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214806214806B001BBXP7MAO09U2GGNUJG6A. E Heald0041231804800Sugar-Free Aftertast but Good ResultsIt's not the best tasting vitamin drink, I'm sure, but I don't buy vitamin products with high taste expectations. It gets a little gritty at the bottom, but you can always add more water.

I wish they would offer more FRS products without sugar! I like the energy impact I'm getting in the middle of the day.
214807214807B001BBXP7MA2R1RPMIEUXZLRrazz murray0021231372800Like drinking a vitaminThe taste of this product is awful. It does perk you up a little bit. It's like drinking a liquid vitamin with lots of grit. I will not buy again. I have had for 2 months approx. and only used two of them. The rest are sitting in my cupboard.
214808214808B001BBXP7MA3CD5Q3MUBF00Brian0051223942400Alternative to RedbullI was looking for a powdered alternative to Red Bull, and this works for me. The taste is not the same, but the energy boost works for me, the product is local, and I'm not paying for someone to ship water in a cute aluminum can across the Atlantic
214809214809B001BBXP7MA1581ZJR3VEDE2Robert Henuber "Golf Habit"0051222214400much needed enduranceUsed for 3 weeks so far and have been pleased with the results. Golf 3 days a week in FL heat and just can't last usually; now I can hang in there with one frozen 16 oz mixed bottle and one chilled in the frig. I can't believe my 2 hour 'melt-down' is gone. Apple, banana and FRS lasts for the 4 hours. Highly recommend.
214801214801B001BBXP7MAG6Z5GZDXY8JKMatthew Flint "mxmf50"0011267056000Not goodIn an attempt to get away from high caffeine energy drinks a tried the free trial of FRS energy. For 5 bucks they sent be a a two week supply of the orange concentrate and a two week supply of the lemon lime powder. The lemon lime powder was by far the worst of the two. As some of the other reviewers have already explained, it does not mix with water even with vigorous shaking/stirring. Instead it turns into this chunky, multi-green, sewage looking crap (HORRIBLE). The taste is not that bad, but by no means great. I tried the mix 3 mornings in a row and threw it up once and the other two mornings sat in class just trying not to throw up. It did not set well with my stomach for some reason. Furthermore, I did not gain any type of useful energy from it. However, I would recommend the organge cocentrate. It mixes easily, tastes much better, sets better in the stomach, and does provide some useful energy. In fact, I found myself more concentrated and energetic throuout the entire day when using the organge concentrate. Dont bother with this Lemon Lime stuff, trust me.
214810214810B001BBXP7MAM4MVCQURTZ8PG. Strohl0041220227200much needed energyI play a lot of tennis and this has really helped me finish the matches strong. I would recommend this product for active people.
214802214802B001BBXP7MA3KG6HYQMUGECBAnna0031266451200Decent product packaging needs work.
214811214811B001BBXP7MA1581A8ZA2HYUGAJ3551255392000This review doesn't make any senseHere are the cons:

1. Its way too expensive

2. It mixes terrible. The best way to mix it is putting it in a water bottle and shaking it.

3. The energy effect is marginal. This isn't redbull or Emergen-C.


1. I love the taste.

2. Your not going to get fat on the 10 calories per serving diet flavors.

If you have never tried FRS before, I'd recommend picking up a 4 can pack at GNC (or you can order it online.) If you hate it, your not going to like this.

Personally I drink it two or three times daily and have been for the past three months. I started with cans but the weight and space that takes up is fairly significant. I switched to the powder, which definitely is different, but it is an acceptable replacement.
214803214803B001BBXP7MA268K6KSDBI0ZVJennifer L. Smith "working mom"0041260835200FRS EnergyWorks really well without the crash at the end of the day. Flavor is good!
214804214804B001BBXP7MA32EAF1JPQ7CEJOriginal Flatlander "Husker Fan"0051242259200FRS PowderEasy to mix in a water bottle when you are in a hurry but could use an energy boost! I think I like the orange taste better, but this is a good alternative. Keeps you going. Great to drink when you have many projects to do. I will buy more to use when I travel. FAST shipping and great service too!
214805214805B001BBXP7MA3MS7UGKBHCWVHlithal650041237939200Lime popIt's taste okay--like a thick lime kool-aid. Only flaw, you need to constantly stirring or shaking your bottle to keep it mixed. Also, I haven't noticed any "pick me up" affects from the drink.
214812214812B001BBXP7MAXQ1OKKDT0M7ODarrell Gurrieri3551229040000No More Monster For Me!As most of us try to fit many different things into one day, we usually need a pick me up when we're feeling sluggish. That used to come in the form of energy drinks like Monster, Rockstar, or Red Bull for me. Even though I drank the "Lo-Carb" versions, that stuff had way too much caffeine in it. I decided to try FRS and I haven't touched another energy drink since. If you drank Tang when you were a kid, like me, then you'll love this. If you didn't like Tang, then you probably won't like the flavor of this. It has plenty of B vitamins and a small amount of caffeine. For me, it seems like it started working better after I used it a few times. So if you don't feel that much energy the first time, try it again. And at about $1.20 a drink, it's much cheaper than those crappy energy drinks.
214813214813B001BBXP7MAH0SAAFAGK5C5Road Warrior "Road Warrior"3551183939200Road Warrior-L.A.I have been using this powder mix for the last 6 months. I mix it in a water bottle at the airport for a healthy energy boost and drink it during the morning instead of having a snack.
214814214814B001BBXP7MA326QDSDM3AQ5OD Marie "Hard Core Yogi"3551183939200Weight Loss!This product is 10 calories per serving and has great weight loss aspects. I use this product to curb my appetite and noticed that I lost a couple of pounds over the last few weeks.
214815214815B001BBXP7MA1STMWBIDSBHOVCarl Palisca1211315267200Tried Orange flavor can FRS tastes like fresh squeezed assI bought 4 11.5oz cans of this on sale for 50 cents each. It has worst taste of any energy drink I've had kind of more like a carrot taste rather than orange maybe carrot and cauliflower mixed with aspirin with a hint of robitussen. Not sure if it had any effect at all: went right to sleep after drinking it.
214816214816B001BBXP7MA1IPS19K01KM6CAshburn, Virginia1211297036800Beware, it can cause diarrheaI used the FRS powder for several months and had to stop using it because it caused stomach problems. I was using one or two packets per day (less than the recommended amount) and I even tried diluting it more than recommended to make it less strong/concentrated, but it still caused problems. The problems went away when I stopped drinking it. While I like the taste and the convenience of the powder packets, it's not worth the gastric disturbance.
214817214817B001BBXP7MA3UYJZDD2JGFF8Augsters Books and Supplies0141221436800Thirst quencherProduct has good flavor. Its hard to tell if I am actually getting energy from the product, but it does quench my thirst.
214818214818B001BBXP7MA1R7JYPQWEXMYTD. Michael Sanford "Book Monger"3611259712000A sports drink with one caveatI first tried FRS when I got a free sample in a package I ordered from a bike shop here on Amazon. To be honest, most drinks that cost this much is almost criminal in that most buyers thinking that they are getting some sort of magic potion to make them feel better, run faster or jump higher. Most of the time you would be better buying sugar free Kool Aid and adding a couple of vitamin tablets to it. There is no scientific basis for sports drinks except for one caveat. If you sweat a lot during your exercise, you will do yourself a favor by replacing electrolytes and a few calories but stay away from a lot of sodium salts. Having said that, this drink and many others should not be used by people who have GERD (gastro-esopogeal reflux disease) as it will cause reflux and heartburn due to the citric acid in the drink. Overall, this drink and many others really have no value for most people and considering the price of these additive type drinks, you can purchase a membership in a health center and then drink water when your there. I am a bicyclist and often ride in very hot, humid weather and I drink a watered down sports drink, but its cheap and only has a few calories and can be purchased at a local big box store. Save your money and don't buy expensive drinks like this one.
214819214819B001BBXP7MA144UAQ4GF2WFOAlexis1311249862400Save your money.The powder doesn't like to mix with water, even when you shake it in a bottle vigorously for a few minutes. This drink gave me no extra energy whatsoever, even when I drank two in a row. Doesn't taste awful but I certainly wouldn't call it delicious. Save your money! Though for almost the same price you can buy a red bull which is much more effective!
214820214820B001BBXP7MA2HW9Y0JQSZ462Susie Johnson "Mom of Three"4811243814400LackingI love the LIME flavor FRS, but this Berry flavor is not good. It is too sweet and not tart enough to hide the flavor of the vitamins, etc. I'm sticking with the lime.
214821214821B001BBXP7MA30IF7UO7VL847Jeanine M. Smith2551224806400Great ProductI love FRS. I love the extra energy I get to stay awake & stay focused during the day. I would recommend this product to anyone that is having issues with getting sleepy in the middle of the day.
214822214822B001BBXP7MA3NIMXRZLZ1OFMsixtz4me51011223164800Don't waste your $$$$If your looking for a pick me up, you can forget this one. I tried the powder and the cans of liquid, neither worked for me. Although they did elevate my heart rate.
214823214823B001BBXP7MA243C60JIRIT9WAdam C. Quirk "rasputin"91711242086400FRS Energy ScamHey, these guys may have been able to get Lance Armstrong to shill for them, but the product is really nasty, and they are scamming people out of their money. They use "free trials" to lure people in, then bill their credit card over and over again for products they never ordered.

See for more information about it.
214824214824B001BBXP7MA1X07I3W8JS7DSAlex61211242604800Devious BillingI once ordered FRS to try it. All I ordered was one simple box of product. Since then I have recieved shipments every month, which I never ever thought would happen. If I had known it was to be a regular monthly shipment, I would not have ordered the product to begin with. This is deceitful on their part. With companies like this, I feel I have to run their ordering process by my attorney before I order. If you are gonna order, be careful as you may get far more than you expected or would like, with your knowledge or approval. Very disatisfied customer.
214825214825B001BBXP7MA1YV0L9J7CA1XEBeautifulD "DT from the Bronx"0211313625600WORST THING TO EVER PASS MY LIPSIt made me violently sick. I'm a certified personal trainer and distance runner and this product did not live up to my expectations. I'd tried the regular canned form, and moved onto the powder. It was properly diluted, tasted fine, but hours later I couldn't keep anything down. I later found out that I'm not the only one that has reacted the same way. I can't even give it away.
214826214826B001BBXP7MA10AL9S8OV23EOKathi "Kathi"0211250726400being honestI looked for a natural energy drink (the managing weight was a bonus) and found this. I tried it. It does not mix well with water. I tried warm water at first and then chilled it and there was still clumps. The flavor of the berry makes it hard to swallow. I cannot describe the taste, but it is unpleasant. I will finish the box I bought but I will NOT purchase this product again.
214827214827B001BBXP7MA2IEF2VEA5GXR7Gregory R. Piper "grp"0211221436800tastes like sh**Recieved the product and tried it in regular bottled water. It is absolutely the most god awful tasting thing there is. Have no idea what kind of lemon lime flavor this is supposed to be. Could not even get half of it down, so I have no idea how well it works. Would not advise the powder mix version. It tastes like sh**.
214828214828B001BBXP7MABBM573SZNE7HChristy Wheeler1551234137600Super great productI love this drink. It gives me energy and has all the antioxidants I need. I drink it everyday! The order comes once a month, just as I need it.
214829214829B001BBXP7MA3INZOQ413FJCUCMBDOC102111255737600The placebo effect is powerfulI have been a doctor for 50 years. In that time there are now probably 1000 times as many medications and 500 times more medical procedures. Every one of them in order to be accepted has to undergo what is called a double blinded, placebo controlled study. An appropriate number of patients have to be recruited. In the case of Lipitor it was 10,000. 5000 took Lipitor and 5000 took the placebo, which looked exactly like the Lipitor pill. None of the patients or nurses or doctors knew who got what. All of the patients were seen often and after 5 years Pfizer broke the code and discovered that the Lipitor treated group had 50% less heart attacks, strokes and death. Every pill and every procedure has to be tested this way if it is to get on the market. FRS has never been tested this way and never will. The beneficial effects of this product depend on the placebo effect. If you believe something will benefit you because you have read many + testimonials there is a very good chance you will experience a benefit. Of course drinking a potion and expecting to, and then feeling better is a piece of cake compared to the potion actually curing cancer or healing an ulcer. You wouldn't want to go to your doctor when you are very sick and get a placebo. FRS depends on + comments of users and the celebrity endorsement of one of the greatest athletes in history. Does Lance say he won the Tour de France because of FRS? If he did would that be cheating?
Cleaves M. Bennett MD
214830214830B008GRPVI0A3OF39RE9KXLGRH. M. Franek0051347753600The BEST chocolateThis chocolate is GREAT. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the flavor has just the right blend of Cabernet and chocolate. Get one for you, get one for a friend, and then get a few more for yourself. You won't believe how good this is.

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