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215761215761B002Z04ZNQA21O8QVAFYB9WN. Cutler "acumom"1151288051200Good coconut waterThis is one of the few coconut waters that has a true coconut taste - without being loaded with sugar or tinged with a chemical flavor.
215762215762B002Z04ZNQA1WVM25ZPNU32AD. Gardner1151286496000delicious product, much better than ZicoI've tried this and the Zico. This tastes much better than the Zico, has no additives, and is not from concentrate. I am weening off of some powerful medications. The process dehydrates me. Drinking a can of coconut juice a day has made a big difference in helping me through the process. This is great stuff!
215763215763B002Z04ZNQA165M7J11D23Q8C. Pucel1151277337600I'm Hooked.This juice is fantastic. I love getting it shipped directly to my house on a monthly basis so I know I have a constant supply. It's expensive if bought individually, but Amazon has a great monthly shipment price. If you haven't tried it, you won't be disappointed. It's the best.
215764215764B002Z04ZNQA1IBQEEHWCYMKNT. Ngo "parasailing"1141275177600A bit too sweet compared to OneI like the fact that this came in the 17oz size and the taste was good but might be a bit too sweet for some. I wonder if the sweetness is attributed to these coconuts coming from Asia and not Brazil. I know when I buy the young coconuts from Asian supermarkets, they tend to be sweeter compared to original Zico or ONE brand which were from Brazil. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to try a young coconut from Brazil to distinguish the two.

I would rate this as a second option behind ONE due to this being a bit to sweet for my taste buds.
215765215765B002Z04ZNQAO36ICBN4IZU6C. Cui "Real Informatics"1151272326400So Good The Nutritional Facts HAVE To Be LyingThis coconut juice is so good! And it's about 150 calories per drink. When you taste it, there's a subtle sweetness and makes that 150 calories taste delicious! I am using this to replace my need for sports drinks and Izze for my need to replace Redbull.
215766215766B002Z04ZNQA1KQRXM80UIIOQK. S. Lawrence "shibadoc"1151271203200The best hydratorI have been drinking Amy and Brians coco juice for years. I just received a case and am ordering another right away. I drink Coconut water every day. I just find that I am too lazy to hack up a fresh one, so I use the packaged ones. I have tried all of the brands out there. I always keep coming back to Amy and Brian's. You would think they would all be the same, but Amy & Brian's is consistently the best. The taste is always fresh, almost sweet compared to the others. I like this size can too, because it helps me get enough fluid in my system and it is so delicious, I drink the whole thing down very quickly. The only down side to me is that they don't accept the cans at the recycling places here (SoCal desert).

There is no reason to buy electrolyte drinks when you can enjoy delicious coconut water, which naturally has the perfect electrolyte balance. Coconut is one of the healthiest foods available. (research it, there is so much info out there online). I have a dog with chylothorax, who can't have fat. But I allow him to have coconut and he loves to drink Amy and Brian's!
215767215767B002Z04ZNQA34EXTI1TND1Q6Andrea Lanctot1151271203200Refreshing, rejuvenating, and naturalYou know when you are really thirsty and water is just not cutting it?

-Juice is too sweet or thick
-Sport drinks are disgusting because who needs blue 1, yellow 5, and High Fructose Corn syrup when their thirsty?
-Soda just dehydrates you more
-All those flavored waters taste fake and too sweet

You know the thirst I'm talking about- maybe you just got back from running, biking, hiking,
Or worst you were out all night and have an awful hangover the next morning.....

I swear that a cold can of Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice will quench your thirst like nothing ever has before.

I was honestly so surprised and impressed at how good it made me feel that I did some research into coconut water. Coconut water is an isotonic beverage, containing similar levels of electrolytes found in human blood, and supplies potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. If the seed is not punctured the water within the coconut is sterile and can be used intravenously for re-hydration.

Coconut water is so amazing because it is 100% natural, straight from the inside of a young coconut, and has tons of nutrients your body needs! There are so many drinks on the market these days that are full of preservatives, food coloring, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and a slew of other additives that are not good for your body.

There are several brands of coconut juice but Amy and Brian's tastes the best, has the best consistency, and is the best company to support.

Just try a can and you'll understand why so many people are in love with it.
215768215768B002Z04ZNQA15OCPA40CO75GDinh Tran1151271116800Simply DeliciousThis is coconut juice/water in its purest and natural form. Unadulterated with zero additives... just pure and simple goodness. Why mess with the perfection of nature? It's simply delicious! Nothing compares to Amy & Brian's Natural Coconut Juice... except for a fresh young coconut.
215769215769B002Z04ZNQA74TP8PFUUIXSCharlotte Conrad1151271116800this is my crackit's hard to say how much i love this stuff. i've tried many brands, but this is it for me. others tend to taste a bit green and weedy, whereas this brand is sweeter and mild. i could see bringing this with me on a ride on my road bike. best when cold, of course.
215770215770B002Z04ZNQA3OAIO9W2ZPXH2Raven3451291507200Great ProductI really like this product. I drink half a can a day and my skin and hair look better and I have more energy.
215771215771B002Z04ZNQA3R1ZDOMKYA5BWNathan Pullen "nathanep"3441278115200love itThis is the best canned coconut water i've found that wasn't sweeteend or full of preservatives. Amazon has a decent price, especially with free shipping. I've recently discovered that my local "fresh&easy" market is selling them for 1.99/can, so even less than amazon if you happen to have one near you, you can save $.25/can and the wait for shipping.
215772215772B002Z04ZNQA31V29O3E5N6JWShallowAl0051350432000Natural gator aidVery good drink to replenish fluid and electrolytes during exercise with nothing artificial added. This is second shipment for me of this product and unfortunately the cans are not adequately padded and arrive badly dented.
215773215773B002Z04ZNQA1KNUU0HIFVT6QL. Rudman0051348790400Amy & Brian's Coconut Water - Amazon PurchaseDue to the economy & my resulting waning budget, I have tried to give up my monthly shipments of Amy & Brian's Coconut water.....impossible! Particularly in the summer when I'm working to exhaustion all weekend long in heat & humidity. Wouldn't be without this particular coconut water.
215774215774B002Z04ZNQA2VDUBJ8BMAQYWN. Atkins "n8ryot"0051348617600Man! I love this stuffMan! I love this stuff. This is some of the Best Coconut Juice out there! I have it on monthly delivery with Amazon so I always have some on hand. Great after a run or on a hot day. I've got a cold right now and I'm using it to stay hydrated. It may take some folks a little getting used to, when I started on the Coconut water kick, I used to mix it with pineapple juice, but after awhile I switched to the straight stuff. YUM!
215775215775B002Z04ZNQA3RM5OZTNE87H9Davis in sc0041346371200Really like this stuffMy yoga studio sells this product, so I decided to give it a try. I love it. Different taste, but served cold, it is awesome rehydration after a tough session.
215776215776B002Z04ZNQA1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0051346284800smooth and not too sweetVery pleasantly surprised at how smooth this tastes. Not salty like some of the others I have tried and without any odd aftertastes. A nice clean finish. Didn't make me feel full as if I drank fruit juice.
215777215777B002Z04ZNQA3CQ11ZEMVARRTTony0051344384000Great product great price delivered to my door!I have really enjoyed this product. Some cans come with dents, but they haven't breached the container and haven't affected taste
215778215778B002Z04ZNQA1ERFP5RJP6FK1Doug0011344211200Crushed cans.All my cans were smashed up and one was open. Reminded me of the opening scene in Ace Ventera pet Detective. Its was that bad. Dont think Ill reorder. Maybe go with C2O heard thats the cats pajamas.
215779215779B002Z04ZNQABP497EZEHLBKRenegade0051343347200The best tasting coconut water by far, and the biggest can.I love this stuff. I'm practically addicted! I use the monthly delivery option and usually order an extra case half way through. It's great for hydration and a sweet treat after a long bike ride or even with a little white rum and pineapple after a long day. It's just soooo good. Try putting some in your rice cooker instead of water, just use a few tablespoons extra... DELICIOUS!!!
215780215780B002Z04ZNQA3L0DQ2JSYL782A. Parab0051342742400The closest to drinking straight out of a coconutBack in India, I used to drink fresh out of a coconut. I've tried lots of varieties of canned coconut juice here, but none come as close to the real thing as this one. I go through about 2-3 cans during a 3 hour table-tennis (not basement ping-pong) practice. Revitalizes, energizes and replenishes you without any additives. I prefer the unsweetened no-pulp over the pulp version.

Amazon's subscribe and save helps keep it inexpensive.
215781215781B002Z04ZNQA1SSNUJBO1S5C9Cho0051342051200Coconut juice waterAmy & Brian's coconut juice is the best coconut juice water I ever had. It's smooth and sweet perfect for a hot day.
215782215782B002Z04ZNQA3H9ZOIRKG07YBZhara um NIkko "Haflacrat"0051341446400No sugar added - just what it says it isDoesn't really taste like coconut - It may be no use to write this description for folks who do not like coconut flavor, as I'm sure they won't likely be shopping for anything with "coconut" in the title, but there you have it - doesn't really taste like coconut.

Fact is, Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice Pulp Free has exceedingly little flavor at all, and what flavor there is rides down your throat as a vaguely fresh fruit/fresh vegetation flavor, decidedly not sweet, not tart - just mild, easy to gulp refreshment.

As to the promised effects - yes, this will hydrate you quite quickly, restore a sense of energy, and make it easier to face work outdoors in the heat. More importantly, no crash like sugary sweet drinks. It also has staved off leg cramps for me - just as well as, if not better than scarfing down bananas - take a note of the potassium content on this one.

As to other brands, you've got the ones with sugar, or even worse, HFC. They of course taste sweeter, and usually have coconut bits in them. Shop ethnic groceries and enjoy, but do note the sugar. As to the more readily available non-sugared ones (Zico, O.N.E., etc) I just think Amy & Brian taste a bit better as Amy & Brian does not have the funny aftertaste that I've detected in those cardboard carton brands. (problem with the packaging??)

To sum up - a hot weather staple in our house. Beats gatorade every time.
215783215783B002Z04ZNQA3DEKIQ705X0OGwonderful life430041338940800good but not for meproduct was as and low calorie. tasted great in my opinion.however large cans (although better priced) were too big for me as i need about 1/2 the amount aftr a walk or to mix in a smoothie. also 2 cans were dented in shipping.autoship was nice option.. but i will b looking for smaller cans to autoship.
215784215784B002Z04ZNQA1P2FJK2MOJ8INYUMSTER "EURO FOODIE"0051337472000CLEAN AND FRESH TASTE AND A TALL THIRST QUENCHER.This is a great deal on the Subscribe and Save with a 15% discount.
The coconut water tastes clean and fresh, no off flavors, no old can taste, no additives.
I have ordered 6 of them already, they are that good.
Ice cold, also great with some fresh lime juice YUM.
Next, I will try to make coconut water kefir with it. Fizzy and full of good belly flora.
Really great stuff.
215785215785B002Z04ZNQA14AWP8V95R6SZThe Real P0051335225600The best tasting coconut water!This is the best tasting coconut water in my opinion. It is much sweeter than vita coco and zico. I heard it was due to the coconuts in Thailand. In any case, this stuff is good and the price is better than whole foods.
215786215786B002Z04ZNQA3QZOMZI3UC33BG. Card "Discerning One"0041335225600Light, Clean, RefreshingOne of my favorite coconut waters along with O.N.E. Guava flavor. Tastes great, but a bit sweet. Wish it contained less sugar and carbs, but you can cut with water. Has a mild cotton candy taste. From personal experience, coconut juice/water is a great thing to drink to cut hunger, headaches, and improve energy.
215787215787B002Z04ZNQA27YLPMXR4TONGRL0021335139200WAY too sweet!I drink a lot of coconut water and thought this was a great deal....big mistake. It is beyond sweet...doesn't taste like it is straight from the coconut at all like other brands. Next time, I'm sticking with ordering ONE.
215788215788B002Z04ZNQAOZ9CY9WC5UCKRS "RS"0051334102400Tastes just like asian coconut waterI was initially a little skeptical about trying coconut water out of a can. But Amy & Brian coconut water doesn't taste like it has been canned!! It is fresh and refreshing without the yucky aftertaste that comes with other coconut waters like One or Vita or Zico. And there are no additives like the other brands! All in all a win-win product! You can also find this in your local Whole Food stores (especially on sale on Saturday Mornings before 11 am), but with Subscribe and Save you get it about 4 dollars cheaper. I have no complaints.
215789215789B002Z04ZNQA3743WEA8OVBGJ. Mantilla0051334016000One the best!!!I love coconut water ,there is nothing like having real coconut water in the tropics , but not everyone is there , I give this 5 starts as is one of the best out there , and for the price is the best tasting and most amount for your dollars , enjoy I'm having one right now.
215790215790B002Z04ZNQA8NX1WTXI0RRQJ. Bennett "ccriderjohn"0051333324800Amy & Brian Natural Coconut JuiceI got item on time and well packaged as always. Amy & Brian have a very good product 5 stars.

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