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215101215101B0030VBRCGA3RA0IYGOM1FMHC. Pilster "The Visual Storyteller"0251322352000Our baby loves this!He will scream at us to have these and he is now 18 months. We will give this to him for one of his serving of vegetables because sometimes it's hard to get him to eat them otherwise.
215102215102B0030VBRCGA1P6DDF41GJ8UNKelly Cannon "henry'smama"2711291852800price is way too high!The price from 911drugstore is crazy! If you buy the spinach, mango and pear one, which amazon itself sells, it is half the price (see link) of 911drugstore and about twice what you'd pay retail. Don't buy from this company. They are price gouging.

That said, all of this band of baby food that I've tried are great. I don't even use a spoon, my son likes to just suck it right out of the tube and has been since he was 7months old. Great for road trips or just being on the goHAPPYBABY Organic Baby Food, Stage 2, Spinach, Mango & Pear, 3.5 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 16)
215103215103B0030VBRCGADAO17RCQ59HLGabriel C "gabb"7751296950400My son's favorite food!Our son is 6 months old. This was his first mix of foods after he's had his first foods an ingredient at a time...You should see how he opens his mouth big like he's about to swallow me whole every single time I bring one of these to him and am about to open it. It is so convenient, too...because when we are out at the park or after a doctor's appointment and he's hungry, I can just take one of these out of the diaper bag and squeeze it into the spoon for him to eat it. Also, when he only has half of it, we put the rest in the fridge and then in the evening we heat it up in a bowl of hot water. It's also great that we never actually touch the food w/ the spoon, so no bacteria goes into the pouch...We love it...We really have no negatives about it...I'm about to order a new batch now as we're vising some friends in TX next week and we need to grab food for the plane and also for the trip. These are great because they're not as heavy as the jars.
215104215104B0030VBRCGAB2ZLG187MTVZbharing12285531291334400Tastes good but VERY wateryAll of the Happy Baby Stage 2 Foods I have ordered have had an excellent flavor, but the puree is a very watery consistency that requires me to mix in cereal just so it holds onto the spoon long enough to make it to my daughters mouth. If your baby is past basic introductions where you water it down to a soupy consistency I would try another brand or the next stage or two up. Very disappointed because the flavor is great.
215105215105B0030VBRCGA2YX6NB9U1PX16S. Levy-Brightman91151283644800OVERPRICEDGreat product, but I pay 75 cents per pouch at our local grocery store. Here they are selling for over 2 dollars a pouch. I was hoping to put a few cases on monthly shipment but given the price I will keep buying them at the grocery store!
215106215106B0030VBRCGA32DUBXXGA177JTheOC4411329868800Broccoli?I feel mislead by the name of this product as the ingredient list on the package lists pears first then peas and then broccoli. When I tasted it myself I realized why my daughter was enjoying it so much, it just tasted like sweet pears. If a product is going to claim to be healthy and organic it should know it's customers are not afraid to give their kids vegetables.
215107215107B0030VBRCGA2KYL72QVN0ASLR. Schroeder "CAsunshine"4451280361600Love them!I have bought Happybaby products in the past and love them all!! I was so bummed when their other pouches went off the market! So glad they are back! I love that they have some with veggies in with the fruit, they are the only kind i buy. I have them everywhere!! My son loves them and so do I! They are great for vacation when you can't control meals quite as much as home i know he is still getting some better foods in his diet. My son is now 2 and i don't see an end to him enjoying these! I would like some more flavors with veggies in them!
215108215108B0030VBRCGA3GCTOJ6APO1XZrisadg2221326412800Pears and pearsI was happy to see the list of ingredients here listing the peas and broccoli before the pears, thinking that as in package ingredients the larger ingredients are listed first. But after ordering I see on the package ingredient list that, yes, pears are the majority of the ingredients. Common but misleading the way this prodcut description was written.
215109215109B0030VBRCGA3BRYTLXIG4XXDAndyR2241310083200Sweet and a little tart, but delicious and fresh!We were a bit apprehensive about purchasing this banana, beet and blueberry flavor after reading several reviews that it was sour and their children did not like the taste. However, our 8-month old daughter loved this flavor and in fact, hasn't opened her mouth as widely for any of the other Happy Baby flavors as she did with this one. The consistency looks like a berry smoothie and it smelled great. So I tasted it and it does have a bit of a tart taste, but it's very slight to me. I almost wanted to finish it because it had just enough sweetness to go with the slightly tart taste. It's too bad this isn't made in the 4.2oz package because our daughter usually wants just a bit more than what comes in this package.

It is a bit more expensive than some other organic brands, but well worth the price. In our opinion, the flavors taste so much more natural and fresh and taste great to us as adults rather than having that "baby food" type of taste that many brands have.

Also, there is a Plum Organics Dispensing Boon Spoon, 2-Count Packages (Pack of 4) that can screw onto this packaging as well as the Plum Organics packages of food. It comes with a carrying case for the spoon tips. This makes feeding time so much easier when you screw the spoon onto the package and then can easily throw away the package and put the spoon tip back in the case rather than having to bring a separate spoon and container to squeeze the food into so you can feed your baby.
215110215110B0030VBRCGA1A3RGCWQFYK9Lpkanar2211309996800Too sour, 16 months old doesn't like it at all. A waste of my money!!!My boy is not a picky eater. He likes these pouched food except this flavor: it is too sour, even I have a problem with it! He is eager to try, sometimes he even takes it out of the food storage box and asks me to open for him, but after one sip or two, he gives up. Now I am stuck with a box of these, not knowing what to do with it. I'd like to give them away, but if my son doesn't like them, how can I know if other babies will eat it? I will not buy them again. My mistake was that I didn't read all the reviews on this item :(. A hard lesson learned!
215111215111B0030VBRCGA18VNW91P43LOZMichelle Thomas "t's mom"2251297728000Great taste and package!This is the easiest and fastest way to get my son to eat his fruits and veggies. He is 1 and can feed this to himself...great for on the go, in the car, etc. He sucks it right down, no mess and eco friendly :)
215112215112B0030VBRCGA1NDSSLY892LS4J. Coles2251296259200Delish!We love these. They are absolutely delicious and the handy pouch is convenient for sipping on the go. A previous reviewer indicated the puree is a bit thin for a spoon and I agree with that. However, it doesn't bother me because if your diaper bag space is at a premium, like mine, you can forget the spoon and just sip from the pouch. My 7 month old has no problem doing this.
215113215113B0030VBRCGA3DPD3Y4GADFSGLetty Cherry "Elizabeth"2251296172800DeliciousOur 10 month old baby loves this one. It's her are all time favorite food. These pouches are great for meals on the go as well.
215114215114B0030VBRCGAKB08VXHCTKOAEggypants22251289001600Not just for babies!These things are awesome. My 2 year old will not eat veggies, but he LOVES these. I feel much better knowing I can get some kind of veggies in him!
215115215115B0030VBRCGA1G74LVQBHXR55birdstorebird1141343692800Our Favorite Happy Baby FlavorWe have tried almost all of the Happy Baby flavors and I can honestly say that this one is my daughter's favorite flavor of this brand. I only wish that the package was slightly larger as she is able to finish it in a few moments and sometimes wants a second!
215116215116B0030VBRCGA3DJTORHA3LTT9lovestotravel "Holly"1151336521600Love it!My one-year-old loves these! I like the mixture of fruit and veggie, and they are so convenient. I haven't tasted them, but my daughter eats them so fast and gets excited just when she sees it. So I'm assuming they are delicious!
215117215117B0030VBRCGA3PXG657WQEMKZR Fitz "Rachel"1151331251200Excellent SnackMy son has been eating these as a snack for almost a year now. It's a great on-the-go healthy food option that also helps with hydration. My son loves them!!
215118215118B0030VBRCGA3KMB30INKHXXQMichelle Yip1121330128000Too sweet!We generally make food for our little one at home, but I wanted to try a couple pouches because they seem like a good option for throwing into the diaper bag. I chose the Happy Baby Broccoli, Peas and Pear because of the great reviews from other parents. It's true, our baby opens his mouth WIDE for this stuff. He is a fairly good eater of whatever we give him, but I don't think I've seen him this excited to eat since he first started on solids. The problem is, I tasted a tiny bit of it and it was extremely sweet. The package doesn't list any additional sugars or sweeteners, but I find it hard to believe that pears can be THAT sweet. Even if the sugar comes 100% from the pears and is natural, I still think it's too much. I'll be mixing it in with oatmeal until it's done and after that I will try a couple other brands to see if there is anything less sweet out there. If not...I'll just have to suck it up and bring homemade food with me everywhere.
215119215119B0030VBRCGA3A4RYHIXYOZ4RShelibebe1151326931200My kids loved this!I was really happy with the fact that my kids loved this food! Even my older kids like it! It is a great way to get them to eat veggies! My daughter likes to eat it right out of the little pouch! She cannot even wait for me to get it in a bowl! I love the unique flavors that this company has for their foods and that the foods always taste fresh! Also very yummy mixed with cream cheese!
215120215120B0030VBRCGA7XOZ0C38OPOZCurtisbk1151314662400Wonderful and EasyMy baby started refusing baby food at 9 mos and my 2.5yr old is a picky eater. I started ordering all of the different flavors of the HappyBaby and HappyTot (which has the magic supergrain Salba in them)line through the automatic delivery service (which lowers the price/amazon mom's helps too) and I call them smoothies. My toddler gobbles these up and asks for more! Even the ones that are green bean, peas, pear, and salba. It's like a miracle! My baby eats them too, but not with quite as much enthusiasm. It makes me feel so nice that my kids are getting some good for them stuff and I don't need to break my neck trying to do it. Oh and they are wonderfully anti-messy. I shove a few in my purse when I know we will be out during hungry times.
215121215121B0030VBRCGA219WUOP4BNUX1C. Jones1151310947200Great on-the-go mealI am a mom of 3 kids. My youngest is always on the go as we take her older siblings to their sports practices and games. I was so happy to find a non-breakable, organic, BPA free food for her. I keep these in her diaper bag so when she is hungry, she always has a healthy meal. She likes them all but her top two are spinach/mango/pear and sweet potato/apple! I love that they combine fruits, veggies and super grains!
215122215122B0030VBRCGA3KL11KTP2PIQRBhaktidiem1151302480000Baby loves it ...I feed this to her with a little cereal ...or by itself. -Thin consistency but my baby loves the taste.
215123215123B0030VBRCGAQAE1BZM6GQ2IBarRhettThom1151298851200Great taste and good for you!I purchased this item for my 15 month old son who has become a VERY picky eater. I wanted a fun and easy way to make sure he gets his fruit and veg servings a day. This does the trick. He can feed it to himself and he likes it. What more can I say?
215124215124B0030VBRCGA18VNW91P43LOZMichelle Thomas "t's mom"1151297728000Great packaging!This is the easiest and fastest way to get my son to eat his fruits and veggies. He is 1 and can feed this to himself...great for on the go, in the car, etc. He sucks it right down, no mess and eco friendly :)
215125215125B0030VBRCGAB2ZLG187MTVZbharing12284631291334400Great Flavor but VERY thinAll of the Happy Baby Stage 2 Foods I have ordered have had an excellent flavor, but the puree is a very watery consistency that requires me to mix in cereal just so it holds onto the spoon long enough to make it to my daughters mouth. If your baby is past basic introductions where you water it down to a soupy consistency I would try another brand or the next stage or two up. Very disappointed because the flavor is great.
215126215126B0030VBRCGA2MQ2RU15LELNBrooks2321301529600MessyI like the idea of the pouch baby food, but I was hoping that with a baby on the cover and a Stage 2 written on it, that it would be thicker. It was almost like water. It was a disaster. Maybe these are meant for older kids that get the concept of sucking them out of the pouch instead of being spoon fed to infants.
215127215127B0030VBRCGA3AKHSKPRQIT1RErin Kinnett0051350604800Loved by my 8 month old!Being an organic, health conscious family, we turned to Happy Baby for our food needs outside of the homemade foods we make.

The banana, beet and blueberry flavors are a great combination that provides a well-balance of vitamins and nutrients children at this age need.

Not only does my 8 month old literally beg for more with every bite, I can tell that her digestive system takes well to the hearty and top-of-the-line organic ingredients. Happy Baby = Happy Mama!
215128215128B0030VBRCGA3KG2JE0QVJKOVKristina "kmke"0051350345600Toddler loves itMy son is 16 months old and still loves these as a snack. This is a good blend of fruit.
215129215129B0030VBRCGA21VJ06M1P6DKAC. Moreno0051349827200Great flavor!I like to use these "squeezies" when my family is on the go and especially in the car. They are small enough that I can keep a couple in my purse for backup snacks. This apple & cherry is a great flavor too and they do not sell it in stores.
215130215130B0030VBRCGAIGX79AW2F8KLSan Mateo Mom00513496544001 Year Old's Favorite!My 1 year old loves these pouches. We normally buy this blend (which is my daughter's favorite!), the spinach and the green bean blends. It is wonderful because our 1 year old can feed herself on the go, it is full of veggies and organic.

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