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214891214891B00113ZTVKA2JS37XWAZOFOUBillie S. Zinke4441236124800Great flavor - a little salty thoughThis has great flavor and is great for the veg*an. It did seem a little salty but I've been using low sodium products for a few months now. I would love to see a low or no sodium version of this product.
214892214892B00113ZTVKA1RN2CVL38U1DMJulie Kaye2251292803200My favorite boullion cubes without the MSGThese boullion cubes are soft and tasty. They have a great taste and the cubes are also soft so that I don't have to sit there and try to break up a brick in a pot of water.

I know the other cubes are cheaper but they are hard as a rock and have MSG. For migraine sufferers triggered by MSG, Not-Chick'n is a great alternative.

-- Update --

Usually I am good at reading ingredients, but a friend pointed out that these cubes use 2 types of sugar: evaporated cane juice and maltodextrin along with organic expeller pressed palm oil and garlic. I was fine with this considering that the boullions do not have MSG, but I know some people cannot have sugar, garlic or palm oil.
214893214893B00113ZTVKA3MQR7LI79RHPOLA in NJ1131342051200Tasty, but if you are sensitive to MSG, I would advise againstI have a sensitivity to MSG. It makes me feel ill and creates digestive issues. I didn't realize that the yeast extract in this product was the equivalent of MSG. After I started using it, I couldn't figure out what was upsetting my system so much, until I eventually put two and two together. They are tasty, but if MSG bothers you, I would not recommend them.
214894214894B00113ZTVKA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans1141301443200great for flavoring riceI eat a good deal of brown rice because it is filling but it is also a tad boring. It doesn't have much flavor. This bullion provides a great way to flavor rice in a very simple way. Simply place a half to full cube when cooking rice for a rice that is still filling but of a different flavor. I like to pair my "chicken" flavored rice with sauteed greens and a vegetarian BBQ riblet (Moringstar Farms and Gardenburger sell a similar product). I can't wait to try to make a vegetarian chicken noodle soup with this product. The Edward & Sons website also has a lot of unique recipes so don't feel you would be limited to just soups or flavored pilafs.
214895214895B00113ZTVKA1XOM8MCZ3M7OCjulie shusterman0051346889600My go to for soup and saucesThis is a great vegan boullion-the best I have tasted. My parents, who are very skeptical that vegan means taste good, love any soup I make with no-chicken boullion. My kids and guests love it too! It brings that comfort flavor that we used to get from chicken. I use it in soup, in sauces and gravies, and in marinades for tofu. Absolutely no bitter after taste like some veg broths seem to have.
214896214896B00113ZTVKA27CVSVRN0M8CNsalty0051342310400wonderful spiceThis is the best gluten-free spice we have found. Our whole family loves it. We use it in soups and stews and as a flavoring. We buy a case at a time because we use so much.We enjoy the chicken flavore. My daughter uses it in gravies .
214897214897B00113ZTVKA1VFENCO558LYMeredith Hopkins0051332892800Vegan Flavoring for Soup and Other DishesThis is the best vegan "chicken" flavored bouillon cube I have found for use in soups and for flavoring other dishes, like rice and homemade bean-based veggie burgers. I have tried other brands of similar products but this one has the best flavor and, unlike some, doesn't contain soy. It is salty so if you are using it in a recipe calling for salt I would definitely recommend reducing or omitting the salt. My favorite way to use this is in my split pea soup (posted on The Vegan Kitchen blog). In combination with the other ingredients it really gives the soup that perfect "split pea" flavor! I've also used this in homemade veggie burgers with kidney beans and rice. For that use, I recommend adding the cube to the rice while it cooks. These don't dissolve as readily as I would have expected so I would advise taking a bit of the water your recipe calls for and heating it in a small container where you can stir the cube(s) until completely dissolved, then add it to the recipe. You won't find it for cheaper than Amazon subscribe-and-save but pay attention to your shipment dates because one case of this goes a long way!
214898214898B00113ZTVKAISSRJ7E2L375Kelly Garbato "Marchpane!"0031330819200Delicious and easy to use - but lose the palm oil, please!The title says it all. Edward & Sons's vegan chicken bouillon cubes are both super-tasty and incredibly convenient. They dissolve quickly in water and don't make a mess, unlike some other vegan bouillons/bases I've tried. For example, the Rapunzel brand bouillon - available only in vegetable flavor - is slower to dissolve, and the Better Than Bouillon line - which comes in small jars - is kind of messy and requires refrigeration after opening. (However, I have found that the cubes get a little sticky in hot and/or humid conditions, so you may want to store them in the fridge in the summer.) Use it to make vegan chicken noodle soup, vegan sausage gravy, you name it. (Vegans only eat lettuce and granola? Lies!)

On the downside, Edward & Sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon does contain palm oil (as does the Rapunzel brand; Better Than Bouillon does not). Palm oil, of course, has been linked to deforestation, habitat loss (such as that of Orangutans and Sumatran Tigers), the oppression of indigenous peoples, and greenhouse gas emissions. I contacted the company to inquire about their sourcing of palm oil, but did not receive a satisfactory answer. (The representative simply stressed that they use palm fruit oil, not palm kernel oil, and then elaborated on the health benefits of doing so.) Please consider switching to another plant oil, 'kay guys?
214899214899B00113ZTVKA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051330214400Great for making Gluten free gravy...Great for making Gluten free gravy...Edward & Sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon Cubes, 2.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)....I use this also to flavor rice....Great product to have on hand!~ I recommend this product and the beef flavor as well!~
214900214900B002WQE90CA28KL4VGU24MWSLorrie0051350777600yummy, probably Indo mie mi Goreng's best flavor...The BBQ Chicken Mi Goreng flavor packs on the heat...and just right for those who like their food on the intense side. It has lots of packets of flavor including a spicy chili oil and soy sauce and some msg-powdered seasoning and hot chili powder and even dehydrated fried onions as garnish.

It is subtly sweet and the spicy-heat just hits you in every bite and the flavors all merge into deliciousness. This is a flavor unlike any asian bistro cooking, and yet, it's so-oooooooooooo so, so good.

I must admit that I have often wanted to find other flavors that were just as tasty and spicy and have only found 1 that is nearly as tasty but it's not a similar sweet-n-hot-savory, it's got heat but it's very different. (see my other ramen noodle review)
214901214901B002WQE90CA1XXOPOV5YQ9Q8Shaunna0051332979200Wonderful!I bought these noodles for my boyfriend because he absolutely loves ramen noodles and he LOVES these noodles. He says they have the perfect blend of spices and sweetness and that they are amazing. They were shipped to me very quickly and they were in great shape when I got them. If you like instant noodles then I highly recommend trying these noodles because they are fully worth your money.
214902214902B001V911YIA36JVKY1948OXOPABLO ALFONSO0151284076800Must have TEA if your diabeticI bought this tea for my mother who is diabetic and she just tried it. May take a while before I can vouch for its efficacy in dealing with her diabetes, we just received it today. She will let me know any improvements/lower glucose level after a few weeks and I will update this review. Price wise its comparable to supermarket prices and shipping was very generous. Hope to get more if effective as stated in the box in controlling high glucose/sugar.
214903214903B006N3I8PCA1IMAK5D9XJJO8o-namae desu353651170201600the most "straightforward" of the Earl Grey K-Cup varietiesThis is my favorite of the currently (1/2007) available K-Cup Earl Grey teas. To calibrate this review to your tastes: (1) I like *tea*, plus this one flavoring, not herbs with a little bit of tea -- I'm even finicky about how much Bergamot gets put in. (2) I prefer Twinings to Stash (in bags, not available in K-Cups) for that very reason. Twinings is sightly less expensive than Gloria Jean's or Celestial Seasonings, and has the "cleanest" taste of the three. If you like a "brighter" or more flowery taste, go for the Celestial Seasonings; or if you like a more "complex" or "spicy" taste, choose the Gloria Jean's.
214904214904B006N3I8PCA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff121231233446400Week flavor and leaves tea "powder" in the cup.I really enjoy tea, and especially Earl Grey. I do not drink coffee, soda or anything else other then tea and water. So I find myself drinking lots of tea.

When I purchased my Keurig, I also bought a selection of teas from Celestial Seasonings, which included their Earl Grey and English Breakfast. After using them up, I decided to try the Earl Grey from Twinings for K-cups but was disappointed. The flavor was quite weak, not to say everyone likes a strong tea, but those who enjoy the sophisticated taste of Earl Grey, often like it to have a bolder taste then what this produced. Also it left a lot of unpleasant tea powder at the bottom of the tea cup which gave the cup of tea an unappealing appearance of being dirty.

I would have just assumed that this was the best a Keurig maker could do to produce a cup of tea if I hadn't already had 2 boxes of Celestial Seasoning teas that produced stronger tea with no muddy appearance. I was quite surprised with this result because I ordered the Twinings tea with the assumption that it would be better then the Celestial Seasoning.

Not my favorite K-cup tea for the Keurig.
214905214905B006N3I8PCA1I1FPD6OOG9T6Tom Ricket8821216944000Works, but too weakWhile these K-Cups worked fine in the system, our tea drinkers found the result to be much too weak to be enjoyable. "Tea-colored water," was what one person said. We don't know if this is really a problem with the particular product, or simply that the duration of the water flow through the cup is too short to allow the tea to steep properly.
214906214906B006N3I8PCA2LFFJU3RE133ZElanor7851173571200A Good Cup of TeaTwinings Earl Grey is my favorite tea, and I drink it almost daily. I've tried Bigelow, Harrods, etc. and I like Twinings best, either loose or in bags, so I know exactly what this tea is supposed to taste like. I was a bit concerned that the K-cups would disappoint, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the 3 smallest brew sizes before I found a trick that works for me. I double-brew one K-cup on the smallest setting. By this I mean that I run the water through 1 K-cup twice, both times on the smallest size which makes a large cup that for me is about the right strength and flavor. When you factor in the convenience and speed of using the Keurig, this makes getting a good cup of tea a breeze.
214907214907B006N3I8PCA18ZKXCI6X12EBNJmom4441170892800Not a tea drinker, but these are a nice changeI drink coffee- lots of it. I got these to have on hand in case I have tea drinking company. I tried them myself, and really like the taste. I won't be giving up my coffee but this was a good change from coffee. I also picked up the twinings regular tea bags in peach black tea and use them in my Keurig as well- boy now those are great! A nice peach flavor.
214908214908B006N3I8PCA2QQ9KSQ44QZSEJavier Miranda3351258502400Great Earl Grey, Now Available for Your Keurig Brewer!Earl Grey has been one of my favorite teas since the first time I tried it (roughly 2 years ago). I like the taste of bergamot, though I can understand how some might find it strange or overpowering. This product was, to me and contrary to the opinion of others, just right in terms of strength. I always use the lowest water setting on my brewer and am able to clearly taste the tea with no trouble and without feeling as though it should be diluted. Of course, I should clarify that I drink my tea like my coffee (that is black with no sugar). As a result, the tea may be too dilute when mixed with milk, but I can't say I've tried it that way. I also haven't found it to leave "tea dust" behind, like another reviewer claimed, but that could be due to luck on my part or bad luck on that person's. If you're looking for a delicious earl grey tea for your Keurig brewer, look no further.
214909214909B006N3I8PCA38T130YDQ9894Scott Kopper5631199664000Tastes good, but...This tea tastes good, but it is very finely ground and some of that ends up in the cup. I like to use the same tea k-cup 2-3 times to make iced tea and with Twinnigs it doesn't work because there is so little tea in the k-cup (I suppose that's why it is so finely ground - so they can use less) that it ends up too dilute. With Timothy's Earl Grey, on the other hand, there is much more tea in the k-cup which allows for my reuse of 2-3 times and the grounds don't end up in the cup. The taste is about the same except you get more for your money with Timothys.
214910214910B006N3I8PCA2W51LOXJFVIVRBetty2211297468800Not too good !I bought Twinings Earl Grey Tea, 12 count K-Cups. Always liked that brand. Nice smooth tea. Somehow, it's lost it's flavor in the K-cup. Kind of has a lemony or some altered taste. I wouldn't buy this particular one again.
214911214911B006N3I8PCA2DXYS4V750QBFHappy Person2221296604800Not undrinkable, but...While this doesn't taste terrible, the bergamot flavor that gives Earl Grey it's particular zing is quite weak in this tea. Celestial Seasonings makes one that has a more lively flavor that I would recommend over Twinings.
214912214912B006N3I8PCA2ME21YGPR0FRALitWit "Lacey"2251265500800Good to the last sipI love this tea. I have found that the Keurig machine brews a much stronger tea. This machine combined with the Earl Grey equals a satisfying morning wake-me-up. One of the reasons I like this tea is because I drink my tea with cream and sugar, but I still like to be able to taste my tea. Earl Grey is one of the only teas (Her Majesty's Blend another) that can hold up to a little cream and sugar and still come through.
214913214913B006N3I8PCA1TX11RXXZ1MBDDiana Hastings1151294358400good teaGood tea. I don't drink tea, but these are enjoyed by my son and my father in law. Highly recommend for tea drinkers.
214914214914B006N3I8PCAUYF0ATN657X5Lawanna Skaggs1151282262400Best Earl Grey on the Market!There is no other 'Earl Grey' that comes even close. Whether hot or cold...VERY Refreshing!
214915214915B006N3I8PCA1L0VFLMSIL01NClaire Rowe1151275696000Delicious K-cupI was skeptical when my husband brought home the Kuerig coffee machine. I don't drink coffee--my preferred beverage in the morning is tea; specifically, Earl Grey. He told me that Twinings Earl Grey K-cups were available, but I was worried the tea would taste just like it does when you try to make tea using a hotel room coffee maker--like really bad coffee. So it was a great surprise to find that the Twinings K-cups were so delicious. Using the K-cups is also a time-saver, obviously. Only down side is the environmental impact of all those plastic cups. I'm hoping they come up with a solution to that soon.
214916214916B006N3I8PCA18ZWZA1QHZ4UHNewhart Fan "Nan"1141272844800Twining's Earl Grey still a winnerThe flavor is good but not as robust as it would be brewed in a standard fashion. Since it is next to impossible to get loose tea except from specialty shops (at specialty prices) the price was right for the convenience of "instant" tea without using instant tea.
214917214917B006N3I8PCA1I75OO0985YOBYikes!1151260230400my family's fav earl greyMy mother (of English ancestry) finds this to be the best Earl Grey for K-Cups but a bit strong at first. My husbands, who is a big tea drinker and loves a lot of bergamont flavor also rates this as his favorite k-cup earl grey. My mother has purchased Twinings loose earl grey tea (in the tin) for decades and is used to a weaker cup of tea and finds the 2nd (and 3rd) use of the k-cup to be more to her liking.
214918214918B006N3I8PCA3JHLH8KXNVYHJMark Gutknecht4641237507200No Star Trek References please!The Geek in me always hear's Patrick Stewart utter "Tea,Earl Grey, Hot" when I grab these cups. I was actually looking for REAL Earl Grey initially and ordered these instead.
Note to self: Yellow is DECAF! :)
I'm drinking it regardless and I must say, decaf has come a long way! This is a good tea for decaf. I fill my travel mug and it's still plenty strong but not too much so. "Die-Hard" tea drinkers will notice a bit of difference in the decaf, but the aroma and flavor still has the Earl Grey smoothness and appeal.
214919214919B006N3I8PCA10EYK87YQXW6LEd Mozeley2341247443200Good for a quick cup of tea.I often like a cup of Earl Grey tea in the afternoon. This gives me a decent cup of tea in less than 2 minutes. It is not quite as good as when I go through the full process with a kettle, but it is close enough that this is now how I get my afternoon tea
214920214920B006N3I8PCA2YV06079UY5GWN. Pedron2351237593600Best tasting Earl Grey!Twinings is the best tasting Earl Grey you can find in a tea bag and in K-cup.

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