Amazon Fine Food Reviews

214741214741B0011CX29WA1WX42M589VAMQMir2241257811200Really Yummy, Crunchy Peachy GoodnessI had ordered four of the Just Tomatoes products from amazon, and I liked them so much, I went to the company's own site to order a bunch more of the stuff I couldn't find here (including some of the organic offerings).

I tried these today and so nummy. Very peachy and crunchy. Occasionally, you get a piece that has a slighty less lovely flavor, with an aftertaste that says the original fruit was mayhaps too ripe, but mostly a good product. So easy to carry fruit in a bag in my purse this way to snack when I get a candy craving. It's 90 calories for one ounce, and one ounce is a generous handful, like a cup's worth maybe.

214742214742B0011CX29WA2LPJXTHM87Y1BAndrew J. Badertscher0051328745600Great product!We got these for our 8 month old son. He loves them, they are easy for him to hold (at least until he's slobbered all over them). The pieces are actual wedges of the fruit, the same shape as if you cut up a fresh peach at home, unlike some other brands. They do vary a bit from piece to piece on how chewy vs crunchy they are. Some dissolve in your mouth, some need to be chewed, but this hasn't been an issue for us. They taste great and we will continue to buy these!
214743214743B001ET5Z2OA1T8301M6RANKDacade0041332806400fun sprinklesthis has 6 individual compartments full of sprinkles. The compartments contain: 1. pink sugar crystals, 2. tiny various color balls (size of a pin head), 3. multi colored tiny butterflies, 4. dark purple sugar crystals, 5. larger round, flat multi colored circles (about an eight of an inch wide) and 6. mini cylinder shaped (like a hot dog) sprinkles (they come in white, pink, purple and white. they are about an eight of an inch long, some are shorter)

It is a fun little set.
214744214744B001ET5Z2OA3GUOWTUXWWWFCMike, et al0051275004800Perfect finishing touchI purchased these sprinkles to go in a gift basket with a cupcake book, cake mix, baking utensils, etc. It was the perfect finishing touch!
214745214745B0043WC6CGA36UYTICYFVEG4Karlee "Booklover"0051318204800Miss B Loves 'emIn a recent trip to Canada I happened to buy these for Miss B. SHE LOVES THEM. Just wish Amazon also sold the liver fillets. (hint hint)
214746214746B001BBXP7MA6FIAB28IS79Samuel Chell14415411217548800Didn't work for me, but worth a try. Order it from Amazon.The first time I posted my experience, six readers immediately disagreed with it (obviously they felt they knew far better than I whether FRS Healthy Energy provided me with any "lift"). I withdrew the review, but upon reflection I've regretted my decision to do so. Whether or not the product "worked" for an individual is necessarily personal and anecdotal, one person's report. It's hardly a matter for disagreement--unless the responder is intent upon promoting an agenda.

All of the FRS products have ingredients likely to be familiar to users of "energy" drinks, powders, supplements, and bites: sugar, corn syrup, fructose, caffeine, green tea extract. The drink also offers the MDR for key vitamins along with antioxidant activity from the green tea leaves and, most importantly, "quercetin," a bioflavanoid that is used in red wine replacement capsules as a highly potent free radical scavenger. While "quercetin" is widely recognized as an effective blood toner, conditioner, and "bad" cholesterol reducer, FRS is prominently promoting it as an energizer, capable of "extending" the body's natural adrenaline "and" removing the "oxidants that cause fatigue." A controversial statement, backed by little controlled studies, especially if the inference is that quercetin will provide an immediate "lift."

Of course, FRS points out that it's not simply the individual ingredients that provide increased energy but an optimal, catalytic combination that promotes thermogenesis, increases metabolic rate, and helps the body make efficient use of carbohydrates. So it's possible the product has worked for many (besides Mr. Armstrong). If so, testimonials on its behalf deserve to be taken seriously by any curious, health-minded individuals.

The powdered drink mix perhaps makes the most sense to start with, and the chewy bites the least (the sugar in the bites actually had a paradoxical effect, momentarily enervating rather than energizing me). The drink is flavorable enough, with a convincing fresh-fruitish "tang," and not overly sweet. But in my case it did not counteract either the late-morning or late-afternoon "crashes" and obviate the need for that extra expresso or two.

If you choose to try the product, be exceptionally careful about the apparently generous internet offer, endorsed by Mr. Armstrong, of a complete sample kit of the products sent free of charge (with the exception of postage and handling costs). The merchandising tactics of FRS are practically antithetical to the full-disclosure, consumer-centric policies of a site like Amazon. (If Bezos offered everyone a free Kindle, saying it's yours to keep if you don't like it, I'd have full confidence in his offer; FRS employs more deceptive, misleading tactics that could result in your admittance to a pricey club before you even realized you were a member.)

So put Lance Armstrong and his company (he's part owner) to the test, but order the products through Amazon to avoid unwanted hassle, hustle and hype. If you decide the product is for you, then is the time to inquire into the benefits of being a member of the club.
214747214747B001BBXP7MA1FDDYCIPGADGBK. O'Rourke151651224028800Great Sustained EnergyI am pretty much a sceptic of so-called energy drinks. Most of them give you a quick buzz, then let you down just as hard. But, that being said, I am a cyclist, so I decided to give this a try since Lance has his hand in the company.

I love it. I love it. What I especially love is the fact that it is a gradual release. You don't get that horribly jumpy I-gotta-run-around-the-block feeling. I drink it about 30 minutes before my ride, which is usually 20 to 30 miles, and about a third of the way into the ride it kicks in. I don't get a rush, just a feeling that I can keep going and push a little harder. The energy really does seem to last for a few hours without a horrible crash at the end.

Taste is not bad, not great, but certainly drinkable. I got the orange powder. I put it in a shaker bottle with eight ounces of COLD water, let it sit for a bit, then drink. It reminds me of the orange Tang I used to drink as a kid.

This is a product I will buy again.
214748214748B001BBXP7MA141I3S78O5LF4EyeSpy "Bonnie"161831220140800FRS Hype??I purchased FRS powdered drink for the energy it would provide (so the packaging suggests). Like many people, I work during the day and the evenings often times bring on another part time if not full time job. As far as energy goes, no more energy for me than taking my daily vitamin in the mornings. I purchased the orange flavored powder which doesn't taste too bad but not a flavor I would want to drink long term. Perhaps I lacked energy because I didn't adhere to the suggested daily intake of more than 1 drink a day (who would want to and how many people could afford it?). In any event, take a vitamin instead (save your money). I'm being generous in giving this product 3 stars only because of the nutritional value.
214749214749B001BBXP7MA38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire6651210291200EnergizerI've recently gotten into health drinks (Emergen-C and ZipFizz, etc...). This stuff is a little expensive but I got it with the 15% discount. Without a doubt I had more energy while working out the first time I tried it - I burned 100 more calories than I usually do on the treadmill and afterwards felt like I had never gone running in the first place. I've used it a few more times since then and this stuff is great. I'm no health expert but I have already recommended this stuff to several siblings and friends. Everyone I've told about it (gave them a free pack) liked it a lot and got their own.

Try it out for yourself. I take it 30 mins before I workout.
214750214750B001BBXP7MA2RTN9I6TVPSLWR. Freed7851209945600Does what it saysJust as the description states: "for sustained energy and weight reduction". FRS does not give you a jolt like caffeine does, instead it is more subtle. It'll keep you awake in work after a heavy lunch, or will give you the energy to do just a little more during your workout. Consequently, it raises your metabolism making dieting more efficient.
214751214751B001BBXP7MA3RVMI146ADR2CS. Abendschoen "SEAshellLady"121551193270400Great energy supplementI had tried the FRS products (concentrate liquid, chewy snacks and powder supplement that you mix with water) on a free trial from the mfr. Although I did not sign up for the automatic ship program, I knew this supplement was working because I had more energy to get through the demands of the day than I have had in months. I continue to take the FRS daily and would recommend it highly to anyone who has depleted energy or just wants to destroy as many of the free radicals in their system as possible.
214752214752B001BBXP7MA17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler4431265760000High Cost but High Energy...the good and the badI wake up at 4:30 am every day to workout and get things done around the house. I work full-time and do weight loss counseling during my lunch on top of it.

Enough said on why I need energy, right?

I actually hate the canned energy drinks because, although they worked, my heart raced and I crashed hard a few hours later and you could hardly wake me from a nap.

Enter FRS. I actually prefer to liquid concentrated version, to be honest. But these are good for when I travel or when I'm on the go since you have to refrigerate the concentrate.

Works like crazy. There is a reason Lance Armstrong uses this stuff. That's not a plug, I don't work for FRS. But I do live in Austin with L.A. (well, not actually WITH him...anyhoo...)
Has less caffeine than 1/3 cup of coffee. No racing heart. No crash. No bad side effects
Provides all natural energy from quercetin and high antioxidants
Quercetin is currently being studied by the FDA as a treatment for obesity. No results yet, but preliminary use of quercetin resulted in weight loss in many of its users which put it in the testing. (Google's too long for me go into.) I shouldn't say you'll lose weight from it because of that...I have no clue. I swear it helps me but it could be coincidence that I have more energy which results in doing more, which results in weight loss. Who knows.
I know I need to drink it, but I hate water. I don't use a full packet of this in my water so that I get more "water" in my ratio, but it flavors it well so I suck it down.
I love the berry taste.

This doesn't dissolve as well as other water flavorings. It often sticks to the side of my water bottle, or the bottom. Also, it can clump which means I'll suck in a tiny glob of it--this wouldn't be a problem if it were something like hot cocoa mix but the stuff has lots of vitamins in it so you suck in a clump and you get a tangy vitiman aftertaste
It's too expensive in my opinion for water powder. But I still buy it. It sucked me in.
I think the liquid concentrate is actually more potent but this works in a pinch when I'm on the go or to flavor my water since I am not a fan of water and flavorings are the only way I'll drink it.

Conclusion: If they had competition on an all-natural Quercetin-full powdered drink mix, I'd shop it in hopes for better dissolving and a lower price...til then, I just use it sparingly and I use the FRS liquid low calorie concentrate as my "go to" healthy energizer every day (especially in the morn and prior to any workout). I have that on automatic ordering through Amazon so it's actually 50% less than if I order it directly through FRS (I think the FRS site it a tad of a rip off for a few reasons) since it's 15% off that way and there is no shipping costs...that stuff is heavy if you order lots of bottles so it's worth it.
214753214753B001BBXP7MA2R00P1O0062WKFrancis Moon131751206662400unbelievable productI've always struggled with excessive fatigue, taking an hour nap everyday, constantly yawning about 10-30 times in the morning and I was about to go to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Then I came across the frs energy drink site and tried out the free trial. The results were amazing. As soon as I drank it, I felt the fatigue in the morning that felt like a heavy backpack completely disappear and I had no urge to take my everyday nap. I had a high level of energy that lasted the entire day. Even as I'm typing this at night, I am still feeling it. And even more amazingly, with all this, there were NO side effects whatsoever. I'm taking it everyday since and I strongly recommend it to anyone who struggles with fatigue.
214754214754B001BBXP7MA1EVYZKMXXHOC1Monkey Meg3341259712000Like it, works as advertisedI really like this and appreciate that it is a low calorie sports drink. I tend to put it into larger water bottles (20 ounces) and find that if I sip on it while at the gym or on a long ride, it provides a boost of energy. It is tough to dissolve the substance in water but a larger bottle shaken over time takes care of that. Well worth the money and I don't feel like I'm drinking back all of the calories I burn at the gym!
214755214755B001BBXP7MA14SI6LGZRJ4DND. Taylor3341255219200Great pick-me-up for the late afternoon slumpBest to purchase thru Amazon or Ebay for 1st time buyers, then you don't get stuck with the auto shipments and the hassle of canceling your membership in the FRS Club if you don't plan to re-order. Overall, FRS has great products, albeit pricey.
214756214756B001BBXP7MA38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire5651210291200EnergizerI've recently gotten into health drinks (Emergen-C and ZipFizz, etc...). This stuff is a little expensive but I got it with the 15% discount. Without a doubt I had more energy while working out the first time I tried it - I burned 100 more calories than I usually do on the treadmill and afterwards felt like I had never gone running in the first place. I've used it a few more times since then and this stuff is great. I'm no health expert but I have already recommended this stuff to several siblings and friends. Everyone I've told about it (gave them a free pack) liked it a lot and got their own.

Try it out for yourself. I take it 30 mins before I workout.
214757214757B001BBXP7MA3297OJ96J6F2LAlec Brown7931232236800does not play well with waterPro:
- I think that it tastes pretty good and tend to dilute it more than the packet to 8 oz of water. The taste is almost identical to diet tang.

- Does not mix well at all with water. It clumps up into floating balls that dodge your mixing spoon. If you invest the 15 minutes it takes to get it to dissolve be sure not to let the residue dry to your glass since it sticks like a paste glue.
I've tried putting it in the glass first and adding water (nightmare)
Fill glass first and add the powder which floats and mixes poorly
Mixing it in a bottle that you can close and shake works 'ok' but who has an 8 oz shaker??
214758214758B001BBXP7MA1CCBLW6NH70IDsgeise "sgeise"2251317254400Works very well for this old guy.I'm a middle aged guy they never eats right. Not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. Never tried any energy drink before, tried this just on a whim. It works. I was drinking one dose every few days when I felt I really needed it, and it worked well. Then I started drinking two doses per day as recommended on the packaging and I really feel much-much better all day. My wife is enjoying it also, lol. I've talked to my pharmacist, and did some searching around the web, and can't find any negatives about the ingredients. One odd thing is that the different types (can, powder, chewable) seem to have slightly different formulations. Sugar content is higher in some then others, so pay attention to that if you're diabetic.

This is the powdered version. I find the taste to be a little better then the canned version. Although neither is going to win any prizes in that regard.
214759214759B001BBXP7MA13MFYPURZTNSCMastiff Mom2251271203200Terrific product, fast shipping, love the subscribe & save!My husband travels quite a bit so the FRS packets come in handy during the travel weeks. The FRS packets are extremely convenient and come in a variety of flavors. I have done my research online and Amazon seems to offer the best price with the Free Shipping for Subscribe and Save items and the lower price with the program. If you drink FRS, this is a terrific method to receive the product at a great price with the convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep!
214760214760B001BBXP7MA2ESEUED7HIWG6Kevin Taylor2251241308800Unbelievable effect on your brain and body!!!!FRS is one of the least known products on the market.
Yet, amazingly, has the most beneficial effects on your mind and body, over anything I've ever experienced.

For your body: take 1 packet and mix with 8oz of cold water, 20 minutes before you work out i.e. weights/aerobics/jogging. Your level of strength and endurance will increase demonstrably, and actually exceed your expectations by a very wide margin.

For your mind: take one packet and mix with 8 oz of cold water, 20 minutes before you stress your brain with complex tasks, i.e. working on math spread sheets, studying, memorizing, reading and absorbing difficult subject matter, playing piano through memory or reading the sheet music, cross word puzzles...the list is endless. The results of FRS on your brain will be in a word...unforgettable. Also, if you're socializing and having one or more cocktails, take FRS before you start, and you will stay sober when everyone else around you becomes impaired. A sure fired way to become the "designated driver."

This is the first opinion I've ever given on a product. And NO I'm not being paid to write me, you won't be sorry.....Kevin Taylor
214761214761B001BBXP7MA3TT6RSWBUKRKUEric Monse "Eric"6821216771200Way Too Much Acid in this DrinkI tried to drink this a few different ways, even with half the mix. And it was MUCH too acidic. Yes, I do have acid reflux problems. But I have no problems drinking things like Vitamin Water and Gatorade. I couldn't handle this drink.

On the flip side, I did feel pretty good after drinking this. I think the energy part works.

I would strongly recommend you stay away from the powdered version if you don't have an iron stomach.

I haven't tried the concentrate or the regular drink that comes in cans.

UPDATE: Tried out the Low-Cal Wild Berry that comes in the can and it wasn't too acidic. Don't know what the deal is with the powder.
214762214762B001BBXP7MA2RSHA48V9VU5BNKB "NKB"1151299024000FRSI carry this product with me in my purse. It's easy to use when you're not at home. It gives you a refreshing boost of natural energy. I have used it for several years now.
214763214763B001BBXP7MA2HW9Y0JQSZ462Susie Johnson "Mom of Three"1151243814400The GREATESTThis is the best antioxidant/energy drink! I have bladder cystitis and this drink is an absolute miracle!! Any time I have issues with cystitis or food allergies in the bladder I just toss one of these into a bottle of water and all my problems are gone within a 1/2 hour! I will buy over and over and over again! It also works great as a weight loss supplement drink.
214764214764B001BBXP7MA12WO9MTWTFYC5T. mcmurtrie1131232928000Just OkayAfter drinking the powdered energy drink offered at the supermarket I thought I would reward myself and experiment with this more costly product.
I found it hard to mix well, the tiny clumps were few, but in the three boxes I purchased I have yet to mix a drink that has not had them in it. It doesn't bother me but this is a review. The orange flavor and lemon lime flavor I found acceptable and what I expected. It is recommended to consume 30-60 minutes prior to activity. It may be imagined but I feel a little rush within minutes of consumption but it only last a few minutes and I see no notice in my exercise before, during or after. The powdered energy drinks I buy at the supermarket have caffeine and an immediate and sustained zing for my exercise which I prefer.
FRS is not a caffeine drink but because it is an energy drink I expected more. I will not buy again.
214765214765B001BBXP7MA3JT6MVCWE8BSPModel Mom "ValerieB"3441218153600Great Energy Drink!This product lived up to its hype. Gave a great jump start to my day. I drink it during my morning workout. Not one to drink anything but water and black coffee, I added more water than recommended. Nice flavor, for you old folks, kinda reminds me of Tang. Only problem is that it doesn't stay mixed. Not a problem if you added it to a water bottle, just give it a shake before you take a sip.
214766214766B001BBXP7MA1QCM0FJ1ZF3Z4Ms. S. Thomas "MsSmurfy"5751199577600FRS Antioxidant Health DrinkAwesome product! These packets are a great idea. I take with us during our travels as well as always have at home. Every time I have a bottle of water this handy packet adds great flavor & energy boost to every boring drink! Not high in calories or sweetners either. Terrific product! I thoroughly enjoy the flavor & overall results this product offers! I would highly reccommend everyone & anyone to try this.
214767214767B001BBXP7MA1MJHIXD99FPJZW. Wong2311309737600powder does not dissolve completelyThe powder does not dissolve very well. For some reason, the Wild Berry powder dissolves nicely but not this orange flavor powder.
214768214768B001BBXP7MA21JH690PDX4Q6Steve2341219104000works well, taste badtitle pretty much says it all. I first tried this stuff out of a can at a Korean restaurant and loved it. This stuff does not taste nearly as good, so I just chug it down. But it works really well. You won't feel a buzz like you do with normal energy drinks but you don't feel a drag 4 hours later just the same.
214769214769B001BBXP7MA18TJTEVW75K67Glenda Reynolds0051349222400FRS Powdered Energy Drink: Excellent!I don't know where the negative reviews are stemming from. Maybe they didn't use the product effectively. I don't know. For me, it works great. It provides an energy lift, and curbs appetite. Two key ingredients in fat lost.
214770214770B001BBXP7MAX2CCTR7A9F9GRobert J. Cardone "budhua"0051349049600FRS Is Very good....I've been drinking FRS for 3 years now and this is the best way to buy it....I work very srtange shifts and when you don't want a caffine jolt but feel good & awake ...I grab for these products.

It has minor caffine to "carry" the B & Minerals to will feel great.

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