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214424214424B000MQSJB4A3DF1WTMXN39EMDottie Black "avid reader"5651185235200Yay, Fiber!!!!!I love these whole wheat wraps!! It's such an easy way to have whole grain, fiber, and low calories in one shot!!! Did I mention delicious??
Yes they are. I had a hard time looking through all the variations found in supermarkets, and can't find them too often. So, I hit Amazon, and lo and behold, there they were. Now, I never run out. They don't fall apart either, which I love. Eat, and enjoy!!!!
214425214425B000MQSJB4A3CSY477BJVYA0Connie4551184198400Great for dieters and healthy eaters!These high fiber, whole grain tortillas taste great and work well for wraps, chips, and lots of other recipes. They make a healthy substitute for bread. Amazon's price is very reasonable, too.
214426214426B000MQSJB4AAP24L83AP0J3CJB3451225756800100% whole wheat and healthyI found it hard to find a true 100% whole wheat tortilla that is healthy. This product provides what I'm looking for while tasting good and being big enough to be useful.
214427214427B000MQSJB4A34QSBSSKMG251j10012 "j20825"0021346284800Taste yuckyInexpensive and healthy but yucky "whole grain" tassting I wouldmt buy them again I want ones that taste like bread
214428214428B000MQSJB4AUD70I5FCV5CSHardcore Gamer0051332028800Very good wrapsA very good deal in quantity, and they taste really good even plain. I thought they looked like cardboard but they taste like wheat bread. lol.
214429214429B000MQSJB4A2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee10051326326400I LOVE THEM!South Beach Diet Whole Wheat Wraps. Ever since I found these Tortilla Wraps, I can't stop eating them. They are 100% Whole Wheat Product and they taste pretty good! They have all the right things to eat in them, 8g of Fiber, Enriched with Omega-3 (EPA/DHA) No Cholesterol, Zero Trans and Saturated Fats. They are even 10 Calories (110) less than other Brands, 120 Calories the one I was eating before.

Two or three times per week is what I have for lunch, a warm Tortilla, 4 Tablespoons of Fantastic World Foods Vegan Taco Filling, other times I use Chicken or even Mushrooms, some shredded Cheddar or Mozzarella cheese, two hands full of chopped Romaine Lettuce, remove center stems, half sliced Avocado and a tablespoon of Honey Mustard Dressing, I make my own (no mayo), and eat it like a Big Taco, Good, I feel like making one right now!

South Beach Living Whole Wheat Wraps are a little on the dry side, that's why sometimes they break and are very tender, other than that, they are a Great alternative to other tortilla products, most of them are full of Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and/or Palm Oil, like the one I was eating before. South Beach Whole Wheat Tortilla Wraps use Non-Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. is the only place I find them and I'm so glad I did! Thank You
214430214430B000MQSJB4A29NF1WN99A5OXNancy Martinez0051266278400we love these wrapsthese south beach wraps are SO good. we used to find them at the markets but can't anymore. so happy they are available here to order!
214431214431B000MQSJB4ALR8BBNC47TEUDanny B.0131327276800Exactly as advertised...I was happy when I go these, they were exactly as advertised. I don't rate them higher because I have since changed my diet-philosophy. I eat Primal now and believe wheat is the devil. I have a strong science background and primal holds up while making every other diet sound like a fairytale.
214432214432B0031TPDQSANMWQF1FPN6YLWZ kid1131318118400Very thin sauceHave purchased several gluten free Worcestershire sauces. This one is quite thin and really doesn't have the consistency of regular sauce.
214433214433B0049BCL0IA3R4794K2RVU1SDanny Yu1151332201600Good value - Our Labrador pup loves likes themThese pork chomps mini knotz are of very good value. For the 21 count, I purchased it for $10. Other products with similar size and weight was in the $20 range.

Our Labrador pup likes these bones and definitely keeps her occupied. Give it as a treat or hide it, either way it keeps them busy.

The knotz are about 2 - 3 inches in length and about half an inch wide. The size varies, but that's the rough size of the bones.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. If my dog could, she would say so too.
214434214434B0049BCL0IA3LY0SUFUPJITYKathy D. Womack1151305244800Pork not BeefMy dogs "itch" when they eat the beef version of this product, so when I found the Pork Chomps, I've got some really happy poodles. Love the value and product.
214435214435B0049BCL0IA2G7CZCAA2XLKNPatricia A. Best0051344902400little treats for little dogsI have 2 small chiwienees who love these. I've tried many different kinds for them and this is their favorite. Seems to be a consistent product that has never made them sick. They love them, and I'm glad there's no mess left behind. Not greasy, and nothing remains when they are done with them.
214436214436B001E5E1XCACT9UD0755D6NDestiver5551188518400DeliciousI normally buy the Rishi Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, I purchased this on accident. It is quite a bit cheaper than the pearls and tastes REALLY close to the same. I usually use an electric tea maker so this is actually better for me, the pearls never had time to brew in the maker. This tea is very "clean" tasting and light, I find it emotionally uplifting it is certainly the best green tea I have ever had and I have tried MANY (over 30 at least).
214437214437B001E5E1XCA57965PRUE9DHROZ1151298246400Organic Green Jasmine TeaThis is the best tea I have had since being back from Japan 15 years ago. You have to bag it yourself to have a cup but it is worth it! The taste is incredible. It had a very calming effect on me and I ended up purchasing 3 more tins.
214438214438B001E5E1XCA14E4P12XKY7B8Lisk91121294963200Less than flavorfulI had high expectation of this tea after reading the review and was willing to pay a bit more for it. It has almost no jasmine flavor to it and lacks the aroma I was hoping for. I'm drinking it because I paid so much for it, but Numi's Jasmine Monkey King is way better and I can get it much cheaper at a grocery store, so I'll be trying their pearls instead of ever buying this weak tea again.
214439214439B001E5E1XCA2TMMGKDED5P8Yknitnlady1151294444800one of the best jasmine teasIf you like jasmine tea like I do, this is one of the best. Full flavor yet mild. Rishi teas are all great!
214440214440B001E5E1XCARAR3323ICNLFStumped1151282867200Yum!This is really nice tea. I'm not a tea expert by any means, but it seems like good quality to me. More importantly (at least to me) is how it tastes. And this is very nice. It's smooth, offers a really nice aroma with a wonderful jasmine scent and tastes good both hot or chilled.

As far as brewing, I was able to brew the same leaves 3 times before I really noticed a decline in taste. I'm sure this could vary person to person, and those with a better palate than mine would probably notice a difference sooner, but being able to reuse them 3 times makes the tea go much further!

Anyway, it is nice tasting and nice smelling. It's smooth and not bitter at all, I would recommend this to friends and family (and of course to anyone looking at this)!
214411214411B0037N7GIQA247KZ1IZ86NFVStormlaughter1251297296000Really good!I love regular wheat bran flakes. They're becoming difficult to find in grocery stores. I was pleased to see that Amazon is carrying Post Bran Flakes.

The taste is just right and they're crispy plenty long enough. The cardboard box is very flimsy and, once creased, makes picking it up difficult since the cardboard is also quite slick. That's the worst thing I could find and doesn't warrant a loss of a star.

Very good, price is fine, and I'm pleased. :)
214412214412B0037N7GIQA2HBDPUTYAJOQNfrustrated shopper0151325289600Post Bran flakesWe finally found where we can get Post Bran Flakes. It is the only one my husband likes and NONE of the super markets in our area are carrying it anymore. I have had my daughter buy in in another city but none here. Thank goodness for Amazon!!!!
214413214413B0037N7GIQA1XP9HN3AJ1N5Imtngal20120121323820800TOO MUCH SUGARI am a fan of bran flakes, but the Post brand is just too sugary for my taste.
Will not order again.
214414214414B0037N7GIQA3BTF24CZFBYURJudy0151320796800Bran Flakes - No RaisinsThe trouble with "Raisin Bran", where the raisins are already mixed in, is the raisins make the flakes soft and the flakes make the raisins hard. I like to mix in my own fresh raisins and have nice, crispy flakes. I've been eating Post Bran Flakes this way for years, and I'm so afraid Post will stop making it. It seems to be disappearing from grocery stores!
214415214415B0037N7GIQA40VNMBOUNRLLSara Coppola "Disappointed"0151317686400Good product, bad packaging on Amazon's partI order this pretty often and usually the packaging is good. However, this last time all the cereal boxes were crushed. Amazon should check their packaging before they ship.
214416214416B000N8LVPMAJE9U6IGE1NTZCheryl S0041281052800lotsa sprinklesI had two back to back kids' birthdays and thought a decorate your own cupcake would be fun, but didn't want to pay $2-$3 a bottle for the little ones. I found these and they worked great. I still have a lot left over, which my kids are enjoying. the only thing I didn't like, was I ordered this bottle and the big sprinkles bottle and was hoping the shipping would be by weight, not by number of products. Overall, I still think it was a cost savings and having only 2 bottles rather than a bunch of little ones is great for the pantry.
214417214417B0012PYDI2A9QY9F2Y7KDFWL. J. Mytych "Book Obsessed"6651244419200YummmmiiiiiI love cheese but I especially love cheese curds and these are great. They came with a freezer pack to keep them cold and they were tasty and fresh. Would buy again.
214418214418B001FWXLQCA2UEGB6AEJR83FJerry O'Brien "OB"0031341014400a runny okWe have purchased a diffent brand before but could not find it here. So I figured for the price, it should be as good. This brand is not thick, it is runny. The taste is not as bold and is more a jouneyman type than a delight. I would not buy it again at this price because it is not worth it.Earthy Delights Crema Di Balsamico,Balsamic Cream, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
214419214419B000IEZKNUA11D5Q7B7GLNHOthefirstemporess "Michelle"6651125187200night and day differenceI breastfed my daughter for her first month of life, but she had severe problems with gas, bloating, and constipation. We switched to a milk based formula, but the problem continued. We then tried lactose free formula. The problem lessened, but did not cease. By her second bottle of Alimentum, she was using the bathroom without stimulation, her stomach was no longer hard and bloated, and she actually lays around smiling (without needing to be constantly held). This was important as I have 3 other children. My only regret is that she was 2 months old before we figured out how to keep her little tummy from hurting.
214420214420B000IEZKNUA2OAROD8IAADUUMommyTimesFour1151126310400Sanity saver!My daughter has severe reflux. We tried 4 different formulas, in combination with zantac and cereal in the bottle. Nothing seemed to help the situation. This specific formula is basically used as a last resort by doctors. This product labeling states that within 24 hours, you will normally see an improvement in the child. Well let me tell you, within 2 feedings, which in my daughter's case is 6 hours, it was like I had a whole new baby. My daughter went from miserable to happy in the blink of an eye. I, like the other reviewer, just wish we could have figured this out before she was 2 months old.
214421214421B000IEZKNUA2T5T07IMAD1U5Tatyana Apine0051306368000Can only echo previous reviewersWe also had a very colicky baby until we tried this formula - and in 12 hours we had a completely different baby - happy, smiling, non-crying. Worked really great for us!
214422214422B0049CKKP0A2B0YU3ZA9I7DGA. Patterson "Jellybeanqueen"0041337904000Nice for grillingMy husband really likes the stone for grilling but wishes it was a tad bigger. The first few times we used it, the food was much more flavorful, but I think once it gets used multiple times, it doesn't season the food as much. Great for grilling shrimp!
214423214423B000MQSJB4A2717D6CCIPNE8T. Thomas "Trumaster"3341252195200Good Product Can Be Better...This product (South Beach Whole Wheat Wraps) is a good & healthy alternative to lot of other snack/food options.

Having used this product for more than 1 year, it can safely be asserted that product is delivered as stated in the advertisement. However, it receives only 4 stars because sometimes the product quality is not consistent. Commonly every batch (60 wraps) of the product contains a few wraps with either all or one of the following defects (1) Excessive Salt (2) Damaged/Torn Wraps (3) Undercooked wraps. However, none of these issues are critical enough to stop using the product since you can throw away the defective ones and use the rest.

Hope this helps.

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