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215452215452B0014X5O1CAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena3351208995200Good things come in little packages!If you are sick of the overly-sweet taste of regular or diet sodas, this is the product for you.

As a sparkling juice drink, Izze offers the best of both worlds -- there's fruit juice for health and fizz for fun. The taste is excellent, and the packaging size is just enough to refresh you.

Of course, you can always mix any fruit juice with seltzer at home for a healthy spritzer, but Izze can't be beat for refreshment on the go! It's a great item to take along with you to work or school, and will save you from the feast of chemicals usually available from vending machines or fast fast food places.

The clementine flavor has the wonderful sweet/tart taste of a fizzy fresh fruit! The pomegranite is a mix of apple, grape, pineapple, lemon and pomegranite and packs quite a tart and sweet punch!
215453215453B0014X5O1CA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning3351208908800Izz good, if not especially good for you....The Clementine Izze has a full, orangey flavor and it's not too sweet. A real bonus, imo. The apple is a bit sweet but does taste like a really ripe apple. duh. And for me the grapefruit had a bit of tinny flavor. I'm afraid taste may be a bit relative.
If you're looking for a carbonated juice drink, this may be a good choice. But don't kid yourself, these 80 calories aren't exactly a health food.
215454215454B0014X5O1CA2I18AO597DSDIDavid Pearlman "sound fanatic"7921216166400Only one itsy bitsy little thing missing...So I got a case of this stuff because I was curious as to what clementine juice might taste like. I got it, took a swig...and found it to be OK, if a little odd...I then looked at the side of the can to see how much clementine juice is in the can. Here is, verbatim, the ingredients list:

"Pure juice made from white grape, apple, lemon and orange juice concentrates, sparkling water, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, gum arabic, beta carbotene (color), ascorbic acid (vitamic C), glycerol ester or rosin, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitimin B6)."

See anything odd about that ingredients list? Look carefully...What's missing? How about clementine juice?!!? Not a spec of it. Talk about smoke and mirrors. "All natural"? Maybe. But lots of cheap juice and none of the namesake? Give me a break. I've been had. Don't make the same mistake.
215455215455B0014X5O1CA2IW5H7K71S3HUKim H.2211280793600BlechOut of our family of five no one liked this drink. It tastes odd. I could drink it if I absolutely had no other choice.
215456215456B0014X5O1CA1Z0Y3N2QNA9FLHorsesticks2221278288000After TasteWas not impressed. Did not have enough of the taste of clementine juice. Had an after taste. Did not like.
215457215457B0014X5O1CA1DJV0XTCCSZ8FNan2251228003200Low carb substitute for sodaExcellent product. Clementine juice and fizzy water, low enough carb that a diabetic can drink one now and then!
215458215458B0014X5O1CAWIF8AR75LL9LColorgirl "Spreading color around my world"2251208908800IZZE made a hit with my entire family with this flavor!We have been drinking various forms of flavored carbonated natural drinks for many years. From Knudsens to After the Fall, to Flavored Vitamin Waters without the carbonation, my family has tried all kinds of different flavors and types of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks with no refined sugars added.

IZZE Sparkling Clemintine Juice is made of 70% fruit juice with added vitamins such as B6, Beta Carotene, Niacinimide, and vitamin C. I am not sure what the *natural flavors* added are, as this is often a hiding place for ingredients with some companies that do not want you to know little things they sneak in.

Flavorwise, IZZE Sparkling Clemintine Juice is very good. It is made from concentrate so there is not the fresh flavor that you would get from fresh juice, but I find that this juice only has a tiny bit of bitter edge to it- nothing like most orange flavored juice beverages we have had.

What impresses us about this is that it is not overly syrupy like some juices are. It takes very light, yet filling.

Another feature of this drink is that the bubbles are not heavy and the carbonation is not overly strong. Sometimes drinks have so much carbonation in them that they are annoying. This one has light to medium carbonation in it.

One additional thing I like about this is that the cans are relatively small (8.4oz/248ml). I have never liked the huge can sizes because I feel that you should only drink small amounts of cooked juice products at a time anyway.

There are 24 in the case, which is a good number. We drank this warm without ice, but chilled it is also delicious. It tends to go down a bit easier when it is chilled.

With ice, it is an even lighter drink and bit more refreshing as the ice dilutes it leaving just a hint of orange flavor.

All in all, IZZE Sparkling Clemintine Juice is a hit in our house. Great flavor, just enough in a can for a snack, and all without added refined sugars or caffeine! My daughter keeps saying- "Mom, I just LOVE this stuff."
215459215459B0014X5O1CA1YCV5N1XSQNDDC. Oftedahl1141221264000Izze Fortified Sparkling JuiceI ordered 2 packs of Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice and when they arrived, approximately a dozen of the cans were dented on the bottom and about 5 of the cans were leaking juice in the box.
215460215460B0014X5O1CA50MME5YW1YGBScott Chamberlain "Historian and archaeologist"1141213833600Great summer beverageIn general, this stacks up pretty well compared this to the well-known, similar drink Orangina. Orangina seems to take its inspiration from sparling water, while this one seems to have Orange crush as its point of reference. Izze is slightly sweeter and slightly "heavier" than Orangina. Is this bad? Not at all--it's still refreshing and a perfect companion for a cookout. And with its vitamins and such, might stick with you a little longer. Enjoy!
215431215431B0014X5O1CA2APAT58MEMI2LCarolyn Rampe0151217376000delicious drink, my whole family loves itGreat product, absolutely wonderful, I buy them by the case for my husband, they are healthy and taste unbelievable!
215432215432B0014X5O1CA11L4SBY7NCSZUJennifer A. Wickes "Food Writer"0151210118400Natural and RefreshingA refreshing alternative to soda, IZZE sparkling juice was a hit by both adults and children at my house. The flavor was delightful without being overbearing or artificial. Made with only juice and sparkling water, what a better way to revive yourself after a hot day with one of these! Would be willing to try again!
215433215433B0014X5O1CA3M1PA1C98XNGNElizabeth Slater0141209168000fizze izzeNot bad - not too sweet. Definitely sparkling, and would be great for mixed drinks but is fine all by it's lonesome. Kind of a tart flavor - clementine - but nice for a slight perk.
215434215434B0014X5O1CAQ9T9A5WJXVA9Michael B. Richman0141208995200Oh My Darling......Clemetine! This all natural orangy drink from Izze is simply delicious. It is refreshing to see an ever increasing trend towards real tasting foods and drinks using real ingredients. I can't wait to try the other flavors.
215435215435B0014X5O1CA2MO9URO4526Q2N. Burt "nikkles"0141208995200Good Juice DrinkI was happily surprised by Izze sparkling Clementine juice beverage. Why? First, the main ingredient is actually juice (70%), which is fantastic and amazing. The beverage tastes good and I do like carbonated juice. I also like that it is in 8oz cans, a practical juice size rather then a 12 oz soda size. So, a reasonably good for you good tasting juice drink, can't go wrong with that. The Izze company also appears to do some good humanitarian and earth friendly practices, which is another plus.
215436215436B0014X5O1CA1Z67Y8DWIGZXVHealth Junky0151206144000AwesomeSo glad I don't need to lug this stuff home anymore. Awesome soda. I wish Amazon would put it on their auto shipment program so I can drink and know it is coming automatically(and to save a few bucks!!). Great soda... decent price for free shipping. Thanks Amazon!! again...
215437215437B0014X5O1CA33H0WC9MI8OVWClare Chu81611209168000Ugh! High in sugar, low on tasteMy daughter, husband and I tried it. Her first reaction is that it's too sweet, less fizzy and she didn't want to finish her can. I tried it and felt a sugar shock coming on, with not much taste. Hansen's Mandarin Lime is much tastier. My husband, said "Ugh it's horrible, why did I try it?" and poured it down the sink. Warning: 19 grams of sugar reminds me of the horrible orange drinks they give you for glucose tolerance test. And what's with the rosin? I thought that is for violin bows. Some people might be extremely allergic to it. Finally the label says no refined sugar, but concentrating fruit juices is refining sugar, just a matter of technicality.
215438215438B0014X5O1CA140XH16IKR4B0Jean E. Pouliot51211208995200Can you say "generic orange soda"?One of the flavor memories of my 1960s childhood that evinces the least nostalgia is that of stale orange "tonic" (as we called it in New England) bought from the local Bradlees or Ferretti's discount super markets. The only more heinous flavor was grape soda -- a chemical brew so noxious that it burned going down (we thought this was normal) and left an acid-stripped sheen on the teeth.

But now, this taste sensation is back, in the form of Izze's "all natural" sparkling juice. "All natural" is the sort of 21st century newspeak terms that hides more than it reveals. To my hippy-dippy mind, all natural means orange juice (even if from a concentrate) plus some pure spring water gently infused with natural CO2 and bottled by hand by pure, cotton sundressed nymphs. It does not have (as does this concoction) *fourteen* ingredients, including "natural flavor" (what, sulfuric acid?), glycerol ester of rosin, or pyridoxine hydrochloride, even if this is supposedly vitamin B12.

I now have a case of this stuff in my house. Thanks for the memories, Amazon Vine!
215439215439B0014X5O1CA26WD6B5DHAPMUmook0511285977600Tastes like Colonoscopy Prep Go-LightlyCan't get the bad taste out of my mouth!! I think I'm going to vomit like I did when drinking Go-Lightly for a colonoscopy! YUK!
215440215440B0014X5O1CA23ZNGL704AW7OJennifer Ray182041210723200Refreshing, unusual, and naturalUntil recently, I had never heard of the brand `Izze', much less their line of Sparkling Juice beverages. When Amazon Vine posted a request to review them, however, my interest was most certainly piqued, being a sucker for anything fruit-flavored. My only dilemma revolved around what flavor to order. They all look so interesting to me, but I deliberated between the three flavors I found most intriguing: Blackberry, Pomegranate, and Clementine.

I finally decided on the Clementine. When a case of twenty-four arrived at my office, I had plenty to share with a couple of friends, and after chilling a few cans, we enjoyed our first taste of this unusual libation together.

We all enjoyed it, although I think I liked it more than the other two. However, I've been to wine tastings with this pair of friends, and I notice they don't usually care for sparkling wine either, which leaves me to wonder if it was the effervescence that they didn't like rather than the flavor. As for me, I adore sparkling beverages, so this is right up my alley.

The Clementine flavor tastes just like the fruit, although I admit I had expected a slightly sweeter drink than the Izze turned out to be. The label on the can states it is "naturally flavored", and that is exactly what I got. My belief that it would be sweeter is probably borne of the fact that most commercial beverages do have more sugar added. Because of this, the slightly tart taste was a bit startling, but after the first few sips I truly appreciated the freshness of it.

In fact, I enjoyed the Clementine flavor so much that I went looking for the Izze beverages in the local stores, and succeeded in finding both of the other flavors I wanted to try: Pomegranate and Blackberry. Of all of them, I think the Blackberry is probably my favorite, although the Clementine is a close second. I think the Blackberry wins by a nose strictly because it is such an uncommon flavor for a beverage, and that appeals to me as much as the flavor itself does. It helps that I adore blackberries, though.

The Pomegranate was my least favorite of the three, and I don't believe I'll buy it again, although I did drink all four cans in the pack that I purchased. The flavor was slightly bitter, although it does grow on you after a few swallows. But once again, it does taste very close to eating the pomegranate fruit.

I definitely recommend the Izze drinks. I will most certainly be purchasing both the Clementine and Blackberry flavors in the future.
215441215441B0014X5O1CA1FWFCJU2G7TRAKDMask101151209168000Big Hit in Our Household!Everyone loved this product at my house! The taste is nice and refreshing. My teen son loves it and I feel good about him drinking something that is mostly juice, sugar and caffine free. The serving is a great size and easy to pack into lunches and even your bag for work. My husband is taking his to the office and likes the smaller size as well. I tried Izze when a friend came over as a mixer and it was a hit. I'll be looking for this at the grocery store and want to try other flavors as well. YUM!
215442215442B0014X5O1CA3BAE79NXFDXGVJoseph P. Ulibas "Captain Couth"101151209168000A crisp tasty beverage made from all natural juice.Izze all natural sparkling juice (Clementine) is a very delicious drink. They come in real nifty 8 ounce cans (for the conscious calorie watcher) that are great for those who want a quick treat without feeling guilty. Unlike other juice drinks, this one is refreshing, tasty and not to syrupy sweet. The drink reminded me of an Italian soda. I would strongly recommend this beverage. You can't go wrong with picking up a case of this good stuff.
I'm hooked and a future customer. The juice is lightly fortified with a few vitamins for your good health.

Highly recommended.
215443215443B0014X5O1CA1RAUVCWYHTQI4A. Ross141731210118400Fine -- But Not ClementineI was pretty psyched to be able to try a case of this "sparkling juice" out, since during the summer I drink a fair amount of juice mixed with soda water. Also, I grew up in North Africa, where the clementine grows in abundance, and I was looking forward to revisiting a taste of childhood. On the pro side, the packaging is attractive, the 8.4oz can is a really handy size, and there's no added high fructose corn syrup. On the con side, the much-touted "fortified" aspect consists of 10% of your daily Vitamin C, B6, and Niacin, so great big deal there. Also, the carbonation isn't as strong as I prefer, although I will grant that this is a very subjective personal thing. Straight out of the can, it feels a touch flat to me. Finally, the biggest con of all -- there's no clementine juice in it! When I cracked the first can open and tried it over ice, at the end of the glass I thought, "Hmm, kind of like clementine, but not quite." Then I looked at the label and saw that 's a blend of white grape, apple, lemon, and orange juice concentrates! Well, nice try Izze...but no cigar. Ultimately, it's something I'll keep around to use as a mixer with vodka, but not that tasty to me on its own. And frankly, I find the labeling of it as "clementine" totally shameless and off-putting.
215444215444B0014X5O1CA2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock4441211673600Oh My Darlin' Clementine? But a tasty treat.This vitamin enriched fruit-based (70%), carbonated (30% water) drink is obviously healthier than soda for which it is an estimable replacement. It has no refined sugar--a big plus, but it also lacks any Clementine. I guess they call it that because the taste is, more or less, like these small oranges (which taste something like a cross between a tangerine and a naval orange). Most of it is grape & apple juices. As with pure juices vs. juice "drinks" or "cocktails" it costs considerably more per can--and the cans are small. Convenient size, but you might need to have more than one (would probably go well with potato chips!). I like drinking them with microwave popcorn myself. Enjoy!
215445215445B0014X5O1CA2RN2AO4BE6F4KScott Bright "scottypotty"4451210550400The Entire Family Loves IzzeMy daughter gets Izze when we stop at Starbucks but I never tried one myself. Izze is an all natural soda. I tried it and was surprised how much I liked it. It's not as sweet as diet soda and I like that. Based on the ingredients I don't feel bad letting the kids have it now and then. I'll also be getting them again myself. The size of the can makes them very nice for packing in lunches and in coolers.

We got a case of Clementine Izze and the family helped me drink them. They wanted to help with the review as well.

Mom: As good as Izze tastes, what I like even more is the ingredient list. I've stopped drinking diet soda because I won't drink aspartame, and sucralose (Splenda) makes me ill. Izze is sweetened by natural fruit juices (70%) and not refined sugar, corn syrup, etc. The rest of the ingredients are sparkling water and vitamins. I feel good giving this drink to my 11-year-old daughter for a treat, and she loves it. We've tried all the flavors and like each one, but Clementine is the family favorite.

Daughter: Izzie is a great thirst quencher. And not only that, but it's healthy, too! I love anything fruity of fizzy and Izzie was the perfect fit.
215446215446B0014X5O1CA3E0CV9614GQJVDoc Dave "world music fan"3341213747200pop and tartIn the crowded field of orange soda pop beverages, a relatively new product needs a niche to succeed. Izze's schtick is 70% fruit juice, no sugar added.

In this formulation "Sparkling Clementine" is actually a blend of grape, apple, lemon and orange juice concentrates. I was disappointed to find that it didn't seem to contain clementine or even mandarin orange.

The can is very attractively slender shaped and looks good enough to serve to guests out of the can.

The taste is tart and fizzy along the lines of european citrus drinks (think Orangina), but with a slightly sweeter finish. It does grow on you.

All in all, a recommendable product, but somebody should probably get some clementine juice in there, or change the name.

Disclosure: This review was written for the Amazon Vine Volunteer Review Program. The product was provided for the purposes of the review.
215447215447B0014X5O1CA1XRXOSMIFKM0YR. Zappelli3341211587200Izze GoodI wasn't sure exactly what a Clementine was going into this product. All I knew was that Huckleberry Hound used to sing about his Darlin' Clementine back in those old Hannah Barberra cartoons. I still am not sure what fruit the clementine actually is but it's definatly an offshoot of the citrus family, sort of orangy and not at all bitter.
The Izze product comes neatly packages in a slim can and swallows easily with no poor aftertaste. It is not over carbonanted so no unlightly belches afterwards, always a bonus amongst polite company. The product was sent in a case of 24 so it lasted quite some time and I think now that I shoulkd have requested some of the additional flavors whilst they were available. Drink Izze, be happy.
215448215448B0014X5O1CA2DN7RUNX06BZ1nychen3341211328000Sparkles on the Tastebuds!At first taste, a strange orange carbonated drink, but with each followup swig, the taste seems to get better and better!

* An all-natural blend of pure fruit juice and sparkling water
* 70% Fruit Juice 30% Sparkling Water

I love that this is a drink that's got a punch of fruit juice and the sparkling water just makes it even more enjoyable. Clementine tastes just like fresh oranges, so it's a good flavor for anytime of day or night.

* Simple, stylish packaging great for entertaining or everyday refreshment
* Pairs perfectly with fine food and is a stylish non-alcoholic beverage option

Refridgerating Izze does wonders for the cool refreshing taste on your tongue, and is a great drink to quench one's taste or partner up with a snack. The 8.4 ounce cans are a perfect size for a quick thirt-buster and very handy and portable/on-the-go. Love the design too!

* Made with natural ingredients and fortified with vitamins (vitamin C, B6 and Niacin)

Only 80 calories a drink, so I can drink one after the other! The taste is quite addictive, again, gets better with each swig! Highly recommended! Cannot wait to try the other flavors.
215449215449B0014X5O1CAR5SY32T76DBMHugo D. Hackenbush3341211241600If you like Orangina, give Izze "Sparkling Clementine" a shot...Another fine addition to the currently popular trend of so-called "natural" alternatives to traditional soda and other soft drinks, Izze "Sparkling Clementine" represents the designer soft drink genre at its best.

At 80 calories per an 8.oz can, this juice beverage does contain less calories than real juice and normal soda, but can hardly be considered diet food. Still, vitamins C, B6 and niacin are added in low doses, it's low in salt and no corn syrup or sugar is added, relying instead on juice concentrates of grape, apple, lemon and orange to naturally sweeten... all good things.

The taste of the particular flavor of Izze that I sampled, "sparkling clementine", is clean, fruity, refreshing, yet not overly sweet.

In fact, for those familiar, Izze "Sparkling Clementine" is strongly reminiscent of the "Orangina" brand of soft drink, minus the pulp... a personal favorite of mine.

All in all, recommended.
215450215450B0014X5O1CA1DP2GVGDKUVW0Dennis Hawley3331210896000Tart and refreshing if...I've had time to go through most of the case of this product, and I give it a slightly positive overall review. The pros: small size can holds just the right amount of this different beveridge, and fits easily in the hand; when consumed while nice and cold, it offers a tart and refreshing taste, without a bit of sweetness. The cons: the warmer the product gets, the harder it is to get down; the tartness begins to be more like bitterness, and it leaves a somewhat disagreeable aftertaste. The small can helps keep this to a minimum.
If your taste runs more towards non-sweet, highly sparkling drinks, this is for you. If you prefer more conventional types of soft drinks or juices, this may seem too 'adult'.
215451215451B0014X5O1CA2T7GJONIZFP1QMaudeen Wachsmith "BeachReader"3351209168000Crisp flavor, nice sparkleI loved this product! I received the clementine (mandarin orange) flavor. What was there not to like? The eight ounce size gave it a light 80 calories of fresh, crisp flavor with just enough fizz to whet the appetite of anyone who enjoys just a bit of carbonation in a healthy drink. I will definitely be purchasing other flavors of the Izze Sparkling Juice and am particularly looking forward to trying their pomegranate flavor. I even like the size of the can and the way it feels in my hand. Highly recommended.

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