AJessica L. Reistroffer0051289779200Happy Hippos are Awesome!!!!I was stationed in Germany back in 2005-2006... I was 20 yrs old at the time and was or still am a chocoholic. They are great for that time of the month, lol. Most of the Kinder chocolates are really good. I especially like the Happy Hippos because of the smooth hazelnut cream on the inside. The outside is a crunchy thin wafer with chocolate crunchies on the outside. Bite the head off the happy hippo and you will experience a little taste of heaven. I sent a lot of these back to my little sister in Massachusetts who was 9 at the time. She loved them too. She went to Europe this year with girl scouts and brought me back a few packs. I soon rediscovered my passion for Happy Hippos. I'm so glad that they are sold here on Amazon!
214340214340B000M2PSDUA17W2S2LN3RIW6Klaus Kitovich0231338595200Product is alrightProduct is alright. Only buy it for kids because adults will be slightly disappointed. It also seems a little pricey for what you get. Glad I tried it, wouldn't buy again.
214341214341B006PJ2V16A3JD2SK1KY4MAUEric Puleio0051345680000Can't get enough!I love Outburst Energy Bites and am surprised that no one has thought of this product before! It's a more delicious and cheaper alternative to other energy products. Eating Outbursts Energy Bites is not only a snack, but delivers a much needed pop of energy that lasts. Try them. You will certainly go back for more; I have!
214342214342B000DZA0W0A24JMPA8A5GV5JMatthew Fathers0051142380800My favorite candy!These sugar worms are incredibly addictive, and thus have become my favorite type of gummy candy - and with this deal you get 10 pounds worth, which is a HUGE amount when you consider they normally sell in 175g packs.
214343214343B0071NOCZIA2GMHIR0IO17MCsakyurt1211349481600Atkinsons Sugar Free Peanut Butter BarsWe're not likely to buy this if you don't even bother to specify the sweetener you've put in it. What is it?
214344214344B004LQRQU6A2SVV9965NET1HTerri2251329523200Fabulous!A friend brought some of these to work and they are wonderful! I have not been able to find them locally, so I have been ordering. Well worth trying!
214345214345B004LQRQU6A15N2HD3ZGNHS9BearsFan352251325721600Fabulous!Fabulous product, great for diets! Is too hard to find anywhere local. Order was shipped fast and we are getting ready to order more!
214346214346B004LQRQU6A2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"1151342224000Rich and chewy - smooth chocolate tasteI love this product line. The chocolate walnuts are my favorite, but the dark cherries are my next-favorites. The package is not huge and they go fast if you share them. They are relatively expensive, but worth it. This is truly a case of 'you get what you pay for'.
Everyone I shared with universally liked these. The chocolate is not overly sweet and the cherries inside are moist and flavorful. The cherries have a rich bing-cherry taste (dried bing cherries?) and I do not believe they are sweetened or contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients to preserve color.
214347214347B004LQRQU6A3JHXOXLRJBTQSmary lanser0051350172800Super GoodThese dark chocolate covered cherries are super good to eat and healthy too. I had trouble finding them at the health food stores where I live so I decided to order them online. I live in a hot climate and the company packed them with cool packs so they wouldn't melt. I have never seen a company go to that effort before! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves dried cherries and dark chocolate.....and is looking for a healthy treat.
214348214348B0006TN03EAKAJJNQ39CRTCStacy Mara Vennema "Lethran"0051329868800Excellent SeasoningIt's hard to find good lemon myrtle in the US, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this supplier. The shipping was super fast, the lemon myrtle smelled wonderful, and I love using it on potatoes or in sauces. It's also brilliant on fish if you eat meat. Anyway, I love the citrus-like tang this gives to all sorts of foods and I look forward to more experiments now I have sufficient supply.
214349214349B000NVSLCUA1TR5XY9FVKOYRGruber230021309824000False AdvertisingThe gum is fine. However, the image shows that the packs of gum are the old, original packs when in fact they are the new packs that have the flap that never keeps the packs closed. Single pieces of gum are always finding their way out of these new packs. I thought I found the old packaging based on the image.
214350214350B003Z5GK4CATAZQZ1DSPKZGreedpower230051350432000This is the BEST giardiniera everDon't get any other one. I ordered this one and its the right one. Its the authentic one that is used for the italian beef sandwich and it makes such a big difference whether you put this or not on your sandwich. Taste great.

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