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215221215221B001HTMS5IA24HD2WVN99KDUAnik1151320624000Love this lite coconut milk!I love this version of the Natural Value coconut milk. It's nearly impossible to find coconut milk that does not have gaur gum like this. I use this lite version to make 24-hour yogurt, and it works great. The whole version does not work very well for that purpose.
215222215222B001HTMS5IA36JVKY1948OXOPABLO ALFONSO1151309478400A touch of finess!!This coconut milk is low fat but very tasty and versatile! I tried using it as a substitute for milk in Thai dishes and it surpasses my expectations! I also tried using it in sweet rice and it really perks up in flavor and aroma, very good alternative to the regular coco milk which is high in fat. Amazon keep sending this product and I will keep buying them,I can't go back again to high fat coco milk! I keep this product in handy for coco milk is always used in my kitchen, Thanks AMAZON!
215223215223B001HTMS5IA2YV8GYPCN5PAMKristin0041340064000goodI bought this lite version and the full fat organic. Both cook well in bread products made with coconut flour. I dont notice any differences. If you are using for coffee or something i would prefer the full fat.. much creamier. With this lite version make sure you shake the can really well as it tends to chunk up to one side.
215224215224B002N3EIT6A1SRYW1TWR5EKGA. Chamish1131271203200Ok... but not so great...could be fresh, too...!I just came back from Israel.... this product is far fresher when bought off the supermarket shelf and even better when bought in bulk at a peanuts and nuts specialty store....The product tasted like it was occupying storage shelves for quite a while
215225215225B000KOSSEGA19AYR7Q5RUS9Pphilip smock0051347753600The Best Flavor!Great stuff! If you're loolking for great flavor and not so much heat, this stuff is for you. It goes well on anything! I use it on eggs, chicken, on rice or beans. You won't be dissappointed.
215226215226B000KOSSEGA2DVFHG099GUGEsauerkraut0231343779200A good hot sauceFor quite some time, I have been using different types of hot sauce on different types of food. Before I started doing this, I only ever remember using hot sauce on barbeque sandwiches. Even though I have tried numerous types of hot sauce during this period, Tabasco Brand Green Pepper Sauce has set itself apart from the others. The flavor of this hot sauce is interesting and different, and I like it. It also has a pleasing saltiness and tanginess to it. As for the heat, neither is it too hot nor too mild. This is a product that I can recommend.
215227215227B001EO5ZLUA32Y13YK7AGKVXJanice L. Besser "music and old sitcoms colle...1151214092800Very yummy.I bought these along with the Razzmatazz drops and the cinnamon is very good also. The flavor is just strong enough that you get a good idea that it is cinnamon your eating. I like eating one of these right after a meal to get the minty feel in my mouth. I like the idea that I can still satisfy my sweet tooth and feel good that there isn't any really bad stuff in this product. I'm looking forward to trying many of the other flavors that YummyEarth has come up with! Enjoy!
215228215228B000F9XB8OA1VF7R4MR6XXOWEremaine Tto "Trey"1151312329600Ridiculously deliciousAh, yes, Chicken in a Biskit.

That's right, folks. Chicken. IN. A. BISKIT. Need I even say more?

Look, I grew up on these babies. Every single bite filled me with enough joy to fill the world's oceans three times over.

In short, scrumptious, appetizing, tantalizing, succulent, mouthwatering, delectable, delightful, palatable, divine, pleasurable, gratifying, enjoyable, and quite frankly, ridiculously delicious.

215229215229B000F9XB8OA16IW9C8Z9OFGBShawn Coons0051325289600C in a B for me!It's Chicken. It's in a Biskit. Do I need to say more?

If you could turn awesome into a cracker, it would be C in a B.

If Chuck Norris was edible, he'd be C in a B.

Under certain congressional definitions C in a B contains all four food groups when eaten with Easy Cheese.

Like I said above: It's a Biskit.
215230215230B000F9XB8OA891P0KYK4HJVAlex0051312070400Fresh and Delicious!You can not go wrong by ordering these. They are the freshest
crackers that I've ever tasted. I re-ordered them and wasn't
disappointed. They are great for a party or for your snacking
occasion. They stayed fresh, unbroken during shipment.
215231215231B000F9XB8OAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon0051294185600Chicken in a Biscuit are DeliciousI fell in love with these crackers many, many years ago. They are unique and delicious. No other cracker tastes like them. I'm glad Amazon sells them now. Good to know.
215232215232B00473Z8RQA2THBCT6V8REK8BB1121335312000Stick with the originalsDecent initial flavor but terrible after taste follows that is similar to a wax or plastic taste. Skip these and go for the originals.
215233215233B00473Z8RQA14V45H2TR74MVMarge0051342137600jolly rancher fruit smoothie jelly beans the best i've ever tastedas a rule i do not eat sweet things but this past easter i asked my significant other to try to get some cream filled chocolate covered easter eggs and some jelly heans. the kind that are sweet and taste like they have suger. not the jelly beans that have a spicy flavor. well, she come home with these pastel jelly beans i had never seen before. i ate a chocolate cream filled easter egg and then opened the bag of jolly rancher fruit smoothie jelly beans. well, it's been awhile since easter and i am addicted to these very specially flavored jelly beans. i have to say stop when i get started eating them. now remember that i said i don't often eat sweets. i'm not especially fond of them. but these jolly rancher fruit smoothie jelly beans are delicious. the only problem, after easter was passed she couldn't find but one more bag of them in the whole area where we live. well, i had the bright idea to check online at if you need something i always think of checking here first. sure enough, had jolly rancher fruit smoothie jelly beans. now i just have to wait until morning and have my s/o buy me a package of 6 or 9 for my upcoming birthday. that would be so nice. you see i am down to less than 1/3 of a bag. i've been rationing them. now that i have a source, i feel reassured that my supply could become endless. now i still am not going to gorge myself on them. i just will enjoy them as a treat without the worry that there will always be more available and i don't have to wait until easter.
215234215234B00473Z8RQA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0031337472000Not as good as the original flavors but still okayWe love the original Jolly Rancher jelly beans. They are some of the best out there with extremely bold flavors. I thought these would be just as great but with a subtler, creamier flavor. This isn't really the case. The flavors are still very strong, they are just... odd. A few are really good but the majority leave a strange aftertaste. We ended up mixing these in a bowl with the regular kind to get them eaten because if we have the original kind around, everyone goes for those first, but we won't be buying them again. They aren't bad, necessarily, just not as good as the original flavors.

If you are looking for something different but like the original flavored Jolly Rancher jelly beans, I would go ahead and say to give these a try. But if you are trying to decide between these and the originals, go for the originals all the way.
215235215235B003LPSKLCA2CCHY4I63I7KDeohgie1151308441600The GREATESTI am from the Midwest and lived in the South for 21 yrs, moved back to the Midwest. I fell in love with this product and cannot live without it in my life. No other mayo is the same. I have it shipped to my house since I am unable to find it here. Love it!
215236215236B003LPSKLCA21PIFTT57LKMVS. Smith "Music Lover"0051331164800Best Mayo in the WorldDuke's Mayonnaise is the only mayo you use if you are from the South and know good mayo. It has a nice flavor that many mayos do not have. It is a perfect mayo for making everything from homemade pimento cheese spread to potato salad to anything you would make using mayonnaise.
215237215237B003LPSKLCA1WJS9R12BOL7VHI0041320019200Not Bad!Duke's Lite Mayo is pretty good but has a few more calories than Best Food Lite. : The regular Duke's is very good, different than Best Food but equally good. I will probably buy the Lite again. The price is good.
215239215239B000EMW5N4A1DFKPWO9HVT1Mfindapenny3351175558400the best sugar-free creamer there is!Love this's hard to track down (check Albertsons) doesn't taste sugar-free and oooh-aaah it's yummy!
215240215240B000EMW5N4ACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"2251297382400Yum!I ordered this Coffee-mate Caramel product because I could not find it in any of the stores in my area. I bought the 6-pack because each container comes with an inner seal, so they stay fresh if not opened. The taste is excellent, the delivery was quick, the packaging was great, and the cost was less that if I had bought the same product in a retail store if I had found it. So, I am very happy with this purchase!
215241215241B000EMW5N4AWQ6PX1YEXWZ3Iris2211266796800Possible Quality Control or Formula Change IssueI have ordered this product many, many times and was always VERY pleased with it. However, the last shipment, ordered in January 2010 was altogether unsatisfactory. This shipment had little of the expected wonderful flavor and sweetness; I opened two of the six containers and both are different than all previous orders. I do not not whether the formula has been changed or whether this is a failure in quality control. I do know that I will not take a chance and order this item again. I plan to report this issue to Amazon so that they are aware of my experience.
215242215242B000EMW5N4A26UDI0GWSZ3FJtheprof2241264550400Makes my wife happy in the morningThe Amazon price isn't very impressive, but the ease of shopping on Amazon makes up for it.
215243215243B000EMW5N4A27YOABGOSXXBWingnut5 "chaos"2251259971200Coffee Mate Powder Sugar Free Vanilla CaramelWonderful! My grocery stopped carrying this particular flavor and it is my absolute favorite. A friend told me about ordering foods from Amazon and I checked it out. It is super convenient and turns out to be less expensive than if bought separately at the supermarket. Thumbs up- I just ordered my 3rd case!
Thanks Amazon!
215244215244B000EMW5N4A2R66KKV68BQ1Tfisherman1151329091200Personal favorite, especially with caramel syrup.I really like this combo(creamer and caramel syrup)and ordering from Amazon is a reliable way to keep stocked up with both.
215245215245B000EMW5N4A27SQC3CDO8PTFLDR in Texas "RSVCS"1151323993600Excellent taste!!I generally do not like powdered creamers but Coffee Mate has the best tasting creamer!! The Vanilla is awesome but the Vanilla Caramel is my absolute favorite!!! It has a wonderful smooth taste and the best thing is that it is Sugar-free!!! Thank you Coffee Mate! I drink a lot of tea and I use it in my teas all the time. It offers a sweet taste to my tea where I do not have to use a lot of sweetener. I will be purchasing more!!!
215246215246B000EMW5N4A9MJ0YE1HFQF5D. M. Hill1151320710400Love it!This is my husband's favorite. It is sometimes hard to find in our local stores. We were very happy to find it at Amazon and to find such a good price! Thanks Amazon!
215247215247B000EMW5N4A2YTRH46CNS5SJJenwan1151319846400The bestIt can not be beat. The best product, price, and delivered for free. I'm a happy coffee drinker. Now I need to find the same for my coffee.
215248215248B000EMW5N4A1XAYPM0VD7EXBS. Irey1141318032000Adds Nice FlavorI ordered this because I just moved to Austria and haven't been able to find any flavors to add to my coffee besides plain cream. It has a great sweet vanilla flavor without the sugar. I would definitely order it again.
215249215249B000EMW5N4A295ZDE0747QAVMarka Port "Lady Shakespeare"1151317254400Makes Any Coffee Delish!It's sugar-free! This coffee-mate adds a sumptuous taste to any coffee whether it is flavored or not. The vanilla and caramel mix is lite but delicious! This product is really good and, once again, is sugar-free--a plus for the flavor.
215250215250B000EMW5N4A2JVV3LMVWER0NBildart1151312243200TickledThere are no stores in our area carrying this Coffee-Mate Vanilla Carmel, Sugar-Free Powdered Coffee Creamer, and for my wife and I we are grateful for Amazon having it available since we use in our coffee regularly. Thanks you.

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