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215281215281B000EDHXO4A1Z6B3WUY2B2D8Paul C. Laughton "X"0051286841600A great flavor for meats of all typesI use this spice for all my Chicken, Beef and Pork preparations, BBQ or baked. My family and everyone who tries my meat dishes love it. I buy it buy it here the dozen.
215282215282B000EDHXO4A1EZ05EILPG65ULawrence P. Kilcran0051277337600Masterpiece is a MasterpieceUnusual to learn our local super markets no longer carry this product. It clearly is superior to any competing brands so it must be a pricing/discount vendor issue. Whatever, Amazon has it handy and my clan loves it so I use it all the time. The Masterpiece Steak Seasoning is also a 5-star product that's much better than all the other steak rubs.
215283215283B000EDHXO4A2VMZWKPWT15HIRichard Placido0051249689600great for ribsfound this for the first time in gold beach ,or three years ago. couldnt find it in the westpalm beach area, so i buy it by the dozen an give it away. great stuff.
215284215284B004ED9VU4A22WPPH9H54JLPhoenix328902241316649600Tazo Wild Sweet Orange TeaI had been buying this tea, one box at a time, in the super market, for a long time. When I saw that it was carried by Amazon, I decided that it was easier to buy the tea in a larger quantity, and have it delivered to me.

The orange tea is a light, refreshing beverage, which I find extremely satisfying. I would have given the product itself five stars, except for one problem. Every once in awhile, the tag or the string separates from the tea bag, which I find very annoying.

As for the product itself, I. Think that it Is great tea. Tazo also makes Passion, which is another favorite.
215285215285B004ED9VU4A39AWN018D57K8Kenneth Ozard1151341619200Full of Flavor With Out The Need for SugarI started drinking this Wild Sweet Orange tea when I was trying to reduce the amount of coffee (plus sugar) and "boring" teas (plus sugar or honey). This is a very flavorful tea that can be enjoyed without adding sugars and is also great in the afternoon (or evening) for those who are too sensitive to Caffeine. (Coffee in the afternoon and I will not fall asleep until morning.)

It is one of my favorite teas and does not have a too "exotic" or overly "herbal tea" type of flavor.

In the summer adding a few ice cubes to this makes a great substitute for a plain glass of water.
215286215286B004ED9VU4A3RY7LP0QJ70W5Luis1131330819200Poor package for the teaI really love this tea, but the original package was taken away and all bags (from 6 boxes) were put on an envelope. Very bad for storing while they last.
215287215287B004ED9VU4A2XY61GMNHCLY8CCC Alan "Big Al"1151310515200The best herbal tea, everI love this tea; it's a great blend of orange and lemon grass, two of my favorite flavors. I haven't been able to find it in local stores, so if Amazon includes this in its "Subscribe & Save" program, I'm definitely in!
215288215288B004ED9VU4A1Y71PWTRZDR77Napski0011348012800Tea bags break openI've ordered these on 6 different occasions and each time there are at least 4 bags that break open when you put them in hot water. You end up eating your tea! I keep giving it a chance because I love the taste. I even went to our local tea house to have it and half of the time I have to keep going back to return it because it opens up! I plan to try to contact the company today to let them know, but just beware! I don't know if this happens on the other flavors or just this one. Shame really and I hope the company fixes it soon.
215289215289B004ED9VU4A2UNI3DM9GCVKBanna0041319155200very tasty and refreshingWe used to buy this at Starbucks but they don't sell the 24 count any longer.
Love this flavor, bright and refreshing, tones of orange.
215290215290B004ED9VU4A2P9WW4NADN1RHAshleigh0051316649600MmmmMmm, this is my favorite Tazo tea. It's available all the time at my campus, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere but online. So, good thing I bought it in bulk!

It's not exactly orange-y as much as it is citrus-y. The licorice is also very noticeable. Combined with lemongrass, this makes for the perfect sick-time tea. The aromatics are good for the sinuses, the mint is good on the throat. I'm also told it's great with spiced rum, cognac, brandy, et cetera in the winter.
215291215291B004ED9VU4A2FTHCXKL15ARPJacqueline Harris "PreciousGAAL"0031314230400I love the tea; however, this one was not as strong as last year's batchI love the this tea. The orange is my favorite flavor. However, this batch was not as flavorful as last year's batch. I would rate it as average. I was disappointed because Tazo is usually superb. :(
215292215292B004ED9VU4A3JS5WZQXOSJ8Mwalter a mulewich0051313712000Tazo Wild Sweet Orange TeaThis is a very good tasting tea. It goes well with many different foods and is just as good hot as it is cold.
215293215293B004ED9VU4A35R7PH83BTEEAMerlin "Inspired"0051308700800favorite teaI love this tea. I have not been able to find it in our local grocery stores anymore. Thankfully, Amazon offered the tea at a very reasonable price. It makes a great ice tea!
215294215294B005DZHY4WA2KHVD222A926TGushtunkinflupped111211335312000Not really ayahuasca?The data sheet you get when you buy this clearly says its ayahuasca bark, not vine. Also, the 4:1 thing is most likely a lie, since really this isn't even as potent as normal caapi vine! Much less 4x as potent. It was analyzed and only harmine showed up. No THH. No harmaline. Something wierd is going on with this. Whether its bark or not, its definitely somewhat of a scam. Go to other vendors
215295215295B005DZHY4WA1J0BBWTLRP7M4Timothy Green1111346976000Horrible Packing Job & WTF is it?The package arrived covered in Brown Powder, the whole inside of the box had brown powder all over on the inside. Not even sure what this stuff even is... It is not what they say it is.
215297215297B000UGGVXYA3DBQPIRT3G3NPCLStevens "C"0051182988800Great Bone for a Busy MouthI have a large golden retriever and she loves this bone. They are my secret weapon when I want her to be chill and interested in something other than running around the house.

The compressed bone is MUCH BETTER if you have a large dog who loves to chew.
215298215298B004O86R2OA1CSP5AVQJ4HZEPamela A Martin3351338249600Chocolate without the downsideThis is the best roasted carob powder I have found - the deep flavor of chocolate without the sugar, fat or caffeine.Blend a whole avocado with a few tablespoons of carob powder,chocolate flavored stevia to taste, and a little almond milk to make the blender go around. Then chill - you won't believe how good this is!
215299215299B004O86R2OABSMK7ETXKES0ak0051351209600Great product!!!!!!!!!!!!price and quality are awesome!! Buy recommendation only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ordered several of them and we loved them. Price is so great and they offer free shipping if you buy certain amount.
215300215300B005NDX6NWA2FTNDUC5U80QRSlegs2411323388800Swiss Gift SetI ordered this item as a Christmas gift but was disappointed when I received it. It is a sample set of everything which is little. I do not recommend unless thai is what you are looking for. I will not be ordering food sets online again.
215301215301B007Y5OPI2ARK11CB6Q8LQNE. Bravo0051349222400If you love sweet and salty snacks, this really hits the spotI bought these at my local RiteAid to try and am now hooked. The combination of sweet and salty is something I usually crave. This isn't for everybody, but I think M&Ms has really got a winner here. The sweet part of the snack are Peanut MMs and Shortbread Cookies. The cookies are indeed sweet, but not overpowering and have a rich buttery flavor that I think enhances the overall mix. The cookies aren't soft, so they add a good crunch to the mix. The mix tends to settle, with lighter objects (the pretzels) landing on top and the MMs on the bottom, so be sure to mix it before grabbing a handful to be able to fully experience the perfect balance of sweet and salty. I've tried the dark chocolate and milk chocolate mix, but hands down my favorite is Peanut. Milk mix was too sweet and so was Dark mix with the raisins.
215302215302B00407GA6MA31Y28UEDXQ0HBJack W. Wolfe1151346976000Love themJust a big kid at heart and I remember these from when i was a kid and still love them. U do get alot in a box and they are good. And it is hard to find candy like this that is good and these are very good and a great deal.
215303215303B00407GA6MA3EERSWHAI6SOJeffrey Hollingshead "Jillian hollingshead"1151341878400The same as when was a kid!I bought these for a party and ended up keeping them for myself! My two year old loves them as well and will wear it and have one or two every now and then during the day!
215304215304B00407GA6MA18YYIGODXXQNOT. Komatsu "Teakae"0041348617600Nice give aways.We bought these to give to my 3 year olds son's school for halloween. Neat little bracelets. They are very small, made for little wrists. An adult can stretch them to go on their wrist but it is a very tight fit and there is a danger of the elastic breaking. The candies are acceptable flavor. I am happy with my purchase. They were the right price and decent quality and right size for my son's classmates.
215305215305B00407GA6MAJGU56YG8G1DQE. Kennedy0051315180800Great for Parties!I have always loved candy jewelry. These candy bracelets are great! They're a great idea for parties, goodie bags, or just general candy treats! They're the perfect treat for the movies. You just wear them in!
215306215306B00407GA6MA3IOUESX08MFFEAusten0051303948800Great favors!I like these much better than necklaces, as they are a smaller serving of junk. They make great favors/treats; colors are vibrant!
215307215307B00407GA6MADQ1R4TH2HYGTPaula1251337731200Perfect for a pinataBought these to help fill a pinata, all the kids went crazy for them. Each was individually wrapped well and candy was fresh. I would definitely purchase them again.
215308215308B00407GA6MA36VIQM7MRS6ZZRose GM0151339200000Great Deal A Bit Small
215309215309B00407GA6MAWHAZI3CCBXQPMechiko0131337817600Great value but...The bracelets are fairly small, but you get ALOT in the box. The candy itself tastes fine, but the string tastes bitter. I hope it's not toxic... o_O
215310215310B00407GA6MA2LZ78JT2AQJMFM. O'Connor "mgo"1511324339200Made in China CandyI didn't like the smell of the candy when I opened up its wrapping. I checked then the label to realize that it was made in China. I wanted to give the candy box as treasurer box rewards for my kids' school, but never did.

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