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214441214441B001E5E1XCA28QTVEFQX6Y9XAnnette1131272844800Good teaThis tea was good, but not awesome. If I don't take the price into consideration, I would give it 4 stars, but price is a factor, so it only got 3. I'll stick with my Yogi tea for now.
214442214442B001E5E1XCAPUI5H880TPIJJ. Martin "just a good looking guy"1141258588800goodWell i like the fact that it is sealed in a vacuum bag inside as well...It speaks fresh to me..smells great

As for the taste...I dont notice that much of a difference between it and bagged tea...but im still going to buy this cause i bought the tea infuser and i might as well get my ten bucks worth..

ill probably try the green pearl one since the reviews seem to talk so highly about it..

so all in all really good tea that is packaged well

just note in the description it says 4 oz cans which is wrong they are 2.6 oz cans which it states in the title
214443214443B001E5E1XCA2IOGAJGYYK38Hkatogrey "katogrey"1151187913600FANTASTIC!!Rishi Organic Jasmine Green Tea is absolutely wonderful. Full of flavor, bold or mild depending on how long you steep it, and it stands up just fine, thank you, to ice. This is a tea I look forward to making every morning at work and I make a pitcher of it every weekend at home.
Not only does it taste great, but a friend who is a sipper lets it sit all day on her mug warmer and it scents her office! What more could you ask for?
214444214444B001E5E1XCAE9CLQ8R9Y554MissL0051349222400Jasmine TeaProduct came promptly. It is well packaged with sealer lid and regular lid. The tea has a fresh fragrance and steeps quickly.
214445214445B001E5E1XCA2T5XELXUMP1CIV. Law0011348531200Not the Greatest, Cannot ReturnWhen I ordered this tea, I thought the green tea taste would be at least as equally prominent, but the jasmine is overpowering. I tried to return it, but Amazon says this item cannot be returned. Buyers beware!
214446214446B001E5E1XCA2SB7NSMCAM40Othp0051323907200Really awesome!I really love this tea!! I bought a 2.64 Oz tin of rishi jasmine green tea for $11. The price is very reasonable, especially since you can steep the same tea 3 times, though it loses some of its flavor in the third time. But the taste is very good, not very strong and the mild jasmine flavor makes it very refreshing. I will definitely buy more.
214447214447B001E5E1XCA28Y1M7GRG0I9MReal Comments "Lin"0041318464000Aromatic!This tea is very aromatic and delicious. I love strong tea. I don't like tea that taste just like water. This tea has plenty of aroma. I didn't give it 5-star because I thought it was pricey for 3 small packages. If the price were cheaper, I would continue to buy this. If you're willing to pay for it, then I highly recommend it. Very good tasting tea!
214448214448B001E5E1XCA2EE3XRZF2S401M. Vajiac "Michaela"0051305590400Great tea, one of my daily brewsThis tea has a perfect balance of jasmine and green tea, in my opinion. I do not enjoy the jasmine tea that is too perfumed, I can maybe drink a cup, but not two or three like I can with this one. Love the flavor, it comes close to their "pearl" version, which is significantly more expensive. I also buy this version, but more for the beauty of the opening of the pearls in my glass teapot than the difference in taste. This regular loose jasmine tea is my daily go-to tea, together with the Citron Oolong, also by Rishi.
214449214449B001E5E1XCA3T8AJZNZMXUNS. Stevens0041255046400Very good!This tea is wonderful and the price is great. It does not taste the same a Rishi's jasmine pearl, which is divine-but it is good. I would recommend trying it before buying it in bulk, so you know what you are getting. If you normally drink $2.99 versions of jasmine tea, this is an upgrade by a long shot.
214450214450B001E5E1XCAGTI4PY1LIKI9Kadence0051247702400Smooth and fragrantI love this tea! The jasmine is not overpowering and you can really taste the green tea.
214451214451B001E5E1XCA3LX57I5OKG70VRachel W0131302134400Taste pretty good but it's made in China??The taste is pretty good and I'm generally happy with the purchase. But where's the tea leaf coming from? On the bottle it seems to indicate China. Organic, but from China? But then it's USDA certified organic. Well, the China thing just bugs me a little.
214452214452B000NL514QA137CLZD455IL1E. Winchester131341200441600Pretty good in a pinchFirst off, there is no way this could be mistaken for real, fresh-from-the-machine espresso. It does smell a bit on the strange side when you open the jar, but it does get better once you make it, and it even manages to make a bit of crema. I originally bought it for baking, but I suspect I will be buying another jar for that purpose and keeping this one at work. I never intended to drink this, but after a few desperate mornings without enough caffeine, I caved and snatched it out of my cupboard on the way out the door.

I'll admit, it's a pretty decent backup when I'm caught at the office with no cash for the coffee cart. It's extremely convenient to have on hand come 3 o'clock or so.

If you can manage to think ahead in the morning and brew a few shots of espresso at home to bring with you, you're probably better off doing that. However, if (like me) you're lucky to get out with matching socks on, this is a great option.
214453214453B000NL514QA3L1EEUPFTPUBQK. Bodey9951204761600Ferrara Espresso Instant CoffeeVery, very, very good. So much easier to use in my baking than having to pull out my espresso machine. LOVE this, just wish it came in a much larger size!
214454214454B000NL514QA2FM1GU2K0NPINS. Upton8851200700800Ferrara Esresso Instant CoffeeThis was exactly what I was looking for. Had some recipes and couldn't find espresso instant coffee anywhere. It was worth the effort of ordering on line.
214455214455B000NL514QA9RE8405PXIYIA. Perkins4451231113600Great Product!This is my first time trying this product and it is great. I'm not always able to buy expresso beans locally so this will satisfy my cravings and be also available for baking. No local Italian store nearby. Like another reviewer, I too will be buying another jar for work. Of course if I share with co-workers, I'll have to hide it.
214456214456B000NL514QA2MTZ31VKC46V3Heather1151325116800Purchased for bakingI bought this for my baking. I made cappuccino fudge and the espresso taste came through well. I haven't tasted it as instant espresso, though, so I won't comment on it's quality as a drink.
214457214457B000NL514QA2IZGNPZLWQ5OJDoris Sidlow "Doris Sidlow"81251187913600Ferrara Espresso Instant CoffeeI originally purchased this product at my local Giant super market. However, the store remodeled and discontinued this product. I went to my local Acme super market, Genuardi's super market, Trader Joe's, and an Italian store - none of these places carried this product. That's when I decided to go on line to see if I could find it. I found success with I ordered 3 jars of Ferrara Espresso Instant Coffee 2 oz. and received it within 3 days. I'm so very pleased. And when I run out, I will again order Ferrara Espresso Instant Coffee from Thank you.
214458214458B000NL514QA2FQRDLDDISFFBPat0051341792000CoffeeThis coffee is great. It is very convenient to use. I would recommend it to others. It has a lot of flavor.
214459214459B001EO7LOYA1NZ14CPJGY7QPMs Mazie0051254614400DeliciousThis is a great treat to serve as an hors d'oeuvres or dessert. I made it with low fat cream cheese and half the butter and served it with apple slices. I was a great hit with my guests.
214460214460B004TES39IA17UR3NRLARXCHW. Muckelroy "Chawk68"111151215820800Great chipsHi:

I bought a 24 pack of these 2 ounce bags (size you would get at Quiznos or Subway with a sandwich) since they were less than I could get them at Costco in a equal pack of Frito chips. I had tried previously by buying a bag at my local Albertsons and they are good. Good chip for dipping sicne they're a little thicker than Lays. The chips are fresh, crisp and great tasting; perfect for putting a bag lunch for work or school.

NOTE: Bags are made extra thick paper with a plastic lining for freshness and very difficult to open by hand. Use a knife or scissors.
214461214461B004TES39IA2II8HWYK3GOXQG. Carraway8851192924800These are the best!You just can't beat Kettle Chips. No other brand comes close to these. If you like pepper, these are for you. This company also makes other flavors that are just as good. And it's not just the flavors that makes this brand stand out. It's the way they're cooked and the actual flavor of the potato that you'll love!
214462214462B004TES39IA22T1D6L5J2PCPDale Coddington "Rachel Coddington"6651232409600What's not to likeFound these for a great deal..split the box with a friend and we both loved them.
214463214463B004TES39IA3TRPX727O4YGBK. Minger4451191196800Best tasting chips ever!!I love these chips
214464214464B004TES39IA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao3351241740800Better than the other chips I purchasedThese have an added kick that made them better than the other rippled chips I bought on Amazon, and they're kettle-cooked to boot, so they had a heartier taste and more satisfying crunch. Great for any kind of dip and they hold up well to any dip.
214465214465B004TES39IA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"3351185926400addicted to these chips!they don't look very appetizing, but oh my are they good! very tasty. i looked up the company and they are an environmentally friendly company. that just makes it better.
214466214466B004TES39IA350ZPD3PZU3RSJ. Lockhart3351178323200WOW! Whattachip!VERY good, arrived fast. Of all the kettle style chips I've had, the thickness of these really pushes the crunch factor. Great flavor, not too greasy. Thanks Amazon and Kettle!
214467214467B004TES39IA2JKDZXXDFXZ9Eazreads "azreads"2251260316800Amazing!Great value...these are larger than your usual snack bag of chips...big enough to share with two. I like them because it prevents me from eating a huge bag of them!!!
Just wanted to add a note that the in the shipping process using Amazon and the chips are not destroyed, they are perfectly fine!
214468214468B004TES39IA39Y59C6FTC0GLChristine2251243468800Delicous!You will get spoiled after eating these chips! These chips are very thick, crispy and flavorful! Most chips on the market are very thin with lots of salt and added colorings on them.

Not Kettle! The tangy and sweet taste is remarkable and very, very delicious! I could eat a whole bag myself!!

214469214469B004TES39IA3E9OJWHMXMYYFAnneSAHM2251180310400Best pepper chips out there!Love love love these! They are well seasoned, thick and greasy. Yum! They have so much flavor. No other pepper chip compares.
214470214470B004TES39IA2ENL1FZLKL1L2Alvin Ashcraft "Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew"2251174003200Best chips everThese are probably the best-tasting potato chips ever. Chips certainly aren't the healthiest snack food out there, but at least these don't have any trans fats.

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