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214871214871B0013M06NAAMFYF3C08JMWDDr. Gubernaculum "Dr. Guber"0031332806400Pretty goodThese are pretty good, but not my fav kind of bakery on main GF bars. But I don't really like any peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars. If you like them, then you will like this one as well.
214872214872B0013M06NAAE7QHD7D1IYNDSonny Knowles0051332806400Yum!These Bakery on the Main PB bars are my ultimate favorite! I love them with my morning coffee. Tastes like a decadent treat.
214873214873B0013M06NAA6UWFHHQUS9PNGluten-Free Three0051332806400Yummy!With gluten free kids, it is hard to find a fun granola bar to ease their hunger after school and before sports, dance, etc. We've tried other peanut butter and chocolate chip bars and none live up to the taste and texture of the Bakery on Main Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. We keep a few in my purse for the "hungries" after school and when I know others are sending granoloa bars for the rest of the team after playing baseball/softball. It is a great option for GF kids!!!
214874214874B0013M06NAA313YCOCQ050AXSamantha McCormick "Gluten freeness"0041332806400DeliciousThey are a little hard, I admit, but still delicious. They have a flavor that is very much like a Reeces peanut butter cup, but not as sweet or as aggressive. They're a lot like a chocolate granola with a peanutty undertone. I found they worked out very well for satisfying a craving for a peanut butter chocolate treat.
214875214875B0013M06NAA253XKKISFMJARJulie K0041332806400Sweet and SaltyWhen you find something you like that gluten free you kind of stick with it unless given a sample to try it for free. I was given a sample of these bars and I must say, I really liked them. They were, for me, a good size and just the right amount of sweet and salty for me when I am craving that combination.
214876214876B0013M06NAA2JGDE2FFBW0UMGfgirl5080051332806400GF Granola BarThis GF granola bar from Bakery on Main is more like dessert than a snack! I love chocolate and peanut butter together, and get this pack of granola bars as often as I can. In a world of Reese and other delicious, gluten-filled snacks, this granola bar helps me to live a more satisfied gluten-free life! Thank you Bakery on Main!
214877214877B0013M06NAA3JWFWW7D2OE3GAndrea Stevens0041332806400goodGreat bars. Not cheap, but nothing GF is! Tried other bars and there are some out there that are just horrible!!
214878214878B0013M06NAA1KKVAOUW4B9QUWeavergal0021326412800Changing, and not for the betterThe first time I bought these bars they were chewy with just the right bit of crunch. After buying them for over a year now, the bars have become smaller, dried out and taste like cardboard. This last batch the children refuse to eat. Very disappointed.
214879214879B0013M06NAA16YIA8D1496EPRoadrash0011318982400Disappointing!I bought these to keep in my desk at work. I really wish I could say these bars were good, but they are not. It's difficult to find decent gluten-free snacks, and these are definitely off the list.

They seriously are bad, they taste & smell like they've been sprayed with insecticide, like Raid. I took one home and put it out in the yard, and the birds and squirrels wouldn't come within six feet of it. Something is not right with these.

I'll stick to Kind Bars for now.
214880214880B0013M06NAA39QVTFR6MV32KMalia Paul0011317772800GrossThese were disgusting. I can't even describe the odd taste they had - like no nut or seed I've ever eaten. Waste of money. I threw the whole lot of them away. Wish I'd read these reviews BEFORE I bought them in bulk!
214881214881B0013M06NAA2SIZSQ2VIDXKZKeith0011296432000The Perfect Storm of TerribleI prefer Fiber-One, Nature-valley, Quaker, really just about any other granola bar to these. They are the perfect storm of terrible. Small, not filling, not tasty, and high calorie.
214882214882B0013M06NAAPJFQN4KTXUHRMr230031284940800Not much peanut flavorThe peanut flavor is pretty weak in this product, but it's not the worst tasting product. For example it is better than the "off flavor" in Pamela's Choc Chip cookies from the flour mixture, not that Pamela's CC is the worst mind you. I did not find the bars to be stiff or hard, but it wasn't Quaker chewey either. I've only just tried them for the first time, so I don't know how the product quality varies over time.
214883214883B0013M06NAA1QDB0LN3QX208curlyFSU0021251072000Love the Granola not the Granola barI love the Bakery on Main granola but the Granola Bar was a BIG disappointment! I didn't mind the fact that it was super chewy but the taste is I will continue to by the granola but NOT the granola bars.
214884214884B0013M06NAA21XAOVJZJ818MJ. Tate0021242000000Bring your strong jawThe taste is fine on these granola bars, but they were so hard I had a sore jaw after eating each one. I suggest buying one box at your local store before buying the pack of 6. The chocolate chips are on top and don't really stick to the granola so careful when you open the package.
214885214885B0013M06NAA3D2XJB9C3Y4AWL. Seibert0051226793600Glutne freeI have been looking for a gluten free granola bar. I found this one and I it tastes great....
214886214886B0013M06NAAF4RMNZ0OLHG1Gluten-Free Dad "TXDAD"0041224806400Finally Good Granola Bars!This is the first gluten free granola bar that my son really likes. It is quite difficult to find these gluten free, and these are good.
214887214887B001OHWAA6AUJF00UDDIK9FFrency0051343260800BUONISSIMI!!!!!Buonissimi! Sapore di casa mia! Finalmente dei biscotti che non sanno di burro!!!!! :) I would buy them every week!!!
214888214888B00113ZTVKA1US7D4TJ492TOM. K. Blue141441247961600Does the JobEdward & Sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon Cubes provide chicken flavoring for vegetarians and vegans who do not want the "real" thing. The flavor is excellent. My only complaint is that the sodium content is pretty high. I have learned to not use any other product that has salt in it when using the bouillon cubes. Interestingly, the fat used in this product has the same texture of chicken fat. Fortunately, the fat content is not high.

Pretty dull review but it is rather hard to wax poetic about bouillon cubes.
214889214889B00113ZTVKAZXON596A1VXCValerie Witt "Dr. Val"111151253836800Love this productFinally, a vegan bouillon stock that I can actually enjoy. I add this to the water when I am making quinoa or rice, and the flavor is outstanding - it really does taste like chicken! I wouldn't want to drink a lot of the broth, since it does have 1600mg sodium per cube. However, when making soup/stew/quinoa/rice, this product can't be beat. It contains no MSG and is gluten-free!
214890214890B00113ZTVKA1XSPKZ8HHSBX2Problematic19635551294531200vegan bouillonmy daughter is vegetarian and we got 3 different kinds of those bouillon cubes at a local health food store. The Chick'n one had the best flavor so we order a big box of those . It tastes the same then a regular bouillon without any meat in it. great product !
214861214861B0013M06NAA1DB1008FFFHJSLise0011332806400Not a favoriteHave tried numerous Bakery on Main products and this one is one I wouldn't try again
It is tolerable in a pinch but gluten free shouldn't taste hard and cardboard like
214862214862B0013M06NAABLSKC5C1RGK7cynthia rogers0041332806400chocoliciousReceived these as a thoughtful birthday gift! Shared with everyone and then bought another box. A little high in carb but totally satisfies that afternoon or breakfast craving!
214863214863B0013M06NAA1GIXWZPJH0ERALaynie0031332806400Could use improvementThese bars are not too bad and have been ok in a pinch. However, they could be softer and a little more flavor. Also, frustrating that the mini chocolate chips fall off the bar whenever you take a bite. One of the blessings with granola and other food bars is that they are great on the go, but not travel friendly if things are falling off with every bite.
214864214864B0013M06NAA3NUZY4Y6B2GHDAmanda0031332806400Ok....My son likes these, not as much as the chewy pb and jelly ones,, but they're ok. The oatmeal, instant, is awesome, try that!
214865214865B0013M06NAA2YRSSQCHQQQRRSelina A Thome0031332806400Chocolate loverNot bad for gluten free. Kudos to Bakery On Main for giving those of us who can't eat gluten an option. Not my favorite product by them but appreciate the effort. The cranberry maple granola is wonderful!
214866214866B0013M06NAA311FRP5Y7Q5D5ZanderMom0051332806400Yummy!I have 2 daughters that are gluten free and dairy free, they LOVE these gronola bars! It is a nice simple and healhty snack for them!
214867214867B0013M06NAA1FF9I8TTLM9P6GF Nicole0041332806400GF granola bar huntI've been on the hunt for a GF granola bar. I love PB & chocolate, so I gave these a try. They are kind of stiff, but ok if you warm them up. Definitely don't let them hang around for long or they go stale. The PB chips had an artificial taste. The chocolate was good. I liked other Bakery on Main bars better, but overall, these were pretty good.
214868214868B0013M06NAA1324O8BJG5KKKAmy0051332806400The Best GF Granola BarsGranola bars have always been a snack/quick meal stable for me. When I couldn't eat my usual brand because of having Celiac's, I didn't know what my go to snack would be. Once I found these bars, I was again happy! They are tasty, filling, a great snack or quick meal replacement. I feel like I am eating "real" food - unlike other GF bars I have tried. Thank you Bakery on Main!!!
214869214869B0013M06NAA1D6L1C2Z7L8EEGF Rhonda0041332806400Good GF BarsSome of the reviews stated that these bars were hard to bite into but I'm wondering if they were stale and it's a problem to be reported to the store at which they were purchased. I've bought these bars for several years and like them a lot. They've never been hard to bite; in fact, I like the texture. I carry them in my golf bag for a great snack to get me through the back nine. I can only carry them in golf bag in cooler weather, however, as the chocolate gets melted and messy. But I love them.
214870214870B0013M06NAA81VW13VMEJBDdementye12110021332806400good combo, but a bit dryThese granola bars combine the best two ingredients: chocolate and peanut butter, but they are a little on the hard/dry side. They would go really well with milk or some sort of hot beverage, but on their own, they are not as chewy as I would have hoped. However, they are filling and tasty, with the chocolate chips on top satisfying any chocolate craving one might have.

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