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214591214591B000GAQE4AA22U4ZUC9O1VIQJohn J1251170374400great candyThis is a great tasting hard candy replacing Hershey's TASTETATIONS which for some unknown reason they quit making.
214592214592B000GAQE4AADAS6GTLJ9AAJFittalk0141167868800Just RightI enjoy this candy because it is just the right blend of coffee flavor and sweetness.
214593214593B000GAQE4AA2W3KOTHFGVNMTSoylentGreen0311295308800Glucose Syrup (Tapioca) as Main Ingredient is a put-offHaving had MANY candies for coffee before, I tried these to see if it was a little stronger tasting. It was, but the texture is a bit odd, and the goop in the middle is just disgusting. Glucose Syrup as the main ingredient should have made me stay away. These won't be back on the shelf at my house again.
214594214594B00248E980A1390WQJ54J8SHJohn Krehnovi4551338508800Less Sweet than the Other ComparablesThis syrup tasted really good. It was probably my favorite of the 3 that I've tried because it is the least sweet. It is still sweet but not as sweet as the others in my opinion. I used 3 syrups listed below for my Master Cleanse. They are all good quality and I'd recommend any of them. You probably will want 1 jug for every 5 days of a cleanse. It is possible that you'll need more. I'm not an expert to comment on darkness or many other factors. Here's my brief breakdown:

Coombs Family Farms 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup Grade B, 32-Ounce Jug - The sweetest of the 3 for sure. It is also probably the thickest but still runny. 200 calories per serving of 4 tbsp. When I put this in my lemonade for the Master Cleanse, it makes the lemonade sweeter than how I like it.

NOW Foods Maple Syrup Grade B Organic, 32 ounce - Is less sweet when compared to Coombs but a little sweeter than Family Heritage. Runnier than Coombs but these syrups are all a little runnier than grocery syrups. 200 calories per serving of 4 tbsp. It provided the right amount of sweetness for the Master Cleanse specifications for a drink.

Family Heritage Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Grade B, 32-Ounce Jug - Good quality and tastes sweet but definitely not as sweet as the other 2. Didn't get the calorie info before throwing the bottle away but I'm figuring it's the same as the other 2. I usually put an extra 1/2 a tbsp in my master cleanse lemonade to get it a little sweeter and curb the hunger.
214595214595B00248E980A277MQ34IYT4APSusie Foot1151344211200I only buy U.S. "grown" maple syrup!I ordered this particular brand of maple syrup for a variety of reasons: 1. It's organic. 2. It's NOT Canadian!! Our family boycotts any products from Canada until that country discontinues bludgeoning baby seals to death for their fur. 3. It is grown & manufactured by a family farm that follows sound ecological standards. So, when I received the syrup, I was totally happy that all the above was true plus it tastes great! Not as thick as other brands, and that's OK. I highly recommend this product, and urge readers to support family farms, organically grown (mainly for environmental reasons), and to think about whose economy is being supported by your purchases. Not to preach or anything!
214596214596B00248E980A1DFB7VFLQ1GQIhappyface3691121343952000Had mold in the bottomThis maple syrup was very good. I was very disheartened to find mold in the bottom of the bottle on my last serving. I didn't think mold formed in maple syrup. It was gross.
214597214597B00248E980A1HXT8JP66BS53Jonathan Brief "Jibbertuck Lovebucket"0151335484800DelciousI've tried a few organic maple syrups and this one - probably because it is the only grade B I tried - is easily the nicest.

Gorgeous stuff.
214598214598B00248E980A2V6M4KQS7DRVWdayplayer0151322179200YummyPrefer the darker syrup and was not disappointed, only fault is not enough, seems to have been used up in a flash...yummy
214599214599B00248E980A1OCQKB8VXYNRGLady, Shee "Lady, Shee"0151315872000AWESOME Syrup and Nice presention on the bottle too!WE love this Syrup and the other grades, have tried Grade 1 and 2 and we like the choices! Wonderful Product and labeling on bottle too! Ty! :) Blessings!
214600214600B002ZHB0DWAGTO21BHY08LFscottls1 "scottls1"4451297641600Ruta Maya Organic Cubita is my favorite bean of the 3...!I've tried these 3 Ruta Maya coffee beans-

1. The Medium Roast is Very light, and compares nicely to a Breakfast type Blend (too bland for me).
2. The Dark Roast has an acid finish, and was bitter.
3. The Ruta Cubita is my favorite "distinctive tasting" bean, with No acid finish! It has Yummy chocolaty undertones! :o)

BTW!- I bought "2" 2.2lb bags from Costc*.com online, for $40 (Including S&H). You don't have to be a member (only a 10% non-member surcharge).
I freeze the extra beans in "Glass" jars (plastic bags breathe, and dry beans out!), and keep nicely.
Frost free freezer is bad due to temp change (condensation).
Never re-freeze/re-refrigerate, and thaw before opening.
214601214601B001KQAR24ANRJ7OJLB3NS1JM0051334361600Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 3 lb. bagI started with 8 oz. of this product at first. I loved it so much, I worked my way up to the 3-lb. bag in a relatively short time. I use it in smoothies with coconut milk kefir, banana, carob powder, vanilla extract and stevia. YUM!!! I also blend hempseeds into my salad dressing recipes for a creamy, delicious dressing.

I love the fact that the hempseeds stay fresh in the freezer for months. I put some in a jar and keep it in the refrigerator so it's ready for me to use when I need it.
214602214602B001KQAR24A399YZO3BLRA2Rjulia0051329955200so yummy in a smoothieThese taste really great in smoothies! They add a creamy texture and a bit of a nutty flavor. What a great way to add protein to a veggie diet! Love them. They arrived fresh and packed nicely. If I ever run out of my 3 lb, I will order again from this seller.
214603214603B001KQAR24A3N8XG9VZTQIQQJC Warren0051329350400Hemp for breakfastNutiva Organic Hempseed is a high quality prodcut. Hemp seeds are high in protein and essential amino acids with an omega-6 to omega-3 EFA ratio of about 3:1. I use about three tablespoons in my breakfast smootie every day so a 5lbs bag will last me about four months. I portion about about a month's worth, reseal the bag and keep it in the freezer so the seeds are still fresh by the time it's emptied. Good stuff!
214604214604B001KQAR24A38R7PAAITELODAponi0051328832000aponiI received my hemp hearts quickly in a vacuum sealed plastic bag and have just recently opened them after running out of my previous supply. They taste just as good as the ones I bought from my local health food store, and I love that I was able to buy them in bulk for a much better price online. Just make sure that you have a large container for storing them after opening if you do not have a way to re-seal the package.
214605214605B001KQAR24A36WZM0TB2WU1LHappyCamper0051320192000very tasty - and healthyI'm on the healthy nutrition and fitness kick to get my health back in order - these seeds really add a nice flavor and crunch to the food mix - great to roast.
214606214606B001KQAR24A3QWROP0VZSSFMDolly0051308614400DeliciousThis product is delicious! I bought it to make my own hemp milk with, but it's also good to eat straight out of the bag with a spoon. The options for how you can use this product are limitless. It's really hard to believe something so natural and delicious is illegal to grow in this country.
214607214607B001KQAR24A209595C9JXEJLGemmaker0041307232000Hemp HeartsI love my hemp hearts. I had a difficult time the first three weeks getting my body accustomed to them. The hearts had an opposite effect on me than other customers about whom I have read. I now eat them daily and find I have more energy, plus, the overall effect seems to be positive.
214608214608B001KQAR24A3H4BD7M839DDFNika Tinova0051303084800AWESOME STUFF!!!Got this withing a couple days of ordering, and they taste so fresh and GOOD!!
So glad to have discovered this SUPERFOOD!!! Put them in my green smoothies and on my salads and even eat it a teaspoon of them when I feel hungry :). Wish it was more readily available in the US!!!!
214609214609B001KQAR24A345CMJ7NABJ3addnoodle0051297468800Love this productNutiva's Hempseed is the best. We love this product. We have tried other brands and this one is the best.
214610214610B001KQAR24A2JBW2AKMJARN5Kimberly E. LeaVesseur0051296432000Nutiva Nut!!I love this product and love the fact you can buy it in bulk like this! I HIGHLY recommend this product!!
214611214611B001KQAR24A1WGJNVSRAY4UDAlorah0051292976000Excellent hemp seedTastes great and the price is the best I've seen. I put half in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator and the other half stays in the freezer for prolonged freshness. Have bought it several times. You can sprinkle some on your yogurt for a nice flavor and additional nutrition.
214612214612B001KQAR24A1ILMDO2212ZZ9I <3 Electronix "I <3 Electronix"0051292025600Fresh tasting - nice flavorNutiva organic hemp seeds are fresh tasting and have a very nice flavor. We enjoy sprinkling them on salads or just eating them plain. We have these ordered through subscribe and save through Amazon and enjoy their fast shipping for a good price.
214613214613B001KQAR24A20JIIXN9BDB4QAnnia0051286236800Hemp seedsVery great deal on hemp seeds as in teh stores you get very little for alot more price. Very pleased. Have some on hand in a jar in the fridge and the rest in the freezer which is the proper way to keep hempseeds fresh.
214614214614B001KQAR24A3Q15HWNS6GOEHLaurie D. Mills "Goldensmom"0051279670400Satisfied customerI've ordered Nutiva Hemp seeds numerous times and have been satisfied with the product they sell. I will continue to get my Hemp seeds from Nutiva . Order & delivery through Amazon is fast and efficient.
214615214615B001KQAR24A1DOAWKTR5HXVXLucius Leftfoot "Oh Yeah!"0051277251200Great for athletesGreat product. Helps tremendously in athletics. I notice I have more energy and can play harder for longer durations when eating hemp seeds regularly. They also fill me up so that I don't need to eat a big meal for lunch if I've had them for breakfast. I typically cut up half a banana, take 2 Tbsp of raw, unpasteurized yogurt and 3 - 4 Tbsp of hemp seed and mix together. Homemade banana yogurt with hemp seeds....great breakfast.
214616214616B001KQAR24A369IQZ3J2ZSI7Rissarance0051271548800Love it!Great price - excellent packaging and delivery - product is fresh - includes packaging date.
214617214617B001KQAR24A1B1NYRRVA0UMLCasey Shnitzer "jewified"0051256688000the best ive found!this really is the best hemp seed ive found. ive tried other brands and this one is alot more fresh when you chew on it. and it has a better taste. and for the price, no complaints!
214618214618B001KQAR24A6ZVELVNSJ0UQVirginia Bonacci "bonach"0051256083200Amazing Hemp Seed!As a vegan, hemp seeds are an important part of my diet. This product is great because it helps you to save money by buying in bulk, and its also of the highest quality.
214619214619B001KQAR24A25HBE20I6BVRWC. Mackey3511308614400I must have received a bad batchI have purchased hemp seeds many times, and count them as a large part of my diet. I typically purchase the Manitoba Harvest brand, but the price on the 5 pound bag with Subscribe & Save was unbeatable. The hemp seeds I received looked and smelled normal, but sent my GI tract into a nightmare. I thought it was a fluke, and had nothing to do with the hemp seeds, so I ate them again a few days later, when I was feeling better. Within 30 minutes of eating, I was vomiting profusely, with terrible stomach pain. I wonder perhaps if there was some ecoli (or similar) bacteria on the seeds. I tossed the rest of the $50 bag. I won't buy Nutiva brand again.
214620214620B001KQAR24A2C3HVJPWT23QPBeth Sells3531300147200Great Expectations not RealizedI had great expectations when I purchased these hemp hearts as someone at our local health food store was very enthusiastic about its ability to cut appetite and thus worked for weight loss and control I found it pleasent to eat, tastes fine and texture is appealing although the seeds get caught in my teeth and under my gums so I need to brush, rinse and floss quickly after eating it. I was surprise to read the fat content at 45 percent so I am only eating it with breakfast. I don't think this is any miracle food supplement and probably will not buy again unless something changes with my experience. I've used it for a month now with no noteable impact.

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