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215623215623B000WFS2NKA2BXH69TUTODRPDOGLOVER0051350172800BONESONLY BONES DOG CAN EAT DUE TO allergerys, have tried several kinds but these are the ones she can have from florida to michigan
215624215624B000WFS2NKA24W7AIEUECQH0nanamc "nanamcarthur48"0051347235200My dogs love these biscuits!Been buying these for my 4 dogs for about a year. They know exactly when treat time is and sit staring at the box until they get their share. I buy the puppy golden ones because they have no food coloring added - i hope - maybe some yellow ... and they like the little ones because they think they are getting more and they don't make a crumb mess. One box lasts 2 months, so price is comparable to buying at the market and they like these way better!
215625215625B004K6B1TOA1RW27807OCZKSL. Rood0051349395200If you like pepperMy husband says this is the BEST pepper we've ever had. I love it and try never to run out..
215626215626B0001UK0C2ATQDOJ2VZ5PY5William Brewster "Light roast fan"3351174262400Costa Rican Coffee FanThe smoothest cup of coffee I have ever enjoyed. Mild yet distinctive in character with a fine finish(the aftertaste in the mouth after you swallow.)

On a recent visit to Costa Rica, My wife and I visited a Britt coffee plantation. On a very well prepared tour, we were shown the origen and migration of coffee cultivation. In addition we were shown what makes a great coffee, great. 100% Arabica beens grown at high altitude plantations whose soil contains volcanic ash.

The roasts were explained in the following terms;

Light Roast, the smooth tasting coffee with the greatest caffein content. Tastes similar to Chock Full o' Nuts coffee.

Medium Roast, more full bodied.

Dark Roast, Stronger taste similar to many after dinner coffees.

French Roast, stronger yet, fullbodied as you would find at retail coffee shops .
215627215627B0001UK0C2ATBEWQ3PU3EM9C. DiRuzzo1151198368000Best Tasting Coffee I've ever had.I first had this coffee on vacation in Costa Rica and I ended up bringing 10 bags home with me. Now I can't live without it. A very smooth coffee with a fruity underscore, it's delicious. And they ship quickly right to my door. Perfect.
215628215628B0001UK0C2A2IIEMNRKHLEDPJ. Tracy Hardin "Coffee Girl"1151189987200Best coffee you can buySince my husband brought this coffee back from Costa Rica we haven't bought any other kind. It is truly delicious, smooth and no bitterness whatsoever. You will not be disappointed and you will be hooked as well.
JTH from GA.
215629215629B0001UK0C2A117SF6G5G2X9HDom0051348444800Perfect for espresso machinesThe best light roast bean. It tastes better as a whole bean, ground just right and brewed with that perfect kick to start the morning right.
215630215630B0001UK0C2A3XKT8SB9K1N6R. Ochoa0051339804800Mmmm... yes, I will have another.I purchased a pound of this and a pound of the dark roast variety to see how they compared. I am a big fan of Costa Rican coffee and have to say that this light roast bean from Cafe Britt is the way to go. The crisp, citrusy flavor is more pronounced in this lighter roast than it is in the dark roast version. I generally found the flavors here to be more balanced all the way around with a cleaner, more vibrant finish. This is a solid morning coffee with plenty of caffeine to keep you going, but the acidity - hard to avoid in Costa Rican coffees - is not to a level that will make you regret drinking it later. I can drink a lot of this coffee and still crave it later in the day. If you're on the fence about which Costa Rican coffee to buy, I highly recommend this one.
215631215631B0001UK0C2AP7PU6ACQJY8RBernini "ec9223"0041243468800Good coffeeI first tasted this in Costa Rica and I am pleased that it is for sale in the U.S. It is very flavorful.
215632215632B0001UK0C2ADHCYXWFJQLUZKate Shanahan1621152316800Not a light roastThis was disappointing. Someone should define light roast or standardize the roasting process.,
215633215633B000E7L2Q0A2PL0AHW427LGSM. Stahl0051330128000Bread Baking with Sprouted Whole GrainsI purchased this on a whim due to the frustration with finding affordable sprouted grain breads and pastas. I put four cups of this, a cup of lentils and a cup of quinoa into a plastic tub, soaked it over night in water, then drained and rinsed out a couple times a day - by day 3 all the wheat had sprouted! It was far more successful than I had even hoped!

I've done this twice with great luck both times. I will order from them again.

Sprouted Grain Bread Recipe:
Sprout grain until sprout is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, grind in meat or grain grinder (I used a meat grinder and ran it through twice). Shape doughy ground output into a loaf and bake in a warm oven (250F) for 2 1/2 hours. No yeast, no flour no water - just grain and heat! It is dense of course but SO DELICIOUS! I also made a loaf where I added yeast to the grinding process then mixed in a little water and flour - this loaf did rise in a warm oven and baked faster (due to the air) and was a more traditional style loaf.

I'm planning on making cereal since the crust tastes every bit as good as grape-nuts and is much much healthier! I'll do as above but spread the dough across a cookie sheet and score it with a pizza cutter. I anticipate it will be a lovely addition to my morning yogurt!

You can follow my crazy adventures in eating through my @HonestOmnivore account on Twitter - I'm trying to raise, forage and hunt for as much of my food as I can.
215634215634B000E7L2Q0ASXAR94F36G7Ascribblemania "dogtooth"0051325289600So far so good...I used to grow wheatgrass just for my cats but have since started juicing it for myself. I have had good results so far with this manufacturer.

I sprout my wheatgrass in soaking trays and transfer it to plates when it's too big for its container. This type seems to start sprouting more slowly than other wheatgrass seeds I have sprouted in the past, including commercially available "cat" grass which I found to be chemically treated. I wonder if the chemicals affect the speed of sprouting. It takes maybe five days for this variety to be ready for plate growing, as opposed to three or so of the other brand. However, patience seems to pay off - in return for a lengthier sprouting time, this grass seems tastier than others I have had - almost sweet. Its stems are hardy and don't 'flop' over. When I juice the leaves I get results similar to buying a wheatgrass shot at WholeFoods - tasty, so I believe the manufacturer's "chemical free" labeling. Chemically grown wheatgrass is known to taste distinctly bad. I have also taken to using the young sprouts in salads because of their sweet taste.

Another reviewer said this product was "hard" - I'm not sure in what way, unless there is some other growing method which isn't encouraged by the slow start to germination I have experienced. With patience, normal tray sprouting seems to work fine for me, and I have yet to encounter a non-germinating seed in the dozen or so batches I've tried so far. 12/31/11
215636215636B0000DGFA9AVXURNGSCOK5EVeronica313251146787200Excellent Condition & Quality w/Fast ShippingThe Bonsai Jade came in beautiful condition (exactly like the image)! Shipping was not only faster than expected (3 days) it was also packaged very well. There was no damage & it was very well watered. It also came w/a great little care instructions pamphlet. Finally, the price was almost half as much as I've seen in retail stores. Very satisfied!!
215637215637B0000DGFA9ANGYOYD6Z7W1GJetfire is a punk191941192752000This little tree is still alive.I bought it thinking we would kill it. Nope it has been a couple months and it has not even lost a leaf. It is nice and in a nice pot. Really easy to care for.

Update 1-25-08 and this little plant is still strong.. I find drenching it in the sink and letting the water drain out works the best...

This is now the longest I have kept a plant alive (including a few cactus) Ooops!
215638215638B0000DGFA9A85CLAQ9MFEEYAmazed by Amazon191951175385600Miraculously wonderful!I would never have dreamed that the plant would arrive in such pristine condtion! I had this Jade Tree delivered to work so that it would be a surprise for my husband's birthday. It raises a lot of curiosity when "Live Plant" is printed on a sealed box...especially when I was out of the office on the day it arrived. NO one could believe how bright green and beautifully formed the plant was. The fact that it had spent a few days in a sealed box was doubly mystifying! This birthday present was paraded up an down the halls of our office building before it ever made it home to my husband. Everyone was amazed. Thank you for a great birthday surprise. I hope we can take as good care of this gem as you did getting it to me.
215639215639B0000DGFA9A2QTMJVSBMHFQQRachelle Gerali161651181174400Wonderful Dwarf Jade, Beautiful!!What a wonderful mother's day present! This tree arrived in excellent condition. It looks just like the picture. The tree was very well packaged, and the soil was still damp from the last watering. The instruction pamphlet that came with the tree was not especially thorough, giving only the bare necessities, so I ended getting several books and videos from the library to teach me all the extra details and essentials. I recommend buying at least one book of instructions, and I have found that the "Complete Guide to Bonsai" by Harry Tomlinson is the best out there. The plant is doing wonderfully though, thriving in my window, and it even has new growth on it! I smile every time I look at it. For someone who was afraid she would kill the plant like I have done with several others, this one is doing great! I am so encouraged I want to go out and get several more bonsai, and may even grow my own! Great tree for a beginner. Good luck!

Update: Four months later and the tree is flourishing! There has been so much new growth that I have started my own jade forest from the pruned leaves! I even gave a cutting to my friend and she is having great success as well. This has been the most wonderful little tree, and has gotten me so interested in bonsai that I now have several other kinds of trees as well. As long as you keep it watered and occasionally fertilize the tree, you will have a happy, healthy, beautiful little plant on your hands! I still definitely recommend this tree, especially to beginners. Happy planting!
215640215640B0000DGFA9A1RHTS0LV5DO2KSimon Khodab141451140566400Beautiful Dorm DecorationI bought this bonsai tree to decorate my dorm room at college and I honestly wasn't expecting much considering it would be shipped in a box. It came to my dorm in 2 days which was unexpected and packed very carefully. Its really a great decoration for the room and really adapts well to the environment.
215611215611B0019FM29MA2CZ4OA313WSKSalbert camus "alby"1531225584000crisp but a little too sweetThe flavor is good but this cookie is much too sweet for my taste. It's surprising for a French product since I find their pastries to be less cloying or sugary than American desserts. The best I can say of these is that they're crunchy...if that's what you're looking for.
215612215612B0019FM29MA37CU57W3ULVJGAlex Cortez1621242691200Would not buy againI love Lu products.. but these came melted with each two stuck together and the taste was average.

My problems may have been due to shipping in hot weather.
215613215613B0019FM29MA1FILCHQ03GKM0Dennis R. Cohen0521288915200Slow delivery at exorbitant costFor a shipping charge of over $8, you'd think they would get the order out the door in less than 10 days for an item listed as " in stock" - the cookies are good (my wife's favorIte), but the vendor's service is abominable!
215614215614B0019FM29MA2NGN7GIMM7JRKCookie Monster1711310601600OH OH not good! BAD RATING!!!I just got my order.
My order was supposed to be 15 boxes of cookies with and extra charge for "ice" to be placed in the carton to protect the items.
I didn't get any ice in the package and the stuff that was in the package wasn't what I ordered.

I got two packages of cookies that were removed from their boxes and thrown into a cardboard box!

I called Amazon and they said they will wait three days then make a refund if the seller doesn't make good on this order.

I am sure if they don't make good they will not be selling anything at Amazon and from the looks of the setup i'd be willing to make a wager that they are long gone!

I love the cookies! But these guys who sold them to be are BAD!!!
215615215615B0019FM29MADGS32I8FDAU0et "et in Indiana"0831244073600not so yummyIf you are hoping to buy the same product you enjoyed in France this is not the one for you. The price is OK, I subscribed to get the best price, yet this product compares with any "butter cookie" found here. Just "so so".
215616215616B000MXU5MIA18NXIQ1JRGDBZnone0051339286400Close to the home made ajvarThe ajvar is a traditional spread made in my country, but since i am in the US its very hard to find anything similar to it. First i was thinking of having some sent from back home, since they make it every single year at the end of the summer, but because of postal restrictions when it comes to sending items from organic origin, that idea is impossible to put into practice. Finding this product online made it quite easier for me. It may not be like our home-made one, but its pretty close, and that is good enough for me.
Biljana is a manufacturer who is famous for making this spreads and it is one of those who do a good job at it.

All on all, i will be getting more from this seller and from this brand, and yes, i would recommend it to those who like to try vegetables spreads.

Very pleased with the product, and the seller because it came on time and well packed.
215617215617B000MXU5MIA33GV9AGAR07V6Charles Rosenberg0051317859200This stuff is very yummyI bought a bottle of this of a small grocery in Everett, MA that specializes in Croation and Balkan foods and really liked it. If you are in the Boston area you can buy it there and save on shipping. See [...]
215618215618B0062TM29UA2K7V3G4598QRFSweet Kawaii0051347840000My fave coco!I don't really like Swiss Miss. I love this brand. I really does taste like milk chocolate to me. I love to put to packets in my coco cup!
215619215619B0062TM29UA1IO08CLHSQMZBjoel rosmarin "joel"0051333238400Hot chocolate perfectionOne of the best hot chocolates I have tasted. Nice mini marshallows as well. Great for a cold night. Rich chocolate flavor
215620215620B003OFM85IA1444TURH12ZTYHollie0051335139200Happy MommyI loved these suckers! I wanted to send something with my son to his school when his sister was born, so we bought these and pink pencils that said its a girl also and tied them together with a pink ribbon! It turned out so cute, and he was so proud to hand them out to his classmates and announce his baby sister was born! He said they tasted great, they shipped to us fairly quickly and were at a good price.
215621215621B004ED5VTYA39BJQZZC4SGIDC. Eshe1151324339200Love itVery good! I work overnights and used to rely on energy drinks. This is a great exchange for those. Gives me a nice boost of energy. I think the flavor is pretty good...I prefer the pomegranate one. It's light...not too sugary.
215622215622B004ED5VTYA30DBH59E8PXHYKratz &0041336953600Good Product

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