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215581215581B0019FM29MAPX98BRAMSHU6Adam J. Baber1151240704000taste like homemade cookiesMy family and I loved those cookies. In a matter of fact, I need to order some more. They reminded me of spiced cookies I used to make for Xmas.
215582215582B0019FM29MA2USC9D6HNKKJ2B. Jackson Shennan "bloomsbury157"1151238716800Grocery Items form AmazonThese delicious cookies were appreciated by my mother and her friends.
I will be purchasing some of the other flavours available by this company.
215583215583B0019FM29MA2USC9D6HNKKJ2B. Jackson Shennan "bloomsbury157"1151238716800Grocery Items from AmazonThese delicious cookies were appreciated by my mother and her friends.
I intend to try the other flavours available.
215584215584B0019FM29MA1W4F91DH3XPB2M. Kelly "Life is a Cabernet"1151229299200Great cookies!I am always looking for something to send to my sons (one is in college the other in the military). I sent these cookies along with some other LUs to my college son. He called me almost immediately when he received them (and suprisingly it wasn't for money, lol) to thank me. He told me that all his roomates devoured several boxes within just a few minutes. So, these cookies passed the college frat test. Combining it with Amazon Prime shipping and it's all good. Kudos!
215585215585B0019FM29MA37T8V8TLYVIXQJody Mandel1151227571200Crunchy snack!Great cookies. These are very crunchy. Not at all soft. Very nice taste.
Would recommend.
215586215586B0019FM29MA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"2351237766400Ah, Back In France Again!Seems France knows what to do with butter (beurre). If you've ever sampled the delicious butter made in the north, in Brittany and Normandy, you know what I'm saying. The French are masters of using butter in cooking. So, in turn, the French know butter cookies. These are French butter cookies, and it's quite a treat finding them on Amazon. Vive Le Petit Beurre!
215587215587B0019FM29MAHETNRCZWLM7SScoushe0041347840000Buy Them Off the ShelfFor years, the only Lu's I could find at my local market were the USA Lu's, which aren't as good as the Belgium biscuits. So, I was happy to find them at Amazon this past July, 2012 and bought the case of six boxes. Unfortunately, they didn't taste fresh and had an expiration date of Dec. 2012; that explained the stale taste, but I chose not to return them. Instead, I nuke two in the microwave for 5 or 6 seconds and it sort of revives the flavor.

Well, last week, Sept. 14, 2012, I found the Belgium Lu at my local supermarket and bought a single box. That box expires Dec. 2013, over a year from now, and the cookies definitely taste better. Moral of the story: Buy them where you can read the Expiration date. I surmise that having a year or two shelf life should be about right.
215588215588B0019FM29MA3VUAMOV773ZU3Monique's Art Studio0031342396800PIMS ORANGEThis is the second (and last) time in a few years that I buy Pim's Orange from Amazon. Like the first time, I was disappointed, not because of the cookie itself, which is normally delicious--as a French person, I am very familiar with PIM'S cookies and know what they should taste and look like--, but because of the improper manner in which the packages are stored and handled along the way (I cannot figure out at which end). Obviously, the packages go from cold to hot temperatures (or vice versa), possibly multiple times, which is the worst thing that can happen to cookies incorporating chocolate and filling: this alters their appearance and consistency--chocolate surface becomes discolored and collapses due to melting before regaining some firmness, and the cookie part and filling become too soft. The taste is not affected too badly, but you cannot serve them to guests, because of the cookies' miserable appearence. In order to save them anyway for my own consumption, I wrap the individual packs in a bath towel and store them in the vegetable compartment of my refrigerator. That helps regain some firmness in the cookies, but of course the chocolate surface remains discolored. So my advice is: buy individual packs at your grocery store if they carry PIM'S, because the cookies are normally delicious, but do not buy them from Amazon. It's too bad that Amazon has done nothing so far to correct this storage problem. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, to my satisfaction 99 p.100 of the time, including LU "Petit Beurre" cookies (these are rarely available in US grocery stores). Since they include no chocolate or filling, the shipments are usually in perfect condition. I give PIM,S Orange three stars because the product is excellent under normal conditions, and the problem is not caused by the manufacturer.
215589215589B0019FM29MAVXGN90BU95P8D. Buxman "A Seeker of Truth"0051338854400Great Taste and Good Value, but Don't Order in Hot WeatherI love these cookies and the price is decent, but if the temperature is above 80 degrees, they will melt together.
215590215590B0019FM29MACD3M6U9W0J3Shh0051330992000Simply rated: parfait.My French teacher (native French) introduced these cookies to me. I tried to bake these at home following a reliable recipe but it just didn't taste/feel the same. As a healthy eater, I usually don't consume much butter. But the "petit beurre" biscuits are now my favorite companion for tea or coffee. They are not heavy or too sweet--just perfect in its texture, taste, and design. I just received a box of 6 just 2 days after ordering (go Amazon prime!) and couldn't help but enjoy two biscuits right away--yum! Probably going to order more once these are gone.
215591215591B0019FM29MAQBHBPT9LAP7IJeanne in Reno0051325548800Always fresh and deliciousIf you are looking for a wholesome fresh and crisp biscuit that is not filled with sugar, you'll love Lu Cookies Le Petit Beurre. These authentic European butter biscuits are made in France from only the best ingredients. They are perfect for tea time or an accompanyment with fruit or ice cream deserts.
215592215592B0019FM29MA3DK7WMAK2588ELucy Dashwood "Lucy Dashwood"0051319414400A gift that went over very wellI purchased these for a friend who loves shortbread and has highly discerning tastes. I think he inhaled them, so apparently they're excellent. They also arrived the next day with Prime and in perfect, unbroken condition.
Thanks, Amazon.
215593215593B0019FM29MA2VZU72H80NKGJJoan M. Johnson0051319155200Great snack low sugar cookie!!I just love these with coffee in the morning because they are not super sweet!! Our local stores were out of them for a couple months so was lucky and happy to have found them on
215594215594B0019FM29MA22ML4R2ZHBN3FTivette0051311638400WONDERFUL Shortbread like homemade!I'm always on the hunt for the best Scottish Shortbread and after several other brands, I found Lu's to the the BEST for any mass made shortbread cookies out there. Visitors always comment how good they are and often switch to this brand after trying it just once. Scottish Shortbread is supposed to be buttery, dense and not sweet, just a bare minimum of sweetness.

Don't even bother with Wxxxxx's...blech! If you like Scottish Shortbread, almost like homemade, then this is the one! I'm so happy it's available on Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" program.
215595215595B0019FM29MA2A4KIK03GN5DCLois Omdahl "lado"0051308009600'just a little sweet'These slightly sweet, buttery cookies are perfect when you want a little sweet with your afternoon tea or after dinner. I love them.
215596215596B0019FM29MA3AKU3G4JE80Q5Chris Kimberley0051298678400Petit Beurre BiscuitsLu Petit Beurre are the best biscuits of their type I have tasted and compare very favorably with the English brands of Petit Beurre. They are crisp and firm and have a great flavor without being too sweet or buttery. A superb accompaniment to a cup of tea. May this long established French company, now a division of Kraft Foods, keep up their good work making great products.
215597215597B0019FM29MACRMC36M4V41Emac0051291248000excellent cookiesThese cookies are wonderful with tea and coffee. They're difficult to find in supermarket (at least Safeway), so it's great they're available from Amazon.
215598215598B0019FM29MA4Z2H7H2WNK8HCarol Ryan0051283731200not too sweet, just righti personally enjoy this tea biscuit since it is not too sweet (like a cookie), and not like a cracker. I enjoy with tea - either when I am driving to work early in the morning, or when I want a snack. It is great to keep a package at work or in the car for a quick treat without too many calories. It satisfies me until the next meal.
215599215599B0019FM29MA30TSN3JECCWUGP. Bhakta "GREEN LEAF"0041258934400Memories ...Used to eat these as a child. Cookies are good, nice that they are small group packs within the box - excellent stocking stuffers. Brings back memories, the ones I got on sale especially were due to expire within the year.
215600215600B0019FM29MA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer0041247011200Not really a biscuit/cookieThese "soft biscuits" are less like biscuits/cookies and more like really really dense cake. It was quite a surprise when I first tried one because I was expecting something similar to the soft cookies you buy in the grocery store. Never the less, the taste is very good with the raspberry filling being nicely complemented by the dark chocolate.

The flavor is nice but the cookie part was too odd for me so I won't be buying this again. Still, I think there are probably a lot of people who would enjoy this product and if you like raspberry and dark chocolate you may want to give it a try.
215601215601B0019FM29MA2S9W3V1TMO7NYGail T. Hamilton0051238284800YUMMY!LLU Cookies Cream Roulee Chocolate Hazelnut is the perfect pick-me-up for the afternoon or anytime munchie blahs. GREAT PRODUCT!
215602215602B0019FM29MA29VG90T649CSUSasha Q.0051237593600Simply delicious.These shortbread cookies are amazing. They are made of only 4 simple ingredients (wheat flour, butter, sugar, and salt), and they taste heavenly. If you made these cookies yourself, at home, you would use the same ingredients. There is nothing artificial added.

Besides all of that, they are crispy, very satisfying and not too sweet. My grandchildren love them as much as I do. If you like shortbread, you will love these cookies. If you haven't tried shortbread cookies, I suggest you give these a try and start with the best, right from the Scottish Highlands.
215603215603B0019FM29MA23O4898TMPIR7Alfred J. Verdini "Gioacco"0051231027200Light, Crispy, and VERY Tasty :-)These are great cookies, that go great with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Very light and crispy, and with a sweet cinnamon taste.
215604215604B0019FM29MA2SM232RZQLSK6Duchie1251246838400There is NO better tea cookie out there!I never bother to write reviews but I am SO SAD that Amazon doesn't carry these cookies anymore that i had to write a eulogy. I had these on subscribe and save and was ordering about 3 cases a month. My husband is English and we drink a lot of tea in this house and there is seriously no better tea cookie. These cookies are pretty good dry, but dunked in a hot cup of milky tea they are total heaven. Since Amazon isn't carrying them anymore I am going to have to figure out another way to get my fix.
215605215605B0019FM29MA372YTXPC5FW3Not a size 61251229817600MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThese cookies are just da bomb and their calorie count is relatively low at the same time. Get these and you'll know why people in Belgium and France even eat these for breakfast or lunch.
215606215606B0019FM29MA30RRKGW97HPR1R. M. Jansch "JBERTSIE"2451234137600JBERTSIESFAVSI've said it before ya got chocolate ya got orange = great treats
time to get the coffee going. coffee plus treat = happy me.
These are great cookies too!
215607215607B0019FM29MA1WPHS1TXN29TSC. Hanson1331279065600I prefer raspberryThese are well made, delightful cookies. Very sweet. I ordered 'em three times but in the raspberry flavor. Tried the orange but the orangey taste dosen't seem to come through enough. The chocolate topping is the very best.Just choose your flavor. Great cookies to serve guests.Fancy and delicious.
215608215608B0019FM29MA3RRMQE0ZXY1RDDonna0231318809600these are good, butI first tried this AWESOME cookies in Spain. They were so good! However they are not widely available at home in the US. I was pleased to fine them on Amazon. However, when I recieved the package, the cookies were sub par. The chocolate was likt they had been left in a hot room for days on end before shipping.
215609215609B0019FM29MAR1G2V9DCK1M7Juan M. Islas0231312934400Not a good ideaI like so much these biscuits. They're so great but there was a little space of time (I think) where heat caused cookies were pasted each other. Is not a good idea to ask for chocolate or something like that.
215610215610B0019FM29MA1HWR820X9P295Jiaqi Liang1421308441600disappointmentThey shipped on time, but in the last minute. The product is an entire disappointment! The chocolate on the biscuits melted and solidified again. Consequently, the biscuits were stuck together! You could simply ate several pieces at one time, since you could not separate them without crushing them!

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