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214932214932B006N3I8PCA27LK6JEBQENQXdove0051335484800teaIt came right away. It is my favorite tea and I have no complaints. I wish my grocery store would consistantly stock it, but this is a great alternative.
214933214933B006N3I8PCAGMAH717O145Rawaykate0051334793600Delicious and EasyTwinings makes some of the best black tea (earl grey, english breakfast, etc.), and the company's k-cups are no exception. This is a staple in our house.
214934214934B006N3I8PCAMO6VEW553VSCjhbuxani0051334534400TeaThis is repeat order, my wife loves this tea and drinks it every day. She has others, but this is her favourite.
214935214935B006N3I8PCA2BGRYZAHX83XDStephanie B. Chambers "Books and more books"0051332201600Tea LoverThis tea tastes great and is so convenient with auto-delivery. I love to have this tea available at all times without having to buy it at a grocery store.
214936214936B006N3I8PCA1R0Z1BJGWRH8EL. D. Smith II "deved"0021332201600Convenient? Not A ChanceLike other reviewers I found this tea to be very weak. Tea needs to STEEP. And really, how hard is it to open a teabag?? And all that plastic an foil waste from the K-cup! Let the Keurig make you a nice cup of hot water for the teabag and be done with it.
214937214937B006N3I8PCA31QLDSU1A7LV1Carol Posey0051331424000Great!This tea is wonderful! no fuss, no muss, great taste! Thank goodness for Earl Grey Tea K-Cups!
Works out perfectly!
214938214938B006N3I8PCA37187ZFJZKUPYOtto0041330560000great tasteEarl Grey tea is my wifes favorite! Very simple to make with the k cup machine and add some honey for a little bit sweeter tea. Only complaint is price.
214939214939B006N3I8PCARZVKE5IPP4MXCrazi Crystal "Crazicrystal"0041328832000Right Box, Wrong TeaI really love this tea, it's my favorite. I like the mildly sweet flavor, and it is a medium strength tea, not too weak and not too strong. I haven't tried the caffeinated version yet, but I hope to in the future. Unfortunately I have to rate this 4 stars as one of the boxes I received was filled with English Breakfast Tea instead of Earl Grey. This was probably a packing issue with the manufacturer as the box was correct (Twinings Earl Grey). I received a refund, but it was still inconvenient and I hope it doesn't happen again.
214940214940B006N3I8PCA2MERSI1KHYIQBKathy D. FERRELL "Kat"0011325894400Tastes Horrible!!!Thank god amazon gave me my money back and I ordered some other Earl Grey Tea which I received today and it is great! This tea tastes like it is old or something. Do not buy this tea!! Rated One star because they won't let me rate it no stars.
214941214941B006N3I8PCA22ZR9QC8LT48Xbuschfam0051325203200Great tea in convenient packagingEarl Gray K-cups are a delicious alternative to coffee for all those with Keurig machines. It is very convenient and quick. Also great to offer tea choice at the office.
214942214942B006N3I8PCA3FYXKOBT6OQA3Kramerfreak "5150"0041323734400Great teaI really enjoy earl grey this is really good on a cold afternoon. This is a good deal I highly recommend this to someone who enjoys tea.
214943214943B006N3I8PCA3A90CELVLOUP6Nanciejeanne "Enjay"0031318118400Not my favorite k-cup Earl GreyI like Earl least I THINK I do as I have always enjoyed the Bergamot orange flavor/aroma of it. This product, however, leans too far in the direction of lemon for me...not enough orange (I like the combination of both.) I don't know if it is simply too much Bergamot for my taste, not enough black tea, or the k-cup is the wrong vehicle for this brand. Then again, maybe it IS the way it is supposed to taste and I have just been acclimated to other brands. I don't use sugar or honey, so it isn't that.

Either way, I like the Bigelow brand better(or even the Celestial Seasonings which is further toward the orange side, not exactly Earl Grey-y, but still good.) Twinnings is a fine name in teas, but this particular product isn't MY preference.
214944214944B006N3I8PCA2B6DNODKCD0BNBookworm0011317081600Decaf??Listing does not state that this is a decaffeinated tea. Placed order and received 2 boxes of Twinings Earl Grey Decaffeinated k-cups. Most definitely not what I wanted.
214945214945B006N3I8PCA2DV5MFZIV7O1UTJ0051315440000favoriteThe Earl Grey tea is my favorite. I purchase the caffinated and the non-caffinated and love them both. They are very mild and are excellent with a "spot" of honey. This replaced my morning coffee.
214946214946B006N3I8PCA29RNDBXHP9PY6Justbcause0051315440000Awesome.....I use this to make iced tea and hot tea.....either way they come out perfect.. very flavorful and wold reccomend this to anyone wh ois looking to try a different tea experience
214947214947B006N3I8PCA26Z3GPBIENUVGJ Stuart Hobday0031312588800Tea is fine ... K-Cups suck!My wife loves this tea. I tried a cup and I like it too, even though I'm a coffee drinker.

The problem is, 5 out of every 6 K-Cups we've used have split open and spread the ground-up tea all over the place. It takes the fun out of having this type of coffee/tea maker if you have to clean it after every cup.

We've bought these before, from a different source, and didn't have this problem. We're hoping this was just a bad batch. At any rate, if you buy these, be aware that you may have many cleanups in your future.

I gave it 3 stars because the tea itself is so good.
214948214948B006N3I8PCA3D6DP3JR22XK8Matthew Kastro0041309478400As expectedTwinings Earl Grey Teas, as expected. All K-Cups are pricey, but very convenient. Tastes like it should. Each cup is good for 2 brews in my opinion.
214949214949B006N3I8PCA156H3O7NIP89YAllison0051305244800Twinings Earl Grey Tea (Keurig cups)I had used the product before and wanted to purchase more. The company I usually ordered from no longer carried the product. Imagine my amazement when I googled Twinings Teas and Amazon carried the tea for a reasonable price. I ordered two kinds of tea and will be reordering when my present supply is depleted.
214950214950B006N3I8PCALX4PN3JYHOGItom h ficquette0051302825600Excellent ProductIf you enjoy drinking tea in the morning or most any time during the day, this product is very good. I recommend it highly.
214921214921B006N3I8PCA37QD17WHPAIFOD. Fields "Inspirado"2341231718400Good TeaWe use this tea in our office and it's very popular. Makes a nice cup of tea. Of course it'd be cheaper to use tea bags but this is so easy and it makes the tea the perfect strength which is nice. If you don't feel like steeping your earl grey this is a nice choice.
214922214922B006N3I8PCALD1CRUBY1365R. L. MILLER0041350777600The Step Between the Bags & Captain Picard's WayI've tried this tea by the bag and it does tend to be milder than your average supermarket Tetley or Lipton. But I've been drinking Bigelow Green Tea that way for about a year and I wanted to revisit Earl Grey via a Keurig-clone machine I got for my birthday over the summer. After I went through a couple of "variety packs" I picked up an Ekobrew Refillable basket and started drinking expresso done that way for my morning coffee. I admit, using a Keurig machine is still a bit low tech compared to just asking for "Earl Grey, hot" in my best Patrick Stewart imitation (which isn't very good) but give Mr. Coffee 10-20 years and they'll come up with a voice-activated machine. After all, if I'd wanted to pay another c-note per month, the car I've been leasing since last year could have come with that technology.
214923214923B006N3I8PCA2VQRJ5MHALFWABombChelleMomma0051345248000Earl Grey Hot Please!Our entire family loves this tea! Great value on the Subscribe and Save option. Until very recently this tea wasn't available in any local stores and this was our only option. It's still a better deal online.
214924214924B006N3I8PCA8AKKKO0VB9Y2Gina L0051344816000good valueThis product is a good value. It is often times more expensive from other sources. Vendor provided quick and courteous service.
214925214925B006N3I8PCA1DS49M9UHW45Eleanor R. Petley0051343606400Tea TimeI have been a tea drinker all of my life. When I bought my Keurig coffee maker I was delighted to learn that I could make tea also. At the time I needed to drink only Decaf and after trying a few different brands which are hard to find I ordered Twinings Decaf tea and was so happy to taste such a good cup of tea. It tasted so similar to the regular Twinings tea that you wouldn't it was decaf. I am a satisfied customer
214926214926B006N3I8PCA24XI8OFQUS92QK. Sizemore0051342656000Perfectly made k-cup of earl greyThe Twinings Earl Grey k-cups brew a perfect cup of tea. I consider this a staple of my k-cup stash.
214927214927B006N3I8PCA37PV350EIA54KFernando Fonseca "Computer geek"0041341878400Excellent flavorI got hooked up to Earl Grey not long ago. Twinings Earl Grey Tea, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 24-Count has the flavor intensity and the caffeine level I require to start my mornings.
214928214928B006N3I8PCAPVR56GYU25TSTrish0051340323200TeaBought this to try because I have heard about it from many people. I am not dissappointed. Love it with honey. Smooth flavor. It is a tea to be enjoyed hot. order and enjoy!
214929214929B006N3I8PCA1YD9WR6WU95SVW. Clarkson0051339372800Great!The tea is delicious and came very quickly, which was good, because I was completely out. :) Will order again when has no stock.
214930214930B006N3I8PCA1XPKCP180NZIGDrL0051339113600Great tea for KeurigI have always loved Twinings Earl Grey tea...usually loose or in teabags. I was delighted to find it available in a Keurig pod and found it every bit as good as I had experienced in other modes.
214931214931B006N3I8PCA3W0RHF60X3D20Sheri N "Sheri N"0051336089600Great DealThis is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase. We go thru this tea so quickly. Buying a few boxes this way saves , time and money!!

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