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215791215791B002Z04ZNQAI0EZAQH8YHXHA. Espinosa "Nat E"0051332374400The Best COCONUT WaterI grew up drinking fresh coconut water everyday while i was living in Ensenada BAja California, but ever since i moved to eastcoast ihad hard times finding a respectable similar to the real thing. I try vitacoconut,Uno,zico,Nirvana,C2o,libre coconut and etc etc and to be honest they were not good added sugar, concentrated ,High heat Pasteurized, added preservatives, weird taste like soap or sour??? realy WT Frank!!! but finaly i found a close one to the real thing like fresh coconut water without over paying for something soo cheap $$$$ . Hopefuly they dont change their product !! hands down best tasting all natural coconut water. But dont take my word !! try it for yourselfs and you will see ..

oh yeah !! fyI check their coconut water sources (brazil,south america etc)some they are mixed !! best ones are from Thailand due to the weather
215792215792B002Z04ZNQAS7JFSTT4SM8WJorge Reyes0051331164800Excellent Tasting Coconut Drink. Close As You Can Get to a Real Coconut!All I can say is that this coconut drink is thee best I've ever tasted! I've tried a few different brands and I wasn't impressed with them. I always come back to Amy and Brian's brand, I totally recommend it!
215793215793B002Z04ZNQA2E1CHHGEDAWUPLinda A. Sierke "linda"0051328659200Awesome coconut waterThis coconut water is the best! The taste is awesome- I drink it everyday! Shipping was quick but some of the cans were bent, although it didn't seem to affect the quality or taste. I highly recommend this product
215794215794B002Z04ZNQAUV4OUXW6981JNatashaet "Nat"0051328054400Delicious!These HUGE cans of pure and delicious Coconut Juice are perfect! The taste is fresh and organic. The color is perfect. No dents in the cans and only two days to arrive! Perfect for a tropical refreshment!
215795215795B002Z04ZNQA35BNE2I6XTSQ2mildred smith0051327881600Amy and Brians coconut juice no pulpWe use this and really like it. but I read yesterday that coconut juice lowers blood pressure. I read it in my celiac nutrition mag. It was a different brand so I do not know if it means that all coconut juice lowers blood pressure. I hope not as my daughter already has an issue with BP and she is 45. I buy this at Amazon
215796215796B002Z04ZNQA2WB2GVGJZAD3Rrussell w harris0041326499200hhhmmm-hhhmmm good!Love this stuff! I drink 2, sometimes 3, cans a day!
The cans are a heavy and dense, like a soup can. I wish my municipality recycled!
215797215797B002Z04ZNQA2RAG9JZXYD4FZMadamB0041324857600Amy and Brian coconut waterLove, LOVE, love the product. The best all around good taste and very consistent flavour, but my shipment always had about 1/2 the cans dented and mangled. The packaging showed that someone was trying to solve this big problem, but I finally had to stop purchasing Amy and Brian and go with Zico in the cardboard containers.
215798215798B002Z04ZNQA8W7MNFMG82N6I am the man0011321660800All Dented Up- its trueI'm cancelling my subscription to these as the come all beat to hell. Not from shipping, the cans in the middle of the 12 pack flat were the most damaged. Drank them this time anyway though. I also found a store that sells Blue Monkey for less than the subscription price.
215799215799B002Z04ZNQA3NRTQO784RHQMDavid0041320710400Love the pulp but not the Amazon packagingLove the taste and the bits of pulp. First shipment was in a small box, no cans dented. Second shipment was in a large box... all cans dented. I was surprised none of them burst. Good juice, I hope they're not using sweeteners.
215800215800B002Z04ZNQA3GSURQMJ7306QAnn "one-eye"0041318550400coconut waterI have been using this coconut water for the base of my morning smoothies. It's good. It is sweet enough to give a little more taste to some fruit I use but not too sweet. Good buy for my purposes
215801215801B002Z04ZNQA139MQTL89XAYSChE-Stine0051316822400Mmmm delicious.I can't get enough of this stuff. It doesn't taste like you'd think and is WAY better chilled. Refreshing & good for you at a wicked price. A must try.
215802215802B002Z04ZNQA1Y3KABLN1ULSHBeth "kittiluvr"0051315612800Best YetI've tried several brands and flavors of coconut water, and so far this is my favorite. Very sweet, but no sugar added.
215803215803B002Z04ZNQA1GGXQSVUC8DHVE. Taylor-Gordon0051314403200Really sweet and so good for you!I love Coconut juice and this is one of the best on the market. I tried a case last month and am reordering. Resist the urge to drink more than one a day as it has 180 calories and goes down easily!Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice Pulp Free, 17.5 Ounce Tins (Pack of 12)Ideal for replenishing electrolytes after exercise.
215804215804B002Z04ZNQA2FL5SAQ4E8AQMChris Hansen0051312588800Best on the marketI've tried a number of different brands of coconut water, and this is my favorite so far. It has more flavor than the other brands on the market.
215805215805B002Z04ZNQA38Z18NYI1JCC3K. Curtis "MINI VEG"0051311465600Best drink ever!This is my favorite thing to drink besides water. It prevents headaches after workouts and leaves me feeling totally refreshed and hydrated. I've tried many different brands of coconut water/juice, and this is the best out there, hands down.
215806215806B002Z04ZNQA2TKUMTQHHFV02E. Charpentier "English teacher"0051310169600Delicious and naturalGrowing up, I considered it a huge treat when my mom would bring home a coconut from the grocery store, drill a hole in it, and drain the juice into a glass. I loved the taste of the coconut juice, so I was thrilled to find out how it's much easier to obtain now. I've tried a couple of different brands and this definitely tastes the closest to the real thing. The cans are large enough that I can drink half, then store the rest for later.
215807215807B002Z04ZNQA3SO3D1I14VAC8johnnycab0051308700800Coconut water is awesomeI bought and taste-tested all the major brands available at Whole Foods...some contained a lot more sugar than others, some had vitamin C added. Overall this brand was the best value. I also bought some from an Asian store but all the brands there contained preservatives which gave them a horrible flavor.

Being a natural product there is of course some variation in taste between batches. However I've found this to be true when getting fresh water straight out of coconuts too - some is sweeter, some isn't very good, etc. (All packaged coconut water I've found is pasteurized btw).

In the summer I drink coconut water every day - tastier than water plus has vitamins/minerals/electrolytes, and a lot healthier than Gatorade at a similar price point. I've settled on this brand since it's the most affordable.
215808215808B002Z04ZNQA3HAH4AL6KWHTHRomel F Meza0041306972800Great Taste.Amy & Brian's coconut water is some pretty good stuff. I've tried many other brands and so far and A&B's has the best flavor profile. The use of Thai coconuts, which tend to be naturally sweeter, opposed to the Brazilian variety is what separates them from some of their other competitors. Will purchase again even though it's bit pricey.
215809215809B002Z04ZNQA3TSX7RT5384QHMiMi460051306022400Coconut JuiceExcellent flavor coconut juice : although several cans were dented, this did not affect the juice; speedy delivery; would probably purchase again
215810215810B002Z04ZNQA1UD16T8XBNNIEElaine S0051304899200Dents Not Caused From ShippingWe are now getting the Amy & Brian Natual Coconut Juice Pulp Free and also the With Pulp 17.5 oz on subscription. I had read the reviews about the dented cans caused from shipping but ordered anyways. My husband is a semi truck driver & inspected the orders we got. He says the dents in the cans that we got are not from shipping, but commonly happen because the contents are required to be pasteurized when bottled (canned) and the sucked-in part of the can occurs when the can is sealed before the contents have completely cooled. We have received 3 different shipments and some of the cans (most) have some of these dents. Dents caused from this suction action do not cause harm to the inner lining so it is safe to drink.
215811215811B002Z04ZNQA11BN1OU4J9461Richard Brathwaite0051302480000SOOOOOOOOOO Good!!I started out ordering Vita Coco as my coconut water of choice and happened upon this brand in a health food store. I love it's taste and now prefer it to that of Vita Coco. I end up drinking about two cans of it a day. Definitely my favorite coconut water, other than being in the islands and getting it fresh that is.
215812215812B002Z04ZNQA3CT3C010B9BBYJames L. Bimler0031302134400First time Coconut juice tasterI wasn't really sure what to expect here. I'm an avid listener of the Joe Rogan podcast so I've had this product marketed to me for some time. I decided to purchase this because there are no places in town that sell coconut water. My first impression was there wasn't very much taste at all, and what was there didn't leave me wanting more. I'm sure this is one of those acquired tastes things, and if you like it than this is probably for you. The case with no dents what so ever.
215813215813B002Z04ZNQA2I6FBIO6L2C5TJammer0041302134400Tastes best!Tried them all - Vita, One, and Zico. A&B tastes more coconut-ty, perhaps because it is slightly sweeter, but not from added sugar. Only reason A&B didn't get five stars is because of the packaging. Would prefer paper-based containers like the others.
215814215814B002Z04ZNQAAFKWZ7N80SH0b39480051302048000Tasty and refreshing.I ordered the 12 pack and it arrived in good condition. I love this stuff and its cheaper through amazon's subscribe and save program. Its very refreshing and healthier than artificially flavored drinks. Will order again.
215815215815B002Z04ZNQAWA0H9KO7CFPDSusan C. Parks0031298764800Coconut waterDecent....I am using in a yogurt smoothie...for potassium replacement but the can did not have potassium on it... and could not find on the website. flavor ok...a little canned to drink straight up, but it is canned! Not sure if I will order again, but worth a try! They have other flavors but wish the web site had full nutritional info!
215816215816B002Z04ZNQAR5OI0TZL1I5LAhimsa0051298592000Great taste but dented cans from shipping!The product is perfection! Taste is almost the same as when I open a coconut. Problem is the TERRIBLE shipping from Amazon! C'mon guys, two orders and both had seriously dented cans! Put the bubble wrap BETWEEN the cans not on the outside of them! Doubt I will buy from Amazon again because of the lousy shipping.
215817215817B002Z04ZNQAKHKX1MDOOYT9Ingo Weigold0051297814400Taste great and all naturalI started drinking Coconut Water late last year and have really become addicted to it. This particular brand is very smooth and has no aftertaste. I drink it before or after workouts or when I just want a little something sweet that is healthy. Highly recommend this product and with the subscribe and save option, you really cannot beat the price.
215818215818B002Z04ZNQA2VTVF03Z85X99Cheryl Freeman0031297728000Coconut Water/Juice FanWasn't so sure I would like this one but it is pretty decent. I guess my main reason for only 3 stars is that I
don't particularly like it that the juice is in cans. But, it is refreshing. I have tried many brands & flavors and my one consistent opinion is that all the brands taste better in their natural coconut state without other flavors added (e.g. pineapple, mango, lime etc).
215819215819B002Z04ZNQA1H9O458YIER0JAZ Kate0051297296000Refreshing and deliciousI find this juice very light, much like water but with a pleasant and not too sweet flavor. Great before or after exercise. I once drank it as a headache threatened -- the headache went away, maybe due to the potassium? Anyhow, I got a case and I'm glad I did.
215820215820B002Z04ZNQA1PDMV01WEUH4ORB0031295740800Great Product.....poor package protection!I think this is a great product considering all the garbage out there today! The only issue I have is that the provider does not protect the cans well at all for shipment. Last shipment that arrived all but a few cans were severely banged up and dented. To further update this product, price has risen due to high demand. Worst of all, they still send it in poorly thought out packaging, which provides me with damaged product all too often! Still, this version of coconut juice seems to provide the best tasting of all varieties out there.

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