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215251215251B000EMW5N4A3H7AGXM3Z7VQ4Edward L. Gardner1151245628800Coffee Mate Vanilla Carmel Sugar Free CreamerI was having trouble locating this creamer locally. Amazon had a good price and available product. I am happy buying this grocery item from Amazon.
215252215252B000EMW5N4A29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee3441287705600Yes!At the very least 4 Stars! Once the right amounts are figured out this coffee creamer is every bit as good as the fine amazon reviewers had mentioned. Might sound like I am a chemistry wannabee but it is imperative that the right amount is used, for too much is not half as good and too little also spells failure in the taste department. It probably deserves half a star more but the doctor is still out so for now 4 Stars, which is above average, stands in solid grounds. One thing I have found out that depending on the coffee I use (I use ground coffee in an old gevalia, cheap monkey that I am) the ratio changes. But once the right amounts are used this product elevates itself. Since sugar was a concern it is good that the free enterprisers of this beautiful country are seeing fit to consider the needs of those that wanna say bye bye to sugar (I use to go to the movies with a couple of pounds of See's Candies and with one or two avid chocolate lovers besides me, finish the whole thing! So is no wonder I seek sugar free as a norm) and cut down drastically on such a seriously unhealthy consumption. 4.5 Stars for Coffee-Mate Vanilla Caramel, Sugar-Free Powdered Coffee Creamer, 10.2-Ounce Units (Pack of 6). Yes!
215253215253B000EMW5N4A2II54B3VA45LNProfessional shopper0051350777600YummyI was hooked on sugar-free french vanilla Coffee-Mate until I tried this flavor. This blows the french vanilla out of the water! It still has that wonderful vanilla flavor, but the caramel just gives it a little extra something. It smells great, too. I wish I could find this scent in a candle. I would love for my kitchen to smell like this...LOL In my opinion, this is Coffee-Mate's best flavored creamer.
215254215254B000EMW5N4A1ZZUSSK9AVSPDDean0051341100800coffee mateThe best flavored coffee mate in the world. I won't buy anything else. Your coffee has a really good taste to it.
215255215255B000EMW5N4A35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0051332374400DeliciousI normally use cream in my coffee, but when I want a sweet change of pace I use this creamer. It has just the right amount of sweetnest per creamer ratio. The taste is so smooth and the aroma drives everyone around me crazy - it smells awesome and so yummy. TOo bad they don't sell it locally but I am so thankful I can get it on Amazon.
215256215256B000EMW5N4A14TLXE8P4B52QLaurie Hamilton "ljhamil"0051329609600AddictedLove this stuff. Have tried other brands and the refrigerated brand but Coffee-Mate Vanilla caramel beats them all. I just can't drink coffee anymore without my creamer!
215257215257B000Z4TDXQA2BEIECPFXHMIKRooster's Mom4451282521600Delicious!Ordered this tea as well (as the pumpkin spice variety) as favor gifts for an autumn bridal shower. The apple cider tea has a great apple flavor, but has different spices than the traditional apple spice variety which makes it unique. My husband is a huge apple cider fan and really liked this tea. Traditional apple cider is a bit too acidic for me, and this tea is a welcome alternative! Would definitely recommend!
215258215258B000Z4TDXQA2J6XO5JBCRU21Have Charm Will Travel "T42or200"2251255219200Bigelow Teas are GreatSuperior blends wrapped in superior packaging.... I could say this about all 7 Bigelow teas I've bought from Amazon.... the best!!
215265215265B000Z4TDXQA1HOZ9OH8AR3UKMystycal10051335398400Tasty TeaThis is the best tea. It actually tastes like apple cider not tea. I also suggest it iced for the summer. I have stocked up in case it is seasonal!
215259215259B000Z4TDXQA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W4551264636800MMMM-mmmmm-gooooood!This is really yummy, and a great combo of tea and apple cider. Bigelow is one of the better teas (You are talking to a huge tea-drinker here.) The apple-cider taste is strong enough that you really enjoy it. You can also really taste cloves and spice. This tea and a piece of (my) home-made pumpkin pie, on a cold, damp Baltimore night--mmmmmmmmm--to die for!

Ingredients (in this order): apple, hibiscus, cinnamon, natural apple flavor with other natural flavors (soy lecithin), orange peel, lemon peel, rose hips, licorice root, clove, natural apple cider flavor with other natural flavors (soy lecithin).

No caffeine. You really don't need sugar, unless you just want it sweeter.

I suggest 2 bags per 24 oz hot water.
215266215266B000Z4TDXQA21T5RCDGYQTK4Sibylle0051326067200LOVE this tea!I absolutely love this tea. It is definitely one of my favorite non-caffeinated teas. Great flavor, strong enough but not too strong. Great w/out any added sugar or anything. I drink this tea nightly throughout the Fall/Winter months.
215260215260B000Z4TDXQA1SBX2Z1EVK38CB. Sturrup1151317340800Terrific Tea - habit forming - mix it with apple ciderThe box I bought last year is wonderful this year and I'm at the end so I really hope it shows up in my local grocer soon. Otherwise I'll buy it here (but I don't need a pack of 6 at one time). If you like more flavor but want to skip sugar or sugar substitutes, do half and half with crisp apple cider - truly delicious!
215267215267B000Z4TDXQA290XYC4V2U1S3msg8250051325203200This is very goodI really like this tea the apple flavoring is just right you can taste the apple and it has a mild taste I like being on the subscribe and save program as I have been unable to find it in our stores.
215261215261B000Z4TDXQA5635NG8UYOQXmyklejay1151296864000Soooooo Good!This is the absolute best apple cider herbal tea! It's hard to find in stores and seems to be seasonal, stock up with the 6 pack box, you wont regret it!
215268215268B000Z4TDXQAN1SBJLHXR31BHoratio0031320796800Pretty weakMaybe I'm doing something wrong, but in order to make this taste like more than water, I had to steep 2 bags for about 20 minutes. OK, that's probably an exaggeration--I actually did steep it for 20 minutes with 2 bags and that was about the right strength, but maybe it would have tasted good after less time. I steeped 1 bag for 5 minutes and it was super weak. But it's pretty tasty when it's strong enough.
215262215262B000Z4TDXQA15LPHD6X4MS66Anne R, Pond "Anne"1151265760000Great taste!!Love this tea. It has a great apple cider taste and just kinda warms you all over.
215263215263B000Z4TDXQA18617Z0QPX76ZTahl2351233014400Wonderful, full-bodied flavorThis caffeine-free tea really does taste like apple cider -- fruity but spiced, with a rich, mellow flavor.

Each teabag is individually foil-wrapped, which is not so great for the environment but makes it easy to pop a few bags in suitcase or purse, to have handy for those moments when you want a warm drink without staying awake all night.
215264215264B000Z4TDXQA1UFD8IOZTACGHS.O.0051349222400Tastes like apple, not cinnamon!I love apple cider and apple cider teas, but it is hard for me to find one without chamomile (which I am allergic to) and without an overpowering cinnamon flavor. This is a great tea that has neither of those problems. This is a nice mildly sweet apple tea with a slightly tart aftertaste. It smells of cloves, but the taste isn't overwhelming.

As other reviewers have said, this tea can end up pretty light/thin, but if you steep it longer or use 2 bags, it should turn out fine. It's great with a little sugar or mild honey.

Another thing to note, the expiration date on the boxes is very good. I received the 6-pack of boxes October 2012, and the expiration/sell by dates on the boxes are for 2015. Because this is a seasonal tea, and hard to find in stores year-round, it was worth buying the pack of 6.
215269215269B000Z4TDXQA3LYHAU5R50JJ0margaret jansch0011318809600too acidicThis tea was a disappointment. Way too acidic for my taste. I do not add sugar to my teas so maybe if you do, it might be acceptable.
215270215270B000Z4TDXQA38PGP8HSCGY9MKristin Stone0051299801600Best Tea Ever!I'm obsessed with this tea...I discovered it at the grocery store once but haven't been able to find it there since
215271215271B000Z4TDXQA1LVE16NC56HP9C. Bardin0051261699200Bigelow Apple Cider Herbal Tea: a most excellent winter drink.Its delicate, honest flavor is greatly enhanced by the addition of a little sugar. I like it better cold (room temperature) than hot.
215272215272B000Z4TDXQA13E4DYE15O5VFTheron Mergott1311299456000Tastes nothing like Apple CiderThis product Tastes nothing like Apple Cider, and whatever it does taste like is not good. The color it leaves in the cup is a bright red/purple almost a raspberry color. Maybe I got a bad box, but I'll never buy it again!
215273215273B003XDF8X0AEHXRRLXX9QSXPaul Allen "Paul Allen"0051323129600Great flavor!This is a great product. Full of flavor. Totally Vegan. It easily beats the other vegetable broths we have been able to try.
215274215274B001AKDKRYA2MB9D9FUFVPZYjcscherr0031335052800Good Bar, Flavor not so GoodThis is the only flavor of KIND bars that I didn't really like. I normally love sesame seeds, so I thought I would like these bars. Unfortunately, the flavors of sesame seed and chocolate just don't seem to mix well. I didn't throw away any of them, but I won't be ordering this flavor again either. There are too many other flavors that I just love.
215275215275B001EO6AZAA1YXEYOWESHVLJM. Bergeron "Muziclvr"4411221004800Possibly good coffee destroyed by useless packagingThis might be a good coffee if purchaced fresh, but due to poor packaging I was unable to properly judge that assumption.

This coffee is packaged in unsealed (not airtight) bags. By the time I received it, all aromatics had evaporated off, yeilding an aromaless (and subsequently, flavorless) cup of medium-bodied warm water.

Until Camano Island can come up with airtight packaging, it should be avoided.
215276215276B001EO6AZAA519CETPOO6TRLarry Degenhart "Booker"1131326067200CoffeeHave had much better coffee from Amazon. Would not order again, coffee is NOT vacuum packed. Medium roast is at best light roast.
215277215277B000EDHXO4A1I645F3OFWORDN. Fornario1151322956800Finally A Good Store Brought RubThis is so good I actually brought several bottles to always have on hand. I have tried others that were ok, but not great. Either they were too salty, peppery, or too much of the ole brown sugar, and nothing in between. I made countless rubs at home that were ok, but not like KC. If I could find out the exact proportions via the Internet I would make up a huge batch.

I have used this rub on chicken, pork, fish and shrimp and it is wonderful. It is not in your face over powering if you get heavy handed applying the rub. I brought one rub, put it on, and after I cooked the meat, I had to literally wash off the rub.Some rubs work well with say chicken, but not fish.

The slight golden color makes the food look appetizing. I have made rubs that turned dark brown, red, and even black, not exactly eye candy.

I like to grill and smoke and this takes all the hassle and guess work out of what rub to use on what.

My wife isn't keen on rubs, but this one she likes.
215279215279B000EDHXO4A1DQFK9USA0LLAIrish0051290384000An AWESOME addition to my cooking...This has quickly become one of the "staple" seasonings I keep in my spice cabinet.
It is wonderful. I use it on all meats - grilled, oven baked, really is one of the best! Only have to use ALOT of it to get the best results.
I buy mine from Big Lots for 2 dollars each.
215280215280B000EDHXO4A3IERGFAIN98S7Richard M. Perry "BayMaster with an E"0051287532800Best Multi-Purpose Grilling Seasoning/Dry Rub money can buyI use this on all meats (beef, pork, turkey, chicken, etc.) when I'm grilling and not using BBQ sauce.

I rub it on the raw meat just before putting it on the grill.

It also has much less salt than other similar grilling seasonings, but is better tasting than the ones with no salt.

I recommend it for both indoor and outdoor grilling. I think it would work well for baking also, but I have not tried that way yet.

My wife and I have tried several different types of seasonings (including higher priced ones found in small specialty stores that make their own in small batches), but we keep coming back to this one because it has the best flavor.

I highly recommend it. We now buy it on Amazon because we can't find it in stores.

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