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215701215701B000INOVMCA1NVRW9Z9ED56XShane3351254009600Great value!!Aged balsamic can have many different styles from strong, bold and acitic to smooth, sweet and long finish. This is a great blend of the 2 styles and wonderful when added to a little vanilla ice cream. Sounds a little strange, but it is true Italian dessert style!
215702215702B000INOVMCABPHBE5DU6EBGZMJ1151277596800Good value for moneyI have purchased this product for the second time now as I feel it the best value for money balsamic vinegar. I use it primarily as salad dressing.
215703215703B000INOVMCA19I28LC0AHTRAEverett1151271116800Nectar of the godsSuperb taste, incomparable quality. Life is too short to go without La Piana Aged Balsamic!
215704215704B000INOVMCA31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois1141268092800Good aged balsamic, but not excellentI have brought back better tasting aged balsamics from Italy for about the same price or slightly cheaper. This La Piana is worth trying, and it does taste good, but better can be had for similar prices. Check your local specialty shops, sometimes good deals can be had.

In general, aged balsamic vinegars are a revelation. They really do get better with time! Don't get hung up on the 10, 12, 15, or 20 year aspect. There's more flavor variations from batch (or grower) to batch than strictly in length of time aged.

As a buying note: There's a big price difference between official (consortium approved) balsamic and genuine balsamic vinegar that isn't sold via the consortium (often labeled as condimento balsamico, salsa balsamica, or salsa di mosto cotto). Amazon will delete the pricing, but for Carandini (an absolutely top vinegar) there's a factor of nine in price between the approved and non-approved vinegars. I haven't tasted them side by side (most because the approved stuff is SO expensive) but from memory they were certainly close.
215705215705B000INOVMCA36YC6Q0BQ73JGIrene Piker "IPIKER"0051268265600one of the best vinegarsThis vinegar is excelent. I use it on salads with good virgin olive oil,salt and pepper, and my family can't get enough of this stuff. Even my husband, who does not like vinegar on his salad said that he loves my new dressing. I even put a few drops on pasta.
I highly recommend this product.
215706215706B000INOVMCA3M74AK3V4FIM6lots of interests0051261958400Good Balsamic vinegar, especially for the price.Perfect online transaction. Came packaged to survive and air-drop, so it arrived in perfect condition and on time. The vinegar has a much richer and more complex taste than other balsamics, especially at its price.
215707215707B000INOVMCA36FO4N06XBUARSteven Bowles0051256256000AwesomeI have purchased a couple bottles over the last couple weeks .. all I can say is simply awesome! You will not be disappointed
215708215708B0000DHWZHA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman4451072656000Two uses for this product1. You can make low carb pancakes with wheat gluten (add some soy flour for flavor) or you can make gluten bread.
2. A few tablespoons added to general purpose flour make bread come out better, especially in the bread machine. Good to add to rye or pumpernickel to promote a good texture.
215709215709B0000DHWZHA1A5UBL8ERNFO3H. Sun3311125964800Never recieved itemI purchased the item half month ago but I never recieved it. It is not fun. And I could not find the way to contact custom service. Please let me know what happened. Thanks!
215710215710B002W8N18QA1UGHZWW3TWN06Chad Harwick2251313193600LOVE this salsa!this is the best salsa I have found that isn't homemade. I go through one small jar a week from WalMart. I used to buy this at Sam's in the large bottle. But they ended up discontinuing it, yet they still sell their chips? So I buy it here now in the two pack 47oz size. The cilantro is in this salsa really adds to the flavor!!
215711215711B002W8N18QA10J5Q971SGLRSNicole Dowding1151332115200Yum! I'm ImpressedI love On The Border. I mean LOVE. I could eat their chips and salsa all day long. I saw this salsa in the store and thought I'd give it a shot. I had little hope it'd be anything like their salsa. It is very close, if not exactly like the salsa served at On The Border. It's delish!
215712215712B002W8N18QA13XRCQC220CTXLee Smallwood1151275955200Amazing salsaAbsolutely the best salsa widely available. If there's a boutique salsa that's better out there, I haven't found it yet. This tastes just as good as what's available in the restaurant, which is mighty tasty indeed!
215713215713B002W8N18QAY3I71ALFJ3KPGmato4 "Marcia"1151269993600The BEST salsa out there!Now THIS is a good salsa! Not to hot, but enough heat to keep it interesting and the smokey flavor is great! It's nice and chunky and thick. I used to buy this at Sam's Club for about $5.00 a bottle. Can't get it at the store anymore, BUT you can order it at Sam's online for about $10.00 for two 47 oz bottles, plus shipping. Definitely my favorite salsa!
215714215714B002W8N18QA2JP9E1H0SF392CDubya1231303430400Nothing specialThis salsa has good consistency--not too chunky, not to runny. However, I am not impressed by the taste. I do not like cumin in my salsa, and the taste of it is very strong in this one. I also feel that a good salso should bring out onion and cilantro flavors--these are very minimal in this (maybe because of the overpowering cumin taste). I bought this item at Samsclub along with the On The Border tortilla chips which are very good.
215715215715B002W8N18QA2DXSXPYRHUQKOkmhdcdance0121326326400extremely acidic tasting... :(i have had on the border medium salsa before. i just bought some and it tastes extremely acidic. idk if its the batch or if the container was contaminated... all in all disapointed in it when i was looking so forward to eating it
215716215716B002W8N18QA1EWYVVPEUHU77Wayne H. Gage "waynegage"0211332374400Sickly sweetThe claim of authentic Mexican salsa is wrong. Sugar is not an ingredient in the authentic salsa and I found this salsa unpalatable. Want something great, try salsa without sugar added.
215717215717B00487MXS8AJ12BSUD7KF9EAnonymous1151349481600A Favorite Thing!Leila's macarons are beautiful and very delicious. The packaging is so attractive, it's hard to bring oneself to open it. But, come on, it's really all about the french cookie inside! These pretty macarons are super flavorful and are something to savor. Whether purchasing a package as a gift for a friend or a treat for oneself, these lovely macarons are truly a good thing.
215718215718B00487MXS8A3N0AF5GKXACKQLush Nuts1151347321600The best French Macarons I've tasted!I must say that these are the best French Macarons I have ever tasted. I can be extremely picky because I am actually a Pastry Chef, but these are just perfection. I've always had a liking for French Macarons and have tried making my own, but they don't nearly come out as well. Leilalove, tell me your secret! I bought these just searching on the market for French Macarons to taste, and can say that I will continue to purchase these for myself. The packaging was exquisite, and the flavors were just wonderful.

Thanks so much for the delicious French Macarons!
215719215719B00487MXS8A3RVHMIVAG8GZ9Missmary1151340150400Amazingly deliciousI spent 3 months in Paris, the city of love and macaroons! I would have to say Theese macaroons are by far the best I have ever had :)
215720215720B00487MXS8A17OYT1JFDG3LXH is for happy1141303171200Lovely little thingsI just received these today as a gift to myself. I admit I was extremely hesitant after reading some reviews but I have been dying to try real French macarons for some time and where I live there are not many bakeries that sell them (they're all Greek and Italian). The packaging is adorable and probably costs more than the actual cookies but the cookies themselves are amazing! So rich and flavorful, texture was light and luxurious (fresh obviously would have been better). I'm so glad I got them though. The only thing keeping me from purchasing them as gifts for all my friends and family is the price, which is a bit up there considering there's only 8 of them. Nonetheless, they are a beautiful and delicious splurge.
215721215721B00487MXS8A3MFPCBWK0LBB9Michael D. Rawan1151293321600A great light treat for the Gluten Free individualI got these for my wife for Christmas and she loved them too. With a Gluten Free diet it is tough to get good snacks, but these have been a great quality treat. The kids like them too.
215722215722B00487MXS8A1W2TCGE1AJXT0Yu Cao2351334102400good and deliciousI never eated macaron beforeC but it is delicious. It
is sweet but too much sweet like cake. I like it.
215723215723B00487MXS8A2AAP0TRL538CDReadingSarah "amethyststars"0051348531200Tasty and adorable treatThese are the perfect gift for the foodie/connoisseur. The box is adorable, the smell wafts up when you open it, and each macaron is delectable.
215724215724B00487MXS8A2698K2SM5XGFMC. Dischinger "HoustonMommy"0051345766400Perfect giftOrdered for a gift and they loved them!! The packaging is really great so I didn't have to worry about wrapping the gift. This is a great find and unique gift. Nice alternate to Laduree
215725215725B00487MXS8A19XGCDE94JEZ6Beata G0051340841600Delicious!This is a perfect gift for any occasion- Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, or just to simply say "here's something sweet for a sweet person that you are". Must try and share this delicious, beautifully wrapped goodness.
215726215726B001ET5Y16A30AD4XWEFRAFZK. Swartz3351186099200Wonderful Fruit Plavor TeaI love the melon fruit flavor in this tea. It is cool and soothing, yet a white tea with lots of anti-oxidants. I really enjoy this tea.
215727215727B001ET5Y16A1IMFWHV6OYTDGMary K. Manuel "Dragonfly Reader"2251196380800Deltightful taste in a bagThis is a light and flavorful tea. Top quality, like all Mighty Leaf teas.
I have given this as a gift and my friends love it as well.
I never leave home without it.
215728215728B001ET5Y16AJ7D77QQH2YX2zenningout0051309910400Nurturing Cup of TeaI love this full body tea! Be sure to brew for only 3 minutes for a most satisfying taste. Take time to relax with a cup of White Orchard tea - sip slowly and who knows, visions of summer peach orchards may visit your senses!
215729215729B001ET5Y16AYIDSILRI0AOUL. Goldblatt0051268611200Light and yummyThe white orchard tea woke me up in a pleasant way. It tasted good and was not too heavy or too strong. It was strong enough, however, to wake me up and get me ready for the day. The taste was also just perfect. Not overwhelming but still pleasing. I would recommend this tea to anyone who wants something light but delicious.
215730215730B001ET5Y16A2N4U7KWZND6K1L. Weisberg0041268352000Yummy!This tea is fantastic. I love the taste. It smells great and is very refreshing. A great way to start your day!! By far my favorite of the mighty leaf teas that I have sampled. I recommend it to all!!

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