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214373214373B001E5E1XWA1B3M0PF2ZFH2TS. Kumar7751178496000Excellent Tea and Spice balanceI like to blend this masala chai with white tea. I have tried several different brands of masala chai (spiced tea) and this is the only one I return to.
214374214374B001E5E1XWA2ENX7XUG2FZIBLaurie Loomis66212900384003.5 ounces for the price of 4.5!I love this tea, and had placed a standing order for the 3-pack of 4.5 ounce tins. Imagine my surprise when the last shipment came in and the amount of tea in each tin was reduced by a full ounce (from 4.5 to 3.5), for the same price. There was no notification of this change, and I only figured it out because I still had a couple of the older tins on hand. To Amazon's credit, they did issue a refund. Still, I am not pleased with what happened.
214375214375B001E5E1XWA31GSSGOKX5D47Javier Segovia5541276128000Mostly impressive, a touch disappointing.First, allow me to say in summary: This is good Masala Chai. It's a mostly balanced blend with a good mix of quality ingredients that tastes great when brewed properly; however, in its only shortcoming, the flavor of actual tea is somewhat weak, likely due to the condition of the leaves in the blend, which may or may not be Rishi's fault. It's always possible the package was treated harshly in transit resulting in a can full of small leaf pieces as opposed to full leaves. I won't be able to say until I'm done with this one and get more, which I probably will do. Now only the longer version:

I've long been a fan of Masala Chai, brewing it in pots in the traditional manner at home before it became popular in cafes and giving long-winded explanations to people why the term "chai tea latte" should never be used thereafter. I prefer chai that tastes nothing like the mild, over-sweetened brews sold at most cafes in this country. Instead, ones like those found at authentic Indian restaurants have been my preference, but even then I've found many do not do as good a job with their Masala Chai as I would have liked. It is very safe to say I can be picky about my Chai. Snobbish, even. My supplier of choice for years had been a local tea artisan who mixed his own teas and made fantastic blends I've yet to find the match of. Sadly, he closed some months ago leaving the world bereft of his magnificent concoctions. This left me hunting for a new supply everywhere I could look from local tea shops, to high-end grocery stores, to the internet. This also meant I have tried a number of Chais I did not care for. Rishi's is not one of those. It is, in fact, one of the better one's I've tried.

It's made with a solid blend of ingredients. This tea suffers no "innovations" in the name of trying to distinguish itself. It's ingredients are whole and it's flavors generally balanced. It's also fairly strong. This one surprised me given the condition it seemed to be in when I opened it. I was prepared for the worst, as most of the tea leaves seemed broken into small pieces, but came out pleasantly surprised. In all, for someone looking for a good chai, this is an easy recommendation to make. Considering it won the World Tea Championship's award last year for best chai, this isn't particularly surprising, though. Also, it is certified both fair trade and organic, for whatever that is worth to you.

What is surprising is it's one weakness. As I've said, when I opened my first canister to brew a cup, I found no whole tea leaves. Instead I found many small pieces of tea leaves. From a company of Rishi's reputation this was shocking. The predictable result was the flavor of tea was weak and unbalanced compared to those of the spices, which were strong and balanced with each other well. This was a disappointment, and I expected not to care for the tea at all while it was brewing, but this proved not to be the case. Still, this may have been my favorite blend were it not for that. (As it stands the pricier Ineeka holds that spot) It's wholly possible the condition of the leaves was caused during delivery. I won't know until my next order.

Yes, "My next order." In spite of it's one real flaw, I will be placing another order. As I said, this is good tea, and really, for the price, I have not found another tea whose quality competes. Still, I will probably take the advice of some of the other reviewers and start supplementing it with some black tea leaves of my own.
214376214376B001E5E1XWA1TYMMHNWZ7304M. Brandenburg "marg991"3341290729600Be Aware of ReductionI've regularly ordered from this company re. Rishi Organic Masala Chai because it's such a good price. This time however - they've gone - without notification - from 4.5 ounce tin to 3.5 ounce tin - but same price. Not helpful.
214377214377B001E5E1XWA1868SAQB3HF34Jessica "Balynce"5651186790400Perfect Tea (even for those who don't like tea)I love the blend of spices & cinnamon and the fact it's organic makes it perfect! I never liked tea before I got this stuff! In my larger than a cup stainless steel mug I add one tablespoon organic honey and then 2-3 tablespoons organic agave nectar (low glycemic index and tastes just like sugar!) and just a splash of organic whole milk. There is obviously caffeine in this stuff so I wouldn't have it after's great in the morning!
214378214378B001E5E1XWA2XULU4X99Y5FYP. Francis "FunkyPaul"2231297900800Good tea, but high priced for small amountThis tea has a very good taste, however the cost seems very high for the small amount in the container. I purchased this after a Mexico vacation where I had Twining's 'Voage' Indian Chia from teabags. I could not find thr Twining's product so I tried this, hoping it would be even more flavorful. It is about equal to the Twining's, in my opinion, and the cost was significantly more. I don't feel this product is worth the money, however you may disagree especially if you have never had the Twining's 'Voyage' product as it does not seem to be available in the US.
214379214379B001E5E1XWA36QVA4CQX4I59Miss Missy &2221297296000Very Weak Tea! Try PEET'S Masala Chai TEA instead.....
214380214380B001E5E1XWA3QCWO53N69HW3M. A. Vaughan "-_-GOBNOGO-_-"2251276473600Great ChaiThis is a fantastic Chai Masala. I am very picky when it comes to tea but love this one. It is very strong, so if you a sensitive to caffeine beware. I usually have it with plenty of agave and it comes out wonderful - a great way to start the morning.
214351214351B003Z5GK4CA1WZRIVQ667RYXGreg of Utah0011347926400Peppers were very dryThe peppers were very dry because the oil came in the box and not in the jar.
I would not purchase this item again.
214352214352B003Z5GK4CA2CS1EOE5HDQNDKramer0051309651200Awesome PeppersThese peppers are wonderfull! My wife and I really enjoy italian beef and we recently discovered these peppers as an ingredient and i cant believe the differnce it makes in the flavor. These peppers are an easy way to make your favorite foods better with no real effort on your part. You just get to sit back and enjoy.
214353214353B0001K5L1CA2HURPMIL6VMB7M. Fogleman "mluv2cruz"2251209513600Try the Mocha flavor!!I bought the Mocha flavored one from Costco and it is so delicious!! I would use 2-3 scoops, 5 oz left over morning coffee, 1 oz milk & about 1/2 - 1 cup of crushed ice. I use my hand held smoothie blender or you can use your blender. Sprinkle with cinnamon and a little whipped topping......mmmmmmmmmmmmm
214354214354B0001K5L1CA29U098WBEP897Shery320051204934400Frappy - WoWThis is a great coffee toffee mix!!!
I stopped going to starbuck long time ago but this is AmaZing and much better as you get to choose what you want and how you want to make your coffee!!
I'll buy it again for sure!
Thank you!
214355214355B0001K5L1CA3N8O0EKTX85X0K. Ferguson0051190764800Soooooo good!Ive only had the toffee flavor. Sooooo good. I used to drink coffee bean ice blended drinks in the morning, but now I drinks these in the morning!
214356214356B00318HAGAA147I7XR0NR1SUSharmin0051349049600Yummy Chicken Feet!These Chicken Feet were really good to eat! I ordered em for a friend and he loved them. Too cute!
214357214357B00318HAGAA2DGRE97SY7LV9K. F. Boyer0051291248000love vidal chicken feetI am thrilled to see these online, they can be hard to find. They are very tasty and I have several friends who also crave these tasty treets. Just wish I could find the nutrition information - for diet journaling purposes... :-(
214358214358B00318HAGAA27LRHSOUAXMZ6Maureen A. Kowalski "computer addict"1331269993600Check your local stores before buying here--Ridiculous "shipping and handling" chargesThe gummi chicken feet were just what I needed to decorate a cake. I paid a little under 5 bucks for a 1 pound bag which is what I would expect to pay. What I didn't expect were shipping and handling charges DOUBLE the price of the candy. It was a 1 pound bag. I paid $8.00 to have them mailed to me. They would heave easily fit in a small USPS priority mailer box costing $4.85. The real rub is that they were mailed from inside my state.
214359214359B001UKQWREA2AAO9INNCBP15Alabuc0041321488000Good ProductThis is one of the few yerba mate offerings on Amazon that is priced without a large add-on for shipping. I favor vendors that include shipping in their price. Of course, some of the other offers are actually a little lower priced, with shipping added. This seems to be pretty standard yerba mate, and fresher than some I have bought. Three kilos really is not a huge amount to buy at one time, if you drink yerba mate on a regular basis. I prefer yerba mate over the more common Asian tea, since it is milder to the taste.
214360214360B001UKQWREA1OLDB740V1CZSd0021315267200REALLY upset my stomachAlthough I liked the taste of this mate, it REALLY upset my stomach. I have IBS, so I have very sensitive digestion anyway, but I never had any problems with Rosamonte brand and never knew mate could be an issue. But a couple of sips of Cruz de la Malta and BAM I was basically confined to the bathroom all afternoon. If you have a sensitive stomach beware!

Otherwise this is one of the cheapest brands you can order from Amazon in bulk, which is nice.
214361214361B001UKQWREAHJBHUL1JZ27SLuciana De Lima "Luciana"0051309910400Good yerbaA bit expensive when compare to buying at home but this is the wholempoint of having available here I know, and it is great!
214362214362B001HW4GSWA2WPRX4V5LL90YJK4431264550400Not from USAFirst time purchaser from Marky's - bought 3 different kinds of caviar to include this one. Sought out the osetra from the USA and when arrived, the label tab was noted to read Israeli. It was an 'okay' caviar. I would not purchase it again and feel it was misrepresented.
214363214363B0065OXVTMA1A8HA2OB9N3MIBroke College Kid8811336003200RIP OFF!!!In a store you can replace your cylinder for 14.99 at bed, bath & Beyond. Why would you pay 90% of the cost of replacing the whole machine? The price these people are asking is far far far to much! Please do your research first! they are ripping you off!!!!
214364214364B0065OXVTMA2H5ZMH5TFB9GKHrvats1311341446400I think you should buy thisSure the price here is way way above what you have to pay just about anywhere else, but hey the carbonator is great and saves garbage pileup. Soda stream has a great product and I have used the exchange service, I just paid a lot less than here.
214365214365B0065OXVTMAPAOH2F2DRQVIAllan Y.31051334102400Simpler than I thought!A phone call starts it, a box arrives. Inside is another box, containing the cylinder. That box is prelabeled. Pack the old cylinder inside and drop the box off to UPS and it's done! Then dig out a recipe for classic New York Egg Cream (a corruption of the French "Chocolat et Creme) and get ready to become famous.
214366214366B000PWMHWWANKISKS44UFIJbrown2251296604800One of my most favorite places on earthI love The Meadow. So I guess this review is more about how much I adore this store, than it is about the salt (which by the way is fabulous). I got my order way faster than I expected, which was nice. I would recommend purchasing anything from these amazing folks, and even better if you can visit their lovely store in Portland. This is one of the most romantic stores that exists. Opening my box of truffle salt, and smelling that fragrant scent, was just not as magical as walking into their gorgeous store filled with flowers, salt, chocolate and wine. Ah, it is a taste of heaven.

The salt's great. thanks Meadow people.
214367214367B003TUKF3KA3ZBC6NO452SCsvetser0051345420800great tasteadd to aniything!! soup, salad, meat... brings up the flavor! nicely packed, easy to use. arrived on time - clean and fresh
214368214368B007IVEGD6A1ELR4MB0UTVL6Julie0051347580800Like no nutmeg I have ever purchased before...The smell of this nutmeg is stunning. Magical even. Watch the show "spice trail" on the knowledge network, and then buy this organic nutmeg. Absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't smell anything like the bulk ones I have bought in the past! Well worth the small amt of money!!
214369214369B007IVEGD6A3ERVNQGX0A8O4Angela Martignetti0041346716800Would buy againJust as promised. They are great. Item was delivered on time and the description of the item was accurate. The taste of the nutmeg is excellent.
214370214370B001E5E1XWAORGKBNQZ83O8MacGuffin "MacGuffin"272851179619200The BEST ChaiIf classic chai is your cup of tea, I don't think you'll find one better than Rishi's. My suggestion is to prepare it in the traditional manner, i.e., for every 1 - 1.5 tablespoons of chai, use 1/2 cup of whole milk, 3/4 cup of water, and 1.5 tablespoons of white sugar. Bring the chai and liquids to a boil, reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for five minutes; I add the sugar after straining (it's supposed to be very sweet; add less if you like). It's really a yummy pick-me-up.
Rishi makes a number of organic chai blends, none of which, unfortunately, are available from Amazon at the time of this writing. I'm now going to make a confession: as good as Organic Masala Chai is, I actually prefer the other blends, all of which I prepare in the aforementioned classic manner.
One is called Maghreb Mint; it has a green rather than black tea base, and as its name indicates, is spiced differently from a classic chai. This one also tastes best sweetened with white sugar and is delicious. However, I drink a LOT of really fine tea (much of it from Rishi) that should be drunk "straight up," hence I'd rather have my chai "tea-free" (a contradiction in terms, I realize). My two absolute favorites are Rishi's rooibos-based chai blends: one is called Rooibos Chai and the other, confusingly enough, Rooibos Chai Caffeine-Free. Since neither of these blends contain (as far as I can tell) caffeine, the choice of names is unfortunate [UPDATE: these have since been renamed "Rooibos Chai" and "West Cape Chai," respectively and are both caffeine-free]. The one not designated caffeine-free contains something called "ramon nut" which adds a lovely, chocolatey flavor, and which is also an ingredient in another caffeine-free Rishi offering called Rainforest Chai which I also like but which some might find too peppery. These both, I find, taste better sweetened with honey or Volcanic Nectar blue agave nectar rather than sugar.
All of the Rishi chais can be found at Whole Foods or direct from Rishi. With any luck, Rishi will start packaging some of these other blends in canisters and Amazon will carry them; they're wonderful!
214371214371B001E5E1XWA1S52XH2CS4Y26Fitzgerald Fan9951186099200PhenomenalI agree with the last reviewer. This is indeed the best Chai tea I have ever tasted! Truthfully, you don't even need to add the milk and honey, it is good simply by itself. It is strong, pungent and spicy; the perfect replacement for that early morning coffee. After purchasing this product, I will never use a tea bag again! Highly recommended.
214372214372B001E5E1XWA3OF1K39Y1WI8Rsujata prakash "Booklover"8851267228800Great masala chai!I love this tea even though I can get all the ingredients from India and make my own masala chai. But this one has a special flavor and is organic! However, it is a little weak and does not give the full bodied tea experience of true Indian chai. So I mix strong black tea from India. Then boil some ginger before adding the tea in the water. Also, milk should always be added after the tea has boiled for a minute or so. When it all comes to the boil for the last time, add sugar/honey and strain. Boiling the tea without milk will give you more color and taste, otherwise it becomes too weak and milky.

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