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215404215404B001EO5QPAA1LC4QKZFH5PWMM. MATYASTIK0041269129600Follow the directionsThis is a quality tea that requires you to follow the directions. My first attempt was by using my old method that works well with a different brand of tea. In my opinion, when I did the job my old way the result was powerful (too strong). After two more failed attempts I finally decided to read and follow the brief directions on the package. What have been enjoying for a few years is a strong tea with milk. Now I have discovered a tea that can be enjoyed straight.
215405215405B001EO5QPAA1S4QSDPBDKGMAC. Patton0051257552000A great tea, plain and simple!!!I drink this tea as a part of my everyday ritual. Those of you who drink tea understand. I particularly love this jasmine tea. It has a light flavor with a nice smell. It is also a great perk that I can order it in a three pack as I use this tea both at work and at home. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.
215406215406B001EO5QPAA3MSDZ7KLMRGRRJ. C. Rose0051254787200Stash Organic Assam TeaStash Organic Assam Tea is my regular everyday tea. Rich and smooth, I can brew it easily by the cup or by the pot. It also works well in a French press coffee pot. One teaspoon per cup of water, plus a teaspoon for the pot if you're making a potful.
215407215407B001EO5QPAACG6O0II5IZE1Music Fan0051231286400Stash Premium Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose LeafThis is a high quality green tea from Stash that makes some excellent tea.

The first time I made the tea, I steeped it for a little too long, so there was some bitterness. When I made another cup this morning, I cut the steeping time down a bit and it was excellent.

I have been using a 16oz steeping mug made by "The Tea Spot," which I also recommend highly.
215408215408B001EO5QPAA76V5HMU5MQMCAlyson Davis "Cooking RD"0041230163200Gunpowder teaA very good bargain, this tea has a slightly different taste if you are used to regular sencha green tea, but it is worth the adjustment for the price savings!
215409215409B001EO5QPAA3PL6PA3U51TA7cwe "Christine"0051195603200yumThis tea has a delicious flavor, fresh and light. I love it, and this is a great price. For regular tea drinkers it is a great deal on Amazon's auto-order feature.
215410215410B001EO5QPAA16KK3YHCWE29CQF Jane0031190764800Bitter aftertasteI love good teas -- and this is my second disappointment with Stash in the last few weeks.

If you brew this as directed the tea leaves a decidedly bitter aftertaste. I am trying out different lengths of steeping -- I did less than they recommend on the bag, and it didn't have much flavor. I may try a little longer, or adding more tea leaves per cup.

Otherwise, the price is very good, so for someone who is not picky it is a great deal!!!
215411215411B001EO5QPAA1M5D0DG09UGVMBonne Maman0041185494400Big leavesI haven't had any problems with this tea so I am a notch above indifferent. I don't regret buying it.
215412215412B001EO5QPAA2HIMA1WC68O2OR. Gulati "Tea lover 2007"0041183075200Honest BrewStash have tried very hard to get quality product for the consumers. The tea comes fairly close to the best on the market - this is quite an endorsement from an Indian palate who has nearly 30 years of twice daily Darjeeling tea drinking "experience".
215413215413B001EO5QPAA1G31ONMDUNNQ7Kim C. "avid reader"3551158105600Great teaMy husband's favorite loose green tea. He drinks every morning, and it is a little better price than from Stash.
215414215414B001EO5QPAA351W0BCYYUGYWSandy M "sandygod"1241252972800a darn good pitcher of teaI have been making black tea in my bodum iced tea pitcher and wanted to try a nice loose green. This one works perfectly. It has a mild taste that is very fresh.
215415215415B001EO5QPAA2PQ0UMRCFKQF7careful buyer1231163030400nice organic AssamSatisfactory but not completely satisfying as some other tea growers' Assams are but priced reasonably.
215416215416B001EO5QPAA1BOXR5OPYYWWJM. Armstrong0111342483200Doesn't taste like English Breakfast to me.I usually drink Twinnings or Bigelow English Breakfast tea in bags, but I'm trying to switch to loose teas and this was my first attempt at English Breakfast. The dry tea smells like English Breakfast to me, but once it is brewed it smells and tastes totally different, and I don't like the taste at all. I followed the directions and I have tried different brewing times (2-5min), adding different amounts of milk and/or sugar. Other people might like it, but be aware that it may not taste anything like what you expect.
215417215417B001EO5QPAAKJ95RJVUPGRWJoyce Basch0111330128000TerribleThis was the worst loose tea I have ever had. I love Stash teabags, English breakfast, but this is bitter and not your money
215418215418B001EO5QPAA1N32358AY0TZZS. Aghassy0141313107200Solid, Strong Green TeaThis is a pretty good all around tea. You can make this pretty strong very easily. Nothing too special about. I will probably go on to try other teas.
215419215419B001EO5QPAA4XQ04F3KY20WK. Reznek0151307491200No bitternessThis tea is delicious. No bitterness, and great flavor. The only downside is that it is only good for one brewing, but the cost was low enough that a single brew is acceptable.
215420215420B001EO5QPAA1KYY5W9P0FFRGCaroline0131289001600Little too strong for meIt's okay, but I wouldn't buy it again. My absolute favorite green tea is made by It's a decaf apricot green tea. I always end up going back to that after trying other teas. I've even gotten used to drinking it plain without any sweeteners. A cup sounds pretty good right now!
215421215421B001EO5QPAA9RZL4DEXSXGSJoan Ellen Brode0141284336000Stash Irish BreakfastThis is a great loose leaf tea. A very fresh taste for the first cup of the morning.
215422215422B001EO5QPAA1I2FIFBUORRTEJ. Reynolds0111273276800Avoid this oneBuying tea online is a risky proposition. I've enjoyed Jasmine teas for years--just not this one. Consider Stash's Organic White instead. Stash Premium Tea, Organic Premium White, Tea Bags, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
215423215423B0001UK0CMA2V8WXAFG1TEOCronald (NY)0051351209600Excellent tasteThis is to me a great coffee, once you try it you will enjoy it, this coffee has a wonderful taste.
215424215424B004BR88QGA2TUU2UVDBTF9VNomad Soul0021303862400Artificial tastingVery artificial tasting. It reminds me of the flavor of a cheap cream soda or possibly a vanilla flavored medicine. The texture was fairly mediocre too; it was not very smooth or creamy.

I'll give them two of five stars for using actual cocoa butter in their white chocolate, but I'd steer clear of this and look elsewhere.
215425215425B005PURHD8A2B16PKVYNT655RachelC0051328745600Strong SuttleI add to my mr coffee maker with our regular coffe, it gives the extra "kick" you need in the morning, and not to bitter.
215426215426B005D6E340A1GMMOLVHXH13Tcrafty0111328745600Just awful! - sugar saturatedThere is no picture, so I assume this is the dry mix with cilantro.

I bought it at a dollar store. It isn't even worth that.

All you taste is the sugar. Sugar in a bean soup?

Even adding vinegar didn't help. Maybe lime juice would help, but we didn't have any limes.

If you want a bean soup, start with re-fried beans as a base.

Amazon shouldn't waste storage space, selling this!
215427215427B0014X5O1CA1D6PWUMDY9F7VMichael DENNISUK "cc coach"1251209340800Sparkling!!I have really enjoyed this product. It's like OJ with a kick. It has a clear, fresh taste. It is a great thirst quencher. Izze satisfies that soda craving. This great stuff. I am anxious to try the other flavors.
215428215428B0014X5O1CA111BH1GN0D33ZFolantin1241209254400Nice alternativeThe Izze Clementine flavour is a blend of orange juice (from concentrate) with sparkling water. Not too tangy, it has a pleasantly mild and modified orange flavour. It's not too fizzy, but it does have a tendency to go flat fast, so it's not something you want to sip over a long period of time.

At 80 calories in this small 8.4 ounce can, it's not for those who are watching their weight, but it's certainly a viable alternative to nasty sugary sweet drinks.
215429215429B0014X5O1CAMUP8DYE7EAN2mateo52 "invisible man"2431208995200I didn't have acid refluxNot that I ever have from any product. Really, if you're looking for information on nutritional value, evaluations of health benefits/liabilities, or praise for the corporate responsibility of the owners, check one of the other reviews. All I can tell you is the taste of the Clementine variety is acceptable but I will not be searching the Net or employing any conventional methodologies to find more of it.

Maybe it's my recalcitrance in being browbeat at every turn over potential health concerns related to dietary habits; maybe as I age I'm turning into some transmogrified reconstitution of Andy Rooney, Jack Cafferty and Bill Cosby, or it may simply have been the suggestiveness of the container color. Reading Fast Food Nation didn't reduce my over the counter greasy bag calorie intake and this beverage is not going to compel me to pour my Orange Crush down the drain. My delusional state anticipated an ostensibly less imposing version of Sunkist orange and what my salivary glands sensed was some rather bitter orange flavored sparkling water. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, I will continue to ingest beverages with high fructose sugar levels right up to the point the disposition of my remains is decided by my health conscious progeny. My dentist has a couple of kids with Ivy League pretensions and he enthusiastically concurs.

Izze Clementine isn't bad. It just isn't all that much to write about... so why...nevermind. When I feel intimidated by my octogenarian neighbor mowing his quarter acre plot with a push mower, whilst I try to decide if I really need to get on the riding mower or if it can wait another couple of days, the thirst I develop in contemplation will not be quenched by merely one of these 8.4 oz cans.

In essence, if other options are not available, I have no reservations in drinking it but by personal volition you can expect to see me continue to enjoy higher octane competition.
215430215430B0014X5O1CA1TSRPQVRX9O3AJonnyK0131220659200Too Much Orange Juice AcidWell... what can I say. The presentation of the can is great and colorful. But when I got ready to drink it, I was expecting a sweet, but carbonated, experience similiar to a perfectly ripe clementine. Instead it was too sour/acidy for my tastes.

I'm stuck with 24 of them, but they aren't undrinkable by any means. It would of tasted much better if they replaced some of the orange juice concentrate with a sweeter juice like apple.
215401215401B001EO5QPAA38K9AHJIOLYDD. Chao0031272931200Too many stemsIt's not bad, as the fragrance just hits you when the bag opens. That being said, way too many stems in the product. I'm not a tea expert, but I've bought enough and I think they have more stems than the average. I do like the eco-friendly no frill packaging with the zipper though.
215402215402B001EO5QPAA1PYBRKVC1MKV4koo0031272585600Second batch inferior to firstMy son drinks gallons of green tea. We ordered one of the three-packs in the fall, and it was really good. He was so impressed, we ordered it again. That (second) batch was disappointing - not nearly as full-flavored as the first. I'm ordering it just one more time, hoping that the poorer quality was a fluke.
215403215403B001EO5QPAAZ4T61QUJHA9EPatrick K. Miller "Keeper of Nothing"0041272326400Good tea.This is good loose leaf tea and the packaging makes this tea a very good purchase. There are three packages so while using one the other two stay fresh, the package has a zip lock thing to help preserve freshness and the bottome is fasioned so that it can stand up like in the picture. The tea itself is very good, but you must remember that this is Jasmine green tea... All in all I am happy with the purchase.

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