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215672215672B0000DGFA9A2ND5HZQJTAA7YL. Shaffley1251210636800Awesome little treeI ordered this tree for my Mom for Mothers day. It took about 6 days to receive it which I expected. My Mom called and said she loves it! The tree is perfect with no dead leaves and is in a pretty blue water bowl as shown. Also has another little plant with it as shown in picture. She was delighted and so am I!
215673215673B0000DGFA9A2TJGRFGLUX5UM. CASTRO-HERNANDO "I intend to live forever,...1251210377600Pretty an awesome priceI always thought these would be a bit more expensive. I am really satisfied with the tree.
215674215674B0000DGFA9AWZFPRC8PL3L0Valerie P "Valerie P"1251209427200Nice little treeIt was a little smaller than expected (it's so hard to get perspective on a picture without something to compare it to), but it arrived in good condition. It is looking a little sad but after 5 days plus in a dark box that's understandable. I'm sure it will recover nicely. It made a great mother's day gift (it will last, hopefully, much much longer than a bouquet of flowers).
215675215675B0000DGFA9A3KU1RTI2SQM4VGuillermo Rocha1251208390400Great ProductGreat product quick delivery and just as it is shown on the picture. really happy with the product.
215676215676B0000DGFA9A2RWUKHGG1R1G4ncs29291251207440000Little treesI am always satisfied with Amazon and the last Bonsai tree I bought was super. Really like it and will get one or two more of a different variety.
215677215677B0000DGFA9A2WKB7IB24T3Q0entropy function1241196553600exactly as expectedThis little plant arrived very quickly, it was nicely packaged and looked exactly like on the picture.
My daughter was very pleased with the gift and I hope it will survive her care. We have owned it for a month now, so far so good.
215678215678B0000DGFA9AY5ZSPFV0KU9SRalf Rashbrook2431202515200Nice plant but no trayThe bonsai is a nice plant, and it did arrive in good condition and with instructions on how to care for it. My only complaint is the lack of a tray, and since the pot has holes in it you will need one. Shame, as if they included one this would be a lovely gift, but without it was a little disappointed.
215679215679B0000DGFA9A1G61ZH75YDRWJSterling "Fredellie"0131265414400Bonsai BaldnessWhen we received our Bonsai, it was delivered in excellent condition. The leaves were full & it was beautiful. After a couple of weeks it started to shed leaves. We tried everything to revive it, but now it only has a few leaves left. I am hoping it will come back to life in the Spring.
215680215680B0000DGFA9A1S1WL7C3AGPXUMona C. Solski0141220832000jade bonsai treeThe tree is beautiful but upon arrival when I opened the carton some of the dirt and pebbles were scattered around in the box. Also, no humidity tray was included - the last place I purchased from online included that with a bag of pebbles to put in it.
215681215681B0000DGFA9A26NYTHUV4G3S6Carl Litrenta0151217203200MagnificientWhat a beautiful plant, was surprised with the quick arrival and the superior packing. Pleasure to do business with.
215682215682B0000DGFA9A3915UG9IRWLFJJames Bownas1351162166400Brussel's Jade Indoor Bonsai TreeRemarkably, the plant arrived in excellent shape, solidly packed, and healthy. It has thrived in limited sunlight and with cavalier attention to watering. The water pot is a great feature.
215683215683B004WKSM3GABFSEEL7K2J4Ttowerview1151340323200Great light taste and keeps ya runningThis is the best sport drink I have ever used.
Most other products I have used in the past left my tummy aching after drinking them.
Nuun tablets not only taste great and didn't slow me down.
215684215684B004WKSM3GA2VU5C3JDYCIVNMary Lou Carruthers "Sierra Rose"2341330905600The piture of the product was confusingThe price said it was for individual tubes but the picture showed a box of 6 tubes. So I ordered 5 just in case it was a box of 6 but it was 5 tubes not 5 boxes of 6 tubes. Also, this vendor used a shipping method that means they came by container ship not priority mail. Suppose to arrive Feb 17th - Came March 6th.

I really like this product because in the tropical heat I leach electrolytes and nuun doesn't have any calories and has what I need in it to keep from having to eat salt or chips. Unfortunately it is hard to come by on Guam.
215685215685B004WKSM3GAONRHV0C41S9STim C0051350518400FavoriteTHis is probably my favorite Nuun flavor of all of them and I have tried most.
It is the perfect balance of flavor, not too strong.
215686215686B004WKSM3GA1B6O7SAIYG2N0Jacx "J.C."0051349827200amazingI used these for the first time this summer hiking the Grand Canyon and other places out west, we took down bottled sport drink and these tablets to save weight. At home I tried them and thought they taste like watered down grape jello, but not bad. On the trip I was amazed, sports drinks got hot and tasted gross and sticky, made you feel bloated yet still thirsty. These little tabs cover the taste of water, didn't make your mouth feel gross and you could feel the pick up it gave you. Completely satisfied with the product and willing to try other flavors. It was easy to use, pop them in your bottle and they fizz away, a quick shake and your ready to go. Don't pop them in your mouth, as a buddy of mine did thinking thats how you used them, he gagged his way through for quite a while, I still laugh at the memory.
215687215687B004WKSM3GAJEPSO44WZOGEJ.Carver0051339804800Relief from the Texas sunThese are great. As a Central Texas deck builder, I'm in the sun all day long. After years of struggling with hydration, I've finally found a solution. I freeze 2, 1 liter bottles and 1 gallon bottle every nite. I add 1 tab to each bottle and I haven't had a single problem hydrating this summer, no cramping at all. THANKS
215688215688B004WKSM3GA112N2KNKHGGOWPatty0051337731200LOVE Nuun!Nuun is a great product and extremely easy to take on the go. My husband keeps a tube in his golf bag and I keep one in my purse. Fruit punch has a great flavor without being too sweet. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good hydration product.
215689215689B004WKSM3GA1D02VBWMSOGPZMicheleC0051314489600Instead of plain waterI work in a dry environment and drink water all day long. I have found many of the Nuun flavors to be very satisfying. This is one of my favorites.
215690215690B004WKSM3GA38JHPV8JL132Brack0051312675200Great for Paleo/Low Carb!!I've tried almost all the flavors and the grape and fruit punch are the best. I am a crossfit trainer and people at the gym steal these from me all the time! Great if you are low or no carb diet like paleo/primal.
215691215691B001UPYUVEAKQQL0BE3A15Susan Cox0051347840000Great ProductThis is a great product. I don't know why more stores don't carry it. I don't like the taste of V8 in individual cans. It tastes "tinny" to me. This individual serving in a bottle is so good. Don't have to buy the giant size.
215692215692B002S75AUIA2TZAIM38FPI71Kimberly R1151313107200So soothing!This is my favorite tea, I have been drinking it for years. So happy that I can get it on Amazon now!
215693215693B003D4GRBQA2LVWLAE2RUH17K. Burnworth1231325376000cybershopperThis is a fairly nice product. However, the "STASH" sign is paper, and mine arrived bent--which isn't the end of the earth, but when you get something new, you like it to be in perfect condition. Also, the design of the rack has the tea boxes sitting straight, and I think a slight tilt (top back and bottom forward) would assist in dispensing the tea.
215694215694B00125PNMMA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051262476800Tasty Sugar Free Flavoring, Highly Recommended!Torani Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup is a great tasting, diabetic friendly flavoring. This syrup has a subtle and natural raspberry flavor that goes great in ice tea or mixed with club soda. The Splenda sweetener gives this just the right amount of sweetness, without the unpleasant aftertaste or gastric distress that other artificial sweeteners can cause.

Highly Recommended!

215695215695B000INOVMCAN2CU1YP12J4ULeah M. Brown "Leah Marie Brown, Author"222351195430400A gift for a foodie....I purchased this La Piana Balsamic Vinegar for a fabulous French foodie-friend with a fiendish obsession for balsamic vinegar. Now, I should tell you that, having grown up in Provence, my friend has impeccable taste and an extremely refined palette. Since I have never tasted this brand of balsamic vinegar, I was a little nervous to order it.

No worries.

My friend is crazy about La Piana. She tells me she is using it on everything - even ice cream. She has declared this the best vinegar she has ever tasted.

Note, The Balsamic Vinegar Cookbook by Meesha Halm is a great cookbook that offers tons of recipes. I purchased this for my friend as well and she raves about it. Here's a link:
215696215696B000INOVMCA3P68GKE11HHPOTech Merc293311272931200Not the real thingFolks, I ordered this based on reviews I had read here. I wish that Amazon would at least provide the information on the label so a consumer can make a educated choice. First and foremost, this is not real balsamic vinegar. It is Wine Vinegar & cooked grape must, with a acidity of 6%. True Balsamic Vinegar ingredients is: "is made from the Trebbiano grape. The rich brown color comes from being aged in wood casks, often for decades. Although it is made from grapes, balsamic vinegar isn't produced from wine (as are most vinegars). The authentic product may not contain any wine vinegars - the grape juice is simply reduced and then made directly into vinegar." and will have acidity of 4%.

I made the mistake of opening my bottle and will see if Amazon will take it back.
215697215697B000INOVMCAPM7XE75RRFPCJ. Dolfin131351219622400In my opinion.......This is one of the best 20-year balsamic vinegars for the price. I'm American-Italian with a fussy palate inherited from my Dad, and this sweet, syrupy balsamic is amazing on salads, fruits, vegetables ..... just about anything you can think of. I don't use it in cooking or marinating because it seems wasteful to me.
Try it - I think you'll enjoy it!
Ciao Tutti !!

Update: 07/01/11
Unfortunately, I have not purchased the La Piana for several months now. The flavor and texture has changed dramatically, in my opinion. Also, the labeling is different from my earlier purchases.
215698215698B000INOVMCA3UYZE034PDCZGZba121431237420800Not that good...This vinegar does not taste like 20 years old. I have bought in Italy a 15 years old balsamic for about the same price, and there is a big difference between the two. This La Piana is much mroe acidic and lacks the sweet taste and the thick look the other has. Won't order this item again...
215699215699B000INOVMCA2MIP3AQVSF2SSProduct Master "PM"7811274227200Not real Balsamic VinegarSorry, but Penguin Mints seem to sell a number of authentic-sounding balsamics that are just not the real thing.
215700215700B000INOVMCA3SXYLRGS4UTKQD. Anderson6741214092800Pretty good balsamicPretty good. Price is cheap for a 20yr old balsamic.
Not quite as good as a Modena.
215671215671B0000DGFA9A20FIAUGQ2YMX2Brett Lightstaz1251210809600NiceArrived in good shape, good packaging. Like nearly all plants needs light, inderect outside shady best, but bugs might want to rent the place. inside near window probly good.

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