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214498214498B004TES39IAJCK6OKNWGIYGMike K0051295827200Great chipsThese Kettle potato chips are great. I love the krinkle cut because it gives the chip great texture when eating it. Those thick ridges also allows more of the seasoning to stay on the chip. The pepper in this really stands out so if you're not a fan of fresh ground pepper flavor then don't buy this. These chips are rich, bold and delicious. The quality of the potatoes used are excellent. I can't wait to try the other flavors.
214499214499B004TES39IA1F5774CLZ85COlovingvermont0041291507200Great product, terrible packaging...beware...No complaints about the chips, they're great. However the box arrived from UPS half open and when I opened it completely, I found one chip bag had exploded and all the other 23 bags were crushed or semi-crushed. So much for that! Not blaming Amazon or UPS but next time this happens, I will return the order.
214500214500B004TES39IA2T6N2VLK0CTPHJan M. Niess0051289088000The best chips i ever had!!That's what my husband said after he had a bag of these. They are incredible!!!
214471214471B004TES39IA1IZY0DU0VZ7NUtechdad1151341705600Best chips ever!Simply put, these are my favorite potato chips of all time. Thick cut, great flavor, kettle cooked = yum. They have just the right amount of heat and a complex flavor that hits the spot every time.
214472214472B004TES39IAJIUE27ABHHBItogo1151339113600freshness !I found this product to be as described. Also found the price to be quite fair, for what was purchased. I actually think the taste of this particular brand, far exceeds any other's I've tried. I also found these chips to be very fresh, from the first bag to the last! I'll most likely be placing another order in the near future, I'm sure!

L. Nakao
214473214473B004TES39IADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"1151323734400Ranch isn't only good with tortilla chips....I have been a longtime fan of Kettle Potato Chips, since I was a small child. The terrific texture and "crunch" of their product never leaves me disappointed - what's more, the high quality ingredients that go into the top-of-the-line flavors they have are first rate. Zesty Ranch does not fail to disappoint me. The Ranch flavor has a terrific, zippy quality (like the flavor name would suggest). It livens up your taste buds, and I am pleased to say that it isn't too salty, nor too greasy. Each chip is packed to it peak with flavor, and it is far from skimped upon. You almost don't need any dip or sauce of any kind on this snack. It speaks for itself. Highly recommended. Makes me want to go crunch on some right now!
214474214474B004TES39IAVD7SOW0ET7ZFML "gagdet guru"1121292716800Most of the Bags were openI've eaten these Krinkle Cut Salt and Pepper Chips for years. I was very excited to find them on Amazon. I bought the 24 pack specifically so they would be fresh every time I opened them (opposed to buying an 8 or 12 oz larger bag).

When I went to get a bag this evening, I noticed they were slightly open and the chips were stale. I checked the rest of the bags in the box and most of them were open. I think it may have to do with the oil on the chips. They seeped into the seal and loosened the glue.

I called into Amazon Customer Service and the CSR was pretty rude. The first question she asked was why I didn't report this earlier. Duh, maybe because I didn't notice the problem until now? I've been very happy with Amazon's Customer Service in the past and have been buying 100s of dollars product during this Christmas season. Hopefully this was just a cranky CSR and not indicative of Amazon's direction for customer service.
214475214475B004TES39IAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141287878400Yummy chips!My son and I agree. These are fine flavored potato chips! The Kettle brand has a lot of interesting variations on flavoring. This is one of those we like best from their stable of goodies.

I went to graduate school in Buffalo, lived in Western New York for years, and frequented the Anchor Bar, where chicken wings were invented. So I rather like the cheekiness of referring to Buffalo wings in this product!

And these are tasty indeed. I would prefer a bit more of the bite/heat of a Buffalo chicken wing, but that is not a serious issue. I find it amazing that this product can even hint at the pleasures of Buffalo chicken wings!
214476214476B004TES39IA36GEDLB5A5MJRevDorothyL "DorothyL"1151257724800delicious -- good thing the bags aren't any biggerJust the right amount of spice and tangy bleu cheese flavor, plus a lovely crinkle-cut crunch. I'm just grateful that the bags aren't any larger, since I find it impossible to stop eating these until I've finished the entire 2-oz. bag.

So far, I've bought both these Buffalo Bleu and the Salt and Vinegar flavors, and they're both excellent quality chips.
214477214477B004TES39IA2VNN18V9DZ1D0Sunshine "great granny"1151235692800TasteEveryone that tastes these chips LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! They all ask where they can get them. Thank you for the email on when they were back in stock. I will be ordering more. My grandkids @ children raid the cupboards for them when they come by.
214478214478B004TES39IA3V2OXRI5EBCWFDoug Green1151234742400Great chipsGot a nice tang, As far as blue cheese flaver, its so mild that people that hate blue cheese will still eat these and like em as long as they dont know. >=)
214479214479B004TES39IA2DU9MAU2P97FRBarbara A. Mcelveen "Bobbye"1151217203200THE BEST CHIP EVER!!!I'm not a "chip" person, but I tasted this one and I'm hooked!!! The flavor is unique and not too spicy...just right! Can't go wrong with this chip..I'm so happy I tried it.
214480214480B004TES39IA2Z6TO6R3J3Z5NAngela Fuller1151216425600I love this flavor!Kettle chips are a high quality product. The chips are thicker than regular chips, and you can always tell that the individual ingredients being used are of really good quality.
This buffalo bleu flavor is tangy, with just a hint of sweet. They taste wonderful.
214481214481B004TES39IA3E9OJWHMXMYYFAnneSAHM1151196294400My favorite Kettle Brand chipsThese krinkle cut chips are wonderful. They have the perfect amount of salt and pepper, and just the right amount of greasiness. They are crispy and thick!
214482214482B004TES39IA1MZZH3M1IYZ2TA-Bomb "A-Bomb"1151193961600Good Taste and Healthier ChoiceThe taste is nothing to worry about. They taste great. The high sodium and salt is what I worry about though. I might try something else that is lighter eventually. It came in the next day by UPS which an expiration of Feb 26 2008. Which means these are good for four months. I'm very impressed.
214483214483B004TES39IA2DU9MAU2P97FRBarbara A. Mcelveen "Bobbye"3451216944000SIX-STAR CHIPS! YUMMY YUMMY!Absolutely LOVE these chips! Very well spiced without being too hot. Definitely a winner!
214484214484B004TES39IAXJ1QYBUL86ONHarpswellWoman "HarpswellWoman"0051348531200These are very hearty and tasty chips!I found these in Salt & Pepper flavor in huge 20 oz. bags for $2.80 at BigLots recently. They are very tasty and they have no artificial aftertaste whatsoever. We were in the middle of one bag when we pulled out chips that seemed wet. Turns out it was just the oil on the chips.
They are mighty flavorful and crunchy, but, yes, they can be greasy. Definitely a guilty pleasure to be eaten in moderation!
214485214485B004TES39IA26N3GLFUNS4NLMr. William A. Dispoto "gorilla-bill"0051347840000WOW...not for the faint of heart or weak of teeth!I love these chips...for overall flavor, texture, freshness, and most of all CRUNCH...they can't be beat. My only criticism would be that they are a bit greasy, but they're potato what do you expect? Besides, they are not greasy to the point of being unpleasant...and their durability when facing even the most daunting dip...7 layer, chunky salsa, and even heavy cream cheese well worth the trade off.
214486214486B004TES39IAOEMTIP0P73YIAkorps0051341360000Kettle chips are excellentKettle is the best tasting and healthiest chips I have tried. Keep buying them so Amazon keeps stocking them. The price is good also.
214487214487B004TES39IA3LN27742T0L76Fran0051338940800Kettle Krinkle Cut Chips, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, 8.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)Absoluley the best chips ever. Shared with my coworkers and they all loved it. One thought the pepper was a little strong, but he does not like anything spicy/peppery/hot etc....

I do wish they could reduce the salt on them, but other than that I see nothing wrong. My delivery was fast and chips were very fresh!
214488214488B004TES39IA1X5JJCYUW2X94Kathleen L. Pezak "love to shop"0051336348800YummyThese are the best chips ever. I order them by the case because you can't buy 5 oz in the store and it is just enough. I love them and have not bought any other chips since I have been buying these. Excellent product.
214489214489B004TES39IALFMWJZ5KV4S1Ronald Pawkett0051331164800The Best Chips EverThese chips are the greatest. I have ordered them several times--everyone loves them. Buying them on Amazon saves you money-much less that the cost from my local store.
214490214490B004TES39IA3HM6GMPG6ODVWR. Quillen "retired Person"0051330819200ChipsI had these shipped to my grandson in Germany.The shipment was fast and free(cannot beat free)the chips were great.Will order again.
214491214491B004TES39IA1C5BQGQCR1HRPStephMac0051323820800BEST CHIPS EVER!!I just ordered 12 bags of these chips for my boyfriend for Christmas! They are amazing! If you like salt and pepper-you'll LOVE these!....Amazon really does have everything!
214492214492B004TES39IA21148I8NVA35KCrzyvboy0051318809600Better than going to the store to buy them!The chips came in a big box with great packaging so that none of the bags were squished. Overall i'm happy with the purchase and would order it again after I run out.
214493214493B004TES39IA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0051316304000These are great-nice texture, really crispy. Super treat. Worth the calories!I've found a new taste treat. I'm not a big one for potato chips, so I am sure I've come late to discover these. I think they are really good. The processing & ingredients list is actually pretty good-no trans fats, etc. So, if you want an indulgence, these are A+ ! They are thicker & more tasty than the mass produced potato chips we've all come to know. They are much more flavorful. Never had this flavor before. before. Incredibly good & a flavorful combination of sweet, tangy, salty. Also not overly hot or spicy. Excellent!

These arrived in a case of individually wrapped chips. Each one was in great shape. No open or broken bags. No mess, no crumbs.

If you want a snack, have something REALLY good. It's got to be worth the calories-and these are!
214494214494B004TES39IA3W07LAP94E7EQSienna340051309219200Great FlavorThese are my husband's favorite chips. He loves the tangy flavor and crunch. When we serve these to guests they all rave about them.
214495214495B004TES39IA3GW73OTA6TSAvic0051308614400My personal favoriteI was tired of the standard bag of chips and could never finish a full bag. These Kettle brand chips are really good, crisp and the pepper adds great flavor to them.

These chips are right up there with PopChips as two of the better brands one can get.
214496214496B004TES39IAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051300665600Excellent!What I like about them:
1) Krinkle makes very thick chips, what's even better is that the krinkle cut chips feel even thicker because they are krinkled or have ridges in them.
2) No trans fat and all natural, according to the info on the bag.
3) Flavor, but that's a subjective thing. I like the peppery flavor of these.
4) 2oz bags, which keep you from eating too much at one time. Just set a limit of 1 bag.

As another reviewer said, there's a lot of oil in them chips. What I do is place a paper napkin on a plate and pour the chips on them. Wait a few mins before eating and the napkin will soak some of the oil off. It seems gross that there is so much oil on the chip that a napkin will soak it off, but it's true! And at least this way, you'll get rid of some of the oil.
214497214497B004TES39IA2M8JQ3AME7878Tom Z. ""0041297036800Yum! but a little pricey for chips.I really like the flavor and cruch of these chips. It just about makes the price worth it. I guess you can consider them a higher end chip and that justifies the price.

I would buy them again based on the flavor and the quality of the potato chip.

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