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215731215731B001ET5Y16ARYLE70YQHQCQMark Sender "M Sender"0051268092800White orchard tea by mighty leaf tea-White orchard is literally a summer picnic in my mouth. The subtle taste of melon with the sweet taste of peach serves as both a perfect morning picker-upper and calming any-time tea. This tea is a real day-saver and just puts you in a good mood, not to mention the great taste makes you crave for more later. I've replaced my usual tazo for this pouch! For the perfect cup, I'd recommend sticking strictly to the steep time recommended and adding a splash of half and half and one splenda for a great tasting treat!
215732215732B001ET5Y16A2CUSOAN23NGPWJess "Jess"0051266883200What a Wonderful Cup of TeaI really enjoy the white orchard tea. It is strong enough, but not too strong. You can taste the melon and peach flavors in the white tea and it tastes so good! It is a wonderful white tea blend. I can't get enough it.
215733215733B001ET5Y16A2UE9YP6HNFDQRAkane "akane"0051246838400love the teaSmells great brewing, I love them! the only thing is the fines of tea leave still gets thru the net, something that is common to most teas...
215734215734B001ET5Y16A1J7LKMZG3ZVLUE. Turner1231259366400Smells fantastic, but . . .The smell of this tea is heavenly. However, I have not yet figured out how to make it taste any where near as good as it smells. Perhaps if I use a LOT more tea per cup, or brew it longer or something I will stumble on the formula. For now, it gives the entire room a marvelous aroma. It is lovely in the cup. And it has a very, very faint flavor. If you want a full, hearty tea, this is not for you. If you want a very, very delicate flavor, it might be just what you are looking for.
215735215735B000KI0U4SA3H1AHDORUKM1TDavid J. Futoma "davidjfchem"2251166486400Awesome Coffee!!!!!I just received 7 pounds of coffee directly from the Orleans Coffee Exchange, not knowing that Amazon carried it. It's cheaper to go directly through the manufacturer (which is a rarity) - $8.99 per bag and 1 bag free with the purchase of 7. The Bananas Foster doesn't let on to how good it is when you open the bag, but when brewed it is smooth as silk and the banana essence is not the artificial flavor you'd get from a cheap brand. I immediately contacted the seller after my first cup to commend them on their product and promptly order 10 more bags of coffee. GREAT COFFEE!!!!
215736215736B000KI0U4SA1KF152GBNJAV6Wheetie Girl0111222732800Cheap Coffee, No Banana FlavorI purchased this coffee straight from their website. I bought the whole bean version. When I first opened the package, what greeted me was an artificial banana smell. Things didn't get much better after brewing a pot. I have a new name brand coffee maker, good quality water and filters. The result was an average cup of coffee with NO banana flavor whatsoever. I emailed the company to let them know about this problem. I got a response saying that this is not their first complaint and maybe someone from their company should try the coffee. Well, duh...I would think that for a product like this, there should be some kind of quality control.

My advise--there are plenty of other great flavored coffees on Amazon. Skip New Orleans Coffee Exchange.

Update: Never heard back from owner of the company. Poor customer service.
215737215737B008ADQV5CA38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0041348012800What a LOVELY Matcha Experience!I love lavender, and I love Matcha, so it would seem like this would be a no-brainer for me. However, I did worry because lavender is one of those things that if its overdone, it ends up tasting too soapy. Fortunately, though, even though the lavender IS really strong here, it tastes really wonderful. It is just right.

It smells remarkable. If you love the smell of lavender, this Matcha will blow you away ... the fragrance is so beautiful!

This is a nice balance between Matcha and lavender ... and the lavender highlights some of the tones in the Matcha that are often missed or not experienced in other Matcha. Instead of tasting "vegetative" this has more of a grassy kind of taste: not a bitter grass, but a sweet, fresh spring grass, the new buds of grass kind of taste. It's very sweet, no bitterness whatsoever, and the lavender offers a sharpness that is very refreshing to the palate. I love the calm I feel as I sip this, and the way it still invigorates me. Invigorating ... yet relaxing!

Very nice!
215738215738B008ADQV5CA1OZR24QC5G5NYdarby140031347926400Nice lavender flavor...velvety matchaLavender Matcha!! What could be better? This matcha smells of soft lavender - reminding me of being out in a field of lavender.
My first impression of this matcha... I opened up the pouch, preparing it for the tin that will keep it fresh. The small size fits perfect in the tin with a little wiggle room...enough to be able to get the measuring spoon in. I wanted to put this in a sachet under my pillow and have sweet lavender dreams. I cannot get enough of that soothing lavender scent. I had thought that this might be a good soothing matcha before bed. I'm tempted to make a facial mask from it!
I always make sure to warm up my bowl and chasen under a bit under water, sitting in the bowl. My matcha does not cool down as fast when warming the bowl. All items ready...bowl, chasen, matcha, water and my sifter!
First I mixed 2 oz of water with about 3/4 perfect teaspoon of matcha. I held back on adding a full teaspoon until I knew how strong it would be. Once that was properly mixed I added a bit of sugar (sorry, can't do without a touch of it) and 7 oz of water.
The smell of this matcha once mixed with water stayed the same, a robust lavender. The quality of the actual matcha is very good. This is definitely one you need to try for yourself.
I'm going to play around with this more. A latte might not be the best route for lavender but iced might.
To try Lavender Matcha from Red Leaf Tea visit here:
215739215739B0000DD8VBA3B6PBHBPRRJ13amazonbuyerforever2311157155200great american spice companystay away from Great American Spice company. They don't answer their 888 number, local number or emails. They have been investigated by their state attorney general for not shipping items. They settled.

If they don't care about their customers ask yourself why should you buy from them.
215740215740B008YJCS68ASYVOZ7GO4RISA Cat and a Book1141345161600Tasty popcornI am a big fan of Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning, Parmesan & Garlic, 2.85-Ounce Shakers (Pack of 6). Unfortunately, that flavor has never been available in my area for some reason, so I usually order it online or buy several shakers whenever I travel somewhere that does have it. When I saw this popcorn at a local grocery store, I bought a box in hopes that it would taste like the seasoning I like so much. It doesn't really, but it's still pretty good. It is much less salty tasting than the popcorn seasoning, which is a good thing, but the herbs definitely overwhelm the other flavors. If I were naming the product or designing the box, I'd have put "Italian herbs" first on the label rather than "Parmesan". It's still good, just puts the emphasis on an unexpected flavor.

The popcorn pops nicely using my microwave's popcorn button and tastes very fresh. The flavoring always seems to coat the popcorn evenly, unlike some flavored popcorns I've had in the past where the flavoring only seems to be on one side of the bag, leaving some of the popcorn plain. I also like the fact that the box includes whole-bag nutritional information for the popcorn, unlike so many brands that require you to do several calculations to figure out what you're eating. At 360 calories a bag, this popcorn is a reasonable snack and healthier than many other options. I'll keep buying it from time to time even though it wasn't exactly what I was hoping it would be.
215741215741B001HN65NAA3A6UFUVOFHVAUAlways Right0051281571200Best Walnuts EverI haven't found a single item that Woodstock Farms produces that I don't like. The quality is high and the packaging is excellent. I hope that Amazon continues to sell their products.
215742215742B002Z04ZNQA1WX42M589VAMQMir868851274659200First order had great natural, sweet flavor; 2nd tasted weird. Beware the smaller cans!Please read my update at the end of this original review:

I've been sampling various amazon-available coconut wataers since my previous beloved Zico went nasty (from concentrate, sour, sodium enhanced, yuck). I've had and enjoyed O.N.E. in the tetra pak and Nature Factor's organic in a can. I've had and not liked as much VitaCoco. Previously, I had tried supermarket brands like Goya and Conchita. I'm always willing to try coconut water, looking for good price and great taste. I decided to try Amy & Brian's cause I learned about them from googling "coconut water taste tests" due to wanting to see what others thought of the brands out there. One taste test comparison mentioned this one tasted most like the actual coconut that was used in the taste test for comparison. Another taste test gave A&B props, too. So, yeah, got my attention.

This one is now my new fave. Second fave is Nature Factor's organic one. After that O.N.E.

I can say this to coconu water lovers: those above are definitely worth trying to see if you enjoy them, too, before you decide on a permanent subscription. I'm gonna order some more A&B CW very soon (I have 2.5 cases of Nature Factor's, and about 4 tetras left of the O.N.E., and I will drink those. I have 35 bottles left of the Zico (new formula) and I may just water my gardenia and hibiscus bushes with those.)

What makes this one a bit different than the good brands I've named:

Big can: 17.5 ounces. If you're really thirsty, this one is welcome. (I often drink two 10 ounce cans of Nature Factor's brand during supper, so having one can do the trick is handy).

Sweeter: Maybe it's where they get their coconuts from, but this brand has a delicious sweetness that is lacking on ONE, VitaCoco, Zico (old and new), and Harvest Bay. Nature Factor's is a bit sweeter than the previous, but Amy and Brian beats them all. I like sweet. :D Because another reviewer called it "unnaturally sweet", I emailed Amy & Brian via their website to ask if this is from concentrate or has sugar added or manipulated. I was told it's juice as it came from the coconuts, not from concentrate, no sugar added. So, I'm content.

Some facts:

8 oz = 76 calories
This is more than ounce per ounce for other brands, but this is probably explained by the sweetness (meaning more natural carbs). Worth noting for those who are on low-carb/carb-conscious diets. For the rest, it just means MORE FLAVOR.

I wish Amy & Brian would put the potassium count on the label, though. This matters to a lot of us, including those who need to watch K intake due to drugs that spare potassium or folks who have high blood pressure and want to see how much K in their diet controls it. To the manufacturer: PLEASE add potassium to labeling under the sodium. Thanks.

I love, love that amazon offers this on subcribe and save. Makes life easier. Thank you, Amazon, for this wonderful addition to your S&S coconut water offerings.

Enjoy and be healthy!

Update: I emailed Amy & Brian after I posted this review, and lo and behold, they will be adding Potassium and Magnesium to their labels. FYI, here are the counts:

Potassium: whole can: 780, 8 oz serving: 360
Magnesium: whole can: 31.2, 8 oz servinng: 14.4

A&B is "flash pasteurized", which is the same pasteurization used for the tetra paks, as I understand it, so the nutrients should be comparable. They heat their at a lower temp than, say, Zico's, but for a bit longer. If you google "Crossfit Adventure" and this coconut water brand name, you'll see the article about the specifics: A&B heats their juice to 160-165 degrees for 15-20 seconds so that the nutrient content is undiminished. Also, the can is not BPA - it is Aqualure 900~19%. The other brand I liked the taste of, Nature Factor, does heat up their CW to a very high degree, so that one may be of concern nutrients-wise. Not A&B.

They use Thai coconuts. :)

Addendum: For carb watchers-- The carb count for A&B is roughly twice that of others. I used the brands I had at hand at home (and a calculator) to save you time making comparisons. The number stands for carbs per ounce:

Amy & Brian: 2.375
Nature Factor Organic: 1.6
O.N.E.: 1.33
New Zico (from concentrate): 1.07

I think Old Zico was more like ONE in terms of carbs per ounce.

I wonder if, since the selection of coconuts can give higher sodium (see new Zico's much higher sodium count), then can the selection also be targeted to have higher carbs/more sweetness?


UPDATE: WHOA! Talk about variety. I have to say that my second order of Amy & Brian's is not as nice-tasting as the first. My first batch was really delicious and natural tasting. The second order in the 10 oz cans tastes like candy-water. Seriously, it has an unnaturally sweet, unusual flavor. It's still not as offputting as the sour/cereal taste of the bottled Zico, but it's not something I'd recommend. So, a warning--you might get a great batch or a not so great one. But I thought you needed to know that flavor is not consistent (and it wasn't with original Zico, the one I used to drink the most, as coconuts will differ, coconut from coconut, therefore coconut water will have certain inconsistencies unless it's "jiggered" for consistency.) I hope, if you ordered, your batch is wonderful. But I am reconsidering my subscription, cause this variation is just a bit too disparate (a little change is fine, but from amazing to odd-sugary-candy-water will not do.) I have to amend my rating to three stars. Hope the update helps you in making a decision.

Update July 12, 2010: Yes, I ordered two more cases of large cans of this brand in the pulp version, and it's fantastic. So, it seems the "badness" is limited (so far as I can tell) to the smaller cans. I'm editing the header of this review accordingly. Every single large can/case I've ordered has been delicious and refreshing and coconutty. The small cans are candy water and suck.So, AVOID THE SMALL cans until that problem is resolved. But I trust the taste of the large cans to have placed an order for 7 cases during this month's super sale of A&B. HTH.
215743215743B002Z04ZNQA3P06WUI2VKB5RXtract131451294790400Best Coconut Water on the Market, Hands DownHello All,

I have tried several brands of Coconut Water, including vitacoca, Zico, and O.N.E.. Of all of them this is the only one I enjoy. It is incredibly refreshing and clean tasting. The cans are large and durable. This is completely unsweetened and pulp free. The taste isn't very strong either, but it is incredibly refreshing. I have been able to give this product to everyone I know and have them enjoy it, give it a whirl.

Be warned, the 10oz cans DO NOT taste the same as these tall boys.

This stuff is the best.
215744215744B002Z04ZNQA2KKPT7VF9V904D. Casey4431301097600Amazon Price Vs Local Store PriceI use Amy & Brian Coconut Juice to make my Young Coconut Kefir. I am disappointed, however, that the Amazon Subscribe & Save price is more expensive than I can get it locally in Albuquerque, NM. If they would lower their price enough I would use their Subscribe & Save.
215745215745B002Z04ZNQA1PPS2U02SCRYUYorn Rubas6711310688000DO NOT BUY!I was wary of the critical reviews before but they are correct that these COME damaged. Not shipping damage, but from the vendor this way. All the cans are heavily dented and this is unsafe for the product inside. I contacted Amazon and got a refund. This is the SECOND time I have tried to post this review. The first time it seemed it was not approved...
215746215746B002Z04ZNQAO0HPTFIKQE9BStephen R. Scheffler "Alki food connoisseur"6751262908800my favorite coconut waterI've grown to enjoy this coconut water even though I do not like coconuts. I used to be an active basketball player and wanted something to drink that was a healthy nutritional beverage. An associate kept pestering me about this coconut water saying it's the next super drink. He told me that they used coconut water to replace blood plasma in World War II. Eventually I succumbed and tried to stuff. During strenuous activity I like the way it settles in my stomach before games and the energy it gave me.
215747215747B002Z04ZNQA3W0B6JPDS3UMJS. Han3331336780800Poor quality control? Good product but TOO MANY DENTED CANS!The first box was great so ordered another one. The Amazon bubble wrap covered the whole thing just like the first time. So far so good. When I removed the wrap, I found 10 dented cans out of 12! Some worse than the other. I am not unreasonable. If is was like 1-3 dented can, I would have said what the heck but 10 out of 12? These damages are happening somewhere between the factory and the Amazon warehouse because the the bubble wrap protection for this could protect a delicate croissant from transit damage. I gotta start looking for somewhere else to buy if this problem can't be corrected. I really do like the product itself. I even finished 1 of the 2 good cans while wiring this.

Update 5/16/12 I came back from work and I was so glad to find replacement coconut juice till I opened them up. Honestly I was expecting around 2-4 slightly crushed cans. Talk about being wrong. All 12 were crushed and 6 of them were pretty beat up. Almost as if they picked out one of the the worse one since this was replacement box. I am trying to figure out whether I am being unlucky and getting the messed up boxes 2 times in a row or this is how it is and I just got lucky the first time. Either way very disappointed. As of this point, if I had to rate the juice by itself I would give 4.5 stars, the quality control 1 star. Honestly who would buy these regularly if all the cans were dented even if it had good flavor? On the plus side Amazon CS gets 5 stars.
215748215748B002Z04ZNQA1R9R3JB7NQT19David Morrison3351328572800Best I've tasted So FarSince becoming pregnant, I've really had a hard time staying hydrated enough! My skin & hair is dry, my lips split, it's been awful so, when a friend suggested I try drinking coconut water, I was all for it! I ran to the grocery store & grabbed one of every brand/flavor & while it took some getting used to (I don't know if I was expecting it to be a pina colada or what!), none of them tasted terrible & I did notice a difference in my hydration after just a couple of days.
After doing some more reading, I learned that the general opinion is that Thai coconuts are sweeter and so, when I found a case of Thai coconut water at a really good price at Cash & Carry, I scooped it up, even though the ingredients weren't listed on the case & I'd have to wait til I opened it. Well, there was definitely added sugar & it gave the beverage a cloying, sickly-sweet flavor, almost as if it was spoiled. PLUS, it had a very tinny aftertaste. All in all, a waste.
I was very leery of trying canned coconut water again, figuring I'd have to stick to the super-expensive boxed brands at the grocery store but, after reading all the positive reviews for Amy & Brian's, I figured it was worth a shot. UPS just dropped it off and, since the can was very cold from being in the delivery truck, I cracked one open right away. DELICIOUS! It is very clean & light tasting with no chemical or tinny taste. Fabulous product and I'm definitely going to up my subscribe & save quantity!

215749215749B002Z04ZNQA97I496BS26ZDMalka3351280880000Sweet!Great product and great flavor! Only brand of coconut water I have found without added sugar
215750215750B002Z04ZNQA3OK0DILF7WZVHParis3351280534400Nectar of the gods....Here is something you can drink that is refreshing, naturally sweet, and ever so WONDERFUL for your health.... You can't beat that! The frosting on the cake.... it's available at Amazon at a fraction of the price of health food stores.....
215751215751B002Z04ZNQA1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird3341279497600coconut juicesweeter than other coconut juices, however, they don't add sweeteners and the cans are healthy as well (i emailed the owners). we like 'em.
215752215752B002Z04ZNQA3ILUCTNV8DCTAeric4511300838400cans come dented and contents taste like metalBEWARE!! you are getting a good deal on these because the cans are dented and the contents taste metallic. they cant's sell these damaged products in whole foods so they sell them to you on amazon. blech!! disgusting!! tastes like the nickels and pennies you are saving when you shouldve just gone to the store to get your coconut juice
215753215753B002Z04ZNQAMFMVWHYF2Q6TDaniella Obraztsov1151345766400WARNING: Highly addictive!I have tried MANY types of coconut water. I have tried VitaCoco, ZICO, Taste Nirvana, Naked, among some others. Honestly, my first sip of this made almost all coconut waters (besides Taste Nirvana) taste terrible afterwards. It tastes wonderfully fresh, like directly from a coconut, and it has the perfect amount of sweetness. Baby coconuts are the way to go! Seriously though, I used to love VitaCoco, which is quite a bit cheaper, and I can no longer go back to it. So don't even try it if you can't afford it! :) Very delicious, authentic, and is seriously so refreshing and hydrating.

I know some people think that coconut water is a bunch of rubbish, but I am someone that has problems with severe dehydration, and as a result I have health problems including excruciating leg cramps. Ever since I've started drinking this regularly, I feel healthier, stronger, and my leg cramps have virtually gone away! Packed with potassium and electrocytes, this is great for people who want to hydrate with some awesome tasting coconut water!
215754215754B002Z04ZNQAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1131331510400Mild Non-Sweet Flavor. Limited Calories.Way back when I was a little kid (perhaps 65 years ago) my Dad used to bring home a coconut on occasion. It was a family affair. He'd punch a hole in it and drain the juice and all five of us would have a little sip. Then he's break the shell with a hammer and we'd all have a bit of coconut meat. I remember it as a fun childhood experience. Well, I can't recall having coconut ever since, except as an ingredient in candy or cookies.

Recently, I was visiting a local grocery store and I noticed Amy & Brian Coconut Juice In the beverage section. It was billed as a natural isotonic unsweetened beverage and was 100& coconut water. Hmmm. Just like the old days, but now it comes in a pop-top 17.5-ounce can. Well, I had to try it, of course. Well, nostalgia isn't what it used to be. It was an okay beverage, but I wouldn't put it among my favorites. The flavor is mild and non-sweet. It goes down easily. The calories are limited (120 per can). It states that it's an isotonic beverage good before or after exercise and it states that it has potassium and magnesium, but doesn't list the amount. Be sure to drink it chilled. I'd drink it again, but I'm not rushing out to get more.

Gary Peterson
215755215755B002Z04ZNQA1Z48H3MZ5XCB6Noelia1121321660800Three Batches of Bent CansI haven't written a review in a while, but this just had to be said. We first purchased this juice at the local health food store; it's tasty stuff. Coconut juice is a healthier "Gatorade", so I signed up for Amazon's monthly subscription. The first batch came with a few bent cans. Not a big deal. However, the last two cases have come terribly dented, and the packaging was not damaged a bit. The cans are being damaged at the plant. NOT COOL. This last case only had one decent can (one out of 12!). It can't be healthy to drink out of a bent can, I think you get bentinitis or something. I've cancelled my subscription and kissed my 15% off goodbye. I may still buy it locally, if I don't find another comparable deal on Amazon, my favorite place to shop.
215756215756B002Z04ZNQAPRPBSU8JP0KFNegative__one1151306972800Great product, overpriced hereThese are $1.99 per can at my grocery store so 12 would be $24. Look local for this but it is awesome.
215757215757B002Z04ZNQA3LHH530B23B4IMG1141304294400coconut juiceThis tasted alright, tad sweet but ok and refreshing. Only thing is the price. I found few local stores on sale cheaper than what Amazon was selling for so cancelled my subscription.
215758215758B002Z04ZNQA328AQ544WXPMBbrad w ketler1131298937600Won't order this product from Amazon againI ordered a case and most of the cans came dented, some extremely so. Also did not taste the same as the undented ones I buy at whole foods. Not sure how they ship/handle them but the dented cans seem to be a common complaint, and I wonder if that could affect the taste.
215759215759B002Z04ZNQA130FDLVULMB7EP. Trott1151292544000Great Tasting! No complaints!I ordered a 12 pack (instead of a subscription) to test this product out since there was a lot of complaints about the product I didn't want to commit. Glad I ordered, the flavor and quality of this product is excellent. The 17.5oz can is an excellent size for the price, especially since it is all natural, no added garbage! I received my order QUICKLY.
215760215760B002Z04ZNQA1LL26ZR059EZNjrocker1151288656000Best Coconut water aroundbest coco water there is. I have tried all of them. Even though these are huge cans, it's still only about 170 calories- good calories! Perfect drink before or after hot yoga!

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